A New Day Dawns, the Rise of the Onryou


Maikeru, Rin, Takeshi, Itami, Nori, Yuuka

Date: July 29, 2011


Maikeru and Rin arrive in Kirigakure and show off a recently kill to a crowd… The S-Rank Criminal Kaede.

"A New Day Dawns, the Rise of the Onryou"

Water Ferry Docks (Kirigakure)

As the sun begins to set toward the horizon, a ship sails in toward Kirigakure. The cargo this one carries is not that of the average ship headed toward this land. It carries the beginning of a legacy of power, a foreshadowing of things to come.
Standing out on the edge of the ship with the white-cloaked man that Onimitsu saw with him in the Land of Grass, Maikeru looks out at the shore of Kirigakure. A faint, dark smile rests on his face as he stares out at homeland as he approaches. The coat he wears is no longer dark blue, though it holds the same design. It is now white and covers up his demonic arm, as he wears the sleeves all the way down and gloves. "We're almost home, my friend. This is where our legend begins," he says calmly as he watches the ship pull into the docks. As the crewmen drop the anchor and begin tying off the ship, the Jounin turns and looks at the black coffin set against the cabin of the ship. "The time has come that we restore this world to what it should be."
As the crewmen drop the ramp for them to move down, Maikeru nods to the two crewman standing nearby. Knowing their duty already, the pick up the coffin and follow behind as he moves toward the ramp. They set the coffin up beside him and put a stand under it, standing it up at an angle where all can see it from the front of the ship. He stands directly in front of the ramp for now, waiting to see who gathers to see if he came back victorious, since he's pretty sure he might have annoyed a few people when he went off to hunt Kaede on his own instead of going with the team this time.

Next to Maikeru is the aforementioned man in white, with a half cloak falling down his side and left arm— big enough to wrap himself in. His features are fully concealed- and on top of that he wears a white mask. The japanized style shirt is open at the front in a low V that reveals his neck; and as he steps forwards, next to Maikeru, he speaks, voice heavily distorted by the hollow mask. "Wouldn't call it home just now, friend. But it's a start. Where do I drop off the body?" He says as he looks at the coffin in the back.
Was Maikeru's hunt succesful?

Coming from the way of the village hoping to make a return trip, Itami, hand slightly marred with blackk dust from collecting sands at the beach. It was a last effort to both see the place while also getting something in return before she left. What she was greeted with here was not what she was expecting.
There were some that gathered at the docks and they seemed curious. Whatever it was, she couldn't see from the distance she was at. It was only when she drew closer that she saw what it was that people were looking at. Was there some kind of funeral going on? She saw the coffin and…this all seemed a little unorthodox… That's a nice view to go home with…

Takeshi was already in the docks area, at his favorite seaside bar, engulfed in the alcohol and the card games that the old fishermen and him were playing. Old friends, they all seemed to be getting along grand, like at the old folks home. They had each fought in the clan wars, even if they didn't look it now. So each had their own burden to carry on the rest of their journey. He had not yet seen Maikeru, but hey, he was sure Maikeru would come bother the drunk old codger playing cards.

"It will truly be home once we complete the first part of our mission," Maikeru says quietly enough for only the man in white to hear him. "Just wait. I've got a plan for the body." With that, he looks out at the docks, eyeing the crowd as many of them start to turn their heads in his direction. His voice now loud enough for the crowd to hear him, even the old drunk guy over at the bar playing cards, the Jounin says, "Death comes to all men, even those as powerful as this young man who brought so much destruction." With that, he reaches over and opens the coffin, revealing the black-cloaked body of Kaede, face fully shown.
He watches the shocked reactions and gasps of all who had seen Kaede's description on warnings and bounties, a faint smirk on his face. Many start studying him for any kind of wound or bandage, but there is none to be found. It seems he returned without a scratch this time. "Kaede is no more… From this point on, my name is no longer Daeshiro Maikeru, but Onryou Maikeru. I am the leader of a new elite task force, the Onryou, and this is my second-in-command, my right hand, Onryou Rin. We are not the ANBU, nor are we the Seven Swordsmen. We are our own. We are free men who seek freedom and justice for Kirigakure. By our hands, any who would deny these rights to the innocent will fall." A roaring applause comes from the gathered crowd, the smirk on the Jounin's face growing a bit.

The man next to Onryou Maikeru, the one named his second in command, Rin, stares out to the crowd- his gaze briefly passing over to Itami and then Takeshi. He looks back to the body, and the boy that fought Maikeru so bravely— but to no avail, and then resumes his guard-dog like watch over the masses. In fact, judging by the size of him, this Rin dude doesn't look like he's fit to be a second-in-anything. He's just kinda scrawny. But possibly a powerful genjutsuist or ninjutsuist, if his position is to be trusted as a sign of power not loyalty, to those observant enough.

Itami continued through the crowd looking to find a boat going out. Whoever died it wasn't really her business. Though, it became such when the speech started. Yes, still unusual, but maybe this was what it was like here for some people. When she managed to find a clearing on the docks, she offered a passing glance at the unveiling, taking note of the face in the coffin.
She paused. 'Kaede?' she thought to herself. It's almost hard to imagine, but apparently he's dead. She sighs and starts over towards the coffin slowly. She doesn't have much to cheer about at the moment. Her leaving wasn't going to be has peaceful as she thought.

Takeshi looks up at Maikeru, "Oh well damn. Someone got a big head while they were away didn't they?" He finishes off his bottle and then sits it down before showing his hand, the cards being thrown on the table revealing his win. "Well, I guess I'm required to go make some show in response. Damn my position." He stands, grabbing a cane near his side and tapping it against the floor as he walks down to the docks. The creeking of the wooden boards loud and crackling as he makes his way over. Tap, creek, tap, creek, tappity, creeeeeek. It went on like this for awhile as the old man made his way over to Maikeru, obviously some kind of play. Who the hell knows why he does what he does half the time. Maybe Takeshi really is getting old and has bad days.

"As one era comes toward its end, another begins," Maikeru says as he turns to the coffin. "Soon, the unjust will fall, and Kirigakure will move on into greatness like it has never known before." Closing the coffin, he latches it down, locking it securely. He then removes the glove on his hand and puts it in his coat pocket, then rolls up the sleeve covering his demonic, blood-red glowing arm. Stretching the hand forward, he sends an enormous form of it at the coffin, grabbing it like nothing but a stick and throwing it into the air far out from the ship and docks. As the coffin flies, the giant hand flies at it again, detaching from his normal arm this time and turning into a flying wave of blood red chakra. Meeting the coffin in the air, the wave of chakra explodes violently in an enormous display of power. When the smoke clears, the coffin and the body are both gone, incinerated by the Supernova.
As the ash of the explosion falls away, Maikeru glances around at the crowd. He takes note of Itami, who he's sure probably knew Kaede, and then Takeshi creeping along like a nursing home patient. His smirk returns as he gives a nod to the old man.

Rin looks up as the coffin flies far up into the air and then explodes- it was like fireworks. He clapped his hands together in appreciation as he looked to Itami. "Hey, that looks like the one he described." He says looking to her. "Are you the Itami girl? While we were killing him, he was screaming your name and saying he was sorry." The man with the voice that echoed in his mask like a deep bass snorted and then looked to Maikeru, bringing his voice down. "What are we gonna do now? Wanna hunt down other criminals? I'm sure there're more 'round here."

Itami got one last look, observing all the features of his face. It was…him. There were a number of feelings that went through her at the moment and not one that she could quite focus on. Before she knew it, the door to the coffin was closed and was now in the air. She looked up and watched it destroyed, body and all. She was a bit angry at this as she thought the least that she could do was give him a proper burial, but that wasn't going to happen.
When Rin speaks up, she was still focused on the coffin pieces that were slowly burning away before touching the earth. She heard her name again… How many people know her here? She cast her sights on him when he speaks to her and says, "That's something I could have gone without hearing," she remarked. "I hope those weren't his final words…" She isn't sure its a compliment to be the last person he spoke about or the worst.

Takeshi turns to Itami, "What? Not happy your boyfriend said bye?" A chuckle, "He was a tad bit clingy I imagine." Another chuckle before returning to Maikeru, "So, what? You brought him back to destroy him as a spectacle for your creation of a secret group of fighters? And I should be scared because? So who is this unjust tyrant you mention Maikeru? I'm willing to entertain you, but that almost sounded detrimental to my health to."
He raises a hand and twists it around before letting it fall at his side, "So, really? What is this about unjust rulers and what have you? I'm too damn old to guess."

Nori watches from the doorway to the fisherman's tavern, a jug of sake dangling from his thumb. "Oh, that was cute," he rumbles, glancing around at the villagers and fishermen, his eyes lingering on the shinobi about. "I wonder if he knows theres already administration and faculty for doing what he's talking about, here in Kirigakure." He scratches at the knew scars on his chest, and takes another sip of the sake. "Suppose if he wants to put together a vigilante group, thats cool too." He turns to the guy next to him. "I give him five months before his face is in one of the other villages bingo books." He chuckles lightly.
It was certainly later than she normally perfers to shop at the fish market down by the docks of the Land of Water, several booths of fishermen with fresh kills of the day beginning to pack up as the sun lowers into the horizon. Yuuka tries to hamper her breathing as she hurries to the docks, an empty cloth bag slung over one of her shoulders and gripped in her arms while snow white locks stream around her. She huffs lightly, slowing soon at she finally reaches the edge of the market, only to blink her bright blue green eyes with slight surprise, seeing the crowd gathered here and even more people being attracted to the commotion.

As Rin tells the story about Kaede screaming Itami's name, Maikeru glances to her and then to him. His question brings low 'hmm'. "Not a bad idea. While we're at that, I've got another plan for us to have a little fun, but I'll announce that another time." With that, he looks back out to the crowd. As Takeshi comes up babbling, the Jounin leaps down to land near him. With a light chuckle, he says, "Old man, you really oughtta lay off the alcohol. I thought Nori and Yuuka drank a lot, but you seem to require being drunk to get away from your house." He glances around the dock again at the dissipating crowd before looking back to Takeshi. "There is much in the works here. We'll discuss it at a more private location some time, but I think you might want to join in on the fun once we discuss it."

Rin scowls to Nori and says out loud, "Yeah? I give you five days, and I bet your face will be in the obituaries." He almost snarls that out and then looks to Maikeru as his 'plan' is mentioned. He ignores Itami, not replying to her question, sadly, she will never know if those were Kaede's last words or not. Too bad.

"He wasn't my boyfriend." Itami deadpanned. She supposes she had a report to write when she gets back. It's one she never thought she'd do, but all good things must come to an end. If there was any good at all. Ignoring any further statements, she began to distance herself from the crowd to catch another boat out. She didn't have any further business in this place.

Takeshi just looks at Rin, "Touch him and I'll show you why the cane is just for show. You're the new guy and you're here with Maikeru, which gives you some lee-way, but you won't be touching mine, I'll rip your hands off, one finger at a time." He turns back at Maikeru, "Depends, are you talking about taking you know who that I hate? Because if so, Mitsuo left me a gift I think you'll like. Hikan ordered that gift taken down and destroyed, but it hasn't quite happened." A grin, "You know what I mean. But anyways, as to me being drunk, I'm less drunk than you and more drunk than the average person, but regardless of that, Who's your friend? I like him, because he has guts, but he's still the new guy, so introduce him."
"And before you say anything, I know his name, I mean introduce him." He deadpans at Maikeru.

Nori snorts derisively at Rin. "Oi, I don't think I was talking to you. I like your attitude though. Except this is Kirigakure, and I don't care if you're licking the soals of Maikeru's shoes, you have to earn your place in the pecking order just like the rest of us." He grins at Rin, and takes another sip from the jug. "So, let me know when you want to fight and we can decide how much respect you get. Which won't be much regardless, but at least we won't laugh at you when you make threats." He chuckles lightly, and then turns to walk off towards where he'd seen a shock of snow white locks a moment ago.

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes a few times before frowning lightly, her gaze catching Maikeru as he leaps to land next to Takeshi just a yard or two from where she stands. The kunoichi blinks once more, only to openly narrow her eyes at his comment, "Hey! I do /not/ drink a lot! What gave you /that/ impression?!" she fumes loud enough for both Maikeru and Takeshi to hear her, peeved that anyone would think such a thing of her. As Itami begins to leave, Yuuka frowns softly to herself as she watches the other woman, wondering to herself just what was this commotion all about. With a light sigh, she gently shakes her snowy head as she returns her eyes back to Takeshi when he begins to speak again, the corner of her lips tugging faintly, but the Kaguya woman only watches for now.

As Rin replies to Nori, Maikeru glances up to his first recruit for his task force and chuckles a bit. "You're going to get along here just fine," he says before returning his attention to Takeshi. A brief glance is given to Itami as she moves to leave. However, a glance is all she gets. He feels sorry for her, yes, but now is not the time. He will pay a visit to Sunagakure soon enough to make sure she is alright. "I believe we are talking about the same person. This should be quite a fun journey," the Jounin says with a nod. They might pick on each other quite a bit, but Takeshi is one of the people, perhaps the person, who garners the most respect from him in this village.

With a gesture up to the white-cloaked man, Maikeru says, "This is a man who I met on my journeys. After some talk, I decided to make him my first recruit. He will be a great asset in the days to come… Rin, this is Takeshi, an Elder of the Kaguya and a man I'm glad to call my friend. That big ball of sunshine over there talking smack is Kaguya Nori. He's slightly retarded." With a glance around, he spots Yuuka as she responds to his comment and chuckles a bit. "This is Kaguya Yuuka, another good friend of mine." He makes no motion to retract his former statement. Apparently it stands.

Rin snorts at Maikeru's comment about Nori and says, "I can tell." He crosses his arms at his chest and then nods to Takeshi and everyone else. "I am known as Onryou Rin, Second in Command. It is a pleasure to meet you all, and work with you." He nods his head and then looks towards Yuuka for a long moment. Guess he knows who to befriend first. The girl.

Takeshi nods at Maikeru, "Well, that organization is still around. We'll talk about it later. Anyways, Nice to meet you Rin. As long as you're willing to fight, I'm sure you'll find your place here, but yes, be careful who you threaten. Especially Kaguya, we're a tad crazy and for what my kaguya don't have in crazy, I more than make up for it with senility." A grin, "Well, this is Kirigakure. Home of the 'Let's just kick its ass' shinobi."
He turns to Yuuka, "Oh, Yuuka. This is Yuuka Kaguya, she's the unofficial Den Mother as Maikeru pointed out in less than one word." He turns back to Maikeru, "So, welcome back, again. Glad to know I didn't have to come drag you out of the desert forcefully."

Nori snorts pausing a short distance from Yuuka, whom he'd been walking towards, and glances towards Maikeru. "You're one to talk, writing bloody poetry about the goddess' tits and suckling death to your enemies," the Kaguya says with a grin as he passes his half full jug of sake to a passing sailer. The fellow looks startled, but nods his head to the Kaguya and walks off with it. "Can't imagine what kind of brain damage a guy like you must have suffered to come up with that." He chuckles lightly, crossing his arms and lifting his chin. His attention turns to Rin again. "As for you, just because you're with Maikeru doesn't mean you're with Kirigakure. My loyalty lies with Kirigakure, not with Maikeru, so you'll be working on knitting fish nets before you work with me unless the Mizukage says otherwise."

As Maikeru introduces the younger shinobi to the group, Yuuka frowns lightly with some confusion as she glances to Rin, quietly and thoughtfully evaluating him for a moment or so. When she is introduced in turn, a light and warm smile tugs at her lips and she lowers her snowy head in a polite bow, her expression gentlier than most Kaguya in the village. "Konnichiwa, Rin-san, and welcome to Kirigakure. The reputation that you may or may not have heard is true of us, but besides being ruthless, we are also very protective of one another. At least, I am, hense the 'den mother' label I have been given. Unofficially."
The smile grows, brightens as Yuuka chuckles once, giving Takeshi a knowing glance before she shakes her snow white head lightly. Reaching up, the brushes her slender fingers through her pale locks to absently tuck a lock behind an ear. "If you wish, I can give you a tour of the village. Just in case no one else offers." With Nori's words, Yuuka quirks a pale brow as she turns her head and glances at him, silent for a moment or so before releasing a slow breath. "Honestly," she sighs.

"That we will." Chuckling a bit at Takeshi, Maikeru says, "Things are quite different now. I doubt you'll ever have to worry about that again." As Nori comes around talking smack again, the Jounin turns to him and emits an 'ahem'. "Nori, grow up a little. As protective as Takeshi is of you, mess with my second-in-command, and I'll personally blast you into the ocean just to see how far you fly," he says with a rather eerie calm. He glances back to the Kaguya Elder, saying, "It's been a long journey. I'm going to go grab a bite to eat in town and collect the bounty. We'll talk soon." With a brief glance over to Rin, he says, "I'll catch up with you after your tour, eh?" Turning around, he starts walking toward the village. A dark glance is given to Nori as he walks, warning him not to be stupid.

Rin bows his head to Maikeru, saying, "It is fine. I can handle it myself. With D ranks." He says that last part out loud, perhaps just for Nori to hear and then looks to Yuuka, "However, I would never harm anyone too bad here. It is true that I am not of Kirigakure, but my loyalty is with Maikeru. And we obviously have no reason not to cooperate with Kirigakure." He assures them of his loyalties and then adds, "Though, I'd love it if you could show me around, Den Mother."

Takeshi peers over at Rin, "Maikeru /is/ from Kirigakure. You realize this don't you? He's even an honorary member of the Kaguya Clan, a right reserved to few people. Stop talking like he's the cousin from out of town or something. Welcome to your new home, Yuuka is a wonderful guide, treat her well. And she bites, so watch out." And with that he saunters off towards Maikeru, "Hold up Maikeru, we're going to talk." And then he goes off with him.

Nori grins after the other two have left. "You're a cocky bastard, I'll give you that." He chuckles lightly. "Fine, I won't hug you like a brother, but," he glances towards Yuuka, "since everyone thinks you're alright, I'll ease up. Any time you want to try me, though, I'll be happy to accommodate." His teeth seem to sharpen noticeably, and the humor is gone from his eyes though he maintains the smile and the friendly face. "I don't have much use for people, and I have less use for someone riding coat tails. I mean it when I say you need to earn your place here." The feral look disappears suddenly and he stretches languorously, like a big cat waking up from a nap. In a much friendlier tone, he says, "Now, I need more sake, since I gave mine away. Let’s say we go for a walk into the village, and I'll buy you dinner to welcome you? And Yuuka can show you all the interesting things civilization has brought us. Like… water fountains and buildings." He chuckles lightly.

The kunoichi chuckles lightly once as she murmurs, "Just Yuuka-san is fine. Calling me den mother might be flattering a bit." Turning her head to watch Takeshi and Maikeru as he begins to leave, she lifts a hand in a small wave, smirking just slightly as she hears the comment about biting. "I only bite people that deserve it. And just enough to get my point across." Yuuka chuckles once more, gently shaking her snowy head as she returns her attention back to Rin and Nori, "If he is offering to buy dinner, you better jump on that before he changes his mind." She smirks easily.

Rin looks to Nori as he leaps off the ramp and onto Kirigakure soil for the first time and says, "That won't be necessary. I know how to get by on my own." He says and then looks to Yuuka. "Well, I will take you up on your offer when you have some time, I guess."

Here the shinobi part ways, one to explore the new land he has come to, and two back towards the village from whence they hailed. Le Fin.

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