A New Dawn - Gathering Troops


Yuuto, Maren, Ryousha, Touma

Date: September 1, 2014


Yuuto and Maren meet and few new faces who agree to help them in their new mission.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A New Dawn - Gathering Troops"

Fuuma Dojo

Coming of evening in the Land of Rice Paddies, and Uchiha Yuuto is still relaxing rather comfortably here since most of the attention is on the power struggle between Hakumei and the Yakuza. In the dojo the crimson-eyed man stands adorned in his black gi with a flame pattern on the leg and the Uchiha symbol on the back with a wooden sword in his hand. Wind flows around his arm and the sword as he swings it at training dummies one after another, striking with precision. It seems he isn't focused on speed at this point, rather the point he hits at and the power he hits with, using those eyes for all aspects of fighting as one might expect from one of his clan, though this is still a bit experimental.

On the opposite spectrum, a ball of red light moves through Fuuma alley after having parted ways with its previous host. While these are usually violent partings, oddly this time it was a mutual agreement. The host didn't even give notice to anyone before vanishing back into the shadows either! He just let himself fade from sight so he doesn't have to help the villages deal with the Silence or other coming threats. "… No, he won't do… No… No," a somewhat distorted-sounding voice rings out from the wisp as it moves along, apparently in quite a hurry to find its next host since it came directly to a point of conflict between dark factions looking.

Maren, in her short kimono and leggings had been in the marketplace of Fuuma Alley shopping for a few things. A sharpening stone, a dagger.. an apple… She picked up some snacks on the way and then returned to the dojo, stepping in carefully as Yuuto continued to practice. She went to sit against a wall and pulled out her swords and her new sharpening stone. She went between watching Yuuto and sharpening the black blades he had given her.

Following that orb are two seemingly young girls, just padding along after it at a jog. They are looking around too, occasionally pointing to someone they're passing — anyone, really, from the chubby baker to the orphan begging for change. "Oooh, hey, hey, what about /her/?" Nao asks, pointing to… well, a prostitute. Jun can't help but snort a little, continuing to follow after and even putting forth a bit of effort to get just a bit closer to the thing.

Yuuto would cast a brief glance at Maren as she comes in, nodding at her before continuing his practice. His strikes are made at what would likely be grievous or even fatal points to strike with such a jutsu, the dummies shaking and creaking with each strike, yet he has enough control that they don't break.

"What?! No!" the orbs calls back at the girls, seeming exasperated, as one can read from a glowing ball of light. "Are you two blind? I need someone strong! Someone malevolent!" It would actually speed up a bit, though not fast enough to lose the girls following it as it moves more inward, finally beginning to approach the dojo. It actually pauses when it comes near there, seeming to sense something, then moves toward that building. "That's more like it… Who is that?!"

Maren, nodded toward Yuuto and bit into her apple before turning back to her swords. She heard the voice outside exclaiming that was more like it then who was that. And she stood in a single motion, eyes ont he door, swords in hand. She wasn't agressive as of yet but with all the issues around Fuuma lately she wasn't relaxed either. She glanced to Yuuto, watching his reaction as well..

The twins glance at each other when it asks if they're blind, both responding, "No?" at the same time. It does make a good point, though. Strong! Malevolent! Wait, malevolent… They frown a little, unsure what to do about that part. When it seems to have found someone, though, they perk up and hurry after, making sure they're pretty much on top of it, though not literally. "Who is it? Who is it?" They parrot in their own fashion, apparently just as eager to see this person as the orb of red light… perhaps even moreso.

Hearing the voices outside as well, Yuuto would pause and let the wooden sword rest at his side. He quirks an eyebrow and looks over at Maren before looking back to the door. Suddenly the orb would burst through the door, flying straight for the Uchiha and seeming to slam into him, knocking him back a bit and actually vanishing into his body. "What the daybreak?" Yuuto asks, blinking a few times then looking around before realizing something. "…. Who are you?" he asks as he looks toward the open door where the twins are likely coming through, the question being to both the thing that just entered his body and them apparently.

Maren blinked as the ball flew in suddenly and seemed to hit Yuuto. She jumped, crimson eyes flashing. "Yuuto!" She wasn't sure what to do. She wanted to defend but.. the thing had disappeared inside of him! She couldn't just carve him up. Her swords lifted then dropped then lifted again.. She hesitated then blinked when he looked toward the doora nd asked his question. SHe turned to look as well…

The /real/ reason the poor Uchiha would probably get knocked back is actually the set of twins. Pretty much the same time the ball collided with him, so did they. Two girls end up with him on the ground, only to sit up — Nao actually partially on top of him and her sister beside him. They stare down at him quizzically before looking at each other and both starting, "Hey, isn't he—?" and then promptly looking back down at him. "You're the artist from Suna, aren't you?" Nao asks, Jun promptly shaking his shoulder and saying, "Show us again! Show us again!"

A curious bit of energy seemed to have caught the attention of a former clan leader of Fuuma Alley up on the rooftops of Ward 1, where he had begun to lay low with his clan. "There's something you don't see every day." Touma muses out loud as he gets the attention of a few of his clan members. "I'm going to check something out, stay here."

Hopping over the rooftops, Touma manages to keep tabs on the ball as it heads to the dojo by using his Byakugan, hidden beneath a set of sunglasses. He watched the light go inside, as well as an interesting set of twins. "Could be fun." he says as he hops down from a nearby rooftop to land outside the dojo, knocking on the door and peeking his head inside. "Hello? Did anyone else see glowing balls of light?"

OOMPH! Yuuto shakes his head a bit as he gathers himself and realizes he's on the ground with one girl on top of him and another right beside him. He blinks a few times up at them, his eyes a crimson they weren't the last time they saw him. "… You two," he says with a blink, recalling when they peeked at his art all that time ago in Sunagakure… when he was basically a different person. "Yeah, it's me," he says with a blink as she's shaken. He then looks up at the door, calling back, "It came through here and disappeared." Not really a lie. He just didn't state where it disappeared into. Then his eyes go to Maren, holding up a hand to keep her from trying to annihilate the twins. "Nao and Jun, isn't it? If you want to see something, I'll need to be back on my feet."

Maren watched Yuuto fall to the ground and then some other random guy popped in and it was all she could do to keep from just attacking them all. She turned and slammed her foot down on the ground with a rather loud thump and then she moved swiftly to stand between Yuuto and Touma, crimson eyes flashing dangerously, swords at the ready. Yuuto's hand to her kept her from moving ont he twins but Touma.. he was another story. Her eyes narrowed a bit and she backed up a step, glancing at Yuuto and the two girls on top of him. "Friends of yours?"

The mirror-style twins turned their heads to look toward the door, their brows furrowing a little bit as they look quizzically at the fallen Yuuto when he mentions it disappeared but not where to. Oh well…

"Hai!" Both jump to their feet, one on either side of the Uchiha now as they grin at him. Their attention turns to Maren next and they tilt their heads a little.

"More like acquaintances," Nao admits.

"It was… a long time ago we met him," Jun adds.

They both look curiously toward Touma, though, leaning a bit to peer past the apparently protective woman.

The first thing Touma sees is Yuuto on the ground with twin middle school level girls, raising an eyebrow at that being the first thing he is met with. The second is an overly hostile girl holding weapons at him. Why did they always have their weapons brandished? Touma gives Maren a warm smile, stepping inside the place.

"I see they have left it to rot." he mutters as he looks around, the dojo not getting the attention it used to when he was in charge. His gaze falls on Maren from behind his sunglasses, the young woman looking about as tightly wound up as one can get. "Easy, kitten, I'm not here to fight. I was following an odd ball of light and it happened to come inside this dojo." he says with an even warmer smile, his voice low and friendly. Everyone behind Maren gets a look, though with her swords there, he didn't get a chance to say hello.

"You might say it was in another life," Yuuto says as he picks himself up and dusts himself off, casting a glance to the girl on each side of him before looking back to Maren. "It was… at least a year or two before we met. They and Chitose spotted me out in the marketplace at a restaurant painting." It's then he ponders back to how meek and even kind of shy he was back then… So long ago. Then his attention turns back to Touma, the Uchiha lifting an eyebrow at him. "Well, it did come through here… But, with those eyes, I imagine you know exactly where it went already." Dojutsu for dojutsu. The crimson of his eyes and the three tomoe around the pupil are not even attempted at being hidden.

Maren raised an eyebrow at Touma calling her kitten and lowered her swords. But she did not sheath them just yet. She nodded a bit and glanced at the twins. If Yuuto was fine with them so was she. But Touma made her nervous. Yuuto's comment about his eyes made herblink and look back at the other man warily. Another Uchiha perhaps? Someone similar to Yuuto? She stepped back again, her short Kimono shifting a little. She wasn't standing down so much as …. waiting to see if Touma would.

The two young girls listen to Yuuto's explanation with interest. Yeah, it /did/ seem like he'd changed, even from what little they'd interacted with him so far. Of course, with them, they probably just assumed that was because of the ball of red light or something. At the comment of the newcomer's eyes, they too glance at Touma interestedly. They are much less wary of him, though, honestly just looking curious. They do glance at each other briefly and grin, though… a probably creepy grin with the impishness behind it, even given their small stature.

Touma takes a peek by lowering his head and letting his sunglasses fall down his nose, making sure that Sharingan of his was real and also revealing a bit about his own, pearly whites. "It seems we are both from a past that didn't involve the restructuring of us into walled cages called Hidden Villages, or am I mistaken" he says as he raises his head again, pushing the sunglasses back up his nose to rest over his pearly white eyes. "Color me curious, is all." he adds, his hands out at his side in a shrug.

He takes a few steps, testing Maren, before taking a few more, seeing how close he could get without a playful swat of those swords. "That's a beautiful kimono you have on, kitten." he says with his hands still out at his side, to prove he wasn't going to suddenly get hostile. Closer, he continues in a much softer voice, "I bet it would look wonderful off, as well." he says as he puts on a playful grin, his eyes still remaining hidden beneath his shades as to not reveal any kind of emotion unbecoming of himself. "I seem to have stumbled upon some interesting people not related to the ones who are currently trying to take over this village. Passing shinobi aren't rare here, but I don't see any ties to villages to give away affiliations, so I have to settle for being curious as to what, it is, you all do?" he asks, looking over to Nao and Jun with a smile.

"Well, if you look in a Bingo Book from Sunagakure, I'm sure you could find a picture of me in there somewhere," Yuuto answers simply, not even attempting to hide who he is. His comments to Maren get a quirk of an eyebrow, though the Uchiha merely maintains a blank face for the most part. "We are wandering souls. I am a rogue myself, though I am currently eyeing a piece of property elsewhere whose current owner is not doing such a good job maintaining it. All I need is a few helpful hands to assist me in acquiring it." Though such comments may seem premature to the girls, Yuuto and Touma basically have no secrets about who and what they are at this point between each other, even what Yuuto JUST became that is a little disorienting in and of itself. Casting a glance to Nao and Jun then he asks, "What about you two? You seem to be a bit bored chasing around a ball of light. Care to help your favorite artist turn a potential disaster into a masterpiece?"

Maren eyed Touma's comments toward her and simply sheathed her weapons before stepping back another pace, letting Yuuto and he face eachother. She knew she was no match for a dojutsu. The comment about looking good with the kimono off made her snerk and fold her arms. "Be careful what you say." She looked at Jun and Nao and then back to Yuuto and Touma as the Uchiha basicly invited the three of them to join in the 'plan'. She tilted her head, watching silently.

Both twins listen to Yuuto, completely in awe over his honesty, it would seem. Plus the information itself, of course. When he questions them, they blink at him and look at each other curiously. "Well…" They both voice at once, before Nao adds, "See, that ball of light was our Master." In this case, what she /means/ is that it 'was' their sensei… in that it came /out/ of him, but they're actually not entirely sure it's not the man himself… "So you're our new Master," Jun explains, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. "In short: we're happy to help," they both state, giving little salutes. It seems to come down to houses a lot for them…

"It just so happens that I have a group of low to moderately trained ninja, former yakuza and mercenaries looking for a new home after some punks walked into our town and decided to set up shop. Funny how life works out sometimes, isn't it." Touma says as he looks over to Maren, almost disappointed in her reaction to his obvious tease. "Are your swords going to come out again if I don't? I've been told misbehaving is a bit of a turn on for foreign women. After all, when was the last time you got to…misbehave." he says to Maren with a sly smile. The twin's explanation of their former master receives an eyebrow raise in interest, though trying to argue with twins over something has never heeded well for him in the past.

Yuuto's eyes move to Maren as she answers Touma, a faint smirk touching the Uchiha's lips before he looks back to the twins. Their answer is rather interesting. So this thing he's having a conversation with in his mind automatically makes him their new master. "I see. I'm glad to hear it then." He then looks back to Touma, that smirk growing just a bit as he answers for Maren, "If you want to get technical, it was only a few hours ago." That smirk then fades as he gets back on topic. "But it seems your goals can quite easily coincide with my own since there is plenty of room and more than can be built in the town we're going to. Yakuza and mercenaries are actually quite perfect for the job I need them to do. Starting rumors of power of one group and the weakness of another that needs to be overthrown before the village is put in true peril should be rather simple for them, right?"

Maren blinked at the twins' explaination about the ballof light. Their 'master'? It occured to Maren that she did not understand the whole of what had just happened but she was a bit concerned. Not only was Yuuto bringing strangers into the 'plan' he was being far too forward with information for her tastes. She looked over at Touma as he asked if her swords were comming back out if he did not do as she said. She couldn't figure out if he was flirting with her or just being contrary…. She was tempted to throw a punch just to see what he'd do. But she was more controlled than that… Plus she'd seen Yuuto's glance after his first comment. Then Yuuto spoke in response to when she'd last misbehaved and she nearly facepalmed. She shook her head a little but smirked at the Uchiha. Crazy man…

No one actually questions them and the insane little girls… pretty much take it as an invitation. Yuuto just volunteered to always be called 'Master'… probably without even realizing it! They both giggle at Maren's expensive, really, but she seemed to find the humor in it too so they aren't too worried about an angry woman. After a moment, they both hum as if in contemplation, looking between the three other people.

"Well, they say that variety is the spice of life. Always be ready to have new experiences." Touma says to Maren, in response to Yuuto's answer, seemingly interested in provoking the girl into either violence or foreplay. With his attention turned to Yuuto momentarily, Touma shrugs his shoulders in response to his query. "Shouldn't be a problem. A lot of my men have experience taking over control of a village." With him being pretty much in with whatever Yuuto had planned, his attention drifts to the twins, moving over to them. "I suppose we have joined up together in some dastardly plot, so it would be rude of me to not introduce myself to two lovely young ladies." he says as he produces a rose before splitting it in two with a lightning quick movement of his hand, perhaps caught by Yuuto. "I am Touma… and you ladies?" he asks of the twins.

"Perfect," Yuuto says with a nod to Touma, his dark demeanor unwavering, though he may seem a touch amused. Touma may be a bit of an ass, but at least it's a good contrast to the dark demeanor of the Mangekyou wielder, and his addition to the team will prove quite handy. Not to mention that this team now wields the two most powerful Dojutsu in shinobi history, which is unheard of outside Konoha. Those crimson eyes at last find those of Maren, an eyebrow lifting just slightly, though not in confusion. He may be crazy in every meaning of the word, but the chances of succeeding in taking over Amegakure just went up by a lot. "I am Uchiha Yuuto, and this is Maren," he introduces them at last with a gesture to Maren. "Welcome to the future of Amegakure."

MORE ROSES<3 The twins scurry over to Touma and take the roses with big grins on their faces. Carefully setting them into their hair under the hoods, the smile brightly and, for once, actually do introduce themselves instead of doing it passively by talking to each other like they usually do. "I'm Nao," the girl says, her sister soon offering, "I'm Jun." They seem quite pleased to once again be offered roses, even if by an entirely different person. Of course, Tsuneo had given them each two roses…

Touma smiles at Yuuto as he mentions what village he is targetting. "I hear it rains there twenty four, seven. Perfect for someone with such a serious demeanor like yourself." he says, seeming to be in for a penny and a pound and this point. He learns Maren's name, though she merely bows politely, which left him disappointed. The twins seem appreciate of his rose, though, which brings a smile to his face. "Jun-chan, Nao-chan. Nice to meet you, I'm glad I get to work together with two cuties like you." After his attention had been poured on the twins, Touma looks back to Yuuto and says, "Shall we discuss logistics, then?"

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