A Nindo Discussion


Izara, Kyuketsuki

Date: March 23, 2015


Kyuketsuki and Izara meet each other unexpectedly at the lake. They end up discussing their Nindo and getting inspired!

"A Nindo Discussion"

Konohagakure Lake

Kyu had been recently been released from the hospital and decided to come to come down to the lake to relax. The pain had subsided significantly so he can actually move around fluidly, but he was told not to strain himself so he doesn't plan on it, right now he's sitting, his back against a tree and just relaxing, his eyes are closed and someone /could/ mistake him for dead. He's not napping, just bathing in the sunlight and relaxing. Doctors orders, after all. He wants to be back on her feet and mission ready as soon as possible after all. No need to delay himself further with further strain.

Another long day of classes finally over. Izara was glad to be away from all of the crazy preteens in her class. Instead of people gazing like normal, it would be a nice change of pace to head to the lake for some peace and quiet. So it came as quite the surprise to see Kyu here.
"I'm surprised to see you here of all places," Izara says as she slowly walks towards the boy.

Kyu's eyes flick open and he gazes over at Izara, "Oh, hey Izara. What's so surprising me relaxing by the lake?" He smiles a little at her, not getting up. "I got released from the hospital, just on a lot of restrictions, and I need to talk to a jounin about what my punishment will be. Heh, I don't look forward to that. It should be happening soon though." Kyu looks out at the water, thinking for a moment. "Don't be as stupid as me. Please. Heh, I know I'm a bad influence and uhm. I just want to cover my bases heh. I don't want to be the reason someone else gets hurt." He doesn't expect her to use him as a reference for what she should be but still. He felt he should say it.

"I hope everything goes well with that," Izara tries to reassure Kyu as she take a seat against the tree trunk beside him. "You're not as bad as some of the other kids I've seen in the village. And you're not setting a bad example. I think I'm smart enough to not follow in an idiot's footsteps, and you aren't an idiot." She pauses a moment, mulling over what she says next. "To tell the truth I'm a bit envious of you…"

Kyu looks a bit surprised by what she said, "Envious? Of what?" he chuckles slightly, "I nearly got myself killed. I pushed myself much too far in that spar. Got reckless. I need to work harder to be less fragile." He looks over at Izara, questioningly. "I don't see what you see to be honest. I need to work on a lot of stuff. Heh, I'm probably physically weaker than you." He looks down at his lap. Thinking over his life decisions, thinking over his Nindo. Speaking of that… "Have you decided on your Nindo? You're ninja way?" He says quieter than he has been talking.

Izara twiddles her fingers in the folds of her kimono. "But even though you might not be as strong as others around you, that never stopped you from fighting back, as far as I can tell. And…um…I want to be like that too." She pauses for a bit to stare out at the water. "I wanted to be a ninja for mainly one reason. To see the world with my own two eyes. Even if some of the things going on out there are horrible, I want to see the truth myself. And I want to prove that strength isn't the only thing that makes a ninja a ninja. What I'm saying probably sounds stupid to you…but that's what I truly think."

Kyu laughs softly, "Stupid? Not at all. That's a great Nindo. And I never really considered that. I just assumed I was a pretty bad ninja. I tried to make up for what I lacked physically with my mind, using genjutsu. But the truth keeps coming up that I can't do much of anything right if its physical. I keep getting reminded of just how fragile I am. Of just how quickly my life could end if I make just one mistake." he laughs a little. "I guess your nindo beats mine. I just wanna make my parents proud of me. To honor my clan. To be remembered. Well remembered for something good. Simple." Kyu leans back a bit more, relaxing more. "And yes. I do fight back. Even if I am weak as heck, I won't just lay down and accept death without a fight. Never. I will always try to be the one still standing, if I can. Which is what got me where I am now. Injured. Not allowed to go on missions for awhile. And awaiting punishment."

Izara couldn't help but laugh quietly to herself. "I guess we both have a lot in common, though you're making me sound like the senpai in this situation. However the situation turns out, all you can do is learn from your mistakes. Learning from failures can make you stronger." Izara let out a sigh as she readjusts her sitting position. "I'm certain everything will work itself out in the end." Truth be told, she had never really gotten in trouble before herself, so she was making up a lot of stuff on the fly.

Kyu nods to Izara, "Heh, I don't mean to. Just you seem like someone who's going to be a great ninja. Heh, you already scare me. Someone with so clear a goal is dangerous for anyone who stands in their way." Kyu looks at her, "Did you want to borrow my genjutsu scrolls? They describe various genjutsu techniques. They are mostly pretty advanced for a new person, but it can't hurt to take a look at the simpler ones. If I go home I can get you the first genjutsu technique I learned. Clone Mirage. That one is fairly simple. All it needs is chakra control and the Ram seal." He smiles at her, waiting for her response.

Izara rubbed her chin in thought. "That's rather nice of you to. Sure, I'll take a look at it." Even if she never actually able to perform the technique, learning about it might give her insight into how to deal with an opponent who could. And who could say no to such a nice smile. "Maybe one day when I have more experience, I can show you all the things I learned. How does that sound?" She glanced back at Kyu with a smirk on her face.

Kyu nods to Izara and smiles a bit more, "Heh, I look forward to that." He reaches down and unattaches the scroll cases on his side, he holds them out to Izara, "In this are the techniques I already know, Binding Illusion, Out of Body Experience, and one I don't know yet, False Surroundings Technique. I'll get the scroll from home when I get the chance. And uhm…" He pulls out a notebook, it has his name on it. "This is my idea notebook. It has all the techniques I made and the ones I'm working on. You can look through that too." He waits for her to take them.

Izara smiles as she takes the scrolls and notebook. "I promise I'll get these back to you when I finish," she says enthusiastically as she flips through the pages. From what she could see so far, Kyu had some pretty creative ideas, a whole lot better than the bland techniques the academy teachers had them learning. "Maybe when you get that new technique mastered, you can show me…" She pauses for a moment before quickly added, "but…more carefully and safely." She leans against the tree in silence, just enjoying the tranquility of nature and having a new friend sit beside her.

Kyu closes his eyes again and leans back against the tree. "Yeah. I'll be more careful for sure. I don't like being so restricted. Kenta's still got his eyes on me." He suddenly pops back up. "Oh dang. I forgot. I was supposed to meet Kenta. Hey do you mind if I go? You can keep the notebook for as long as you'd like, and the scrolls. I have most of my ideas up in my head anyways." He smiles at her, "It was nice spending time with you. I'm sorry I have to go so soon."

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