A New Star



Date: September 14, 2011


None given.

"A New Star"

Unknown location

A body moves through the dark eternity, uncaring, unfeeling. Unaging. It
trails dead rocks behind it, husks that were once rich and vibrant with
that most sacred of energy: life. None note it's distant passing, few take
heed of its arrival. It is too early, far too early for that. It can feel
them, the teeming lifeforces just beyond the outer edge of its grasp, and
it rushes to meet them, to take from them that which it craves. It is a
rush that takes an eternity, moving with such speed, yet hardly seeming to
move at all.

They will be safe for a while yet. Safe, but unable to escape, unable to
evade. There can be no evading what is coming for them. They will resist,
they will scream and fight. But there is no halting the advance once it
has begun. There will be a collision when it reaches them, a violent clash
of life versus death. And, as it always does, it is a clash that death
will win.

Ages it has hunted them, one after the other. Forever will the body
continue to do so, drifting aimlessly until it senses another. And then it
will come for them, devour them, and move on. That is its purpose, its
agony. To crave the life it cannot have. And, at the end of time, when it
has consumed the very last living thing, perhaps it will finally know rest.

For now, it moves forward, drawn by power it can not understand. Moving
with such speed, yet not seeming to move at all. This one will be next.
Soon it will be screaming when it realizes its fate.

The dawning of a new star has arrived.

(OOC: Yes, this is about the upcoming plot, a little teaser! ICly, there
is a new star hanging dimly in the sky. Some believe it is a portentious
sign of ominous things to come. Most people pay it no heed. It has
astrologers baffled. Feel free to RP noticing it at night, discussing it,
or ignoring it as you see fit.)

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