A Routine Delivery


Kasumi, Konda, Yoshomaru

Date: January 14, 2014


Upon reuniting, Konda and Kasumi get assigned a simple delivery mission to the land of waterfalls.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Routine Delivery"

Hokage's Lookout [Konohagakure]

Konda waits inside the briefing room, pacing with his hands behind his back. He's been called up for a mission after a bit of remedial training. Things haven't been going well for Konda as of late. A lack of motivation it seems. He grumbles as he waits for the others of whatever team they put together for this mission. The administrator, a jounin that's an assistant of an assistant of an assistant for the hokage scribbles some notes down at a desk. Next to him is the scroll describing the mission. But probably won't say any more until all arrive in the next few minutes.

Kasumi poofs in through an open window. Though for most it seems like she just appears. "Boo!" Yes, always the joker. She used a small mass genjutsu to trick everyone inside and scare one of the guard. Who nearly posted himself. "Seriously Kasumi, NOT FUNNY!"

Konda flails around, making a surprised wide eyed look. Konda nearly needed new pants too, thankfully though he pinched it off before it got out. "What the stamp?!" Konda yells, "I'll never get used to that." Then he notices who popped in, "Kasumi! Er…I mean…hi." He's playing it cool bringing himself down from the initial reaction of jumping on her and hugging. He's still not sure how she's taking him leaving the team after all. But he does seem happy to see her after all this time. "How's it goin?" he says with a wave.

The administrator, who fell off his chair and under his desk, climbs up so his head is peaking out, "Oh my, do you always have to do that, Kasumi?" He climbs up the rest of the way, "Well then, you're both here. Great." He picks up the mission scroll and says, "Here's a detailed scroll describing your mission. It's not much, but with Konda's record, it's more his mission than yours. Only luck brought you two together I suppose." He opens a drawer on the desk and pulls out another scroll, "Here's what you'll be delivering. The exact location is in the mission details, but it's in the land of waterfalls. You shouldn't meet any resistance."

"I have heard that before." Kasumi says with a grin. Almost half-bored with this already! At least she gets to reminisce with Konda. And it seems she's not angry at all. She wasn't in fact. She knew she wasn't as … there as she was supposed to be. Being trained for ANBU and all. Well, she's ANBU now. But she's not sure if she liked the price she paid. She's the first to just do it, picking up Konda and giving him a hearty hug and a smooch on his cheek. "Show me your eye, is the seal working properly?" Kasumi asks while peering into the eye she saw the Uzumaki enchant.

Konda looks surprised and gets lifted into the air. "H..hey!" as he gets squished and blushes. He doesn't get picked up that often, especally by girls. "Yeah, it is. Though I don't use it much." He brushes back some of his hair to show the tatoo. "It's a kinjutsu afterall. I figured out why. It started messing with my head the more I use it. So now I only use it when I need it." His cheeks are red as he whispers, "You can put me down now, Kasumi-sensei."

"I'm not done hugging yet!" She complaints playfully. Setting him down eventually and ruffling his hair. She looks at bit concerned. "Well, be careful okay? Don't go looney on me. I'm the town clown! Just so you know that." She winks at Konda. Nope, not mad at all!

Konda sighs greatfully and smiles, "I will, don't worry." He reaches out for the message scroll and starts to tuck it into his sleeve. "Now, off to land of waterfalls, right." He points to the window, "Should we use the window or the stairs?" he asks with a wink.

*poof* … yep, a darn clone! "Last to the gate pays for dinner!" Kasumi says already halfway down, play-sprinting towards the gate, obviously at half speed to give Konda chance!

"There you go!" Kasumi jumps up so she's running on the roof-top next to him. "Watch out, a wild kunai!" Did she just throw a wooden kunai at him! Kasumi grins and disappears again, this time running between a small crowd. "Sorry, pardon me… Racing here!" Yep… That cloud of dust and complaining people pretty much marks it.

Thankfully Berii taught him tree walking, so it's no issue avoiding the people. He hits a stack of barrels to leap up on the over hang of several shops. "Ku…nai!" as he leaps and twists in the air. The wooden blade slips by just under his belly but it doens't slow Konda down measurably to the casual eye. To a trained one however, he does slip behind having to use some energy to avoid the wooden blade. Konda grunts and shifts more chakra to his feet to run sideways along the buildings now. It presents him a smaller target should anymore 'wild kunai' happen along. But Konda gets an idea, he finishes climbing the wall so now he's next to Kasumi. He does a kick to gain a fraction of distance between Kasumi and himself and slaps the ground forming a seal in black and red, raising a nearly invisible barrier which he grabs the top edge and vaults over. A short time later, several people walking around smack into the invisible barrier.

"Oh, nice!" Kasumi says instead of getting angry! "Guess those people got a crash course in panto-miming!" *Puts on sunglasses! "Nice!" Kasumi grins and bounces from tree to tree. Clearly intending on getting a move on now! She quickly makes someone kneel with her genjutsu. She hardly knew it was a genjutsu anyways. Jumping over her like a cheetah taking a hurdle. Soon back on top of a rooftop! "There goes your months saving! I can already see the gate!" Kasumi teases.

Konda narrows his eyes and wishes he could do that, but having to relearn what he learned about genjutsu, left him with little to no ability in it. So be it. He reaches up to his eye, his fingers almost hitting the spots of activation. It calls to him to let go, to win the race, but more importantly, to beat Kasumi to within an inch of her life and…and…he grabs his hand, pulling it away from his face. Sweat pours from his face and he continues running knowing that a months savings is not as important than beating Kasumi or a villager. He laughs then, watching Kasumi inching ahead, "Almost got me…very close." and he closes his eyes and lands on the ground to block everything else out. If he's going to win, it's going to be by his own ability, not by something else.

Kasumi knew… Or saw from the corner of her eye. She squints for a moment, making a mental note to talk to his new team leader. Oh no, if you messed with Konda you wake up the lioness! So his new team leader better have an explenation. For now she decided it's a good opperunity to help him personally. Right when he removed his hand she encourages him. "Nice Konda, you can do it!" Wait a minute, is he pulling ahead of her? Kasumi bends down deeper to add a bit of speed. Obviously matching him a bit. Making it a tight race, at the last moment, slowing down just enough to give the kid a confident victory. She was planning on treating him anyways.

Konda won't even see the gesture, instead he passes Kasumi and crosses the gate and keeps going for a dozen feet or so. He senses the open space all of a sudden and slows down and doubles over to catch his breath for a few moments. He stands and looks back with his smile wide. He won? Well, he thinks he won at any rate and that's a good confidence booster. He says, "That was a good race. I wasn't sure I was going to win that."

Kasumi arrives a second later, slowing down and standing next to him. Not out of breath at all. But she bends down and sighs to give him the idea he broke her a sweat. "Not a bad job, it seems I taught my former student well." She grins. "Well, you'll always sort of be my student. Get used to it buddy." She winks and nods down the road! "Lets go…!"

Konda smiles, "Of course I still am. You've got lots more to teach me." He walks along, shrugging off the traveling cloak so his body can air out with all the head. "That's better." He holds out his hand, "Rain stopped, a good omen I think." And the pair head off to the land of waterfalls.

"I don't believe in omens." Kasumi smiles. "We create our own fortune. Remember that!"

The trip is uneventful and the pair reach the land of waterfalls after half a days tree walking. As the pair reaches the Takigakure village, Konda points to the giant waterfall leading into the village. "So, now just drop off the scroll and we can go home." he says, pulling it out and keeping it safe in his hand. "The location is in the food district. Probably a list or something to order food, I guess." He walks under the falls and down the large caves to the village on the edge of an underground lake.

A few of the caves that lead to the village captures the falls and makes the entrance a sight to behold. Full of mist and rainbows and streams of waters on either side of the bridge across the lake and to the village. Konda walks across marveling at the beauty.

"I love this place. Always looks so tranquil. And they host a great deal of ingredients I can't get anywhere else!" Kasumi sagenods and looks around with a smile, ruffling Konda's hair again. Suddenly reaching into her pouch and pulling out another rare pockey she got in one of her ANBU missions. Passing it onto Konda. "Oh and here you go." She smirks, out of sight, but definetly not out of mind it seems!

Konda's jaw drops and at the mention of candy. "Awww, wow. Thank you sensei!" With a shakey hand he opens the wrapper and pulls out a biscuit. It has been a while since he's had any candy. Konda makes it a point not to eat so much on missions. It can cause problems, but this one time can't hurt on so simple a mission. He pops one in his mouth and rolls it around, savoring it. "Ummmmm, I love it." then looks confused, "Though I can't picture the flavor."

"The pair crosses the bridge and heads towards the food distrcit, something very easy to find with all the smells. Konda reads the mission scroll and walks down the right street. "You would think they'd label their houses better."

Kasumi chuckle and looks at Konda. "It's ehr… Roast duck I believe? One of those limited editions.." Kasumi chuckles. "I just came across it and thought of you!" She looks around village hidden by the waterfall. Following Konda, as he seems to know where they're going. "Do we? Everyone knows where everyone lives, so why bother." Kasumi chuckles. "It just makes it harder for foreign nin to do targeted attacks. Rather smart if you ask me!"

"Also when people who enjoy privacy can have it."

There was a voice Konda hadn't heard in a little bit. He'd been so busy with his family, Yoshomaru had been a ghost. But now, he's landing behind them with a lazy -thunk- and a rub of the eyes. He overslept, and he looked a little paler. Late nights. As he stammered a hello out, he righted himself and kept rubbing at his eyes before pulling out the lens.

"Bleh…too dry."

Konda munches happily on the roast duck pocky. A little odd for a sweet snack, but it works. Konda has heard of one company that made a turkey dinner flavored pop, very odd. He shrugs at the opinion without arguement. He checks the scroll one last time showing the directions to the shop in Takigakure. Just then Konda hears the voice behind him and spins around, "Yoshomaru? Hey, it is you! Long time no see, where the heck have you been?" He slides the scroll back in a sleave for safe keeping for now.

GAME: Save complete.

"Yea Yosho, where - have - you been?" Really one of a kind. "Should go to sleep earlier or you miss the good stuff." Kasumi winks at Yoshomaru and focusses on Konda again. "So are we close or are we asking directions?"

"Large orders…dad needed help."

Yoshomaru would grin, albeit sleepy. He was actually friendly for a change as he claps Konda on the back. He looks up and around at the area…he's clueless. He did miss everything.

"So why are we here?"


Konda chuckles as Yoshomaru is Yoshomaru. He slips the scroll he was supposed to deliver and wiggles it. "We have to deliver this to Takigakure." Since they're in Takigakure already, the mission is mostly over. "The directions show the shop just around the corner." He points to the corner and turns it and there's the shop. A sign hangs off the front door and reads 'Aki Bakery and Dry Goods'. Konda looks at the scroll, "All this for some doughnuts? Heh, it is a D-rank mission. Actually, I could use one of those apple turnovers." He walks a bit faster for the shop and stops at the front door, "Wait, you're team leader, Kasumi-sensei. Shouldn't you deliver this?"

"You were handed the scroll. I'm just here to ensure all goes well. Evaluate you a bit. Pretend I'm not here." Kasumi winks at Konda. "In fact, pretend you're team leader. Yosho, you're his team-member." Ahw yis, roleplay! "And NO apple turnovers! We have more important stuff to do….!"

Yoshomaru just scratches his head back and forth. He's confused now even more than ever. How did he, the elder, wind up the follower? He is just giving Kasumi a long glare now. He makes a slight clearing of his throat though, at least he understands the situation, scrunching his nose.

"Hire a Post-nin…"

Bad pun.

Konda frowns at Yoshomaru, "I am the post-nin. Because I've had troubles in my missions, I get easy D-ranks. At least for a little while. Sorry, Kasumi just happened to get picked to come with me." He looks at Kasumi and nods, opening the door but grumbling that he can't have any apple turn overs. At least he's got his pocky and he pops another stick in his mouth.

A oversized lady stands behind the counter waiting for customers. "Welcome to Aki Bakery and Dry Goods, come in, come in all of you. My my, leaf ninja." She sees Yoshomaru's leaf emblem on his arm. "What can I help you with today?" she asks with blue eyes sparkling with interest.

Kasumi decides to stay halfway in the doorway, leaning back and crossing her arms. Head down while she's pretending she's resting. Her eyes even seem closed.

Yoshomaru would just still look confused for a moment, but it may due to sleep deprivation. He would finally get his ruffled hair in check, and smack his lips looking around. When he's addressed, he raised both eyebrows at the blimp of a lady and just clears his throat.

"Ahm…A screwdriver."

Yeah, the brain is NOT working yet.

Konda looks behind him at Yoshomaru and shakes his head, "Now is not the time to ask for tools. Here…" and he reaches into his ninja pack and pulls out a small mini-screwdriver. "Don't know why you need it, but here…" then looks back at the counter.

Konda says, "We're from Konohagakure and we have a message for you." He reaches into his sleave and pulls out the scroll to set it on the counter. The woman looks at the scroll and nods, "Ok, I'll set up the delivery. That's all we needed, thank you very much." She bows and Konda bows before turning back towards the other two, "Well, let's get out of here before I buy something. The smells are too much." He's almost drooling here!

Kasumi giggles and covers her mouth, nose before that turns into a loud laugh as Konda confsesses his need to buy something. That kid always had a sense of humour by just being honest. "You're too cute." She says while holding the door open for the two genin, waving at the oversized woman. "Come on, lets get out of the village. Don't want to overstay your welcome!"

Yoshomaru would shake his head some, smacking himself twice on the side. He looks over at Kasumi, then back at Konda. He hides it, he grins trying to hide it too. He's becoming a little too much like Kasumi. If she only knew what he's up to in his downtime. As he looked back and forth a moment before following after Kasumi, he nods at her as he runs up to catch up.

"That was….easy…"

Konda shrugs, "Well, if I was with a few others in missions, I'm hoping to get more dangerous missions." His mind shifts gears suddenly and says, "Oh! Kasumi-sensei, I finally got that genjutsu style I wanted. Hopefully soon I can use it on you in some sparring." He's walking and the trio quickly walk out of the village effectively ending the mission.

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