A Promise


Ogosokamaru, Misaki

Date: Unknown (log received October 12, 2013


Ogosokamaru meets Matatabi in within Misaki's inner realm!

"A Promise"

Reizei Village, Kumogakure

Ogo was staring at the flat faces of the mountain that meet in a slightly rounded corner, and his eyes were moving about the faces of the now stoney wall basically that it made. Misaki arriving has him beckon her over. "You know the strange thing about mountains, Misaki?" He pauses for a moment. "Everyone makes such a big deal about being able to 'move mountains', but the truth is, moving a valley is largely more difficult. Or a plain, or a ravine. They are all made of the same thing, even if the mountain gets it's name in history as the one that is surprising to move."
He turns to her, and smiles. "How was your day?"

You know, Ogo is a lot more talketive when he gets laid. Hiei is the same, so she sort of… sees the comparison! Or guesses at it at the very least. "So, who's the lucky girl?" She asks with a grin. It was a shot in the dark. Oh well. "I'm just kidding, I'm sure you'll tell me when the time comes!" She smiles and sits down next to Ogo. She has no clue what to do with his old man's wisdom! Beh… "Ehm, Matatabi said he wanted to speak to you. So ehm.. do you want to try?" She crosses her legs in a lotus position, her wise eyes staring at Sensei.

Ogo responds, "Not sure about lucky. The marriage is arranged. That's right, you haven't met her yet." Ogo said that last part with some chagrin and a verbal wince, but Matatabi-san was actually asking to talk to Ogo? "Alright," and he mimics her seated lotus position in front of her. "Okay." He waits for her to talk him through the motions, if there were any. He hadn't done this before nor heard of it happening other than maybe she mentioned Hiei had done it once.

Marriage!? "Say whaaat!?" Misaki's jaw drops. "I totally want to meet her soon!" She smirks. "This place could use a ladies touch! And so can you!" She's glad he's finally over that girl with the picture. Good for him! "Well, I don't know if it'll work. Focus.." She says, waiting for him to focus, before sticking out her arm. "Fistbump!" She holds out her fist and closes her eyes. That's the way she did it with Hiei. From there it just happened!

Ogo nods, "You will, she should be back shortly, so once we are done here we can wait for her to get back. And a ladies touch would do the house well. She's got quite an eye for it," Dojutsu pun. He sees her reach her fist out, and he reaches over with his moderately larger hand than hers and fistbumps her. Here we go!

Aaaaand …. Aaaaaand…. Aaaaaand… Absolutely nothing. "Ehrm?" Misaki lifts off her hand. "What just happened?" ~You don't want him in here…~ Matatabi comments lazily. "Again!" Misaki says, sticking her hand out. This time if they bump, she tries to relax. The next time Ogo opens his eyes, he finds himself in a garden. Standing next to Misaki. In front of a white chalk line seperating a large field. At the other hand, Matatabi's laying in front of his castle, looking at the two of them.

While the change happens, Ogo almost feels like he just woke up from a dream to reality, but it's the opposite way around.. or something like that. He didn't know how all this worked, just that now he knows it does. He looks around at the garden for a moment, eyeing Matatabi and the castle. "He's bigger than I had expected." Ogo hrms and shakes his head, "I don't even know what I was expecting."
Though at least Ogo remembers that Matatabi was a stickler for honorifics, so he turns towards the large two-tailed cat, and waits for Misaki to either tell him they can approach him, or if they are already close enough, Ogosokamaru would bow and greet him, "Matatabi-san."

"Matatabi-Sama.." Misaki says, poking Ogo with her elbow. Matatabi looks up from over his castle and slowly makes his way over. "So, we finally meet in person Ogosokamaru-san." He makes a small bow. Before walking up to the line. "A pleasure, truely.." Before he bends down, looking Ogo in the eye. "We have a problem though…" He concludes calmly.

Ogo looks up at the beast looking down at him with an lighthearted tone before the conversation gets serious. "Oh? May we sit to discuss it?" He gestures to the ground, definately making this more of a comfortable conversation, if that was at all possible?

Matatabi slowly nods and lays down with Ogo. Looking at her sensei. "You are aware of the seal weakening?" NOw he mentions it, when you look at the chalk line. You can see it's slowly eroding.

Ogo nods, "I am. We have a sealing team working towards finding, or even creating, a better seal to replace or tighten the one currently in use." Ogo had only recently been informed of this though. "I only recently myself found out from the elders that it was a matter of time." He looks up at the large cat. "And if it breaks, what would that entail?"

"She'll die…" He simply says. "Unless she can learn to control and contain my chakra before that. Albeit, possibly with help.." Matatabi pauses. "And I will be unsealed. Probably hunted. I will defend myself and my dignity." He sighs. "Lets hope it won't come to that.." Misaki protectively touches the feather on her head. "But this is not what I wanted to talk to you about…" Matatabi says calmly.

Ogo nods, listening to the facts. He wished to clarify a few things, but like Matatabi said, this is not the conversation that he was brought here for. "What is it you want to say, Matatabi-san?"
Ogo can't help but look at Misaki for just a moment, the worry in his face for her was.. parental, almost. Big brother like.

Matatabi chuckles and lays down. Though then his eyes go wide. "Matatabi-sama for you, peasant…" He looks down at Ogo and furrows for a moment, before laying down calmly again. "What I wanted to talk about was the following: "What do you think we are?" He says calmly. "A sword or a shield?"

Ogo looks up to Matatabi. Being called a peasant wasn't something he really desired, but the large cat was still talking to him. So he went along fir now, "What difference does it make to call a horse a pig. Or an eagle a duck?" He thinks for just a moment. "'Sword', 'Shield'. A shield may bash, and a sword may block. You are both, as I need you to be. Right now, it is a shield. We are vulnerable beyond what I would consider war worthy. I don't want that. A majority of missions deal with Kumogakure's status and relationship with the economy around it and within it. I want as many as we can keep here as possible, in case some other country realizes the state we are in."

Matatabi looks at Misaki who gasps for a moment. Uh oh… She grabs her stomach and cringes. "Ack… it burns.." She says. Matatabi looks at her a bit concerned, before looking back at Ogo. "When did - I - sign up with - you - !?" His voice rattles with anger. "Have you learned - nothing - over the years!?" He pauses. "I am with Misaki, for the purpose of saving and creating life. Not as your war-toy. And I guarentee, if you even think of using her as one of your war-toys. I will personally obliterate you from existance…" He spoke so loud Misaki had to cover her ears and swallow to keep herself from crying. Matatabi was livid, and she hasn't seen him like that… ever. She recalled the promise her parents made when they sealed Matatabi. He would only be used to strive for peace. She pauses and looks at Ogo.

Ogo stands up when screamed at. He himself has to cringe against the very loud bijuu, holding up a forearm instinctively in front of his upper chest and throat.
It was a few moments before Ogo would speak or do anything, and when he does, he looks up just enough to peek out from under snowy locks at Matatabi. Ogo starts stepping towards the chalk line..
Ogo would press against it face first, he say very calmly, despite the crackling and snapping of some unknown power holding Ogo back, and he would use all of his strength to pres through. Bend it.. writhe through under a matter of probably sheer willpower towards the Cat, stretching out behind him like some melted plastic that keeps him from truly entering the other side.
All to hug Matatabi around the neck. "Gomenesai… Matatabi-kun.. we seek the same thing.." Ogo was tearing up, his voice a little shakey, too.
"..I lost sight of my purpose.. peace.. so what has happened to many of us.." he sniffs, leaning his head against Matatabi's temple, ".. will not happen to our children-"
And at that moment, Ogosokamaru is ripped from Matatabi's side, sent flying in a ragdoll fashion as one last loud cracklepop is heard, and he's sent careening.. right out of Misaki's mind, with enough force to hurtle him backward in the real world as well, rolling back until he lands with his back against the sheer wall he himself cut out of that small mountain to make the area in which they were now.

Misaki was already on her back. Cringing and rolling around, one hand on her stomach. "Achkk… It hurts!" She grunts between her teeth. Her eyes flicker. The blue chakra shows up, sending a shockwave through the surrounding area. Misaki was clearly fighting it. Ogo can see her stomach through her jacket. The seal is flashing, crumbling. Deforming, then snapping back in place. It was a strong seal indeed! The shockwave is bound to have felt like a small quake and the local part of Kumo run out of their house to see what's up. Anything that's not stuck in Ogo's house might have fallen or broken while falling!

Ogo is pushed back from Misaki by the shockwave. It takes a lot of what he's got to hold against the sudden burst of energy from her, leaving him singed even more than he was before, but luckily nothing more than surface wounds.
Misaki wasn't so lucky. After the Raikage regains his footing, he runs over to her, and picks her up with one arm under her legs and the other around her back, cradling her almost like a child to his chest. It wasn't a few moments later that he arrived quickly to the medical facility to deliver her into the care of the medical shinobi there.
When someone asked him what happened, he looks at the orderly, "The bijuus chakra. She sounds like she's got a collapsed lung and burns is the only things I could see, but it doesn't mean there isn't more." The orderly bows, 'hai!' And heads off. Ogosokamaru makes his way to watch them take her in and he steps out of the room when they begin mending her. Another orderly comes to help, but is told there were already enough people in the room to take care of her for now.
He looks at the mednin. "You. Get me the sealing team. I want an update -now-." The orderly runs off with haste.
Ogo turns to look into the room, leaning against the doorframe watching all that he can see which was a curtain drawn a few feet in front of the door, illuminated by the healing jutsu being performed with that subtle green glow.

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