A one-on-one with the Clan Leader


Genryuu, Hinotori

Date: April 22nd, 2010



"A one-on-one with the Clan Leader"

Uchiha Village

The day was slowly coming to an end, having been out on border patrols for the last few days, Hinotori walks through the gates of the Uchiha village. Having been told that his parents were both in stable condition has made his day a bit better. Though the house was still empty, Hinotori knew that his parents would be released soon. Seeing as he really wasn't in the mood to go home he walked through the streets of the Uchiha village until he came to the lake area past the village. Moving to sit under the tree that he and Kasumi had dubbed as thier tree. Hinotori looks out over the lake and rests.
Walking past the lake with two elder members of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Genryuu happened to look down towards the lake and spotted Hinotori sitting alone. He stops the duo with him and wishes them well before he makes his way down to the lake, approaching Hinotori silently from behind and stopping behind him to look out over the waters along with the young chuunin. "I hear your parents are recovering." he says, breaking the silence after a few moments.
Not startled in the least by the voice that just spoke, Hinotori stops the seal he was making and relaxes his hands. "Yes, they are." he states not bothering to look up at speaker. A sigh escapes him as he watches the dark waters drift downstream. "They will be in the hospital for a few more weeks, before being allowed to leave. But at least they are out of the ICU." he states. Not knowing what else to say, it wasn't everyday the clan leader walks up and starts talking to you. "How are you Genryuu-sama?" he asks.

"Mn." Genryuu says as he nods his head, glad to hear the news. He looks out at the water as Hinotori asks him how he was, chuckling a bit as he senses the boys awkward feeling. "Busy. As are we all, I'm sure. How is patrol?" he asks Hinotori, curious to see if it piqued the boys interests or if his interests lay elsewhere like others of the clan. "The Police business seems to be settling down, at least. Then I shall have a bit more free time."
Quirking a brow up, "Boring." he says simply. "So far there isn't anything going on. I've been going outside of our patrol zones just in case there has been some hiding spots that the enemy is trying to use, but nothing." he says. "Hokage-sama has noticed my little jaunts, but hasn't said anything which I guess she doesn't mind." he states. Shaking his head as he hears about the police, "Why are we in charge of a police force, that sounds pretty stupid to me." he states sounding a bit annoyed that their talents is used for local policing of the village.

"Senju Hashiramako probably wants to keep an eye on us. What better way than to cement us within the village. Either way, we are still Uchiha and there are some within the clan that are interested in the offer and to do a good job to bring honor to our clan. People like you and I are more suited… for other roads. With the formation of the village things are finally beginning to take a turn in the right direction. I'm sure things will become more… interesting for you soon." the clan head says with a smile, looking out over the water.
Not sure what to make of it, Hinotori just shrugs. "What do you mean people like us are more suited for other roads?" he asks. "As for her wanting to watch us, I get the feeling she is looking to help take away the tension. It's about time we let this aggression with our clans die." he says. "It's tiring to see both sides always glaring or mocking one another. I know things like this don't go away so easily but…" he trails off as his he felt his emotions starting to get the better of him.

Genryuu pats Hinotori on the head before turning. "Perhaps with the next generation it will." he says, taking a few steps before pausing again. "Hinotori-kun. If an offer outside the clan comes for you within the next few months and you have any questions, feel free to seek me out. With the older clan members so occupied in tasks I have set out for them, I find myself with a little more time in the near future than I know what to do with. Not that my wife will like it, but I could use a new trainee."
Hinotori blinks, what was this all of a sudden? Personal training and think about an offer that if it comes to think about it and talk with Genryuu. Whats going on? "Umm…alright." he says as he looks up to their clan leader. "Well the team I'm with isn't really doing anything seeing as Kirin-sensei pretty much dumped us after forming th team." he says. "So if you need a trainee now, I'm yours." he says. He didn't mind being the clan leaders student if he wanted him. "As for offers, what offers are you talking about?"

"Not surprising." Genryuu says with a sigh before he turns, "Just don't forget about your team like your sensei did. It's your chance to step up into more of a leadership role. As for any offers, well only time will tell. I must be getting home, I did not plan this little diversion to see you but I saw you here looking soulfully into the water and I figured I would come chat. Give my wishes to your parents next you see them." he says before lifting his hand in the air in a still wave as he walks away.

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