A New Clan: Okumo...Kiji?


Sei, Naoya, Kiji, Kiyoshi

Date: September 25, 2015


The final meeting before Kiji's adoption

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A New Clan: Okumo…Kiji?"

The woods

Sei had to have a meeting of course. This was something that was in progress and the finale of it was coming soon. Sei put in a request to Naoya to have Kiyoshi show up at the meeting point, the edge of the jungle underground, for their discussion. Kiji of course was invited along as well, considering she was the subject of the meeting. Sei was there, clearing an area of any residential things that might cause problems, the immediate area cleared with webbing to allow them to have the discussion without any other hostiles in the area.
Afterall, Sei and Kiyoshi were plenty hostile enough..
The dome complete, Sei sat in the middle, waiting patiently, there was an opening, the rest of the dome patrolled by Sei's brood to make sure that nothing got in or out. The lair of the spider waiting for the fly, as it were.

As it has been requested, the young Okumo would return to the village, though he would wait along the village gates for a time. Shifting his focus from one side to the next, his eyes would darken at the murmur, 'Show me.. Where do you smell him?' A light nod would begin to carry Naoya around the village at a steady pace. It wouldn't take very long for the Moto's location to be largely narrowed down. Shifting a hand to the side and into his pouch, he pulls out a scroll.
Raising his voice, the young man uses the scroll to thump mildly against the giant's arm saying, "Important.. You are a needed piece to sort a certain matter. You could refuse it, but your mate's health is the focus of this issue." Shifting his gaze upwards and towards Kiyoshi's eyes, a dull look was held within the Okumo's. "We could settle it on our own, but.. I doubt that would make her feel at ease." Shifting the scroll away from the man's arm, he maintains it held outstretched to him, waiting to see a reaction. If the scroll was taken, Naoya would continue on his way, departing from the village utterly, heading towards the isolated stretch of woods that was described within the scroll.

Kiji knew Naoya was headed for Kiyoshi so she went to Sei, following his chakra signature as well as getting little corrections here and there. She found he dome ad walked over to the door, sticking her head in curiously. Once she saw Sei she lifted a hand and made her way over to him. Her eyes were hinting at gold, suggesting she was nervous and for more than one reason. But she just stayed quiet for now.
GAME: Save complete.

Kiyoshi didn't care much for fish, but found the act of catching them relaxing. So much so, in fact, that the white-furred tail normally worn like belt nowadays is left swinging sweeping low along the ground as the giant waited idly for a bite. Most knew by now to avoid him during these times, though Naoya might not count himself apart. Either that, or he just didn't care. Kiyoshi turns sharply at the tap, expression hostile until the word 'mate' left the Okumo's mouth. Hardly a few seconds is spent examining the Okumo's expression or form for any signs of deceit before the scroll is ripped from his hands.
"Sei…" He growls out. In the seconds that follow, Kiyoshi has already crossed much of the village, racing to the destination indicated in the scroll. During the last leg of the journey, much of his tension is relieved cutting a literal path through whatever obstacles stood in his path until reaching the border's of Sei's protective web. He doesn't so much as greet Sei with a growl or proper once the man is in sight, or any of the others for that matter. He leered instead as he approached, so suspicious and tense that none but Sei are paid any mind during the first few moments.

Sei of course knew Kiji was coming, the opening widen slightly to allow her in easier and also to deal with Kiyoshi's size for him to access the interior as well. Sei would nod to Kiji in greeting, not bothering to get up as Kiyoshi would peer inside. As normal, the fly was hesitant of the spider's web.
Isn't it ironic that this whole meeting was to help the two of them?
The harps would start up, embedded in the wall of the dome as well as the surrounding area, that music reaching out to swirl about them all. Sei would politely motion to one that was left in the open in the corner, a physical request to allow that genjutsu connection for communication. If Kiyoshi was going to be stubborn and refuse.. well, he'd deal with that when he got there. Sei, however, was relaxed. At least, as relaxed as he ever was while keeping a constant watch on surroundings via the brood and studying Kiyoshi to see if there was going to be a brawl for this talk or not.

Bowing his head faintly as he entered the chamber last in line, Naoya would cant his head to one side as Kiyoshi came into sight once again. "Unless you wish for outsiders to listen to things they should not, I ask that you join us Kiyoshi-san." While he had touched the giant with a scroll less than an hour prior, the young man kept his hands to himself, his thumbs resting within the inner seam of the cloth belt wrapped around his waistline. "We can already smell your mate, can't you? She is safe.. and whole. We would prefer to keep her this way, if you doubt this you can ask her."
Lifting his right hand, the young man would fan his fingers out for a few moments before pointing towards the young Shimizu. Making his way towards the seating area, Naoya would dip his head once again towards Sei, "Sei-dono, as you request.. he's here, though I think he suspects that we are planning to take her this time rather than the full truth." Closing his eyes, Naoya slowly sighs through his nose as he shakes his head.

Kiji sensed Kiyoshi coming… and his manner… Well, she'd kind of expected that. So when he entered the webbing looking at Sei like he'd love to rip out his spidery heart, Kiji smply allowed some of her blood to pierce the skin, just enough to garner Kiyoshi's attention. Then she slipped up beside him and touched one finger to his finger, the quiet small way they would sometimes greet each other. She offered a little smile to Kiyoshi and even took a seat beside him, a glance at Sei briefly before she took a breath. "It's okay Kiyo."
Naoya's words made her shake her head. Sometimes Naoya's wording could be confusing and that wasn't a good thing when Kiyoshi was already upset. In any case she tugged lightly n Kiyoshi's arm to assure him she was safe. "They didn't take me Kiyoshi. I came on my own and Sei would let me go if I wanted to. Okay?" She gave him a big dark blue eyed look. "Listen at least? For me?"

Instinct more than anything demanded that the Moto resisted the pull of the song. His mind was far too susceptible to influences of lay beneath it. The scent of Kiji's blood — rather than distract — only serves to reinforce the desire to keep his wits about him. Naoya's comment does little to more than earn him brief notice and a glare before Kiyoshi's gaze shifts back to Sei. Necessity, however…
"… Fine. Whatever." Kiyoshi states gruffly before proceeding further, brushing off Kiji's hold in his rush to see things done and over.

The brood would chitter slightly at Kiyoshi's rude behavior to Kiji's actions. However, Sei wouldn't react, just wait and watch Kiyoshi. Once inside, the dome would be sealed off, securing those within from any potential outside access for the moment. With that 'permission' granted, the voice would reach out for them all, allowing Sei to talk like they did.. in his own way. "We-Sei invited you here to discuss the process we are in the progress of. We plan to officially adopt Kiji-san into the Okumo clan. She has been raised by Okumo and acts as one. We wish to make sure that those who might seek to harm her understand who, exactly, will be coming after them.. and with Kiji-san in the Okumo, we know that the experiments will only be those accepted by her." Because of course they'll experiment. They're Okumo.. it's just the new mandate that it's willing vic.. err.. patients.

Slipping a hand along the back of one of the prepared seats, Naoya would slowly lower himself down into it before moving his hands to his knees. "With request.." Pausing a moment, a lift is lifted and motions briefly towards Kiji before lowering again. "A request the.. 'tests' be left on hold from even musing by others, even the 'Elders'. The term still effects that one, even when it isn't directed towards her. Her stress will spike his needlessly." Turning his head towards the young woman, he began to study her expression, as while he avoided the word directly, Sei had not. Shifting his head to the side and up towards Kiyoshi and says, "Also.. no. You don't have to worry about your mate being required to be part of a breeding trial nor would it be expected."

Kiji didn't let her expression show any upset when Kiyoshi pushed her and away, she just kept quiet as he finally agreed to listen. Sei's words explained and Kiji watched Kiyoshi's reactions. The adoption would not change anything in her and Kiyoshi's day to day life, but it would add a protection that she did not have before. Yes her name would change, but only the clan name. For a second she wondered if that made Meruin her defacto father… And that nearly broke her brain.
Until….. Naoya mentioned the breeding trials. "NAOYA!" Her eyes were pink and her face bright red. Se leaned forward, head landing with a slap from her hands impacting her forehead. a few seconds later she looked p and gave Naoya a look that.. if Kiyoshi exploding wasn't an actual danger would have been cmical. "Kiyoshi… ignore that… He's being mean."

Kiyoshi could not have been seated for more than a minute at most before wanting to ram his hand through Sei's chest. Shock at Sei's words had only replaced agitation for a moment before its predecessor's return to the forefront. Naturally sharp nails dug deep into the palms of his hands, but do not draw blood. Yet. The minute transformation is the only source so far of active Bijuu Chakra, though each knew from experience that plenty waited beneath the surface.
This wasn't a discussion. The plan was already in motion, and his being there was more a matter of insurance that a momentary lapse in judgement did not lead to the destruction of a few buildings… or worse. If Kiyoshi wasn't already seeing red from the realization/icing on the cake that was his ability to protect Kiji being considered worthless, Naoya's mention of 'breeding trial' ensures it. An unnatural overtakes the Jinchuuriki for a lengthy few moments. During this time he doesn't seem to so much as register a single word or action in denial of any claims. At its end, Kiyoshi closes his eyes and releases a small cloud of steam in one big exhale that dissipates quickly into the air.
"Is that all?" He asks emptily without opening his eyes.

Well. That went about exactly as well as expected. "We-Sei realizes that you may think this is due to us saying your protection isn't worthy. We-Sei wishes to make it perfectly clear.. We have deemed you strong enough to protect Kiji-san from most things. We-Sei is seeking to adopt Kiji-san to the clan, for those that are outside of your control. Politics render muscles useless, in most situations." Sei would shake his head slightly. "We hoped for an actual conversation, but as you do not wish to actually be civil, there is nothing else." Sei would glance to Naoya and nod lightly in response. "There will be no tests by any Okumo on Kiji-san that is not explicitly accepted by Kiji-san. We will deal with anyone who does, we will also make them available for Kiyoshi to vent his own.. frustration.. on them, if they do something without permission."

Turning his head to the side, Naoya would watch Sei even though the man didn't in fact actually speak a word. "I do hold the names of those who did raise harm to the 'once' Shimizu. Arranging a time between one of those listed and the Moto.. do you think this will ease his tensions rather than seed further tension?" Turning his head back towards the pair, Naoya would lightly pat at his hip gently to say, "There is always more.. the more you dig the more you will find. Are you willing to act discreetly and hide your emotions to gain what you might actually desire?"

Kiji watched Kiyoshi,could feel his spiking aggression and the bijuu inside… She couldn't imagine at first what had gone wrong… She was always worried about Kiyoshi's being too overstressed by the fact that he couldn't be there at all times to protect her. He shouldn't be expected to do that. This would let him know there was a backup. It did not land squarely on his head. But that empty tone in his voice ct her deeply. She looked at her hands, remaining silent, her eyes dark and cloudy. Sei's words made her glance up briefly. So Kiyoshi was taking it as his protection was worthless? She shook her head minutely. then stood up. Naoya's offer made her flush a bit. She was in the presence of three people who were protecting her in their own way and it was a bit overwhelming. But Kiyoshi's reaction… She spoke softly. "Kiyoshi… you found the way to remove the seals. You stayed at my side i the hospital. You protected me just fine. It was my fault to start with." If someone didn't grab her she was about to politely bow and leave.

If the Okumo hoped to ease the tension about Kiyoshi, then they do so mostly in vain. Though every point is at least listened to, Kiyoshi doesn't bother to even crack open an eye to show genuine attentiveness until Kiji began to speak. Truthfully, he scented her distress well before it came to that point, but stubbornness and irritation left him unwilling to address it before a voice is given to it. With his jaw still tight, Kiyoshi looks to Kiji from the corner of his eyes, gaze softening slowly over time. Another sigh slips out of his lips before the Moto roughly combs his hair with a hand.
"What I desire… is out of reach." He says to Naoya, then turns to Sei. "And while I appreciate the offer, Sei, I don't care much for prey handed on a silver platter. Doesn't matter the how or why, I really just don't care for that. That aside, what did you really hope to gain from me? My blessings?" Kiyoshi chuckles darkly. "I'm not that big of an idiot to think that matters when it comes someone's life. So unless we're talking a means to get back at the tribes responsible for the seal, I don't… rightly care about anything else." He says, deflating on the spot as those last words slip out.

Sei would whistle lightly. "We are working on that and we fully planned to include you on the hunt of them." Sei looked to Kiji, the wall didn't open for a moment. "Kiji-san. This was not your fault. Do not claim ownership of the actions of another." He'd shake his head, glancing to Naoya. "That has to wait for the talk with the Mizukage. We will extract payment from them. Officially or unofficially is the question. We-Sei believes all of us here wishes to deal with them and we shall." With those final words, Sei would open that wall for Kiji, letting her back out into the forest. He wasn't seeking to keep her here against her will after all, he was simply attempting communication. Sei would look back to Kiyoshi. "Whom we speak is of any Okumo who does not follow the rules. We did not say they would be on a silver platter. We did say that we would not seek retribution if you vented your frustration on them, for anything they do to Kiji-san without her explicit permission." Sei would shift slightly where he sat, shaking his head. "There is nothing else. We will not keep you longer. We hoped the communication would help you understand the support that is there for Kiji-san.. not be a belittlement."

Nodding lightly, Naoya says "We hold the names.. I've seen the faces the names belong in turn. Currently they are wary, but they lack complete secrecy. Kiyoshi-san.. I asked you if you were willing to cloak your feelings, control them." Bringing his hands up and apart, "If you run wide, they will scatter either way, the village will know what has happened.. you will be made example of." Soon his fingers would lightly tap together and in sight of the large man. "If you manage to control them, keep yourself hidden.. you will not be noticed. These names are not my prey, but your's, aren't they? I will not hunt another's prey." Lowering his hands, a soft smile appears on his lips though his eyes close at the same time, lowering his voice to almost loudly whisper, "All that is asked for is a successful hunt, one which the hunter is not caught himself."

Kiyoshi suppresses a growl, if only barely. Okumo tendency to take things too literally, or to worm in logic always made him either wary or that much more irritated easily. "Forget it then. Do with them what you wish Naoya-san since you already have it all figured out." He says gruffly, rising from his seat. "And as for you, Sei." Kiyoshi starts, only to stop and shake his head before taking his leave.

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