Third Promotion Exams - A scroll for a heal: Nori & Hiroyasu


Hiroyasu, Nori

Date: August 25, 2013


Nori uses an owl summon to find Hiroyasu and Nori trades his scroll for some healing.

"Third Promotion Exams - A scroll for a heal: Nori & Hiroyasu"

Forest of Death

So, Nori had sent his little owl friend, Mochi, the scouting owl, to bring Hiroyasu and Hiei (if both would come) over to where Nori is. He has himself hidden underground in what appears to be a vault with little more than a breathing hole denoting the opening of the vault. If and when Hiroyasu approaches, the boy would open the vault and smirk slightly. He's in good spirits, despite looking like he's a mess. "I can give you my scroll if you heal me Hiroyasu-san. I was ambushed and double-teamed by Fudo-san and Katsurou." Nori drops the honorable suffix from Katsurou, and it'd be noticeable seeing as Nori normally affixes it. "Not to mention that Katsurou attacked me while I was already engaged with Fudo, from behind, and then had the gall to say that he wouldn't let me leave once I had Fudo prone and finished. So, I did the smart thing and high-tailed it out…which is when I think you arrived. Please tell me you're not with them, but under a threat of some sort?" Nori is talkative again. He gets that way when he's hurt.

Hiroyasu follows the owl and finds nori in back shape, "Yeah I heard about it…" he says looking him over "I saw all that, konoha nin fighting konoha nin very terrible" he looks at the scroll. "You sure you want to just do that? It's your lifeblood too." before shaking his head "Nah, they happen upon me first and offered me sanctuary for my skills so, it's a business arrangement" he adds.

Nori smiles and stats, "Fair is fair, and hey, you've trained your whole life as a mednin, might as well get something of value for it no?" Nori grins and states, "Actually, I'll tell you what…since they apparently told you about me, then why don't you tell me a little about them for the scroll too?" Nori pulls the scroll out from his clothes gingerly with a grimace, "I know Fudo-san needs a scroll, or at least I think so, or else he wouldn't have come after me. I know they are working together, but I also know that after Katsurou attacked me, he didn't attack me again after my threat. He's afraid of me and for good reason. Fudo-san and I were fairly well matched. If I can separate them I'll go after either one of them. Why don't you and Hiei and I make a new arrangement now then. You don't need sanctuary, not really at least. We can all have sanctuary working as a team, like in the old days…and at least take on Fudo-san and Katsurou in an honorable manner…no 2 on 1 ambushes. Not that I blame Fudo-san for an ambush…it is to be expected…but not like that." He shrugs. And groans again from the pain.

Hiroyasu nods "Alright, well yea Fudo needs a scroll, Katsurou defeated Atsui for one, apparently Atsui would not give up or concede and had to be left by the tower for the proctors. I think fudo is playing some grand scheme. In fact giving me a scroll will just accelerate his plan, I figure katsu and I may betray him before he does us. We all knew it was coming. I just knew I would be last.. and it's terrible to say but I believe I am the safest where I am, Hiei seems to hiding well, and They won't touch Amani they are afraid of her because she is an unknown. I can tell you that Sakuryu has no scroll either, and chitose does, and some guy or girl named hibiki. Everyone else is unknown." he says before looking at the groan and moving to heal him.. "Please be still, I can only do so much don't expect miracles" he says begining the treatment

COMBAT: Hiroyasu heals Nori for 467 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Nori just sits back and listens. "I met Chitose shortly before the exams. Seems like a nice girl, and oh, Hibiki is a boy…I think. I've met him before too. I don't think I know Amani though, but aren't they all sort of unknowns?" He hmms though and just shakes his head, "Just be careful Hiroyasu-san. If Fudo doesn't get a scroll, he'll take yours. Maybe it is a good idea if you have two, that way he won't know." Nori hands over his scroll and then smirks, "Whatever you can give me is enough. I don't need a miracle, just a life."

Hiroyasu nods accepts the scroll, "I won't tell him, he may then give me a third. Giving me a little cushion and power.." he beams proudly "Yamayuki amani is my girlfriend." before continuing to heal the Yamanaka to the best of his ability. "Trust me I know what kind of snake he is.." he adds.

COMBAT: Hiroyasu heals Nori for 451 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Nori nods along with Hiroyasu. He is already starting to feel better, even if he's not fit for fighting yet. "That sounds like a sound plan. Pardon the pun." Nori smiles. "That way if he does take one of your scrolls, you'd still have two at the end." Nori nods to Hiro. When Hiro mentions a girlfriend, Nori laughs, "You've got a girlfriend? Good for you." He then realizes how that might sound and adds, "I just mean…she must be a great girl. I didn't think you'd settle that quickly."

Hiroyasu nods again "Well it may be hard to do, he may approach you if your position is weakened by losing your scroll, if you really wanted to mess him give him bad information." he pauses "and if not then the extra I can bestow to maybe Hiei or back to you should you find yourself one other. I would travel alone Fudo is using the fact that we have the only solid functioning group. If you have any sort of number with you, you will be safe.. especially if you can join with Hiei or Amani. With your mental thing you can find me." he says healing as many surface wounds as possible. "I'm running low on bandages so you will have to deal" he says.

COMBAT: Hiroyasu heals Nori for 447 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.

Nori shakes his head, "I'd rather deal with the Oni than with him, but perhaps dealing with the demons is all part of this test." Nori shrugs. "Well, thank you. It'll be enough for now. I'll see if I can find Hiei." Nori reaches up to grab Hiro's hand. "Thank you."

Hiroyasu nods "Sorry that is all I can do for you, I got ambushed earlier encountering a smaller village.. was it village of waterwalls or something.. they had like 4 or 5 genin laying traps for people using an injured person as bait. I think they were trying to harm medics" he says with a frown. "Sorry about your scroll" he says with a wave.

Nori nods his head. "I don't doubt it. You're a valuable resource." Nori then shrugs, "I'm sure I can always get another scroll. It'll be fine either way." And then the boy makes a handseal and goes about covering up the tomb to which he is sleeping in, except for the small breathing crack.

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