A Public Arrest


Taiki, Kaido, Hige, Michiko

Date: January 4, 2015


Kaido and Hige return to face the music…

"A Public Arrest"

Main gates to Inuzuka compound

It's been a very long journey, he's had to be on constant watch with Bandit for The Silence who are now on the move. He brought Hige and Konsho home with him as ordered, but as well the Tokubetsu Michiko and the Raikage (OOC: offline ATM) with him, mostly to act as character witnesses in his trial. He knows Hige is cuffed at him, but there was nothing he could do about that right now. He fully expects to either be banished from the village forever at best, imprisoned here in the Village or executed as a traitor at worst. As long as he can make sure none of the book falls upon Hige, he'll accpet whatever comes his way.

Word was left with the Konoha front gates to send messages to both the Hokage's office and the Inuzuka Village when Kaido and company entered Konoha. Therefore, one would note an increase in Inuzuka Village security and patrols along the pathway leading to the village. When the patrols spot the group approaching, they fall in line with the returning group, their postures making it clear that any deviation from the pathways would be considered an attempt to escape. As the group approaches the entrance to the clan's village, Taiki and his two ninken, as well as several members of the Delta Clan, can be seen waiting solemnly for the group.

The Delta Clan…Hige's clan, the one he'd been born into. Now that they're in Konoha the boy looks around at everything in silence, his face darkening as the situation settles in more and more now that they're here. The boy doesn't look at Kaido for now, managing to mostly control the anger he felt at his mentor during the trip. Until this point. Now it was just…bad. Konsho walks besides him, the nin-pup looking serious as well with his tail straight.

Michiko enters Konohagakure with a group of friends. That's not unusual, but it was a bit unlike her previous visits in that she was more concerned for others than achieving some form or training. Along the way, she tried to strike up conversation with Hige and keep his mind off the impending trial. Though it was getting less effective as they continued to get closer and closer to Konoha. Well, there's only so much she can do… The girl is alert for anyone from the Silence, but it's a worry that's in the back of her mind.

Kaido sees this and sighs, it's no less than he expected, but it's still disheartening to see. He doesn't look at any of the clan as he focuses on following the path to where Taiki and the others are waiting. Bandit looks up at him and has the exact same somber expression that Kaido does and for once, is completely silent. Kaido hitches his shoulders and motions for Hige and Konsho to wait a moment as he moves to stand in front of Taiki. He simply raises an eyebrow then and waits, saying and doing nothing, it's Taiki's ball.

Taiki arches a brow as Kaido and company comes into view, His face belies a small portion of his distaste toward this situation, and his eyes and posture reflect the charka-metal-like will that he is well known for. If anyone hoped that Taiki would be lenient, his posture alone would dispel that hope. Both of his ninken seem to mirror his expression, but their gaze is toward the assorted ninken of the group. In fact, Shinobu develops a slight snarl at Bandit while Nozomi gets Konsho's undivided attention easily. When he notices the presence of the other non-Inuzuka in the group, he affords each a bowed head in greeting, but his attention must be to improtant business first.

"Inuzuka Kaido, Inuzuka Hige, it will show favorably that you returned to the village when called upon to do so. Inuzuka Kaido, you are here to answer to the following charges: Attempted defection from the Inuzuka Clan, Treason, and attempted insurrection against the Clan. Inuzuka Hige, you are required to submit yourself to questioning to resolve your participation in Inuzuka Kaido's alleged crimes. At this point you are under suspicion of attempted defection and treason. Your ninken partners will share in your charges and fates. Each of you have the right to argue your cases before the Inuzuka Clan Council of Elders. At this time, I would advise you that full cooperation would be in your best interests. Do you understand?"

Konsho stops when Hige does but the nin-pup's gaze is quickly drawn away from the tall man. The poor pup seems uncertain and takes a small side step towards Hige, causing the boy to glance down before motioning for the pup to calm down, which he does. As Taiki lays everything out so pristinely the boy tenses and he practically vibrates with the stress he holds, but he manages to control himself and nods to Taiki though he says absolutely nothing. Which at this point is probably a good thing.

All the Inuzuka guards were a bit nerve wracking. It was almost like they were mad at her for being a sort of outsider, even if technically it was Kaido and Hige they were here for. She doesn't recognize the clan's hierarchy, so Delta Pack means about nothing to her. But she does sense the even darker mood from Hige and Kaido as well as their Nin-ken. And the charges get read and she can't help but wince. … If Kaido makes it through this, Michiko will likely smack his head for causing all this. Both Michiko and the Raikage acknowledge Taiki somehow (not sure what Hiei would do…), and Michiko stays quiet for the time being.

Kaido holds up a hand, "Put me on trial Clan Head, but Hige and Konsho had no knowledge or understanding of my decision. I ask that you let them go and focus your suspicion on me. They are innocent in this and don't deserve to be under suspicion for whatever my intentions or actions were and are. That being said, I will answer any and all charges in front of the Council." He glances back at Michiko and the Raikage, "I have brought the Raikage and the Tokubetsu Michiko as witnesses to speak on Bandit's and my behalf." He narrows his eyes, "I will say this however, I did not, and have not committed any treason or insurrection against the Clan. I intend to show that while I have asked to be released from the Clan to join Kumogakure, this was not to harm the Clan or the Village itself." Bandit glares back at Shinobu and Kaido continues, "I am fully prepared to face whatever the consequences of my actions, but again, I ask that Hige and Konsho not be questioned. They can tell you nothing about what I had decided as I purposefully never told him so that should there be repercussions, they would fall on me only. I swear upon whatever honor I have that he is innocent and should not be held under suspicion."

Taiki looks toward Hige and Konsho and nods once. From their actions, Taiki can tell their afraid. Under different circumstances, Taiki would go easy on the young one, but given the situation they all find themselves in, and the charges leveled against at least one Inuzuka here today, Taiki cannot afford leniency at this time. "If he is truly innocent, then that will show through further questioning. But by your own words to me prior, you were training him and he himself asked to stay in Kumo. Now you say he has nothing to do with this. As I have two conflicting stories from the same person, I cannot accept your current testimony and remand him over to be questioned." Taiki then glances over to the lead Delta present and nods.

This rather intimidating man and three more Inuzuka start moving toward the returning Inuzuka, splitting into pairs while producing chakra-suppressing restraints. At the same time, Shinobu barks once and several ninken move forward to herd Bandit and Konsho away from the group so they can be questioned separately from their partners. "In the meantime, you are to be held in the Clan detention cells until the Council convenes to consider your case."

When Kaido goes on telling Taiki how innocent Hige is, the boy actually looks surprised. He hadn't really expected that. Of course at the moment it doesn't really help and when he orders them remanded he only lowers his eyes to the ground. Hige is still silent as the others move towards him and he only gives a little glance back to Michiko a moment before turning back to his clanmates, not putting up even the slightest of fights. Konsho goes where he's told, though he does give a worried whimper towards Hige before he disappears.

Michiko takes a few breaths to calm herself. She doesn't much like the fact that they're being dubbed traitors when she knows they aren't. At least, from what she could tell. The girl continues to stay silent, though she doesn't look very happy when Hige and Konsho are also rounded up. "… Taiki-sama, please let myself and the Raikage know if and-or when we'll be able to speak with you on these four," she says with a small bow of her head. In all likelihood, Hiei would have said that if he were here for real… A nod to Hige when he glances back. She hopes everything will turn out well…

Kaido just sighs and says, "He never asked to be a Kumo-nin, he only wanted to stay to train with me and some of the Kumo-nin who could teach him how to use Lightning based jutsu. As he was a cousin, I took it upon myself to take charge of him so that he wouldn't be alone or in jeporady while he was in Kumo." When the clan members come for him with the restraints, he quietly submits and motions for Bandit to do the same, it's clear Bandit wants to fight to help Kaido out but Kaido just wants to be able to speak in open court and answer all questions one way or another. His main task is to clear Hige and Konsho, sacrificing himself to do so is nothing, that's what a true team leader would do. He looks over at Hige and says, "Hige, just answer their questions honestly, you did nothing wrong, I promise you I'll clear you so that you can get on with your life and career without a stain on it. You're my teammate and cousin, I'm sorry I put you through this." He turns and sighs and says to the Delta clan member, "Let's go…" He starts marching towards the detention cells, being very familiar with them.

Taiki watches the reactions of each Inuzuka as they are led away. He has a feeling that Hige may never see the council chambers as an accused, but that determination will come from further investigation. Kaido, however, is showing some loyalty, at least toward his immediate family. Too bad he couldn't express the same toward the Clan, or toward the Hokage by his own words. In the meantime, he looks toward Michiko and Hiei and bows at the waist, his stern expression fading into something more congenial. "I will be honored to accept your input in a couple of days. I regret you had to witness this, but circumstances have left me with few options, and none of them pleasant." He then motions for the rest of the guards to stand down. "I regret I cannot stay and converse, but I my attention is being demanded elsewhere." With this he gives another deep bow to both before turning and heading into the Inuzuka Village proper.

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