A Parting Gift


Yuzuna, Kirin

Date: Unknown (log received July 22, 2010)


None given

"A Parting Gift"

Unknown location

The full moon glows brightly in the sky in contrast to the hundreds of blinking stars set in the velvet blanket of the nights firament. Konoha is peaceful, quiet.. shadows linger in the most common places as most of the village populace has retired home for the evening..the streets usually busy are now taken up by a crickets chirp, no movement.
With a heavy thud, a Konoha ninja flies backwards as if hit a stunning blow out of the shadow of a tall apartments complex and tumbles into a roll in the quiet street, alive but not moving and trembling every now and then. A figure steps out of the shadows cloaked in black, only for another to fall down beside them in a graceful crouch from above; both of them continuing in a full fledged run as they join.
Not long after.. Kirin places his hand on the wall, closing his eyes slowly. Using his thoughts, his minds voice..he speaks the password, temporarily nullifying the warning barrier around Konoha for his passage. Slipping through the passage, Kirin begins in a casual walk into the forest out of the village.. another figure whisks by, the turbulence from the movement plays off of Kirin's clothing..his hair swaying lightly as they pass. After a brief pause, Kirin is a whisk of movement himself.. his long leaps and bounds through the forest bringing him up to speed with his partner. Breaking the silent professionalism, "Don't stop." Kirin says, raising his hand into a seal. Just as they would land from a lengthly jump and prepare for another, an exact replica of Kirin appears in a plume of smoke..just as the two zip further on into the forest.
Watching the two move out of sight, Kirin sighs lightly..half-turning in the direction of who they invariably passed by. Moving into a walk, Kirin makes his way through the trees into the opening.. setting his eyes on one familiar person. "It's not like you to be out so late alone, is it?" Kirin says calmly, to the effect of startling - or not, the person he's speaking to with little to no announcing entrance; and even a reminder, things rarely go as planned.

Muscles flex and tense as they pull back the long string expertly, the forearm of her right arm pulling alongside her right cheek as Yuzuna holds the arrow percisely out in front of her, directed with the point of her left hand. The moonlight by the full moon is just enough to see by without using the Byakugan, allowing the Hyuuga's keen pale eyes to keep from straying from the mark matted inset into a tree several yards away. A pair of dark blurs flicker in the corner of her pale moonlit eyes, her gaze narrowing just slightly in part, though Yuzuna keeps her attention on the bulls eye. The light breeze of the night gently brushes through the dark tresses of her ponytail, drifting as her right hand tenses before releasing the arrow into the night. Flying through the air, not even a moment later it disappears completely into the darkness of the forest, completely missing the target. Yuzuna only stares at it stoically a moment longer before she shifts her right foot back to glance backwards over her shoulder, observing the approach of the Kirin. She passively arches a thin brow in her quiet, her soft lips parting lightly, "I suppose it is."

Kirin glances in the direction of the arrow as it's loosed, keeping his eyes in that direction thoughtfull until Yuzuna would speak..his eyes shift to her slowly. Taking a few steps closer into a closer talking distance, Kirin's high collar shirt comes up to just under his nose..leaving his dark green eyes and long bangs to frame his face. "..It's dangerous outside the village, especially for someone like you. I wanted to tell you something."

The thin dark brow remains quirked slightly as her pale moonlit eyes watch the Uchiha with a passive calmness, shifting the bow to rest over her left shoulder with her arm over its length for balance. At his murmured words of warning, Yuzuna narrows her gaze subtly at him. A moment passing before she murmurs lightly, "It is dangerous outside any village." She calmly shrugs a shoulder, "But it is a risk I took. I may not be the strongest, but I am still a Chuunin." When he says he wanted to tell her something, the Hyuuga frowns mildly at that, finding it unusual that any Uchiha would purposefully try to find her to tell her something in person. Breathing out a slow breath through her small nose, Yuzuna shifts her attention back to her bow as she begins to unstring it with practiced percision, "What is it that you wished to tell me."

Kirin takes a few steps closer to Yuzuna, moving into a shaft of light through the trees sent by the moon; said to have been created by the Sage of the Six Paths himself. The light shines onto his forehead protector, its reflection gleams with the insignia of the Hidden Leaf Village - with a scarring slash through it. Kirin tilts his back to glance up at the starry sky subtley, his eyes drawing up into a thoughtful gaze. "..It's more dangerous than you think." … "What would you do if there was no Konoha? Your friends, family..were all dead?" Kirin says calmly, as if he's recited it a thousand times.

With his movement, Yuzuna shifts her head just slightly for her pale moonlit eyes to glance towards him, the tail of her long ebony hair shimmering with the few beams of gentle moonlight as the heiress watches the strange Uchiha with a subtle frown for a quiet moment or so. "That… is difficult to answer." she murmurs in a softer tone, though no less passive. "Revenge sounds ideal, though it only adds to endless war. While justice would be served, it will not help with sorrow and despair. Other than that." Her expression becomes that of stone as she returns to packing away her bow, careful not to damage the equipment. "I would probably dedicate myself to rebuilding my clan."

Kirin lowers his gaze back down to Yuzuna as she mentions her clan, a rather long pause ensuing. "…No matter what happens, you should always have the will to continue. The will of fire, that this village inspires." - "You should prepare yourself, Yuzuna-san." - Kirin's eyes drift to the ground thoughtfully, his expression otherwise stoic and complacent. "Are you.. afraid?" Kirin asks, the wind blowing by in a burst carrying leaves and other small debris by; tugging at his clothes and pulling his long hair in its direction.

Her pale eyes narrows a bit on him as Kirin advices her to prepare herself. For what she doesn't know. "Do you know of something that is going to happen, Uchiha-san." Yuzuna asks lightly, wondering silently to herself. At the question, she blinks at it. Not knowing what or whom she should be afraid of. A moment passes before she approaches with her answer. "In general? Sometimes." she murmurs. "There is always fear, doing what we do. Though the only way to keep myself from freezing up is to use fear as fuel for my actions. To show it, however, only gives your opponent the upper hand."

"No, not in general." Kirin shakes his head lightly, closing his eyes. Opening them again to lay on Yuzuna, "I mean..do you consider me an opponent right now?" he says calmly, "That is to assume, I don't already have the upper hand." Kirin's hands are concealed, and so with skill he's able to perform any handseals out of view..unless of course, Yuzuna was using her Byakugan.

Yuzuna blinks once with surprise at the question, though it barely shows in her pale features. After a quiet moment or so, her soft lips part, wordless as she shifts to face him fully. Breathing out slowly, she shakes her head gently before reaching up to undo the ribbon binding her hair, turning away as she begins her walk back to the village. "No. I do not consider you an opponent. You bear the hitaiate of Konohagakure. Regardless if you are an opponing clan to my own, we are still appart of the same village." After a few feet, Yuzuna comes to a pause, her fingers finally managing to undo her hair as long ebony locks shimmer and cascade over her shoulders and along her back in a gentle waterfall. "If you are not, I rather be a fool than believe that you are not a fellow comrade. Besides." She lightly presses her lips together in a subtle gesture. "You would have done something before now, I think. I understand that the Sharingan can induce powerful Genjutsu."

"You presume too much, Yuzuna-san." Kirin raises his right hand, the sleeve falling down over his hand to reveal it..a single finger pointed at Yuzuna. "I -was- from the same village." Several simple blasts of fire zip forth from his fingers torwards Yuzuna, lighting up the area faintly as they fly by.

Her shoulders subtly tense at his emphasis on the word 'was' before Yuzuna glances over her right shoulder, a pale eye lit up with the soft moonlight as they narrow distinctly on the young Uchiha male. As Kirin lifts a hand to unleash fire darts at her, the Hyuuga sets her jaw before she suddenly blurs with speed, as if materializing feet away from where he had aimed. "Do I." Yuzuna asks softly, her features no longer stoic, cold, and passive. Now quiet and gentle with sadness that echoes from an old pain. "I suppose this means you are a rogue now. Missing-nin. You know it is my duty to bring you in." she murmurs, unaware of his attempt to meet her eyes to establish the link of Genjutsu.

Kirin lowers his hand back to his side as the fire is set loose..keeping an eye on Yuzuna as she lithely manuevers out of harms away. "Yes, you should have noticed that by now." Kirin says calmly, well aware that Yuzuna can now see his seal formations as he executes them to large degree through his clothing..even as it appears his arms are motionless at his sides, such is the length of his sleeves. "I can't allow that to happen, it has only begun." Kirin continues from behind the cover of his high collar shirt. "..I meant what I said. But you should not take me lightly." Kirin stares for a long moment, silent. "By all means, take me in."

A frown deepens in her pale eyes as Yuzuna watches him, clearly seeing his hands moving to perform another jutsu against her. Though she doesn't move, the Hyuuga heiress silently focuses chakra as her soft lips part slightly, "What has begun?" she asks softly, seeming confused before she gently shakes her ebony head, "I do not understand why you think I am taking you lightly. Or why you are taking me lightly as well…" Her jaw firms as her pale eyes glance to where the hallow of his neck is hidden behind his collar. "Or why you want so badly to make an enemy of me…"

"It has to be this way. In time, I'm sure you'll see." Kirin glances up at the stars again, seeming unconcerned with a possible attack. "I have some business to attend.." Kirin lowers his eyes back down to Yuzuna, a soft smile playing across his lips, that only Yuzuna with her Byakugan could see. "Everything is as I thought." Kirin's right hand moves into a seal, "Remember." With a poof, Kirin's kage bunshin implodes audibly into a cloud of smoke.
Zipping through the trees, Kirin's mind is flooded with the experiences of his bunshin..he lands wordlessly, the other figure landing and bounding off without hesitation..leaving Kirin momentarily, his eyes drifting to the side thoughtfully.

Her jaw sets as she watches the clone disappear with a thin puff of smoke. "Remember." Yuzuna repeats as the corner of her lips tugs with subtle hint of a scowl. "Like I am going to let him escape that easily." She casts a glance over her shoulder where the last hints of Konoha's protective wall can be seen. If she goes back to alert the village of what she saw, Kirin will have disappeared completely, with nay a trace of him to be found. Its those very rare times like this she wishes she was an Aburame, sending Kikaichu back to the village while she went ahead and followed the trail. Sighing softly, Yuzuna glances back to where she knows she saw the two figures blur and disappear, pushing strength through her legs with a sudden burst of speed as she follows after them through the forest.

Moving in unison through the trees, Kirin can't help but notice the presence of someone trailing them. "Yuzuna.." Kirin says to himself more than anything else, still holding the lead against the persuit. After another landing and long jump, Kirin kicks off in a way so he turns upside down..his hands blurring through seals beneath his cloak, only for his right hand to rise near his mouth to help guide what's to come, several bursts of water jet out as an intense streams..finding the center of many trees which it pierces and crackes, causing them to creak and begin to fall crashingly down in the persuers path. "Not now, Yuzuna-san.. you can't tame this fire. I have business to attend." Kirin would recite himself just as he lands; though certainly out of earshot, his hands blurring through seals only to inhale deeply, exhaling a massive fireball aimed for the center of the path and the collapsing trees. The resulting torrent of flames and fallen trees burns high and hot..creating a wall of fire, impeding Yuzuna's direct approach safely. Pivoting on his foot into a spin to face back in the direction away from Yuzuna..flickering on at high speed away even more so to avoid any other curious ninja, now that the smoke can be seen for some distance around and from Konoha.

Speeding like a blur across the forest ground, Yuzuna blinks her intense pale eyes with surprise as several yards ahead she watches trees begin to collapse in her path, not even moment after being lit ablaze with sudden fire as thick smoke begins to rise into the night air. Gritting her teeth, she surpresses a mild growl of irritation at the obsticle, mentally flipping quickly through her arsenal of jutsu as she comes up fast upon the fire. Yuzuna narrows her pale eyes, focusing most of her attention on the blaze to make sure her timing is perfect, or else there will be heavy coinsciquences. She has never done anything this risky or dangerous before, even in the heat of battle. With Kirin at the edge of her Byakugan sight, the Hyuuga heiress focuses her chakra through her right palm, only after she makes a harder leap towards the fire itself does she release the sudden burst of chakra. The concentrated force briefly blasts everything away from her as she leaps hard across the fallen trees, passing through only for the flames to come together after her, almost licking at her heels.

Just as Yuzuna would use her technique to blast a hot path through the flames, Kirin lightly glances over his shoulder as he soars through the air. "I know. We're losing time we don't have." Kirin lands in a skid..turning around to face the oncoming Yuzuna. After waiting for her to come closer, "Still trying to 'take me in'..?" Kirin asks, "If you want to try, the fire is drawing attention. I will end it quickly."

Yuzuna narrows her sharp eyes as she watches the chakra signiture of the escaping Kirin landing ahead of her, coming to a slow before halting completely. Her intense gaze hardens as she fast approaches, blurring to press her feet into the soft earth and come to a skidding stop as well, slightly crouched so that her legs could absorb most of the momentum and ground it. The Hyuuga is silent as she focuses chakra, listening to Kirin. Confident in his escaping. "I wish you would not do this, Kirin-san." Yuzuna murmurs lightly, the breeze of the night flowing through her robes and long dark hair, causing locks to shimmer subtly with moonlight, "It is not too late…" Her hands clap together with a quick succession of signs, focusing the gathered chakra into the moisture in the air and causing it to thicken. Within moments, the area is covered with a dense cloud, the fog coating everything with white fluff that one can't even see three inches in front of their face. "And this is where your Sharingan is useless." Her velvet, serious voice murmurs. Yuzuna only keeps her gaze on Kirin as her Byakugan allows her to keep track of him through the fog.

Kirin watches Yuzuna continue her approach untill she halts, his eyes cut to her hands as she begins the seals. Just as the thick mist would begin to roll in, Kirin raises his right hand into a focusing seal as the fog rises around him. Condensing Yuzuna's own water, a water clone forms behind her and immedietly moves to grapple her into a bearhug from behind. "..Hnf. You just don't get it, do you? I don't have time for this." Kirin says calmly through the mist, his hand remaining in the same position.

Yuzuna blinks and snaps her head around over her shoulder, though the clone already has her ensnared with its grip as it presses her arms hard against her sides. Scowling, she meets his gaze through the fog, though not without another hard struggle against the water clone to escape its grasp, water falling to be absorbed into the ground. "And you think I am enjoying wasting my time as well?" she counters, pushing strength through her legs with a sudden dash towards him. Coming up fast, the Hyuuga lifts her hands to press hard at where his shoulder meets the curve of his neck, seeing the chakra points through his clothing as she sends a burst of chakra. The result should become a hard stun in order to immobilize him.

Kirin straightens up as Yuzuna rushes forward, only a second is needed to prepare; her attacks land fast and strike true - on the useless log she connects with as it would lose the henge of Kirin to it's true form.
"Useless. Lets end it quickly, then." Kirin says calmly from off to the side of Yuzuna, his body beginning to glow a faint blue as chakra wisps off of his body like steam.

The mildly irritable scowl returns as under her palms releases smoke, flesh becoming wood as the log falls from beneath her slender hands. Yuzuna turns her head towards the right to see him once more, glowing faintly with chakra as he focuses, almost glowing softly like the moon itself. "Why." she murmurs. "Why do you want me to give chase. You could have just left me to my ignorance as I returned to the village, but you did not. You purposefully told me you were leaving."

Yuzuna's mist begins to settle, just so even a naked eye could rather easily make figures within the fog at a reasonable distance - "Consider it a parting gift. At my whim, you know more than most others of your village." Kirin raises his right hand torward Yuzuna with his palm facing her, and with two loud thumps of her heartbeat..she would be completely bound by a large iron chain..wrapping around her arms and legs. "You're very brave, I expected as much from the heiress to the Hyuuga clan. That may be the only reason you're still breathing." Kirin half-turns in the direction of his exit, tilting his head torwards Yuzuna to glance at her once last time..he tilts his head down ever so lightly, so his high collar rises to just above his nose. "We'll be in touch, Hyuuga Yuzuna." Kirin says calmly, she would be able to see him form the seals for shunshin no jutsu blinding fast, and be away again just so.

The fog begins to thin around the pair, replaced with the quiet of the night as Yuzuna watches Kirin with caution. His words only further confuse her as she takes a step forward, but nothing more. "A whim." she repeats his words with disbelief, "No. No that is not it at all. My eyes can see there is more behind it than what you want me to believe, Kirin-san." With the rising of his right hand towards her, not even a warning comes as she is suddenly wrapped with iron chains, binding the length of her body to press her limbs harshly together. Pained, she struggles for breath as the chain tightens, "Kirin…" Yuzuna hisses his name with his last promise towards her.

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