A New Path


Sanada, Madarobi

Date: September 17, 2012


In this scene Madarobi requests Sanada to train with him since they have recently been chosen to be on Uchiha Naru's team. Madarobi requests Sanada simply because Sanada knows forms for Genjutsu and feels that not only fighting against will help him learn more about Genjutsu, but also chakra control. During this bout Madarobi learns how to be more forceful with his chakra granting him the transformations Bane's Containment & Bane's Containment II. A brief overview of Madarobi's past is also revieled for the first time. Madarobi growths in many aspects not only including ability, but also as a person. The friendship of Sanada is in a sense, breaking the glass ceiling for Madarobi in the aspect that he is shy and very afraid to open up to people. This companionship could open many new doors for Madarobi that may have never been available to him before.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"A New Path"

Hokage Mountain Base [Konohagakure]

The sun was high in the sky, beaming heat upon the land. Almost all the ridges and crevices upon the Hokage Mountain were visible as the sunlight seemed to reach every part of the mountain face. A small breeze created a sway in the nearby shrubbery as Madarobi sat Indian style upon a hill waiting for his new team member, Sanada to arrive. Madarobi had waited until he was completely positive that he was ready to try his new technique on someone, and after seeing Sanada fight Atasu, he couldn't choose a more worthy foe to test his skills against.

After meeting with Berii the young man would be heading else were, all the while he walked he spoke "everyone is morphing me off today one way or another. Perhaps I should hijack someone body and have fun with it?" Yawning as he walked he Sanada quickly notice Madarobi standing there, "Yo, you're the freak that was so hyper active the other day right? Why the ranger you call me all the way out here for?" Narrowing his gaze as he looked at him his hands in his pocket as he took in Madarobi appearance. Its clear that Sanada didn't really care to much about him.

Trying to shake off the unfriendly even rude approach of Sanada, Madarobi knew that his goal of practicing his new technique was more important than his pride. Standing to his feet Madarobi began to speak. "Hello friend… Sorry to have bothered you, but honestly I was quite impressed by your show against Ataru. I need to practice some of my genjutsu techniques and I feel like you would be a good partner to train with, specially since it seems we will be working together soon enough." Madarobi finished as he tried to smother Sanada with politeness. He was normally not one for confrontation unless the scenario required it, so he would treat this situation no different.

Sanada would stroke his chin as he started to speak "yeah, sure why not. Beside something about you Mad that I want to know. When you stated your name the other day you never gave a last name." Charging a little chakra the young man would smirk as he cracked his back as he yawned.

Stepping a couple steps back, Madarobi gazed at Yamanaka Sanada and began to focus his chakra. "No one has ever really asked me why I don't use a last name… Not even Naru-san… If you help me perfect this technique, I will tell you. Otherwise, in the shadows you will remain." He finished as his eyes became more focused than ever before. "Bane's Containment." Madarobi says as his chakra seemingly becomes less sporadic. Something about him has changed since he last fought. Whether it be confidence or trickery, Sanada would have no idea that his style had evolved, his chakra seemingly more potent. Raising his hands, Madarobi would complete several seals as he tries to infiltrate the mind of Sanada with his Genjutsu. The same techniques he had used before, but somehow, different…

The first one would steal a little damage from him as he notice the second one he would use his advance genjutsu skills to knock it away. As for the last one he would fall prey to it and sigh "wow, your genjutsu is something else I won't lie to you…it's nice." As he flashed through a couple of seals he would try and focus his genjutsu will down onto Madarobi twice before tossing a kunai into his direction.

Madarobi would feel pressure upon his shoulders as he watches Sanada having trouble breathing. Smiling a little bit at how well his new chakra style was doing, he was barely able to avoid a kunai flying by his right cheek. The wind could be felt as it zipped by cutting off some of his long gray hair. "I didn't realize how powerful our Genjutsu was. I was more worried about you doing the same thing to me, that you did to Ataru…" As Madarobi continued to converse during the battle, his focus was not shifted. Quickly flipping through many hand seals, his once again tried to push himself into Sanada's mind. "Demons from within." He whispers under his breath as his eyes narrow on his target.

A demonic genjutsu would creep upon him as he felt the strength of the genjutsu he would break the hold a seal to bounce the hold right off just to be caught in a loop. "You have a nice move set…perhaps I can test run it for ya." Smirking as he made a rather weird hand sigh towards Mad he would focus his chakra towards him as he shot himself out trying to take over Madarobi.

Really unsure of what Sanada was up to, Madarobi had seen those movements before. Only days before this bout, Sanada used those hand seals on Ataru and Madarobi felt it best to dodge out of the way. Lucky for him, this dodge saved him from being Sanada's puppet for god know's how long. Seeing the success in his past Genjutsu on Sanada allowed him to evaluate how he forced his chakra into his opponents body. Using every moment of this fight to evaluate his own techniques, he felt as if he found a way to improve every aspect of not only his Genjutsu abilities, but how he controlled and force his chakra into his victims. Closing his eyes, Madarobi focuses the flowing chakra within his body until every last pool of energy succumbs to his new method of transference. Making each movement, each transition, each release the most potent and effective it possibly can be for the ability level of Madarobi. Opening his eyes once again the sweat that had been running down his brow had evaporated. His eyes more focused and narrowed than ever.

Sanada body would just lay there on the ground motionless as he was waiting to return to his body, he would just be floating off in the special space his clan use to get around. "Damnit I missed."

Eyeing the limp body of Sanada, Madarobi's concentration did not cease as he awaited to see if his training partner was ok. "Everything ok over there friend?" He yells over as he raises an eyebrow at Sanada's "unique" technique. Although Madarobi was intent on mastering his new style, he was not above following the standards of a friendly spar.

Sanada would twitch for a moment as he started to stand "yeah my technique has that drawback if it don't work…it only works if I have a partner or they're stun." shifting about as he cracked his shoulders and laughed "tell me something why did you wish to test out your new power on me?" Sanada was starting to stand once more as he dusted himself off as he smirked. "I must say your skill is as I thought impressive."

"Quite honestly, it took training with you to truly understand and get the technique down. Otherwise it would still be just an idea or concept in my head still. And even more so, I needed to see if this new way of moving my chakra could still be effective on someone who knows Genjutsu themselves." Madarobi stated plainly as he stood there in all his glory. Feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. This was the first style he had learned on his own with the help of no teacher. This for him, was the beginning of his own path. Whether Sanada realized it or not, without his help, Madarobi may have forever been stuck in the same rut he had been his whole life.

"Tsk, whatever. Since its clear you no longer need me as a test subject I'll be taking my leave now…oh Madarobi next time our paths cross the result of this battle will be in my favor. For now relish in your victory." Sanada would keep moving one leg in front of the other as little smile would be on his face as he paused for a moment "looking forward to working with ya."

Smiling at the cockiness of Sanada, Madarobi began to release the hold he had on his own chakra. The once strict flowing chakra pouring out of his body ceased to exist as he let go of his abnormal amount of focus. "Thank you Sanada-san… Oh by the way, the reason I use no last name, is simply because I do not no what it is. I am my own person… A person who no clan wants to call their own." Madarobi finished as he watched the confident Chuunin walk away with a pep in his step of sorts.

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