A new life begins?


Ishino, Saisho

Date: March 21, 2013


Ishino shows up with papers to adopt Saisho into his family, with him to be her new big brother, much to the shock of Saisho.

"A new life begins?"

Starts at Kirigakure war orphans home, ends in Ishino's home

The orphanage building itself is a rather old building, or rather set of buildings that once was actually a smaller clan's enclave. When the clan needed more space and moved out the land was purchased by the land and the space was converted into an orphanage. The barracks make good bunk houses for the kids and the space includes room for lessons, play space and the like, while the walls once meant to keep out unwanted intrusions now serve to keep rowdy children in. Still, the place isn't a prison. As long as the children show up to breakfast and dinner, the two meals normally provided to the children by tradition, and as long as they show up to the limited classes provided for such things as basic math, reading, writing and some other similar things, the kids are pretty much given free run of the place and even allowed to explore the village now and then.

As Ishino has an appointment, the director is waiting for him. The director is a rather matronly woman, who looks like she should really lay off the sweets, as she is almost as wide as she is tall, and has a way of sort of waddling as she walks. However at the moment she is seated behind a rather large desk, with file cabinets behind her, as her secretary shows Ishino in. A series of papers are spread across her desk, most of them clearly a child's file of some sort, probably Saisho's since she was already told about who this appointment was in relation to.

The woman, who's name is Tendotsu Atsuka from her name plaque on the desk, gestures Ishino to have a seat across the desk. The seat across from her seems designed to make the visitor to sit lower than her, perhaps a dominance thing, "Do come in, I hear you wish to talk to us about one of our wards?" She says, as she gestures to some tea, "Care for a drink?"
Ishino would show up with an elderly man behind him. That umbrella that was held covered both men in their clean cut suits. A polite smile and nod was given towards the secretary, Ishino as always polite and friendly with his dealings with others. Once invited into Atsuka's office, Ishino would look about. The older man would step off to the side, carefully folding the umbrella back up to be settled by his leg as he'd stand there. He looked normal enough, other than the western style suit. Then again, his left eye did seem to wander around now and again, although the man himself didn't seem to notice.
Ishino would step up, giving a formal western bow to Atsuka. "Tendotsu-san. An honor to meet you, I am indeed here to see into adopting one of the children here. Specifically, I am seeking to adopt Saisho. She will be joining me as part of my family. I have with me the information from them as well as their notarized signatures on each of the documents involved with the adoption. My mother is a shinobi, so she is on active duty and my father is a merchant so he is busy as well, which would be why I am here." The file produced from within Ishino's suit would be pulled out and offered to Atsuka. He didn't sit, standing instead to look down on her, although if it was a power move or simply his nature it'd be hard to tell. "I do thank you for the offer of the drink, I am going to have to decline, however."

Ms. Tendotsu frowns at the forwardness of the meeting, and the speed at which Ishino seems to want to proceed. "Please, have a seat, I really do feel there are some things you should know before you finalize such an… important bit of paperwork." She says as she opens a folder before her, "This may take some time and so I do wish you'd sit, as I believe you'd be far more comfortable while we get through these things. While I understand from the initial correspondence that you are quite sure in your decision, or your family is I should say, I do feel that if I were not to give you some information about the child I'd be quite remiss in my duties." She says firmly as she gestures to the chair again, encouraging Ishino to sit once more.
Ishino raises a brow, studying Tendotsu for a long moment. One second, two.. three. Finally, some internal decision reached, Ishino would calmly settle himself into the chair. The older man would step up then, coming to stand behind where Ishino sat for both of them to study her. Ishino would speak up then. "Very well, as it is something you deem important for your capacity here, I will listen to what you have to say. Please, begin." Ishino's hands would fold calmly before him as he'd wait to hear what trouble exactly Saisho may of caused.
As Ishino sits, it seems that this simple act gives Ms. Tendotsu some joy although she attempts to conceal it. It is clear she enjoys her role as the gate keeper here and in some way this is the one time she is able to make the Shinobi play her games. But she is not apparently spiteful as she actually does have some things to share it seems and it is just a passing look across her face that only the most observant would catch, although most shinobi are observant enough to catch such a look.

"Well, I would like to start off by saying that you really should read over her test results. You may or may not know we test our wards to see if they would be a fit at the academy, and… well, to be blunt, Saisho's scores were less than sterling." She explains as she pushes a folder across to Ishino, which itemizes the failings of the girl, from poor ability to conceptualize complex ideas to an apparent lack in coordination to a fundamental lack in mental ability. In addition there are notes about her psychological profile indicating that she is likely to chaff against authority figures and the like, in some great detail.

As she lets Ishino read that file over she opens another file, "In addition you should know she's been caught shoplifting in town a few times, sticky fingers apparently. After one incident we searched her room and found that she had been quite busy, finding little things hidden away." She says with a shake of her head, "I just thought you should be aware of these two facts prior to any real decision you would make in regards to the girl. I would note we have quite a few other children who could be a far better candidate for adoption into your family if you are looking for something ah… with less troubles?"

It doesn't take a genius to realize some how these two reports don't add up. In particular the idea that she was able to shoplift with some success, indicated by the fact that things were found in her room, combined with the report on her lack of coordination seems in itself troubling, as if something just doesn't quite fit here. Although Ms. Tendotsu doesn't seem to notice the logical inconsistency at all from the way she presents it.
Ishino would raise a brow at her joy. Noted, but nothing said of it and the only reaction was that brow raise. Calmly, Ishino would read over the report of her testing. A small nod given. That did seem consistent with what Saisho wanted. How best to avoid the academy then by showing you had no way at all to do anything. Of course.. it'd take someone fairly intelligent to purposely score that badly. The first report put down, the next was picked up. Ishino would go over the list closely, musing to himself. Interesting choice of items. Fairly good eye for assets it seems. Another final nod was given as the report was closed and put back on her desk. "Anything else, or may we finish the adoption of Saisho?"
The insistence of Ishino in going forward with the adoption of Saisho seems to just leave Ms. Tendotsu flustered and obviously frustrated but she really has no grounds to refuse and simply shakes her head, "No, I just felt it my duty to let you know what you are getting into, but… I suppose if you still wish to go forward there is little I can do to stop you from taking this mess on to yourself." She says with a shake of her head, "Still I do wish you'd consider a more well adjusted child. However…" She shakes her head again then reaches out for the papers, "I shall sign off. She hasn't been informed of any of this as I didn't want to raise her hopes, considering…" She clearly expected Ishino to change his mind but… now that he hasn't she has no further grounds to really reject his request. "If you leave the paperwork here, you may pick up Saisho this evening. The paperwork will be done by then and we'll have her packed up and ready to go." Although it is hard to imagine how much the orphan girl has to 'pack up' to be fair, still paperwork is paperwork. "If you could return at say… six?"
Ishino would study her for a moment, before a final nod was given. "Indeed. I am going to inform her myself of what is happening, leaving the paperwork with you and encouraging her to get packed. I will then return to see about the paperwork being moved forward." Ishino would stand up slowly, studying her for a moment longer. "I understand that you see her as a trouble child. I however, see what her potential is. I would highly request that you do not drag your feet on the paperwork. Everything on our end is done. It is requiring just a few signatures on your end. I've also researched that particular setup. So I am very well aware of what's required." Ishino would smile then, bowing once more. "If you do not mind, I would like to go see Saisho now?"
Ms. Tendotsu stands up and nods to Ishino, "Very well, my secretary can have someone take you to her, if she's actually in the orphanage. I believe she spends quite a bit of time outside in the village during the day, often avoiding classes in the process so I can not promise she'll be where she should be but…." She glances at a clock on the wall, "She should be some where near the dorms at this time, normally. Afternoon classes do start shortly. As for the paperwork, it is not so much the signatures as the proper copying being performed." She states some what defensively, "But I will ensure it is completed before the end of the day today." She states firmly as if there was no doubt that /she/ could be competent! The very idea! Still…
And with that Ishino is shown the door and directed towards the dorms for girls Saisho's age, where she /should/ be if she's in the right place at the moment.
Ishino seems to have struck a nerve. However if it sped up efficiency, then it would work out well. A nod given in thanks, he'd move on, following the person towards where he was directed, that older man following Ishino as well. As they'd approach, Ishino would look around intently, the older man suddenly vanishing as he'd go into hiding. It was time to try and hunt down the elusive girl that enjoyed avoiding people. He'd be polite as he asked about, quietly seeking out where she might be.. if she was even there. He was well aware of the time and wanted to get it done quickly.
Oddly, for a change, there won't be much of a hunt today. Saisho is in fact sitting up on the roof of a shed watching some of the other kids play some kind of game involving a ball, some squares on the ground and some odd rules that seem just made up on the fly really. So she stands out, sitting up there, the panda still tucked under one arm as she sits with her knees pulled up against her chest, chin resting on her knees. As she watches the movement of Ishino with the escort does catch her eye, even if she misses the vanishing of the 'old man'. She frowns just a tad, the obvious question of 'what is he doing /here/' probably going through her head from the looks of it, still… she makes no move to run or move from her spot on the roof of the shed, even as she's approached. Not that she says much either. Although if Ishino is watching she does whisper something to the panda bear, seems she talks to him.
Ishino would spot her, the note quickly done of her attention as well as the whispering. When one was a genjutsu user, they had to be very aware of their surroundings, after all. Quietly, he'd walk over to stand in front of the shed, studying it for a moment to see if it'd hold his weight. "Saisho-san? I have some news for you.. I discussed it with my parents and they agreed. We are going to adopt you into the family. In essence, I am going to become your older brother. The paperwork is in process of being completed. I've come to personally invite you along. If you get your stuff together, I'll show you to your new home?"
The shed probably wouldn't hold Ishino's weight and Saisho's at the same time. She's pretty light, and the shed isn't very sturdy looking. She peeks down at Ishino, and frowns, "You what?" She sounds confused, "Why… why did you do that?" The tone is almost accusatory, as if perhaps this is all some trick or game or something and she's not eager to be part of it, "Why do you want me? I can't even play the games with the other kids… and they all tease me for still having Mister TsuTsu." She says defensively, "You're… not playing a prank or… making fun, are you?" She asks as she peeks over the edge of the roof at Ishino, looking unsure of herself, but all of it seems to boil down to her last question, "Why?"
Ishino would slip his hands in his pockets with a smile towards Saisho. "No game. No teasing, no pranks. I'm sure the officials will be along shortly to tell you officially." Ishino would shake his head slightly. "I had Alpha Steel. You remember the rock in the fountain? That was my first thing.. much like Mister TsuTsu for you." Ishino would nod at the bear then with a gentle smile. "I have set this in motion so I could help you, Saisho-san. That is what big brothers do, after all. I believe that we may seek a better truth for you, than what you have right now. Please, come on down, let's get going, hmm?"
Saisho frowns a bit more but hops down and peers up at Ishino once she's down on the ground, "You're not going to try to make me go to the academy, are you?" She says cautiously, "I don't want to go there. I told you that already…" She says softly, as she glances around then back to Ishino. "I…. I don't know if I am supposed to have a real home anymore… maybe I'm not supposed to have a family." She says as her frown deepens a bit. Clearly she's blamed herself for a lot that has happened in the past for some reason, although it is clear to anyone from the outside she couldn't possibly be to blame for the death of her parents in wars she had nothing to do with, let alone be near. "You…. it… I…" She stammers a bit, then hugs her panda a bit closer to her chest, "I don't understand…." She finally manages.
Ishino nods with a small smile. "Indeed. I do realize this, Saisho-san. This is part of why I have done what I have. As for the academy, we will discuss that situation at a later point. It's not necessary or needed right now." He'd chuckle lightly. "your scores proved you could easily be top of the class. So we have time to truly decide rather you wish to be within that or not, after we have discussed more." Ishino would smile then, motioning towards the building. "Shall we go? We have plenty of time to discuss all of it, Saisho-san. You have a family now.. so it is obvious that you should have such."
When she's told her scores would put her at the top of her class there's a moment of…. well, open disbelief, and that is probably all the clue you need to the fact she faked her results, as she obviously gets caught by your lie and her reaction to it, "That… can't…" Then she silences, as if afraid to say much more. She frowns but, after a glance around hugs TsuTus a bit closer to her then says, "I don't have anything but Tsutsu, and a few things I'm wearing, and… a change of these clothes. "She looks down at her rather utilitarian outfit that is probably rather uncomfortable to wear, "I don't have anything in the bunk room to get, cause… it's not safe to leave things there…" She doesn't add the 'anymore now that they caught me hiding shop lifted stuff there' to that bit although it is probably implied. Still, after a moment of hesitation, and still confused, she nods and… with that agrees to go with Ishino to the building.
After a bit of a walk from orphanage to the marketplace, Ishino would smile towards Saisho as they stopped before his home. The place was a two story building made of rather solid looking stone. The front of it hung a sign with a clock that looked broken and an screw driver poking into it, obviously fixing the broken clock. What windows on the first floor could be looked in would show a lot of clocks all over the place of an amazingly wide array of styles. "Welcome to your new home, Saisho-san. We can either go in through the store if you wish, or there is a set of stairs straight up to the house on the second floor. We have a room set up for you as well as a few changes of clothes my sister thought you might enjoy."
Saisho is a bit in shock about all of this to be honest, and on the walk to the shop says nothing, as she keeps looking thoughtful as if she's trying to figure out what really is going on. She keeps bitting at her lower lip and looking at Ishino then back at the ground then back at Ishino. She looks more than a bit confused to be fair. As he brings her up to the shop she pauses and looks in the window then tilts her head, "Clocks." She says, mistress of the obvious apparently, although it is more a statement than a question, just… matter of fact. She thinks for a moment then shrugs, "I dunno, is it better to go through the shop or?" She glances to Ishino questioningly as if she is unsure what to say or do, as if she is almost afraid to say the wrong thing some how. She definitely is off balance at the moment as she tries to get the ground back under her mentally.
Ishino would ponder for a moment before a small nod was given. "Probably best to go around.. someone who is not use to the noise initially may be overwhelmed." Nodding lightly, Ishino would smile and motion to the alley. "This way then.." Time Keeper had been returned to the watch storage location while on their way over there, leaving it to just Ishino and Saisho to walk down the alley. At the back, it still looked fairly nice, someone taking the time to make sure no trash or other debris piled up it seems. He'd mount the stairs back there and walk up them, heading to that second floor. Once up there he'd open the front door and motion for Saisho to go in, as long as she followed him. "I understand that you have had a major world changing event, so to speak.. the reality of the situation may be a bit much. The others are still busy, they will be until dinner time. I can show you around and when they get back you can meet the rest of our family. How does that sound?"

All Saisho does is nod as Ishino suggests going around behind the building then she follows him, staying a bit closer than might be normal if one were just politely following a friend for example, but then she is in a strange situation. She looks around as she's motioned in and enters, peeking around the room she's just been showed into, pausing to take off her sandals as appropriate. "Ah… I guess?" She says, sounding rather unsure. Once the door is closed she can't help but finally ask, "Why?" She turns to look at Ishino, "I mean… you met me one time… then… adopted me?" She clearly is a bit confused and holds her stuffed panda a bit tightly as if it makes her feel safer to have it close at hand.
Ishino chuckles lightly. He'd carefully remove his shoes. They looked to be in a rather standard foyer of a typical home. There are two halls off to either side as well as a set of stairs down into the store below. Ishino would escort her towards the right hall, leading to the small family room area that also lead off to a few side rooms, presumably bedrooms. "I met you one time, yes. I also found out that you have a potential of being a puppeteer." Ishino would settle on one of the chairs with a smile towards Saisho. "You were taught a few things, although they are minor.. I'm guessing potentially if your mother was a master puppeteer, then the bear would be her work. Although you may or may not know how to use it." Ishino shakes his head slowly. "However, you have a deep distrust of the academy, shinobi in general. My guess there is that you equate shinobi with what killed your parents in the unfortunate wars we've had." He'd tap his own temple though. "I know you're smart though. You fooled the lady at the orphanage into thinking you couldn't do anything, but was a highly successful thief until you slipped up. That means you're smart enough to know how to take stuff as well as hide it, while hiding your own abilities from anyone official." He'd chuckle then. "She tried to dissuade me from adopting you because of the reports.. they confirmed what I had been guessing."
Saisho follows through the house and finds a seat sort of across from Ishino. She frowns a bit as he systematically and rather easily to her perceptions, peels back all of her subterfuge. Mind you she's only 6, and not a master of deception, but she had thought she had covered her tracks a wee bit better. After all she had confused and confounded Ms. Tendotsu. She holds the panda to her chest, his face looking out at Ishino, the eyes seeming to almost glitter a bit in the light. She seems to be trying to figure out a way to deny all he's said. There clearly is a look of the mind working there, but… she simply can't come up with a good enough cover for her self on the spot. One of the disadvantages of youth perhaps. After a moment she manages to ask, "You're not going to make me go to the academy, are you?" Her words soft, nervous, almost scared as she stares at Ishino, her face going a bit pale as it is clear he's hit a few nerves in his evaluation, leaving her perhaps afraid or worse. The way she holds the panda bear is almost like a shield before her, a way to protect her from the world, as ineffective as it seems suddenly against Ishino's words.
Ishino shakes his head solemnly. "I will never make you do something you do not wish to do, Saisho-san. A big brother doesn't do that. They protect their sisters and help them the best they can in the world. I know you are smart enough to do such. I know you would pass easily and be a good shinobi, probably a good puppeteer too." A small smile was given then. "But, it will be your choice. I have also not shared any of this information with anyone else. I know the truth, I leave it up to you, and when you feel comfortable with us as your new family, to share your truths, Saisho-san."

For some reason Ishino's words do not seem to comfort Saisho or make her relax much but then she hardly knows her new brother yet, and is unsure if he's being completely truthful with her or not. Still, so far she has no reason to disbelieve what he's saying. After a moment to kind of process all of this, she finally manages to take some time to look around the room then back to Ishino, "So… what um, then? If I don't go to the academy… will I go to school? Will I learn to work on clocks?" She asks, unsure, "I… I don't know what you want from me!" She finally blurts out, clearly used to people expecting something in return for any kindness. "I… I don't…" She hesitates, "I don't know what you want… and… and I'm scared." She says, more softly as she hugs TsuTsu to her, "Why are you helping me?" There it is, the real question, finally, she just assumes that there is a reason for the help, some hidden motive she can't figure out in Ishino's actions, something that she is sure is hidden from her but she just can't quite get a finger on. She looks at Ishino almost… well, not accusingly but clearly with some lack of trust, for now. Not an unreasonable reaction considering what her life has been up to this point.
Ishino smiles softly with a small shake of his head. "We aren't going to make you do something you don't wish to do. I'm sure my father and sister would not mind the assistance with the clocks, but that is your choice. Yes, you will have to go to school, there are still the basics that will need to be learned, even if you do not follow the shinobi path." Ishino smiles gently with a small shake of his head. "What is wanted, Saisho.. is to give you a good home. To give you a chance to see the world without the horror of war touching your life. What I would like, is to be able to teach you the shinobi way, to aid you in puppeteering, so that you can honor your mother's memory by following in her path of being a master puppeteer." Ishino would hold up a hand then. "That, however, will be your decision. It is not a demand, only a simple offer. If you wish to never do shinobi work, you will never have to. If you don't wish to work on clocks, I am sure we can find something for you to do, so you are still fruitful and have a happy life. I understand you being scared. I do know that it is probably rather unsettling. However, I wish to assure you again.. life will be better now, then it was before, Saisho-san."
After a moment to let all that sink in, Saisho does nod a bit then says, "I… I wouldn't mind learning about how clocks work…" She ventures, "And… and Mister TsuTsu is… um, he's a puppet. My mom gave him to me before she left that last time. She told me he'd keep me safe…." She admits, in hushed tones, "You already kinda guessed but… please don't tell anyone else? I don't want them to take him away from me. And I don't know if they'd let me keep him if they knew." Mind you she isn't very clear on who the 'they' might be in that but it is clear she is horrified by the prospect of losing her stuffed panda bear toy, and treats it like it is almost a person, as she brushes the 'fur' on its head. "He's a very special friend, you see…."
Ishino would nod solemnly, smiling softly. "Indeed, As I said Saisho-san, I will not share any information that I have gleamed with anyone else. When you are ready to talk, then you are welcome to do so. I also understand the connection, both as a treasured gift of a departed mother and a puppeteer myself. No one is going to take that from you.. after all, I have a puppet, as does my mother. So why would we take such a thing from you. If you ever wish to learn how to use it, even if you do not go to the academy, we'll be happy to teach you the basics and let you figure out the rest with it.. ok?"

Saisho nods slowly, although she seems a bit untrusting still, but she grants Ishino that much, as she seems to at least partially accept what he has to say on the matter. Still, she's wary. Not to be unexpected really, as she is cautious, still, she ventures a little smile, "I can already do some things with Mr. TsuTsu… but… I had to be really careful so no one saw at the orphanage." She admits, which hints at the fact she is in fact a puppeteer already in some way, if very inexperienced at that. "He's a very special panda, you see…." She says softly, and trailing off, then gives a nervous shrug, "I… I'll tell you about him later maybe. I guess it's just a lot, you know?" She glances around the room then back to Ishino. "I feel kinda out of place."
Ishino would chuckle, nodding lightly. "Yes, yes I could see that completely. Here.. let me show you to your room, hmm?" He'd stand up then, motioning off to the side, he'd walk over to one of the rooms, opening the door to reveal that room. It's not huge, but it's not small either, a nice, if simple bed, an actual closet with clothes hanging in it as well as a small dresser that has a mirror on it. Something that may, or may not be noted is there's a small seat, looking to be the roughly proper size for TsuTsu. "Please, look around.. This'll be your new room. Mine is on the other side, My sister's room is next to yours and my parents are on the other side as well. The kitchen is at the far end and as you noticed, we came in the Foyer with the stairs down into the store."

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