A New Leaf - Promotion


Daisuke, Hinotori

Date: April 30, 2014


Getting things in order, Daisuke calls Hinotori in to catch up as well as for important news.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A New Leaf - Promotion"

The Hokage's office

Having been called to the Hokages office by his little brother who is now acting Hokage. Hinotori was very impressed, he couldn't belive how lucky Daisuke is, but then again he now has a lot more on his plate then he's ever had to deal with. It doesn't take him long to get to teh office doors, he recognizes the two guards, "Are we going to do this again?" he asks, and is surprised when the doors are opened for him. Quirking a brow, Hinotori steps in and teh doors close behind him. Looking forward, he snickers when he sees Daisuke at his desk, "Well look at you, all Mr. Important now." he laughs as he walks up to the desk. "How you doing little brother?" Hinotori ask.

Daisuke looks up from his paperwork as he hears muffled voices outside, Hinotori interacting with the guards. As Hinotori enters the room, a smirky smile immediately makes its way up Daisuke's cheek, seeing his brother after it had been quite some time. "Exhausted, overworked, but hanging in there." he says as he motions to the desk to the left against the office wall. "Tobi-baa keeps me on my toes and kicks my butt when I need it." he adds with a chuckle.
"Please, have a seat, I called you in here for a fairly important reason." he says as he holds a hand out to one of the two seats in front of his desk, hoping Hinotori would sit and they could begin.

Hinotori laughs, "Yeah, she did that too me too, and I wasn't in an important role." he laughs. "I think ever since we left to handle that situation, we've actually been getting along." he says to Dai. Walking over and sitting down, Hinotori did need to talk to Daisuke about a few things himself and well might as well do it before the meeting is over. "Well if you ever need company, let me know I will come by. Buck, I will stop by even if you don't need my help. It's been too long brother that neither of us haven't seen oen another. We are family and well with my blood family….." he trails off, Daisuke would've known that his parents were killed and Kasumi badly hurt, and Naru well dead. All he really has is Kasumi, him and Satomi. "Anyways, what ya need me for?" he asks.

Daisuke nods his head, solemnly at the mention of Hino's blood family. "I've been hearing that you are quite well acquainted with a young girl named Kasumi lately. I hope it's just a coincidence the name matches your sister's name, Hino." Daisuke says, giving him a 'look' but just playing with him. "Anyway, I've been looking over our ANBU activities of late, and frankly, they suck." he says, letting that sit for a bit before he continues. "I want you to give me an honest answer to this question. Would you consider the fact of having Kasumi on an ANBU squad with you to be a valuable asset, or do you feel she is not quite ready?"

Quirking a brow at Daisuke when he mentions his girlfriends name matching that of his sisters. "Hey man, I'm no perv." he says. But then shakes his head, "I oughta kick you." he says. "HOkage or not." he adds that last part in. He says it loud enough just to see if he could bait the two guards on the outside of the doors. More then likely Daisuke probably have been told about teh guards and Hino's exchanges normally. WHen it's time to get to teh reason he is here, Hinotori nods his head, "I agree." Hinotori says it easily. When asked about Kasumi being on his team, "I think she is beyond ready. I've been training her since I've talked Baa-chan about her. Kasumi is very capable and able to think on her feet. I've observed her on many missions as well as her training her teams and she would be a valuable asset."

Daisuke gives a smirk as Hino raises his voice a bit with the kicking comment, "You know, you guys aren't going to improve relations by egging them on, Hino." he says with an amused expression. He then listens to Hinotori's views. Daisuke nods his head to Hinotori's assessment of Kasumi. "Her record is good, the only info I see that concerns me is her trips to foreign lands. As ANBU of Konoha, we would need you guys to be on call or on mission, do you think that would clash with her normal daily life? If she doesn't like hanging around near Konohagakure, I'm not going to offer her something that will tie her down." he explains to Hinotori.

Hinotori leans back in his chair a bit, "Yeah I know, I will chill. It seems they have." he sighs a bit. "Actually it will not tie her down, Kasumi has been staying in the village actually. Most of the time she was out of the village was because of Hashi-baa asking her to do a few things. What they are, I don't know. And well since our engagment, shes been staying around as well. It's funny tha we are having this meeting, shes been really wanting to know if she was goign to be accepted into ANBU." Sitting up a bit, Hinotori looks to his brother, "She's ready aniki."

"Alright, you sound more than confident." Daisuke says with a nod. "Don't tell her, I will call her in and make it all official-like. She will be placed on your team, as I am promoting you to one of our four ANBU captains. You are more than deserving, and just because activity has been lacking lately, doesn't mean it's time to slack off. I expect good things from you two. In time I will scout a third for your team, but so far you will have to make due with two. Are you ok with that?"

Hinotori smiles, "I won't tell her. This would be a great surprise for her." But then when Daisuke states he was making Hino one of the four ANBU Captains, he blinks, "I'm the first one your promoting?" he asks, looking all bewildered. "Whoa, thanks." he smiles sheepishly. This was beyond what he could've ever dreamed of, granted it is widly known that Hino really ever ask for anything unless it is needed and even then it has to be forced upon him. This was different, he needed something more because well he had been slacking. "Yes, I'm ok with this, yes." he smiles. "Though why, there are others you could promote aniki."

"I have my reasons, and believe me it wasn't because we are family. You have earned this, Hinotori-kun, congratulations. The three other ANBU captains are much older and experienced, so don't let them push you around. I have confidence in you." Daisuke says with a smile, holding out his fist for Hinotori to bump it in acknowledgement, something Son had taught him as a sign of respect and brotherhood. "Now that business is taken care of, anything new? How's the engagement going?" he asks as he sits back.

Nodding his head, Hinotori smiles, "Thanks." he says, "I'm not going to worry about them, as long as they do their jobs, we will be good." he states. He reaches over and bumps fists with Daisuke. He always thought it was odd that they do this, but it's something that no matter what was going on they did. Once this was done he leans back, "It's going great." he smiles, "Kasumi is wonderful, we are just trying to get things ready for the wedding." he grins. "What about y ou and Satomi-chan, how are you guys doing? Have you proposed to her yet?"

"That's good to hear." Daisuke says with a smile. "As for me, no plans for such things yet. I mean, I'm the Hokage at 17 years old, Hino. Could I have more on my plate? Days are so busy and Satomi and I make time with one another, but I am in no rush. It is, technically, my first relationship after all." he says with a sigh, not a sad one, just a discontent one, running his hand through his hair. "I haven't counted it out, I'm just not in any hurry at my age. We love together, so Satomi could technically say with are already common law anyway." he adds with a chuckle.

"I see, but hey, a woman wants to hear the words, and have the ceremony." he tells him. "You sound a bit off on that." he says. "I know your Hokage now, and this is your real first relationship, so I see why your taking your time. But if there is something else going on, talk to her about it. You and me both know Satomi-chan doesn't like surprises especially if it's something important or bothering us." he tells him. "She nearly knocked me out when I got cold feet about proposing to Kasumi." he chuckles.

"No no, nothing holding me back, I just don't want to rush. We moved in together rather quickly, I'm just taking things at an average pace from here on in." Daisuke says with a shrug. "She's still the best part of my day, nothing bad there." he adds, just in case Hinotori might get another idea and talk to Kasumi about it. "Anyway, what about the other family and friends? I'm surprised you haven't stepped up and fill in Fuyu's position yet, my brother. What is going on with those Uchiha?"

Smiling, knwoing he will have Kasumi talk with Satomi, those two have formed ways of keeping track of ther S.O.s that is down right scary. THough when Dai ask about family, Hino tenses up, he looks out the window for a long moment, "Kasumi-chan is doing better. I know you haven't put her back on active duty yet, so shes been pretty much taking care of our parents house, which she finally switched over into her name now. As for Head of the Clan." again another pause, " I don't think they will have me as their Clan Head aniki." he says simply. "Naru-chan was picked over me, even though I was Fuyu-samas protege. I've told you and Hashi-baa a while back, I'm the black sheep of the clan, regardless of what I do, my relationship with the Senju clan isn't well liked." he tells him. "They are idiotic, but I love them and I understand in a way they need a leader who well isn't me." he gives a faint smile.

"And look how well that turned out." Daisuke says with a smirk, knowing that Naru had left the village and her clan behind, a completely selfish act in his mind. "I will never understand some of those Uchiha, I swear. I always try to be logical, but sometimes logic doesn't apply." he says with a shaking of the head. "I'm glad your sister is recovering. When I feel she is ready I will be more than happy to put her back on, but for now she needs the time to settle." he adds with a nod, his voice kind and warm, talking about Hino's sister as if she was his own. "Well, Hino. If there is nothing else, we will have to go for a drink soon. Like you said, it has been too long each time we finally meet up."

"Tell me about it." he chuckles. "Anyways, I will see, Naru-chan did leave and well I don't want things getting out of hand." Though what he doesn' say is he feels the clan may tear itself apart. Shaking his head and letting out a breath, "Thanks, she has been wondering when you were goign to come visit." he says to Daisuke. "Maybe we all can get together for dinner sometime and just be a family." he suggests. "I will talk with Kasumi and Kasumi-chan and see what would be a good day and go from there. I think Kasumi and Satomi-chan is trying to bring my sister into the fold, so be on teh look out." he laughs. About the drink he nods his head, "Yeah, we do. Just call or I will come get you."

"I can't imagine hanging out with two Kasumi's, the sheer confusion of calling out Kasumi completely blows my mind." Daisuke jokes before standing up, walking Hinotori to the door of the office. "That sounds good, though. Just let Satomi know, she's my social planner." he says with a chuckle and a wink. "Take care, my brother."

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