A Pirate's Life For… Odo And Takeda?


Shuuren, Kiku, Odo, Takeda

Date: July 25, 2012


Some pirates have been plotting to kidnap Shuuren. Since they seem so persistent, he commissions a couple shinobi from his home country and one from Kirigakure to help him deal with this little problem.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"A Pirate's Life For… Odo And Takeda?"

On the sea between Kirigakure and Kumogakure

Alright, so the evil-err, not evil, just great *cough*cough* mastermind that he is, Shuuren planned this little mission in advance. Of course, he originally hadn't planned on Kiku coming along for this one, but he actually didn't know her when this was thought out. A pair of shinobi have been sent from Shuuren's own village, Kumogakure, well one that is soon to be accepted as one of his village when Shuuren gets time to perform his physical for acceptance into the village. There's a note for something to do when they get back, quickly if this guy does well in this mission.
Rumors have been flying around the ports of certain countries that a band of pirates have been plotting to kidnap Shuuren and sent a ransom note to the Nagamura family since they're one of the wealthiest in the Land of Lightning. This isn't the first time the Jounin has had dealings with these pirates, and, frankly, he's tired of playing games. The mission Odo and Takeda were commissioned to do is fairly simple, infiltrate a band of pirates, gain their trust enough to point them in the right direction, and lead them right to Shuuren at a meeting point in the middle of the sea. Another objective is to pick out weak points in the ship's structure that can be attacked to create large enough holes to sink the ship with no hope for repair BEFORE the ship gets to its destination. If that's done, this should be a quite simple slaughter.
As for Shuuren and his new Kaguya guardian for the day, they are on a small ship of their own. One talent she may not have known he had before, the Jounin is actually sailing the ship himself as they head toward the meeting point. A faint smirk rests on his face as he watches the horizon, glancing around in all directions as he waits to see the ship Odo and Takeda should be leading his way.

Kiku is in full armor. She's silent as a grave as her large blade is sitting in front of her. Her eyes are hard and fierce. She hasn't said anything recently, which is fairly normal for her. And this time, there's no distractions to keep her from thinking about the bloodshed about to happend. She looks around, waiting for the fight thats been promised. She doesn't know how this happend, but Shuuren managed to get her hired to assist in this mission. As her thoughts harden, the woman doesn't look back at the man sailing. That would distract her.

As things go, it's never exactly how Odo plans it. Not when he was helping lead the Takukojin, or even the remnants of the group after the leader died. And now, to no avail of his efforts, have these things gone. The pirates welcomed them aboard and immediately started interrogating them at the previous port. Well, not even a port.
They had rented a small schooner to sea, and seemed to be having 'trouble' getting where they wanted to go because the stupid dockmaster didn't tell them about the area! It was about ten minutes of backstory and false advertising that Odo and Takeda were brothers, out to avenge their father who was a victim of malpractice in the Kumogakure hospital at the hands of one 'my mommy and daddy paid for my medical school' Shuuren!
"And another thing!" Odo slams his fist into the railing of the side of the ship where the pirate captain leaned halfheartedly listening, "We know where he is! On some date with some floosie who caught his damn eye for younger girls! We can lead you to him but we can't take him down ourselves!" Odo yelled, pulling his 'younger brother to his side with his other hand, "We must avenge our father!" Odo overbearingly grabs Takeda's head and yanks him into the pocket of his shoulder and neck, and hugs him tightly. "If it's money you want, I can give you all that we have when he's captured if you just let me and my brother punch him a lot!" Maybe over the top, but Odo at least started to wail and 'comfort' Takeda, patting him on the back of the head. "We'll get him, Goji, we'll get him I swear to you we will!"

Well first a lot of things had to go, for takeda to play the part of Odo's brother. This meant his ceramic mask, stayed more on his face, the excuse 'A terrible scar from our enemy' Of course this meant Odo's supposed affection, and all other manners of things, to be the perfect ninja.
"It seems we will finally get to avenge our father" holding on To Odo somewhat, though glances at him, as well scurvy he doesnt like being this damn close to anyone. thus he pushes himself from his older brother.."Goji was my father's middle name"

Giving a brief glance down to the girl accompanying him on this mission, Shuuren smirks slightly. Her composure is as impressive as one would expect of a Kaguya, but that might be because she's trying not to look at him and get distracted. There won't be any gifts of chocolate-covered strawberries before this one starts! As the continue sailing toward the set rendezvous point, he watches the horizon intently.
"Time to prepare, I suppose," he says, grabbing a scroll from his coax. He quickly opens it, letting out a puff of smoke, which reveals a rather shiny white cane with a golden lion's head on the end of the handle to accentuate it. Here comes the pimp cane. Pirates be ware! "Be sure you seals and all are ready. Maybe you should Henge to look like you're just a girl traveling with me and not a guardian waiting to rip their throats out until you're actually in the clear to start attacking?"

Kiku nods her head a little bit, and POOF! In comes the trophey girl! She's everything that a rich kid would want in a girl. Though, the only problem is those eyes are set solely for murder. She still hasn't said anything, but one can just feel the presence that she's more then ready..

The pirate captain laughs loudly, "Oahahaha! Well then, seems like we have a bargain, boys!" The rest of the pirates start laughing, going back to their duties for the most part. Odo gets a bit of hope in his eyes. Fake it till you make it!
"Oh, you will!?" Playing the naive kid is working. Odo points over the side of the ship in the distance where land can faintly be seen, "They are on that penninsula! They chartered a boat, too! If we get there in time, we can catch them before they sail!" Odo's hand was waggling like a kid in front of the pet store telling his parents excitedly which one he wanted. Again, he ignores Takeda's efforts to get away from him and -tightly- hugs him around the neck, pulling him close again. "Brother! I can taste revenge, can't you!?"

Sailing the ship slowly toward that peninsula, Shuuren continues to glance around. Now that they're getting toward the destination point, he's starting to pretend to be an amateur at sailing. As he spots the pirate ship beginning to come into view, that smirk turns into a grin. "Here we go," he says, turning the ship a bit to look like he is heading toward the docks. "Not bad, Odo."
Aboard the ship, the pirates are preparing ropes to swing over onto either the dock or Shuuren's ship. They all seem to be seething in expectation, knowing, or at least thinking, that the will soon be getting a very large sum of ransom money. "Alright, men!" the pirate captain calls out. "Let's take that little prick and collect our gold!" Meanwhile, the pirates have taken Takeda as an insurance policy so Odo doesn't try to run away before they get to Shuuren.
Kiku is just waiting for the word to slaughter. For now, she sits there, patiently. Do any of the pirates even wonder how she can be so calm when they're boarding the ship? She really waits for one fo them to try to pick her up.

As they take Takeda away, Odo starts yelling at the captain, and goes for him, but not with all he has. He's under cover, of course! So two pirates start holding him by the shoulders, straining to keep him from getting to the captain, "You bastard! We helped you! You're gonna pay for this you animal!" Now, Odo stops struggling, like he's anxiously awaiting the capture of Shuuren. He can barely contain himself though to start wreaking some havoc on these guys. His eyes catch sight of Kiku, being the first time he ha sseen her, this is… kinda shocking.

"Yeah, yeah. You'll get him back," the captain replies to Odo with a chuckle as their ship charges toward Shuuren's. "On the ready!" he calls out, drawing his sword and pointing it at the ship they're approaching. Just as they come to a parallel with it, he calls out, "GO!" With that, men start swinging across ropes onto the ship. Of course, if any of these idiots happen to look down as they're swinging across, which some do and have eyes bulged out really big as they land, or some even fall, they will notice a rather large pool of red surrounding the ship and a large number of very ominous grey fins swimming around in it. It seems Shuuren had some scrolls in the bottom of the ship rigged to let out pieces of meat and a lot of blood.
"Wave one, down," Shuuren says with a chuckle as he swings his cane to hit a small lever, sending a net up across the side of the ship that knock the first wave of pirates off into the water. Screams ring out as they fall, getting louder as they realize they are covered in blood now and becoming shark food. Now, doesn't stop the next wave from coming, but they don't look quite as confident. "Odo, Kiku, NOW!" the Jounin calls out as pirates start to land on his ship.

Kiku drops the henge, and walks over the edge of the boat. SHes in her armor after all, and not going to be jumping over. But she can jump accross. Which she does, digging the claws of her gauntlets into the boat. She climbs up the side of the boat. It doesn't take any time for the pirates to realize one fact. "Its a KAGUYA!", one shouts out. There's already a small set of panic with a Kaguya coming on the boat.
Kiku gets to the top of the boat, with her mask down. Some men go straight to their knees where Kiku just slashes right through them. The rampaging Kiku goes about hacking and slashing while her seals seem to appear from her hand as swords descind upon her.

By the time Kiku gets surrounded by swords, there goes one of the guys that was holding Odo by the shoulder, toppling over one half of the group, and the second is the projectile with which Odo puts a hole in the bottom of the boat. And down he goes through said hole, darting through, grabbing the now unconcious Takeda, and re-emerging to jump over to Shuuren's boat, and set him down, only to draw his sword and stop for a second, watching for what Kiku is doing. And if she's doing what she seems to do best, Odo can't help but smirk with giddyness at what he's about to see.
When Kiku starts hacking through men, Shuuren grins and glances around at the oncoming pirates. As a few of them start swinging swords at him, he swings his cane to deflect the strikes. He strikes one with the top end of the cane directly in the gut before hitting him in the face with the other end to knock him over the edge. He then twists the cane, unlocking the mechanism to pull the blade out, the top part being the hilt of the sword. As Odo comes out of the hole in the boat and onto his, he gives a nod and strikes another pirate with the hollow cane portion of the weapon to knock him off the boat and into the shark-infested water.

Its not long before Kiku finishes with the boat. SHe uses her genjutsu on the captian before she walks over to him. The woman grabs him by the back of his jacket, and starts to drag him back. There's no screaming, yelling or anything out of Kiku. Just the cold emotionless thrill of killing running through her. Once close enough to the boat's edge, she gets back to Shuuren's boat. She ties a rope to his neck, and then looks over at Shuuren. "Can I push him overboard, and see how long he lasts as we go to port?"

Odo just plants his sword in the railing of Shuuren's ship, and puts a foot up on the side, resting his wrists on the end of the handle just to watch her as Shuuren knocks some guys off of the boat. When Kiku gets herself and the pirate captain back to the boat, he laughs a bit sinister. "I guess we could go fishing. Been a while since I've done that." As he removes his sword and walks over to the Captain, quite ready to pull him from the jutsu. Then he shrugs, "Meh, whatever, lemme know when we get back to port." And sits against the cabin wall, and closes his eyes comfortably next to where he put the

As the pirates are taken down rather quickly and effectively by his companions in this mission, at least the ones that are awake, Shuuren is almost hit by one and moves in a flash-movement, doing a tuck and throw that basically counter-weights to throw man overboard. With the last of the men cornered by Kiku, he looks to him and the ship as it sinks. "I've got a better idea," he says as he leaps over to where she and the captain stand. He pieces his cane back together and locks it before focusing chakra to his right hand. A bit of glow of invisible chakra seems to surrounding his hand before he moves in a flash, swinging his hands at the back of the man's ankles. The captain collapses to the deck as the Jounin looks down at him. "Throw him back on his ship. Let him wait a little longer for the sharks."
Severed Achilles tendons mean the end of the man's ability to control his legs and get up, much less swim.

Kiku picks the man up, and THROW! He lands with a thud back on his boat before Kiku goes back to sitting down. She remains silent the whole time up to the payment stage. She did what she was there to do. Shuuren paid her to slaughter, and she slaughtered. Of course, she munches on a chocolate covered strawberry after the mission, heading back to Kiri. Team K needs their little Kiku back.

With the last of the pirates down, Shuuren walks back to the helm of his ship. A brief glance is cast Kiku's way as she munches on her strawberries, a faint smirk touching the Jounin's face. Yeah, he's definitely going to have to just set her up an account with that stall vendor.

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