A New Team: Team 4's Orientation!


Kuroko, Toshio, Eishi

Date: 7/19/2015


Team 4 meets to get to know each other and start their training.

"A New Team: Team 4's Orientation!"

Training Grounds

Kuroko was waiting at the appointed place and time to have her orientation meeting for her new team of Genin. The training ground was a popular spot for this, as many Jounin-sensei preferred to test their teams' skill shortly after doing their introductions - Kuroko had yet to decide if today was the day for that. For now, the Aburame woman stands in front of the three wooden posts in the area's clearing, her hands clasped behind her back in wait. The team's first test would be punctuality. Who would show up on time? As their leader, it was Kuroko's duty to train tham in all of the important shinobi responsibilities. She would have to come up with a creative punishment for those who chose to arrive late…

Toshio Had to make some deliveries but thankfully the genin manages to finish in nearly record time, coming to the training grounds with a minute or two to spare. "I have arrived!" he says as he looks about curiously. "So where is everyone, Aburame-Sensei?" He asks curiously.

Forsaking his pants for loose fitting shorts, Eishi arrives pretty much on time. He looks at Toshio blinking slowly,"I'm not too late am I?" He asks curiously as he skids a bit to the halt for now. His blue eyes watch Toshio for a moment, before he goes to the jounin,"Ummm… Hi Aburame-sensei. Sorry if I'm late. I had to do an errand for my mother." He says shrugging a little bit and rolling his shoulders.

Kuroko just shakes her head and smiles, looking about the grounds for any sign of the third member. Aburame Mokoto… It seemed he /was/ late. "Hm," she grunted softly, knowing that she'd have to go and find him later to deal with his tardiness. "Well! Since the two of you have arrived, I suppose we should get started. As you may know, my name is Aburame Kuroko, and I will be your new Jounin-sensei for Team 4. This will not be like your Academy training… You are officially Genin now. Some of us, like Toshio-kun here, have already been Genin for some time.. I suggest you learn from him, Eishi-kun. His experience will help you in your training."
Looking to the pair of them, the matriarch nods and continues. "I would like to hear a bit about you, to start with. Your experience as a shinobi so far, what you believe your strengths and weaknesses to be, and your goals for the future. Toshio-kun, would you care to go first?"

Toshio nods as he takes a breath. "My name is Kataras Toshio. For the longest time I believed I was clanless and my goal was to prove that even someone who didnt come from the great clans can rise and even become Hokage. When My Sharingan Manifested I realized I was one of the Uchiha. My strengths revolve about fire ninjutsu. I also am an experienced gadgeteer, capable of recognizing weapons and traps and devices. My weakness for the moment is Genjutsu but with time I hope to fix that My goal is still to become Hokage, so that I may have the power to keep others safe."

"I'm Senju Eishi. My strength is primarily lightning ninjutsu and my weakness is Taijutsu." Eishi says bowing his head slightly, "Nice to meet you Kataras-san. A Sharingan, that is really cool! I hope you will help me get stronger." He says actually bowing to Toshio politely,"I'm more of a planner. I like planning a few steps ahead and figuring out a good battle plan." He pauses for a moment,"Aburama-sensei, I think having him here is a good thing." A Senju complimenting an Uchiha, is the world coming to an end?

"I see! Well, you are both rather interesting individuals. It seems that we have a lot of ninjutsu strength on our team, and sharp minds. This is a good start." Nodding, Kuroko looks to the two boys with a smile. "Well, then. For this team, I would highly recommend the Shinobi Tools style. It will supplement your Taijutsu skills while simultaneously allowing you to put your keen intellects to work. This style of Taijutsu relies on strategy and planning, as well as formulating traps, which will serve both of your strengths well, in addition to covering some of your weaknesses. Toshio-kun, I expect you have heard of this style, with the affinity that you have more gadgeteering?" She gives the Kataras a small, knowing smirk.

"Yeah, Shinobi tools style is using the standard issue tools. Thing is, I only have exploding tags when it comes to standard shinobi tools. My grandfather, a weaponsmith from the land of lightning, wont let me use tools unless I made them myself." He says as he pulls out his kunai and shuriken to show and they can notice they were hand made, different from the standard issue gear. Toshio then nods to Eishi. "Nice to meet you as well, Senju-san."

"I like planning ahead." Eishi says grinning broadly,"Thinking things through ahead of time is always preferable to rushing in," he says nodding his head a bit. "I'm used to trying to compensate for my weakness," he says seriously, putting his hands in his pockets he considers for a moment. "Feel free to call me Eishi, Kataras-san, if we're going to be working together it's better that you call me by my actual name," he says cheerfully.

Kuroko nods and smiles to Toshio. "There is nothing wrong with making your own tools. In fact, I'd say that doing so would only make the Shinobi Tools style more versatile!" The Aburame was glad to see that the two boys were getting along, despite their clan history. "Well then, since we know a little about each other now.. How about a little training exercise?" Kuroko grins broadly. "Since it is Taijutsu that we need to practice, I suggest a friendly spar between the two of you boys. I would remind you, Toshio, that Eishi-kun is much younger than you are. There is no need to actively try and beat him into the ground. Rather, I would like to see you help him to get better. Is this understood?" She raises an eyebrow slightly, looking to the Kataras-Uchiha pointedly. She didn't want to see either of them hurt badly in training.

Toshio nods as he turns to Eishi. "As long as you call me Toshio." He says in regards to calling him Eishi. When asked to spar, he nods as he offers him a hand. "Any conditions to the spar?" He asks curiously.

"Don't hold back too much though." Eishi says looking at Toshio,"If you hold back too much then it is meaningless." He points out. He hates people who LET him win. Puts him on edge,"Besides wouldn't be the first time I've endured being smacked around." He says shaking Toshio's hand firmly,"Will do Toshio-kun."

"The only condition is that you watch out for each others' safety," Kuroko comments as the boys prepare. "Normal contact is fine, but don't go overboard. Also, there is no ninjutsu allowed. This is strictly taijutsu training." Nodding, the Aburame sits back to watch. She was curious to see how well these boys worked together.

Toshio nods as he watches the two then gives his attention to Eishi. "Alright then." He says as he closes his eyes and opens his eyes, the red eyes with a single tomoe in them. "Shall we begin?" He asks curiously.

"I guess that it is indeed time." Eishi says nodding his head a little bit at Toshio,"No time like the present. Yeeesh. I'm fighting a Sharingan… Well I'm going to lose. Guess I'll just have to play along." He says laughing at the whole thing.

Kuroko sighs and shakes her head at Toshio. He'd just started, and already he was busting out his Sharingan. "You never want to reveal your secret jutsu sop early in a battle, Toshio," she warns. "Things like that should be kept as a last resort. Gauge your opponent's skill first." These Genin still had a lot to learn.

"If you rather. I can fight without it. I fought someone recently with just Taijutsu and no Sharingan." He says as he watches the Senju, studying him. "So what do you want to do?" He asks the other Genin.

"It's up to you. It's good for you to get used to the Sharingan. I was mostly just being silly," Eishi says laughing cheerfully. "Shall we get this started?" he asks curiously as he looks at Toshio.

Kuroko just sits back and watches the two Genin work it out. Eishi had guts, that was for sure. She was willing to hand-wave the situation for now, considering Eishi seemed undaunted by it. She would step in, though, if she needed to…

"Alright then. You first then, Eishi-san." Toshio says as he readies himself, watching the genin intently studying him with the eyes of his clan. "So you say you are not that good with Taijutsu, do you use anything to supplement it?" He asks curiously.

"I don't have a way of compensating right now. Usually I set things up ahead of time." Eishi says shrugging and taking a defensive stance right now,"I mean theoretically I could probably use a flash bomb or a smoke bomb to deal with it." He says seriously,"But I don't have either of those on me."

Toshio nods as he removes the sharingan and nods. "Let me show you how I compensate." He says as he moves in, sending a couple punches to the genin before opening his palm to palm thrust into his stomach. What the genin doesn't expect is the blade which extends from the armband for the kid's side.

Attempting to move out of the way of each of the punches, Eishi proves that he really isn't very good at the whole taijutsu. While some would back down from the attacks since he's obviously totally out matched, Eishi's stubbornness rears its ugly head again. He takes the blade to his belly. The lad's face becomes set in determination as he focuses on Toshio, his movements are not very good as he tries to strike back at the older genin. There's nothing he can really do right now.

Kuroko frowns as she sees the clear difference in skill… And Toshio pulling out a hidden blade? Cripes, the kid was going to get killed if he wasn't careful… The Jounin kept a close eye on the pair. If Toshio pulled another attack like that again… She may have to stop the match.

Toshio blocks the strikes. He then begins to go at him again, this time using more gentle punches and kicks, more tapping the genin and keeping track of the taps. Tap tap tap. Maybe he is a hyuga in disguise.

Kuroko stood to her feet and dashed to Eishi's side as Toshio landed his final blow. Despite Toshio's obvious attempts at being gentle, he was still much too strong for the younger boy to handle. She had seen enough. "That is enough, Toshio-kun, she says softly, keeping an arm around Eishi. He was looking in bad shape, especially with that knife wound to his midsection. "Eishi-kun, let's get you to the hospital. That wound needs looking at. Toshio-kun, won't you join us? It is only right that you help look after your teammate." She was sorry that he had to be injured to this degree. She should have stepped in sooner, when he had first been wounded. Helping Eishi to walk it off, she headed with the boy towards the medical center, where he would receive the treatment that he needed. Perhaps next time, she would spar against them, herself.. It seemed to be the safer option, in light of things.

Toshio watches his team-mate and moves a hand. "I am sorry." He says as he moves along with his team-mate. "From now on, we will both become stronger, together." He says with a nod. "I apologize for hurting you." He says sincerely.

It's only once the sparring match is called does Eishi actually go,"Ow ow ow ow. That hurt." He says laughing all the while,"Told you I was bad at Taijutsu!" He says laughing even more,"Ow." He says after a bit. "Pain's a good teacher." He says flashing Toshio a smile,"Next time I know to watch for a hidden blade from you." He says shaking his head,"I learn a bit from that fight." He says nodding his head at Toshio,"I'm not so weak that I'll hold a grudge for a good match."

Kuroko only shook her head with a small smile at the boy's reaction. He was a strong child, that was for sure… She should have expected as much from a Senju. "Alright, Eishi, take it easy now… I admire your high spirits, but really, you need to not push yourself for a while while that wound is healing.. Understand?" She almost laughed. These boys.. They would make for quite the interesting team indeed.

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