A (Rare) Serious Discussion


Hige, Zori

Date: March 18, 2015


After Zori and Jade put Kyu in the hospital, Hige pulls the first of the three aside to talk with him about what happened and to make sure it didn't happen again.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A (Rare) Serious Discussion"


The next day after all the badness happened, Hige had sent a message to Zori saying to meet him out in the forest in a clearing. A little hand drawn map was included as well. It gave the time and the place and just said to meet there, no reasoning, no explanation, just plain and simple. Luckily it's still fairly nice out and there are only a few white fluffy clouds in the sky, none of which block the sun. Hige and Konsho are there, the former leaning back against a tree and staring up at the sky through the tree canopy. Konsho just sits nearby, waiting.

Zori received the message from Hige. Reading it said "to meet him in thre forest in the clearing. Zori pulls out the map included in it noting where the location was. Zori's wonders what Hige wants to talk about. "Could it be about Kyu? hmm noo cant be" Zori walks outside heading towards the forest in the clearing. Upon arrival, Zori mutters to himself "I dont think this is a good idea, but hey this shouldnt be too bad" Walking down the path there are birds flying away and squirels climbing trees.

Hige can smell Zori coming long before he shows up and the boy takes an inward sigh before pushing off the tree and walking to the middle of the clearing to wait, hands stuffed into his pockets. "Hey Zori." He says simply when the other boy finally nears. "How you feeling?" Not too bad yet. No instant death at least.

Hearing a familar voice. Zori knows this voice from anywhere. As he sees Hige walk up to him, Zori gets on edge. "…Hey Hige.. I feel great! Never better" as he grins. A string of wire unravels from his wrist slowly droping down to the ground, in the form of a whip. "I already told you. Its not my fault." Zori is jumpy at the moment. So he focuses some chakra.

Hige doesn't move from where he is, letting Zori prepare and do whatever it is he wants to do at this point. None of that concerns him. "You were involved and you gravely injured your friend and fellow shinobi. Even if it's not completely your fault it's still partially your fault. What I'm worried about is if you're going to do it again or if you're going to learn to control yourself." Funny, coming from him. Still, his focus isn't on himself now, it's only on making sure it doesn't happen again.

Zori watches Hige's movement. Since Hige doesnt move, Zori doesnt either. "I was involved thats true. I did injure him thats also true. But.. if he cant take the heat..Why stay in the kitchen?" Zori grins wildly. Zori pauses and then continues with "Im joking. But i am not the one you should be asking "Whether i could control myself or not" too. You should consider asking that to Kyu instead.

"Oh don't worry, I'll be talking to him. Once he wakes up." Hige says, his tone dry at that last part. Yes, Zori made him quite unconscious. "For now I'm talking to you. And since we're talking about that why is it that you don't respect your friends and other shinobi? Why are you always such an argument?" Hige is being even more blunt than usual. He remains motionless however, just kind of…hanging out.

Zori smirks a bit and says "I do respect my friends and fellow shinobi. But i tend to get overly excited during a Spar. That i do admit." Zori pauses then continues "By the way im not a argument.. there are people far worser then me" is said with a calmly.

"You were grinning at an unconscious Kyu. You weren't trying to stop his bleeding or help him." Hige points out. "And when I tried to get you to sit and wait for a chuunin or jounin you started talking discourse and challenging me. What part of that is respectful?"

"I was grinning in habit. I wasnt trying to stop his bleeding or help him. Because i dont know how. Didnt want to mess him up further," Zori points at Hige "I did sit, thats after i reminded you that your not always mr goody two shoes. You were guilty of knocking out Kyu Unconcious too at one point of time." Zori continues to point at him "Its Respectful enough for me."

"I never said I was. And I stopped when I knew he was injured and shouldn't be fighting." Hige reminds Zori, quirking a brow. "You need to learn when to stop, for yourself and for others. You know how bad you can hurt someone with that." He points down to the wire that's resting on the ground. "Same as I had to learn when to stop when I'm sparring. Even if someone wants to keep going." The only movement, finally, is Hige crossing his arms over his chest. "So, is it going to happen again?"

Listening to what Hige says to him. He then looks down at his wire thats laying on the ground, with a blank look on his face. "Your right, i do need to control my self better." Once Hige asks his question. Zori brings down his finger to his side. Looking down at the ground while calmly saying "It wont Happen anymore" Zori then whispers "Next time im hiding the body" Zori then shouts "Joking, I Understand, Wont happen again." Zori looks up at Hige with a smirkish smile.

"Good. Cause next time it's not just going to be whatever the higher ups decide. I'm going to put you in the hospital for as long as the other person is in there for." Hige grins when he says it, but there's also a total truthfulness behind the words. He raises his hand then, forming it into a fist so Zori can do his…thing. "I'll see if I can talk to Atsuro and Daisuke. You have to apologize to Kyu too you know. And it wouldn't hurt if you made a formal apology to the higher ups."

"Heh, dont worry. Like i said ill be more careful for here on out. Zoris wire retracts quickly back up under the sleeves of his hoodie, safely wrapping around his wrist. Zori's eyes get big after Hige extends his arm with a closed fist in his direction. Zori smiles at Hige "Never thought ill actually get to see you start it without me." Zori extends his arm with a closed fist, giving Hige dap as both the fist connect with each other. Zori then gives a nod to Hige "Yes see if you can talk to them. I will apologize to Kyu and ill definately apologize to the higher ups in person.

Hige nods and lowers his hand again, his grin widening. "Good." He looks around then and chuckles, "And here I thought you'd be all mad with it and so I picked a secluded place to make sure there weren't any casualties." He shakes his head a bit before looking back to Zori. "I'd keep the sparring to a minimum, at least until Kyu is up and better. Just to be safe. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or something." He says with a wink.

Zori lowers his hand also. "Hehe normally i would be mad, but i see some of what happened yestraday was my fault. So i have nothing to be mad about." Zori grins. After Hige shakes his head "Homeless shelter.." Zori shivers at the thought. "Umm Maybe..If you come with" Zori responds to Hige with his very own wink.

Hige nose wrinkles at that invitation, "That does sound pretty horrible doesn't it." He says, then winces a bit. "But hey, it would actually make us both look good. Maybe make up for whatever trouble I end up getting into in the future." He runs a hand through his hair at the evil thought…but really it would be good. "One thing at a time." He says finally. Now that all is said and done Konsho comes over to sit next to Zori for pets. It's all good now.

"It does sound horrible. But your right i do wanna look good, especially after that spar from yesterday." Zori grins. "I never knew Kyu could bleed so much." Zori laughs jokingly. Zori waits for Konsho to sit in his lap then he pets him.

Hige winces again at the joke, "You…might want to keep those jokes to yourself for now too. At least until he's out of the hospital. Then maybe that'd be better." He offers, though that's more just advice than anything else. "Besides, you'd bleed just as much if you got cut up enough." With that he glances up and nods, "Alright, well…let me go see if I can talk to Daisuke and Atsuro. Just make sure you keep your end of the deal." His eyes sink back down and he nods to Konsho, who continues to make himself at home. Apparently the pup is allowed to stay. "Ciao." He offers before moving off into the forest back towards the center of the village.

"Your right, i will try to keep them to myself. ..well atleast until Kyu gets out the hospital. I dont think i could last any longer then that." Pausing for a bit then continuing with "Your right i would be bleeding the same. Like my first time i got sent to the Hospital." Zori thumbs up to Hige "I promise i will, ill talk to all of them as soon as possible." Zori looks down at Konsho laying down in his lap. "Heh". Zori then looks back up continues thumbing up at Hige. "Cya".

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