A New Generation of Heroes


Soujiro, Ataru

Date: August 30, 2012


This is a C equivalent mission where Soujiro and Ataru find themselves aiding a small village that is being controlled by bandits known as the "Ji-Kai". Together they help the village stand up against this group and defeat the head boss of the Ji-Kai.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"A New Generation of Heroes"

A small village located in Cloud Country

It was another day of training in the books. Today's location was the waterfall not far away from the outskirts of Kumogakure. Instead of making it all the way back to the village to bathe in actual shower, Soujiro decided to take advantage of the stream that flowed nearby. He could currently be seen wading in the water that was only four feet deep. He reaches down and splashes a hand full of the cold water into his face then proceedes to rub some of the dirt off his bare chest. "I've been thinking, Ataru. The next time we train i want to become more adept at Taijutsu. I think im better suited to just get face to face, down and dirty like you do. Besides, my Ninjutsu isn't anywhere near par if you ask me." The boy looks over towards the wooded area not far from stream as a flock of birds seem to get spooked and fly off into the distance.

Unknown to anyone else around the area, a teenage girl beaten and battered with tears mixed with blood streaming down the sides of her face is running full speed through the woods. She pushes away a few bushes and branches as she seems to be running with no direction in my other than to just run away from whatever direction she came from. For the moment this girl was still aways from the Soujiro or Ataru's location for them to notice.

Ataru was relaxing against one of those rocks, absorbing the sun after their training set. He'd laugh lightly, a grin given Soujiro's way. "Hai. I think ya would be good at mixin it up in their face. Ya pop em up from under their feet with yer earth manipulation, then slam them down with a fist.. or make a hole enough ta trip em up suddenly, so ya can beat em while their down.. I could see a lotta good stuff from that sorta setup mate, fer sure." Grinning over at Soujiro, he too would note the birds being spooked. Straightening up, Ataru would watch that way. While she was out of range for them both, Soujiro was still the farmer kid while Ataru had been trained in basics for shinobis, so to him that may mean something more than it does to Soujiro.

Soujiro nodded after Ataru gave his thoughts on the idea. "Who knows, maybe i will become more of a bad smack than you." He says with a chuckle in his voice. The teenage boy scoops up a hand full of water and splashes it on his shoulder. "I know we're out here to let things blow over in the fire country." He says with a change of tone in his voice. "But, I'm feeling real useless. We've been so busy traveling and making new friends that…i dont know. I guess im addicted to playing the hero now or something. If we're not out there taking on gangs of thugs i just don't—

The girl continues running through the woods and towards sun light. Suddenly she bursts out of the treeline and stumbles into a roll along the grassy ground. Soujiro stops in mid sentence to glance over in the girl's direction to see that half her clothes were torn up and cuts and scrapes pattern her body. The girl begins frantically crying as he struggles up on all fours seeming not to notice the boys in the area yet.

Ataru smirked with a quick glance over at Soujiro from his 'addicted' comment. "Hai.. you do kinda enjoy it.. We could always go back to Konoha yanno.." He'd trail off as the girl came tumbling into the clearing. Frowning at how torn up she was, Ataru moved with that burst of speed, blurring from where he had been to kneel by where she was at. "What's wrong? Is something chasing you through the woods? Soujiro, get over here and help me out with her, hai?" Of course, the one *truly* addicted was the guy who moved faster, total sucker if it was a ruse it seems.. but then again, that was Ataru. He stopped genjutsu by punching himself in the face.

The girl looks up at and notices Ataru running for her. "They took her. You have to help me, pleeeeasee!" Her words were hard to make out through her crying. "My little sister. She was only hungry. She didn't know any better." She rose up to lean back on her knees as she sobs into the palm of her hands.

Soujiro, while not as fast as Ataru, sloshes out of the water and races towards the girl himself. On the way he reaches down and swoops up his training bag. Once he reaches the two he too kneels down on the opposite of the girl and offers her his canteen of water. "Here, drink up."

"The girl swats the canteen out of Soujiro's hands. "Did you not here me?! My sister needs help! /I/ need help!" She then turns to Ataru and grabs hold of his coat if he doesnt stop her. "Those biffs have the whole village too afraid to do anything! She's only eight and they're going to kill her for taking a single apple!" She then buries her face into Ataru's chest and bursts into a sobbing fit.

O.o; Ataru blinks, not quite sure what to do with her, looking over at Soujiro with a shrug as she sobbed into his chest. "So hero boy.. guessin we're goin ta find out what's goin on and stop people from hurtin an 8 year old, eh?" Chuckling lightly, Ataru would gently disengage her from his chest, leaning in to get on her level. "Calm down. Ya just so happen ta stumble on the two guys who are crazy enough ta take on a village of bad people and survive.. Now.. how soon is this execution, what direction are they in and do you know who 'they' are specifically?"

The girl looks up at Ataru with furrowed brows. "How can you laugh at a time like this?! My sister is all that I have!"

Soujiro glances between the girl and Ataru. "Uh, he didn't mean anything by it. Look, we're going to help you. I'm Soujiro and this is my good friend Ataru. If you want us to help you we need you take a breath and answer our questions." He reaches for the canteen and offere it to the girl again.

The girl looks between Soujiro, Ataru, and the canteen then finally takes it from his hands. After a few moments of her gulping down the majority of the water from the canteen she takes it away from her mouth and inhales deeply. "You're right. I'm sorry." She sniffs. "My name is Akali." She takes her sleeve and wipes off the sides of her face. "I don't know when they plan on killing her. Right now she is in the middle of the village while this gang known as the Ji-Kai are making an example of out her. They first settled into the village last year. Little by little they strong armed our small village into submitting to their requests and basically began taking it over. My mother passed when i was younger so my father was left to raise my sister and I. He was their first example they made." He says lowering her head and allowing a tear to roll down her cheek. "He was a great man who contributed to the village even while he raised two daughters on his own. three years ago there was a great fire that burned half of the village down. He was the one who worked all day and night to make sure people had food and shelter while their homes were being rebuilt. When no one else had anywhere to stay, he offered them to be a guest at our house. He even slept in his chair on the porch while the other families slept comfortably in his bed." Akali sniffs and raises her head. "My father was one of the few that tried to stand up to the Ji-Kai. After the village saw what they did to him and the others that followed his lead, they have been too afraid to rebel since. Without the presence of my father and the gang putting a squeeze on trade goods, we grow poorer each day. Some days we dont even get to eat. My sister…" She starts to sob lightly again. "My sister saw one of the thugs with a bowl of bag of apples and was just going to take one. He caught her and I tried to free her from his grasps. They started beating me, but i managed to get away. Now those pows have the only thing i have left and they're going to take her away."

Ataru would grin sheepishly with a small shrug. "I'm sorry about the chucklin.. it ain't at ya at all.. Soujiro and I are kinda becomin expert at removin groups like that.. we were just talkin 'bout missin havin ta do that.." A nod was given in response to Akali. "They'll wait then. It'll be this evenin, we got time I think." Looking to Soujiro, he'd give a shrug. "Shall we? I can carry her and we go. We'll need ta get close, see how they're arranged, then prepare ta rip em apart." Ataru would kneel down then, offering his back to Akali to give that ride. "We'll be faster if it's just us runnin.. If ya trust us ta get yer sis, then best ya hop on.. hai?"

The girl looks between Ataru and Soujiro after Ataru offers to carry. She finally gives a nod and hands Soujiro back his canteen. Staggering to her feet, she climbs up on Ataru's back with ease. Soujiro takes his vest out of the bag and throws it on. Slinging the bag over his shoulder, he gives Ataru a concerned nod. "We're losing daylight. Let's head out."

Together they would enter the wooded area and allow the girl to direct them towards her village. The village itself was only a half hour away on foot. As they approach they would notice it was a small village indeed. No more than two hundred people could live here. Soujiro would lead them in between two buildings that took them towards the middle of the village. Akali gasps as she spots her sister tied to a wooden post on top of a mound of dry limbs. Soujiro looks back at Ataru and Akali. "Let's stay low here for now." He says ducking behind a few large wooden crates that gave them a few of the village's center square. The other villagers were gathered around also with looks of concern and fear on their faces. Two men with uniform green outfits stand on either side of the eight year old who looked just as beaten up as her sister did. However, there were no signs of tears in this girl's eyes nor any expressions of fear. She kept a piercing eye on the man who was out in front of her.

"That's Doju." Akali says motioning to the man the eight year old seems to be staring down. Doju didn't look like the type of thug that Ataru and Soujiro were used to taking on. In fact, this guy looks like he could beat their past enemies flat into the ground at a moment's notice.

"Thank you all for gathering." Doju says as he begins pacing back and forth in the center. "Now, we all know why we are here so I won't waste you fine people's time." A wicked grin curls up on this man's face. "I have warned you previous times that any who decide to break Ji-Kai law will be punished severly. No matter what the age is…" His words trail off as he looks back at the kid. "Now, after some research it has come to my attention that this little firecracker here is the daughter of the late Ateri. The foolish man who thought they he could rebel against me and my men. Well, we all know what came of that didn't we?" A sick chuckle escapes the man. "Because of that, I fear that we can not let this punishment go lightly. You people need to understand that we are here to protect you and care for you. In order for us to do that effectively we can not allow any distruption within the village itself!" He unsheathes a whip from his hip and cracks it the girl's chest which instantly rips a slit in her shirt and allows blood to ooze freely down the center of her chest. The crowd gasps and groans and even Akali lets out a grunt as she raises up to leap in and save her little sister. Soujiro stops her by placing his hand on her shoulder and merely shaking his head.

"Now, you may think that what this little girl was merely taking food that didn't belong to her shouldnt deserve such punishment. However!" Doju emphasizes. "For anyone to break Ji-Kai law should already be trialed to the highest degree. Our laws are enforced for a reason and we will not titter from that!" The man runs his hand through his long blonde hair to pull it out of his face. He then says in a low tone, "This girl will be punished by death and the execution will be carried out tomorrow at noon. I expect you all to be there. That is all." With that said, Doju hastily makes his leave while a few more of the Ji-Kai guards appear to disperse the gathered villagers.

Soujiro sighs. "Ataru…I." He pauses before continuing. "I already know what you're thinking. We could just burst in there and clean house like we normally do, but that isn't the final solution." The teenage boy looks over to Ataru with another look of concern. "We can't be everywhere at once. What happens when we leave and another group comes in to take advantage of the village? We're not always going to be around to save them. We've got to find a way to get these people to save themselves…"

Ataru was tense. He had almost gone in ahead of Akali, as there was that core desire of his that such things don't happen. Indeed, the only thing that held him back was the fact the man hadn't used the whip again. Sliding back down behind the box with a soft curse, he'd look over at Soujiro. Yeah, he did know Ataru well. A small shake of his head was given though. "I agree in general, Soujiro.. but.. that guy.. that.. Doji? Doju? whateva.. he ain't like the rest.. ifn this was regular rabble, we'd set up ta have the village tear em out.. so.. I'm thinkin we're needin ta do surgical strike type deal.. remove whashiname, then let the villagers clean up.." Ataru looked to Akali then, pure serious now as that easy going attitude from before was gone. "Ifn we knock off the guy who's leadin that chicken outfit.. ya think ya can get enough villagers ta group together ta run off the rest of em?"

Soujiro lowers his eyes and nods. Indeed this was a new breed of bad guy they had yet faced. Before it was just thugs and henchmen and the boys had the upper hand out smarting them in the past. Now, they're about to take on their first boss. There's a reason why bosses are bosses and the boys will soon find that out in time.

"I…I can try." Akali's words broke the silence. "There are trap doors in each of these houses that lead down into a large tunnel. I could spread the word to gather everyone up there."

"That's oddly convenient." Soujiro says with a raised eyebrow.

"Well like i said earlier, my father rebuilt these houses and built the tunnel system in case another disaster hits our village."

"Yea, i would say this counts as a disaster."

Akali sighs then looks over her shoulders towards a cliff edge that over looks the village. "That's where they'll execute her." She says pointing to a statue at the edge of the cliff. "That's where they executed my father and his band of rebels. From the square its a perfect view of everything."

Ataru clenched and unclenched his fists a moment, staring at the statue. A small nod was given, he'd look to Akali then. "Ya gotta get everyone inta the tunnels.. get em ready.. Soujiro and I.. we're gonna drop Doju. When the thugs go ta bring yer sis out there fer his big show.. they'll be gettin a surprise.." Ataru held his hand out then, palm down, looking between Soujiro and Akali. "Ready? This mebbe ain't gonna be easy.. but we're the type ta go big.."

Akali looks to Ataru and raises an eyebrow as she looks at his hand. "What? No. This is my sister we're talking about. There is no way i'm going to let two kill happy bafoons rush in and shoot from the hip."

Soujiro looks to Ataru. "She does kind of have a point. /I'm/ not fully convinced we could go at this like the other operations. This may take some planning, Ataru."

Akali looks over at her sister whose shirt was now completely dull red from the blood of her whip wound. Still yet she doesnt show any fear or hurt on her face. "My sister is tough. Doju gave us gave us until noon tomorrow. We should take advantage of that. That's my home right there." She says pointing across the village center. "The trap door is in the back bedroom under the bed. I'll gather whatever villagers i can and meet you down there. We will all form a plan once we're together. Got it?" Akali asks as she looks between the two boys.

Ataru blinks, frowning. Kill happy baffoons? He'd sigh softly, a shrug of his shoulders given as he'd drop his hand. "The plan was to take him out while he was sleepin, considerin we have the night. While we might be strong enough ta fight em, ultimately, the less that we get the minions involved in it, the better.. I was gonna henge as em afterwards, ta freak the bandits out, get em all runnin and that'd spread the word ta not mess with this village." Shaking his head slightly, Ataru looked at Soujiro then. "It may not be the best.. but we work with what we got. The long we are here and *not* attackin, the longer our surprise attempt can be negated. So.. yah, it's a bit rushed.. however, it uses the one thing we have precious lil of.. surprise, hai?"

Soujiro looks over to Ataru and does his best not to burst out in laughter. "Us? Henge? Stealth? C'mon, Ataru. When have we been ones to be stealthy?"

Akali sighs. "You two just…come on. The sun is setting. I need to get moving if im going to blend in with the people in the square. You two better be there or else i'll come and haunt you both after i die trying to save my sister." With that said, she doesnt wait for anyone to respond as she slips out from behind the crates and enters the local supply shop.

"She'd make a good ally if we get through this alive." Soujiro says matter of factly.

Ataru would snort, smirking back at Soujiro. "hey mate, just 'cause ya didn't learn the stuff, dun mean I can't use it.." Chuckling softly, he'd shake his head as Akali would take off. Watching after her, a small nod was given as Ataru glanced at Soujiro. "make ya a good girlfriend too I'm thinkin, getcha lazy arse outta bed faster than I can.." Snickering softly, Ataru would follow after the girl. Well, his plan was out the window, so time to see what they can do with what Akali and Soujiro might come up with.

"Ha! I was thinking she'd be good for you." Soujiro says nudging his friend. "She probably turn those rocks in your head into something useful after awhile." He laughs. "Let's find something to eat real quick. All we're going to do is hold the girl back as she sneaks around passing the word. Remember, the guards are out looking for her. Best if we dont bring attention. C'mon, i smell grilled pork." He says attempting to lead Ataru across the village center. Doing this, he also passes by the guards and the little girl who is being held captive. He establishes eye contact and she gives a look that would ask, "You don't look familar. Who are you and what are you doing here?" Soujiro merely flashes her a knowing smile the looks off in the direction of the supply store of where Akali could be seen through the window from where they stood. The little girl follows his gaze and spots her older sister. She then develops a smile herself and lets out what seems a sigh of relief. "You coming, Ataru?"

~~~~~~~~Part II~~~~~~~~~

The night sky has fallen down upon the helpless village that was currently under Ji-Kai rule. Akali had lived up to her word and has gathered a good hand full of people into the lower tunnels that were connected together under the village. They seem to be in a debate as Soujiro and Ataru approaches the crowd. "Are you crazy, girl? You were there to see what they did to your father. Why would you want to put yourself in that situation?" A bearly man scorns her.

"So that our village can finally be free! Without the plague of the Ji-Kai our village could florish once again." Akali retorts."

Another man shaking his head steps up to the girl. "Even if were to band together, we dont have the kind of force or experience compared to the Ji-Kai. We'd be out matched and beaten before we even begin. Not only that, but let's say by some miracle we take out the guards. We still have Doju to deal with and I dont think anyone is capable of going toe to toe with him."

"I am." Ataru spoke up as he'd walk up on the group. Moving through them, he'd go to stand beside Akali, turning to face the rest. "I can take him down. It's the rest of em that ya'll gotta woop up on ta make em not want ta come back.. That's really the reason we ain't gone after em already yanno.." He'd point at the group. "You gotta show em that ya ain't gonna be pushed around anymore. Ya show em that, my buddy and I? We can take down the head honcho that thinks he's gonna keep ya'll in line." Ataru would grin then, with a shrug. "Any ya'll wanna try me ta see ifn I can't back what I say?"

Soujiro would take the opposite side of Akali as Ataru spoke. Seeing this made a smile appear on the Akali's beaten and bruised face. "Ha! You two? You're just kids. Doju is a man and an awfully mean one at that." One woman would call out from the crowd.

"I assure you, this isn't our first rodeo." Soujiro says almost becoming frustrated at the lack of support. "Look, we have a plan already established. Ataru and I will set up post on top of the cliff where the execution will be performed. If this Doju is the type of person i think he is, he won't harm the girl unless he has a crowd to witness it. That's where you guys have not only the numbers but the element of surpise."

Akali cuts in. "We lay low while the guards are searching for us. Doju will probably even send off the few guards that will be accompaning him up on the cliff to search. When they are at the peek of their confusion that's when we'll swarm in to take out the guards down below. Then Soujiro and Ataru are left to handle Doju alone." She says turning to each of the boys respectively as she says their names.

Most of the crowd seems to be mauling this over in their heads. For the most part it made sense and it wasn't a bad thought out plan. The silence is then broken by a man's voice in the back. "And if they can't take down, Doju?"

Ataru curled a hand into a fist, holding it out towards the crowd. "The only way that we would not take down Doju is if we died. I have been where you are now. I have suffered at the hands of those who would deem themselves superior to me." Glancing over at Akali, then Soujiro, he'd shrug slightly, open his coat and lift his shirt. That mass of scars, crissed crossed on top of one another to leave more skin scarred than normal flesh was shown. He'd just hold it shirt up, looking at them. "I got away. I got stronger. I showed them I am not someone that will be pushed around any longer." Dropping his shirt, Ataru would close back up his coat. "So ya'll gonna stand up fer yerself, or ya really gonna leave Akali here hangin? I'm sure she'll fight rather ya help her or not."

"You're damn straight I will." Akali says winking towards Ataru. "They took my father. Now they want my sister? The only way I will let that happen is if its over my cold dead body." It was obvious that these kids were doing a good job at getting the crowd riled up. Most of them had smiles and that spark of fight twinkled in some of their eyes.

One lady with a kind face and a voice to match takes a few steps towards the trio. "You do not live here, nor do you even know who we are. You have not been apart of this struggle. You could easily turn your backs and leave this mess; yet you stand and fight for strangers. You could be considered very brave or very foolish for such a thing. Why do you offer us your help?" Now all eyes were on the boys in front.

Soujiro thinks for a moment. He looks over to Ataru then back at the woman. "I just recently came to find out that there are some bad people out there in the world who just want to make lives miserable for their own benefit. /Someone/ has to be the one to stand up and tell those people that their actions won't be tolerated." He then looks to Ataru to see if he had anything to add.

Ataru grinned, that fierce wolfish grin that could only come from a brawler getting ready to brawl. "Like my mate here said.. There are people out there who think just 'cause they got more muscle, they can push people around.. I got pushed around. I got abused, I got turned inta a friggin punchin bag fer any rogue shinobi ta try stuff out on, simply 'cause I was tougher than others." Ataru shook his head slightly, looking straight at the woman. "I ain't gonna take it anymore. I ain't gonna let it just be. I've pushed back. I've taken out those who would try ta use me.. I ain't gonna stop here.." He'd chuckle slightly, glancing towards Soujiro. "We just happen ta be around when Akali showed up.. This is what we do, so we're gonna do it, with or without ya.. Just makes it easier with ya, that's fer sure."

The woman smiled at the response from the boys. "Akali, you're father would be so proud of you right now. I will stand and fight with you." Akali smiles with a sense of relief. "Me too!" Another voice sounds in the back and before long everyone was cheering together.

After a few minutes of finally getting the crowd to settle down, Akali raises her hands to speak. "Noon tomorrow my sister is scheduled for her execution." Her voice becomes serious and full of ambition. "Noon tomorrow there will be an execution alright. It will be the death of the Ji-Kai's control over us!" As she shouts out her last words she throws her fist in the air which causes everyone around her to do the same and join in the cheers.

~~~~Part III~~~~

It was just before noon time in the small village. The dark and cloudy sky made for an ominous vibe through out the area. Soujiro and Ataru were hidden in position behind a few large rocks just above the "execution" cliff where Doju will be putting on the show of the death of Akali's sister. "Remember, when Akali bangs on the gong we have to make our move on Doju." Soujiro says whispering to his partner, Ataru.

Just like clock work, Doju came up the cliff with the little girl in his grasps. Still at this moment she shows no fear even in the face of certain death. Behind them are two other Ji-Kai men. As Doju comes up to the cliff's edge he looks down at the village's square to see it completely empty other than a hand full of Ji-Kai men confused that there is not a single villager present. "What is the meaning of this?! Are they too scared to witness what is about to happen to one of their precious villagers?! No! I want them to see this. This is the only way i will be able to make them understand there is a reason why you dont break Ji-Kai law!" Doju then turns back to order his body guards to go back down into the village to help the search.

Just as the two body guards meet up with the rest, the sounds of a gong ring out and a low roaring yell can be heard in the background. That low roaring becomes louder and louder as the villagers lead by Akali swarm the gathered Ji-Kai with make shift weapons and their bare fists. "What is this?!" Doju yells out in a rage. He grips the girl tighter in his hands as he watches the villagers rebel against his force.

"That's our queue." Soujiro says hoping over the boulder and rushing towards Doju who has yet to notice the two boys yet.

"Hai." Moving with Soujiro, Ataru would lay on the speed. Rushing at the leader, he'd go for a full body check, attempting to grab the sister out of his hands to roll with her, keeping her safe as they'd fall apart. Coming up to a knee, he'd stare at Doju, those eyes full of pure hatred as he straighten up. "Guess what? The Ji-Kai are gonna be droppin like flies today.. yanno what else? Ya ain't gonna be around ta see it either.."

Ataru was successful at seperating the girl from the older man. "What's the meaning of this?!" Doju calls out in confusion at Ataru. "You think a mere boy has what it takes to take down the leader of the Ji-Kai?!" Not only was Ataru successful at getting the girl to safety but also distracting Doju from noticing Soujiro who at that moment was coming down towards the man with a foot extended and aiming right at the side of his head. The kick connected which sent Doju stumbling sideways into the statue that was off to the side. "I hope you got a good night's sleep because its going to be your last!" Soujiro says as he slams his palms into the ground and sends waves of jagged rocks erupting from the ground towards Doju.

Ataru set the girl beside him, glancing at her long enough to say, "Go." He'd poing towards the village itself. His attention returning to Doju, he'd have that chakra flare to life about him as he settled into his stance. Those pistons within his limbs were formed, the slight shift of muscle mass growing within his clothes most likely hidden from casual view. "Ya get once chance.. ya can give up, surrender and let us take ya in ta Kumo ta pay fer yer crimes.. or we beat ya ta death mate. Yer choice. Whatcha gonna do?"

Doju let out a laugh as he regained his composure. "I'm not going to listen to snot nose teenagers. You two just made a huge mistake getting involved in something that doesnt pertain to you. Now you will pay!" He unclips his whip from his hip and lashes out at Ataru. Soujiro takes this opprotunity to close the in the distance and attempt to send a punch into the man's ribs.

Ataru blurred, literally vanishing faster than the whip could travel to where he was at, small craters left behind from the pistons within his limbs helping him to shift. Stopping beside Doju, he'd wind up, Soujiro's attack giving that cover for Ataru to put all of his rage at the mafia type into that fist and with one massive blow, aim to potentially deck Doju's head clean off.

Ataru's attack connected dead on with Doju's face which sends him tumbling into a nearby tree trunk. Slowly, he staggers to his feet and wipes the blood from the corners of his mouth with the back of his sleeve. "Ok, so i took you two lightly. I won't make that same mistake again." Rain from the dark clouds above begin to fall down on the village. It started out as a few sprinkles but then turns into a heavy down pour. With the Ji-Kai subdued down below, the villagers including Akali along with her little sister watch the fight take place on the cliff up above. Doju unbuttons his cloak tosses it to the side. A wicked smile creeps onto his face as he rips his shirt straight off his chest to reveal some sort of seal. "You see, I didn't become leader of the Ji-Kai out of looks alone. Now you will witness my power!" He performs a series of hand seals then places his palm against the seal that was on the middle of his chest. The markings of the seal begin to unwind from his formation and slither about his body. His skin tone slowly changed into a dark purple to black shade as two horns erupted from his forehead. There is now a faint purple-ish aura about his body. "Now, allow me to introduce you to your new friend…DEATH!" His voice was now noticebly deeper and perhaps even some what demonic. In a blur that was the same speed as Ataru's if not a little faster, Doju races towards Soujiro in his new form. Upon reaching the boy he sends out a two haymaker punches right towards his midsection.

Ataru curses as Soujiro gets smacked around. Once again he'd blur in that rush towards the man. A massive chakra burst glowing about his arm as Ataru would attempt to rock the guy back with another hit to his head. Rather he was thrown off balance by that or not, Ataru would spin in place, snapping that back kick with the increased force by his chakra piston to send the man skidding. "Ya'll might have some funny writin on yer chest mate.. but ya ain't no where near our level.."

Doju sidesteps the first attack and catches the back kick with his forearm. Again, that same wicked grin curls up on his lips. "You two are out of your league. The Ji-Kai will thrive and soon we're going to take over the entire Cloud Country. No one will stop us, especially you!" He says lowering his face into Ataru's. Doju lets out a roar and attacks the boy with two open palmed strikes. At the moment of impact it seems as though the man released two small chakra bursts to increase the power of his strike.

Meanwhile, Soujiro was down on his hands and knees spitting up blood from the previous attack. Water dripped from his hair from the rain that poured down from above. He notices Doju's whip was still laying on the ground from when they knocked it out of his hands earlier. With the man distracted with Ataru, he slowly crawled over to it.

Shaking his head, Ataru would move as the man wound up for the strike, the attacks hitting air as he blurred off to the side. "You really, really shoulda gave up mate.." Rushing at Doju, Ataru would unleash that flurry of strikes, blurring them together as he'd level a grand total of 32 hits at the man, the finale being two swings at Doju's head, following up with that back kick for his middle.

Doju manages to keep up with Ataru blow for blow during his 32 hit combo. As Ataru would throw a punch, the Ji-Kai leader would block it and recenter himself to block the next oncoming attack. This time Ataru would pay the price with his back kick failing. His foot lands right in the hands of Doju who was still wearing that wicked smile. "Don't tell me you're getting tired and sloppy on me. I'm just getting warmed up." He growled. "Too bad I have to kill you and your friend. You two could've made good officers in the Ji-Kai. Oh well." With Ataru's leg still extended out towards him, Doju attempts to break the boy's leg with his elbow then follow it up with an elbow towards the teenage boy's chest.

As the two were fighting, Soujiro manages to get to the whip. Without any experience with it, he lashes out at Doju from behind in hopes of getting lucky. Lucky Soujiro is indeed. The whip curls around the Ji-Kai leader's neck a few times nearly choking him. Bad luck for Soujiro, he isn't enough to over power the man. Doju pulls on the whip which brings Soujiro flying forward and meeting a kick straight to the chest if he doesnt manage to get out of the way of it.

Ataru would manage to twist out of the man's grip before the elbow could do serious damage to his leg, although he was still sent flying from the hit, rolling on the ground to come up to his feet on one knee. Cursing softly, he'd rush at the man again. Feint high, Ataru spun into a rapid sweep, trying to knock him off his feet while he'd finish the spin, that double punch attempting to catch the man in the middle of the chest. While he might be getting tired, Ataru meant it completely, the only way he was going to lose, was if the man killed him.

With Doju still distracted by Soujiro who he just put on the ground with a sound kick to the chest, he didn't have enough time to prepare himself as Ataru came at him with another set of attacks. The man stumbles dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. Soujiro rolls over to see that the whip was still hanging from around his neck. In a mad dash, the teenager got to his feet and takes off running at Doju. The man grins as he comes out of his stunned state and beckons Soujiro on. The boy show no signs of letting up and at the last second, he lowers his body and slides in between Doju's legs to grab hold of the whip's handle. The man's eyes widen as the physics of Soujiro's actions hits him. As Soujiro grabs hold of the handle he goes sliding off the edge of the cliff. While in free fall he makes sure he has the necessary force to bring Doju down with him by twisting his end of the whip around his wrist a few times. Soujiro's plan was a success as Doju is yanked backwards off of the cliff.

"NO!!" Ataru rushed that edge, watching both of them go into free fall. Cursing, Ataru lept off as well, vanishing from sight mid blur as he poured on that chakra into his movement. Passing Doju, Ataru would latch on to Soujiro and from that point of contact, send them both smashing into the cliff's face, cratering it as he had put all of his power into that dive. Grunting from the impact, he'd look for where Doju was at. If the man attempted to follow them at all, it was going to be a harsh fight within the side of that cliff.

Unfortunately for Doju, he didn't make it into the crater like Ataru and Soujiro had. He screams out all the way down as he passes by the two boys. Realizing that he was still attached to Soujiro's wrist via the whip. The teenage boy quickly unraveled it in order to keep Doju's momentum from pulling him down with him. Doju's yells came to a sudden halt as he crashed down into the village below. Looking down, the boys would see that the leader of the Ji-kai was still alive however, just barely as he he did not move from the crater he had created with his body. The villagers gathered around Doju's mangled body then looked up at them. All at once they exploded into cheers and the rain seems to stop just at that moment. Soujiro let out a sigh of relief and fell back on his butt inside the crater Ataru had created.

Ataru looked over the edge, shaking his head slightly, he'd fall back on his butt beside Soujiro, panting heavily. "Ya ever do that again mate, I'm lettin ya drop." He'd glance over at Soujrio, laughing as he'd offer that high five. "Ya'll had a good idea puttin on that show.. these folks will seriously not mess around when the next hoodlum group tries ta step up, that's fer sure.. I'm thinkin it's safe ta say, at least fer now, the Ji-kai ain't gonna be a bother no more.."

Soujiro high-fives his partner and lets out a laugh. "Hopefully i won't have to do something as drastic as that again." He let a few coughs as he clenched his midsection. "I think that bam broke a rib or two. C'mon, let's find a way to get down from here." He says patting Ataru on the leg. Just as he spoke those words, a ladder appears near the opening of the crater. "Heh, that's one way." Staggering to his feet, Soujiro took the ladder and began to slowly make his way down towards the village.

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