A Request For The Doctor


Shuuren, Hiei

Date: December 9, 2013


Shuuren runs into Hiei in Kumogakure, who has a request of him.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Request For The Doctor"

Kumogakure - Administration Dome

It was late afternoon and Hiei had been visiting with the Raikage and pretty annoying the nurse out of Hiroyasu who's office was right next to Ogo's. Now he was lounging around by the front door, pretty much watching people as they walked in and out while going on about their day. He had dismissed his class at the academy after a morning of training the younger generation, and now he was just bored. He's leaning back in a chair with his feet up on a desk with his hands behind his head. An audible sigh comes from his lips as he looks towards the door again. "I'd give my left arm for a mission right about now.." He murmurs to himself.

It's not as often as it once was that Shuuren comes into this building with things sort of calming down. However, the time has come to do a bit of paperwork to do with renewing some sort of trade treaty between a few lands, and so the Daimyo arrives at th Administration Dome as his guards disperse from the front door to find something to do until he's done with the tasks inside. As he steps through the door, he tilts his head slightly as he hears a certain young shinobi murmuring and looks over to him. "Ah, hi there. Hiei, isn't it?" he asks before offering a light nod in greeting. "I trust you are well, though I must say you look a tad bored hanging around here. Are you on guard duty or just waiting for something to do?"

Hiei spots Shuuren coming in and falls back in his chair. Or rather the chair falls back and Hiei uses his hands to spring back up to his feet. He sets the chair back up and then looks over, his cheeks a little crimson due to embarrassment. "Shuuren-sama, I..I mean Lord Daimyo. Hi." He takes a moment to compose himself before he bows formally. "Welcome back to Kumogakure." He pauses a little as he looks off to the side. "I heard that you're a doctor and a bit of a scientist, right?"

Smirking a bit at the antics of Hiei, Shuuren says, "Thank you. It's good to be home." At the next question, he glances around a bit then motions for the boy to walk over toward a currently empty hallway with him. "That is correct, yes. Is there an experiment you're wanting to try, perhaps a modification to make your Taijutsu more effective, or something else?" he asks in a low voice as he walks, rather curious what the boy might be interested in that has to do with medical and scientific thing.

Hiei walks over to the empty hallway when beckoned by Shuuren. He glances around before he says in a low voice. "Not exactly, Shuuren-sama." Hiei looks back and forth again before looking back to Shuuren. He says, "I have this pet goat, see. His name is Goatchiha Sasuke. He's the greatest pet a guy could ever have. However…I want him bigger. Like..horse sized bigger. I heard from my friend Ato from Konoha that you're pretty good at beefing people up." He lifts an arm to flex it. "I am already physical perfection. It's genetic. But I want some growth hormones or something for Sasuke. That's my first request." He pauses. "My second request is something that I can use to attract snakes." He holds up his hand. "I have my reasons for that one, that I won't go into right now."

Blinking a few times, Shuuren would tilt his head slightly at that idea. "Ah, Ato…. Well, yes, it is theoretically possible, but what works on a human may not produce the exact same reasults in a four-legged animal. Were it rushed into, it could potentially cause him a heartattack or stroke and kill him." He pauses a moment in pondering then gives a nod. "I'll need to make a few test runs with some of his blood, but I think I can work something out. As for the other thing, I can get you some pheromones to spray around where you want to try to attract them. Don't be surprised if whatever comes is a little annoyed that you're not a female snake waiting for it, though."

Hiei nods. "I understand. Sasuke is at my house right now. I have an enclosed backyard…so we can go over there and you can meet him. Just..don't get mad if he headbutts you. He does that in greeting." He listens to the bit about the snakes and he nods again. "I'll keep on the lookout for that. I'm hoping to find a snake willing to partner up with me. Just hope they're not medicated about me using the phereomones." Hiei takes on a thoughtful look.

"Alright," Shuuren says with a nod before going through a set of hand seals, causing a copy of him to appear at his side. "Take care of the paperwork, will you? The real meeting's not until tomorrow, so a clone should be fine for now." With that, he turns back to Hiei, saying, "Alright. Let's go meet your companion." He then gestures toward the door, waiting to follow Hiei out toward his house to meet the goat that he'll be experimenting on in the future.

Hiei smiles. "Sure. Follow me." He looks at the clone for a second and smirks. He's seen that before. "I'm sure you'll have no problem keeping up." He leaps up to the top of a nearby building and then takes off like a rocket towards the Yotsuki village. Within a few minutes he arrives at his house. It's a single story building, but it's large, with a pond in the front yard. Hiei leads Shuuren into the backyard which is fenced in. The backyard is larger than the front yard, and it has a flower garden and a small hot spring in it. Apparently Hiei likes to be comfortable…even though he's currently living alone. He whistles. "Here, Sasuke!" An adult snow white goat comes bounding up to him and immediately headbutts Hiei in the leg. Hiei kneels down and scratches him behind his horns as he bleats excitedly. "Shuuren-sama, this is Sasuke."

Well, at least one person realizes Shuuren's probably still in shinobi shape. With a chuckle, the Daimyo would dart along with Hiei toward the Yotsuki Village, going across the rooftops with ease to follow Hiei into the backyard. As they arrive, he would glance around to survey the area before looking to the arriving goat and nodding. "Ah, nice to meet you, Sasuke." Pondering a bit, he looks to Hiei, asking, "Is he an animal that understands human speech? I know there are a few that can be trained for such."

Hiei nods. "He does understand. I've been training him since he was a little baby. Watch this." Hiei points to a small rock from the rock garden. "Sasuke! Headbutt no justu!" The goat bleats loudly and rushes the boulder, lowering his head and hitting it hard. Afterwards, he returns to Hiei's side, his head lowered and ready for another rush. Hiei grins. "If he were bigger and stronger, he could crush that boulder. He could help me on missons, too."

Watching the display curiously, Shuuren would smile as he ponders a bit. "Impressive," he says before reaches into his coat, pulling a tab to withdraw a syringe kit with several test tubes. "Well, Sasuke, I'm going to need a few samples from you. It may sting a bit, but I need some of your blood so I can perfect the formula we're going to use so it doesn't end up being malovolent rather than helpful." After donning a pair of rubber gloves from his coat as well, he would step forward and look down at the goat, asking, "May I?"

Sasuke looks up at Shuuren, then over at Hiei. Hiei nods. "It's okay. He's a friend." Sasuke bleats and then lays down so that it's easier for Shuuren to get his samples. While he does that, Hiei pets him and scratches him between his horns to keep his mind off of what was going on. "He's way more affectionate with Nariko, though. Sasuke is trained to follow commands, mostly." He chuckles. "I had some of the academy kids give him a bath..mostly to test them and see how they worked as a group. They managed to pull it off, despite Sasuke not liking baths in the first place."

With permission given, Shuuren would quickly find a vein to draw his samples from, skillfully injecting it so that it would be nearly painless. "I can see that. Nariko tends to have a certain charm," he comments, though his voice reflects more stating simple facts than if he had some sort of crush like most people would when saying something like that. He chuckles a bit at the next comment, saying, "That had to be entertaining. It'll be even more difficult after he's larger."

Hiei nods. "Yes. And therefore a more difficult challenge for them. I know back when I was their age, I hated being assigned menial chores for no reason for other than just busy work. It may seem like they're doing chores now, but I'm trying to teach them something, too. And some of them show real promise." Sasuke doesn't seem to mind that Shuuren is drawing blood. Actually, he's paying more attention to Hiei's petting than he is the shinobi doctor.

"There is much to learn in the daily routine if one can see past it just being chores," Shuuren says in agreement as he fills the last tube then seals them all off. With that done, he would remove the syringe from the goat's vein and swiftly apply a bandage before tucking the supplies back into his coat, causing them to vanish with a small puff of smoke. "I can't get an exact ETA yet, but I'll send a message to you once I'm sure the formula is ready. Would you like the pheromones for the snakes after this is done or beforehand?"

Hiei pets Sasuke a little more before releasing him and allowing the goat to go back to grazing. He turns to Shuuren. "I'd like the phereomones now. I plan to use it fairly soon. But thank you for helping me out, though." He extends a closed fist towards Shuuren. "By the way, you remember that advice you gave me awhile back about buying a suit? I took it. Wore it to the Raikage's wedding."

"That can be arranged," Shuuren says with a nod before extending his fist out to bump it with Kumogakure's. Ah, a Kumogakure tradition he hasn't seen in a while since he's been in Tea Country. "I saw that. Nice choice. A suit can exude a certain confidence in a man that doesn't show otherwise, not that you don't seem confident already, but it's a different kind." With that, he would turn in the direction of where his old houses are. "I don't like snake pheromones are among what I have in my coat today, but I'll get you some from one of my local labs before the day's over. Did you have any more questions?"

Hiei shakes his head. "None at this time. I hope you're not leaving immediately, though. Nariko might want to see you before you leave. She's been going on and on about how she's running out of her favorite tea..she gets it imported from your country. So if you ever wanted to get her a present, you know what she likes." He chuckles before heading towards his house. "I'll see you later."

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