A Prisoner's Plea


Naru, Madarobi, Yukio

Date: September 24, 2012


A group of Chuunin are tasked to take down a rogue shinobi who had been recently escaped imprisonment

"A Prisoner's Plea"

Nearing the Land of Fire Border

A trio of chuunin shinobi had been summoned to rectify a rather unpleasant situation. A dangerous shinobi managed to slip through the cracks of imprisonment, fleeing the Land of Fire and desperately heading towards the Land of Rain. It was the responsibility to bring a rogue shinobi back to Konohagakure, lethal force was advised but killing them was off the table. For now the team was being spear headed by the Uchiha Kunoichi, Uchiha Narusegawa.

Swiftly moving throughout the forest, chakra swelling along the soles of her sandals, she kept herself elegantly leaping from branch to branch, her mastered Sharingan glowing pale as her eyes looked around for any possible leads. " They shouldn't be too far from here… At least that is what intel informs us," Narusegawa spoke to the group, hoping they would be able to catch up. The shroud of the night was coming close, they needed to find them quickly before those runaways became cloaked by darkness.

Watanabe Yukio was following closely there behind, born aloft between leaps by Wind, having never mastered the body flicker technique. His eyes were bared, his sunglasses no where to be observed. "Just to confirm. We're not to kill them unless necessary?" he asked, his eyes scanning the area. "Intel, huh? Might I suggest fanning out into a close search pattern? Keeps us close enough to respond, while giving us a bit of a wider range to snare them with." he says, tossing a glance up to Narusegawa. Studying to be a team lead as he was, Yukio felt the suggestion was prudent. Although he wasn't trying to undermine leadership or anything.

Having trouble keeping up with the swift Naru-san and Yukio, Madarobi found himself staring towards Naru's direction. Whether he was trying to emulate her movement style or simply just admiring her presence was unclear to him, but either way his mind was wandering away from the mission's final goal. Turning to glance quickly at Yukio's comment, he would await the response of Naru-san, wondering whether or not she would agree with the odd looking Chuunin.

"They still haven't been punished for their crimes, but if they prove to be very difficult, and impossible to keep a hold of…." She paused her voice, hoping that the others could fill in the blanks, this was one of the reasons why Madarobi was selected for this mission, she knew his genjutsu would be able to cut right through them. "It looks like we might not need to pane out as much as we think," a slight grin formed among her lips, and she kicked along higher into the trees, for now keeping herself stealthed, a single shinobi was visible out near one of the river banks, kneeled down within infront of the water, dunking his head into the azure basin… " We need to catch him by surprise… This man "was" a shinobi…"

Yukio's eyes locked on to the man as quickly as Naru spotted him. "Hai, Naru-san." he says, pointing Madarobi in the same direction, as he went into stealth mode himself. "Stick to Wind style then… got it…" he whispers, his eyes staying locked on the man, ready to strike quickly.

Madarobi's chakra increased dramatically for a moment acting very erratic until evolving instantly into a more calm and potent form. He did not waste time building up to his most advanced chakra molding technique; simply because if given the opportunity, these prisoners would do everything possible make sure they would not be taken back to the village from what he had been told. Trying to follow the lead of Naru-san and Yukio, Madarobi would place himself safely behind both ninja, hoping to also conceal himself until the right moment.

Gohun merely sighed as he dripped his head out from the water, his ears twitching to the sound of movement within the forest. Unlucky for the chuunin this man was no fool. His body still adorned in a pair of dirt ridden prison garments was damp and abused from his travels, "Konohagakure should have sent Anbu, rather than some idiot shinobi who can't even hide from plain sight," the young man boldly spoke to them, his voice, cocky, and rash echoing throughout the dense forest. Suddenly he focused chakra throughout his body, with a single handseal. " I don't want to harm anyone anymore, I'm not going to go back to a village of lies… That is why I killed him!" Either Gohun had completely lost it, or he was telling the truth, either way his eyes glew, almost darkly while looking over the group, he wasn't going to hold back. " Leave me alone!"

"Well hey now, that doesn't mean we can't hurt him…" Naru replied back to Yukio, hoping for him to keep the gloves off when it came to taking down the prisoner, though as they hid amongst the leaves she could see that their cover was blown, Gohun's beliegerate and crazed like behavior caused her skin to crawl… She became confused to how he managed to spot them through the forest. A bead of sweat trickled down Naru's cheek, and she focused a torrent of chakra. " Becareful…This guy isn't a small fry, I don't know how he managed to see us but… Don't hold back on this guy," Naru ordered, " Yukio right? Lets go in and square him off, Madarobi-san will be able to wear him from a distance," She nodded her head to this and swept down, almost in an instance, drawing her her blade in a mere instance as it clicked from her sheath, her blade attempted to slice right into Gohun's shoulder blade, and once more across his chest. " Konoha has you classified as a murderer… We "wont" allow you to leave the Land unscaved!"

Yukio grins, his eyes flaring just a bit. "Allright then. Let's do it!" he yells, leaping higher with his wind dash, making a few quick hand signs. "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" he yells, before expelling a massive Fireball at the apparently crazed man. Finishing his jutsu, "Katsumi… Fly true!" he says softly, tugging the bottom Long knife from his left side, and sending the blade sailing at Gohun.

Stepping near Naru-san's old position, Madarobi would stay in this safety zone, hoping to bombard their new foe with his genjutsu. He could be more help to the group if he didn't enter the battle field. Watching as both Yukio and Naru lashed out towards the physical specimen that was Gohun, Madarobi had trouble keeping up with the blazing speed of the shinobi but tried his best to infiltrate the brute's mind. Trying to project a second image of Narusegawa in Gohun's mind, this genjutsu would make it easier for the true Uchiha to land more blows.

With a slam of the mans foot his chakra began to flourish throughout the area, rocks began to form, forcing away the attacks, making soaking in some or all of the damage, however when it came to Madarobi, the Shinobi he had no idea was around him, he could feel his body succumbing to the genjutsu, illusions of his ex comrades suddenly mulitiating his body. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD"! He slammed a bladed rock deep into his flesh, even his eyes burned red, full of blood as rage began to form, his chakra levels were manifesting, the earth below each of them began to form up, attempting to drawn them into a mouth of powerful earth jaws, Gohun's power seemed to spike considerably.

Suddenly it seemed like they was well over their head, Naru's eyes could note the chakra building up beneath her feet, and suddenly giant maws began to form underneath her feet, she leaped into the air quickly before becoming consumed by the moving rock below, her hair bellowed infront of her face placing her hands together and moving through a pair of hand seals, she was following up on Yukio's lead. " He may be powerful but… Madarobi's genjutsu seemed to already have made him tired… We just need to outlast him! Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" from above she launches a powerful surging ball of chakra, a burning sphere attacking from above while using another jutsu to paralyze him, hopefully setting up the next attack for Yukio to bring the man down. " Hit him with everything you got!"

Yukio kept Wind dashing at the man, but as the jaws close in, Yukio was already mid leap. He shouldn't change his direction enough to dodge. So he did the one thing he -knew- he could do. He took it like a man, and tried to keep it from impeding him, throwing his arms up to take the attack, as he move. As the jaws encroached, there was a violent snap, and a scream of pain as one of the bones in his forearm broke cleanly, stone tearing flesh and muscle, as he pushed passed the attack. He couldn't take another of those. They've gotta end it quick. With a cringe of pain, he brings both arms up, working on handseals at a slower pace than before. "Please let this hit… KATON! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" And with a roar of mixed agony and rage, the blast of flame soared through the air at where Gohun was standing.

Not expecting an attack at his position, Madarobi is not quick enough to create a phantom illusion in his place to take the massive blow from below. Being as short as he was, his leg was instantly surrounded by a jaw like structure made from earthen materials. This jutsu extended all the way up to the Chuunin's knee as it clamped down. A large "CRACK" can be heard as Madarobi instantly collapses.

Trying to react as quickly as possible to the underground attack from Gohun, Madarobi hobbles back to his feet and flashes through several hand seals to force his most potent genjutsu upon his foe. The pure power and reaction time of the fighter was not to be reckoned with. This was obvious due to the tremendous attacks used on both Yukio and himself. "Infest from within." Madarobi whispers under his breath as his chakra flows seamlessly towards Gohun in an attempt to create an illusion of several insects and arachnids burrowing themselves in the skin of the convict.

Pain was Gohun's ally, and it appeared that the more pain her succumbed to, the more powerful he could get. "I'm not going back to Konoha, you are going to have to kill me… You all have what is coming to you. I've killed way to many in service to this pathetic village!" With one hand seal the earth began to move and chug once again, a hammer of earth attempted to smack Narusegawa down into the dirt below, while spikes of earth attempted to impale Yukio and Madarobi separately. Gohun wasn't going anywhere, but from the looks of him he was exhausted, burnt and becoming completely worn out.

Naru reacted swiftly as usual. Slipping away from the strikes with an elegant motion of her body, her eyes swirled, catching the movements and predicting them like so, launching herself away from the technique with a strafing roll. " Keep up with the attack.." Naru championed the others, they survived the first onslaught, and she had a feeling they would survive the next one also. Since Gohun wasn't giving in any time soon she launched off her second attack, utilizing a single hand seal while the veins along her left eye began to become more prevalent. She focused her attention on Gohun, along his right shoulder blade while suddenly a sparking torrent of electricity began to form. "Kaminari Raikurai!" The blood rage electricity spiraled and arced towards Gohun, attempting to capturing him in a onslaught of shocking piercing and lasting energy…

For whatever reason, the next attack didn't hit Yukio. And instead the boy charged in. STill fighting one handed (somewhat), he came charging in, drawing the bottom blade on his right side. "Strike true, Hana." he says, lashing out with the blade twice, before making a few more quick hand signs, cringing at the use of his left arm. "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" releasing a much smaller fireball than before.

Knowing that the seemingly impenetrable Gohun now had sites on him along with Yukio and Narusegawa, Madarobi would be more prepared for the next attack. Preemptively shifting through several hand seals, he would produce both a phantom illusion of himself, but also one of Yukio standing 15 feet to the right of both their true locations. Hobbling about he knew that the wound Yukio had received on his arm only moments before could slow down any seals he had to perform to escape the incoming attacks of Gohun.

Hobbling about on his one good leg, blood began to flow down his shin as the limp leg was dragged to his next position of safety. Turning to a more offensive position, Madarobi would zip through several hand seals as his eyes focused intently on Gohun's movements. Releasing less potent genjutsu, Madarobi hoped that even if that attacks would not take effect, Gohun would be force to inflict injuries upon himself to defend against the barrage of cerebral manifestations. "Suffocate." He murmurs as his chakra once again flows towards the brute's location.

The bite of the scorching red lighnting surged through Gohun's flesh, even after the strikes had finished the constant sparking of electricity continued to burn around him, making him almost unapproachable. The breath was knocked out of him, and the onslaught of attacks began to wear him thin, the man dropped to his knees, palms planted into the ground as he gasped out for air, and choking out a pool of blood. " Kill me… I don't want to go back…" The man's final wish. His body was completely drained, shaking and exhausted, every now and then he twitched and grunted from the electricity shifting about his body, it was up to the group to decide what was to be done with him.

"Is everyone okay?" Naru asks curiously, while peering over at her group. The battle seemed to be over, the sudden strain in Naru's eye forced her to shut it suddenly, she does let out a tired sigh and exchanges a quick glance at the group around her. " So..what shall we do?" She asks them all curiously, taking a knee while looking over the downed shinobi, a sigh leaves her lips as she merely waits to see what action should be taken, killing him or taking him back at this point was feasible options…

Yukio glanced at Gohun for a moment, still cringing in pain, as the blood from his arm started to drip from his hand. "We take him back. As much as I hate to see another man like this… our orders were to take him alive if possible. Who knows… maybe they can help him back at the village…" he says, refferencing his apparent Crazy. "Thank you, Hana." he says, as he tucks the blade back into it's sheath. "Did anyone see where Katsumi went?" he asks, refferencing the blade thrown from earlier.

Limping to Naru-san's location, Madarobi's chakra would once again revert back to its normal erratic form as his gray eyes broadcasted a less fierce glare. "I'm fine. I will have to have this leg checked out, but I will live." He said as he gestured towards his mauled appendage. Finding it amusing as Yukio describes Gohun as being crazy while he talks to his weapons as if they were alive, Madarobi tries to contemplate the consequences for what he was about to say. "Justice would be served by both his death and by bringing him back. I feel any person should be able to choose the way they exit this world It should be our duty, to both serve our village in the most honorable way possible, not just follow direct orders." Madarobi stated boldly as his eyes shifted from Naru-san to Yukio. Fearing what would happen next, he finished with a following redeeming statement. "Naru-san, I accept you as my leader. And as so, I will do what you feel to be the most honorable and Konoha-like thing to do."

Yukio's advice had came quick to Naru, she felt the urge to beckon the others to go ahead and collect them to be on their way, "Hmm, you name your weapons? Yukio?" She arched an eyebrow at him briefly, not knowing just how attached he was to those blades of his, she smirked a little bit, literally spotting the blade from the corner of her eye, " I believe its a little further towards the river…" Naru commented though goes back to thinking upon the situation at hand. The glowing crimson eye's of hers suddenly takes in Madarobi, listening intently to what he had to say, offering a different twist as to how to handle the situation, and for some reason it made sense… Briefly, the raven haired Uchiha bit her lip, even her nostrils slightly flared to determine the right action for the situation. Finally she nodded her head, " Sometimes allowing a dying wish isn't too bad, in the eyes of death its not very often you get to pick how you pass… Madarobi-san?" She beckoned him a little bit forward, Gohun seemed to be at ease as he bowed his head. The Kunoichi offered Madarobi her blade, gesturing a firm nod to end Gohun's misery…

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