A Shared Power


Tsugumi, Hinotori

Date: August 9, 2016


For two Jounin, a training session leads to a spar that turns into a battle that turns into learning about each other and planning for the future.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Shared Power"

Cliff Side, Land of Fire

Tsugumi is out doing her usual strength training. She slacked off for years and her physical abilities had begun to drop. It was noticeable when she came out of retirement. Now she has not only gotten back to her old level before she became a full-time mom, but she has surpassed herself in various areas. One of those is physically. Taijutsu and physical strength have never been her forte. Infact, moving around a lot is a hassle due to her build, so she has focused in the past on ranged combat methods such as shurikenjutsu, and of course projectile Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

But overcoming her weak points is important to ensure she's able to handle any situation and doesn't lose any more of the people close to her. So she is here, in her usual ninja garb, one arm tied behind her back and a bowling ball-sized rock hanging from the bindings by chains, as she tries to pull herself up the cliff using only her feet and one arm. This is not just strength training but stamina training as well.

She's about 30 feet up the cliff presently, and sweating despite the mild weather. It's a cloudy day, mid-morning. Spring is finally here. She supposed she should be grateful the heavy storms aren't going on while she does this training. Her hand slipping on wet rocks would be unfortunate while training by herself and with a small boulder hanging off of her arm.

Training is something that Hinotori does all the time, honestly it's what he does pretty much every **** day really, even when he's supposed to be slacking and well…..a secret to be told he has slacked for a year and well it was showing which is why he's got back into training. He didn't know why, but lately since having heard of many Uchiha having died, well not many but those who've been protecting the village. Something in him made him think of his blood cousin Naru, and someone he was really close to a long time ago. Than speaking with Tsugumi and training her. IT got him inspired again, also Isura-kun, his protege'. Still today though he made it to the cliffs and as he was there he noticed someone climbing.

He was impressed with the level of intensity, though eh wanted to know who it was and so he started to climb up, using chakra to walk up the walls and moving carefully despite himself, he makes his way up to find it's a someone with a familiar figure. He smiles, but he keeps quiet but moves out so that if Tsugumi sees him she wouldn't be startled. He watches her form and sees how heavy the rock is. He gives a nod of his head, "Good." he says quietly and more to himself.

Tsugumi senses she's being watched before Hinotori joins her on the cliff. She just doesn't respond because she needs to make sure she reaches a safe place to pause. Once she has done so, trying to breath both due to all the weight she is carrying up the side of the cliff and because the side of the cliff is compressing her ribs, she looks in Hinotori's direction. "Good morning, Hinotori-san. Come for some training as well or just enjoying the view?" she asks before she starts scanning for her next handhold.

Hinotori grins when she notices him, but he doesn't say anything until she reaches a safe spot. He does scan the area she is in as well as above and below him, he moves with her. "Well I'm enjoying the view." he smiles. "You all sweating and training, whats not to like." he chuckles. "Besides, we can spar when you get your butt up to the top." eh says to her. "How have you been doing Tsugumi-san?" he asks as he looks to her. He's dressed in his red hoodie, a pair of black cargo shorts and his combat sandles. The hoodie is sleeveless and shows off his muscled arms, his forehead protector tails drape over his shoulders and as he watches her, he looks to be sitting down on the cliff.

Tsugumi actually pauses in the process of pulling herself up and looks at Hinotori as he admits to checking her out. She says dryly, "I was talking about the scenery." Then she heaves herself up, 60 lb chest and all, and says, "Sparring with me after I've worn myself out climbing up. How brave of you." Once her feet have reached new foot holds she sighs.

Then she says, "I've been coping. Recently promoted to Jounin as you may have heard. I'm still waiting for my responsibilities to increase along with my rank. They might be waiting until my current mission is completed." She looks up, the cloud cover keeping the sun out of her eyes, but she knows that UV radiation continued to get through the clouds regardless, so starting at the sun through them would be bad for her vision. So she instead focuses on finding her next hand hold instead of at her destination.

"What about you? Do you have a team that you lead?"

He quirks his head, "You know i'm joking Tsugumi-san." he says to her. He watches her as she starts looking for her next hand hold. "The scenery here is quite spectacular though as he looks past her to the rest of the area surrounding them. He closes his eyes and just enjoying the the warmth of things all around them. "I wanted to say, congratulations." he says to her. "I did hear about that, and wanted to take you out and your team to celebrate, or…." he pauses. "Actually we can have a party in your honor at my home, and I will cook." he says to her.

"Whats going on with your current mission?" he asks intrigued. "Do you need any additional help?" he asks. He really didn't have a lot to do, granted things have changed recently in his duties. "I did join the police force, but honestly there are enough Uchiha there, so I've been working on increasing my patrols around our borders." he tells her. "I used to have a team, but all of my team has gone on to other things." he smiles.

Tsugumi nods briefly, blinking the sweat out of her eyes and says, "I see. I'm… Not at liberty to discuss the mission right now. Unfortunately. Not unless I get clearance to. You can consult the Hokage's office though." She continues climbing, feeling the pain in her shoulders, the burning in her legs, and the soreness in her back. Eventually she sighs and says, "I think I'm at my limit for now. I'm having a harder time concentrating with an audience, and this rock is danger of dislocating my shoulder." She seems to just fall backwards, but her feet stick to the cliff face as she expels Chakra from her soles. She walks the rest of the way up, still having to carry a lot of weight, but having a much easier time than trying to support it all with only 3/4ths of her limbs.

Once she is standing upright again, and has undone her bindings, allowing the rock to hit the ground heavily, she works on rubbing out her shoulders, rolling her arm around in circles to work out the soreness. She's breathing a little bit heavily, but it seems she's not all THAT tired. If her endurance is Jounin level then that's probably to be expected.

"Well, I suppose I'm ready when you are. What level of spar were you looking for? A little bit of light shinobi kumite? Something more arduous?" She bends over backwards, her long hair pooling on the ground beneath her with her hands on her back as she tries to work out the kinks, before straightening up. "Or maybe you wanted to practice specific techniques?"

He shakes his head, "Nah, if you can't talk about it, than no worries it's all good." he tells her. "Just know if you need help, let em know, and I will be there to help you." he says to her. He's offered many times, still he didn't mind. He rolls his shoulders and as they get to the cliff, Hinotori is already standing there watching her. "Well we can start when your ready, but for now just rest." he states. "I was teasing you about sparing when you were done. With what you just did, thats pretty **** good."

Hinotori is stretching where he is standing, "I have to say thats quite impressive Tsugumi-san, your rank is very well deserved and I'm very happy for you." he states. But when she makes some suggestions, "How about you if you want to, you lead the spar, and if you see something you like let me know and I will teach it to you." The fact that she is actually ready to spar was impressive and he studies how she is moving to see if there is anything he can exploit, but he will see when they really start get moving.

Tsugumi says, "I think after all the training and missions I've been doing, I stand a slightly better chance against you in a spar. Though as you can say I've been mainly focusing on bringing my base physical abilities up, and not my Taijutsu prowess. I still have a long ways to go before I'll even be able to pose a challenge in that area. I don't even KNOW any Taijutsu above Genin level." She shakes her head in dismay at herself, smirking self-deprecatingly. "I suppose hand to hand combat just isn't something I've had much need for."

She focuses on Hinotori as she sets herself up in a horse stance, and forms a focusing seal to begin molding Chakra. "Maybe we a Ninjutsu battle between us might be a more even exchange. I believe you mentioned you were fairly skilled in that area, weren't you?"

She waits until Hinotori is ready, and then flashes through a familiar set of hand seals, her eyes are already blazing red with a fully-powered Sharingan. She knows Hinotori can take whatever she dishes out. Then she inhales deeply, her chest swelling tremendously, before she unleashes a large sphere of flames at the end of a flamethrower stream emanating from her mouth. Something 'light' to start them off.

Hinotori hops from side to side as Tsugumi got herself into ready position, thinking for a moment. "We will change that." eh says to her. "You need to improve your taijutsu skills and at least get them up to your rank level. I have a style that can help in that regard or just train you in the Iron Fist style.' he says to her simply. "From what I saw you do, you can handle either." Rolling his shoulders and nodding at her suggestion, "We can go ninjutsu, I may change within the spar, but lets see how this goes." he smiles at her.

WHen she forms her seals and begins focusing chakra an as her chest swells up, he grins at her. "Starting out the gate!" he calls to her and as the giant fireball comes streaking off towards him. Her ninjutsu is strong and he likes that, 'Good, very good Tsugumi. Let's see what you got.' he thinks to himself and he quickly leaps to the side. He takes this time as he flips and begins focusing chakra through himself and as he lands his eyes blazes red. "Well, come at me Tsugumi-san, go all out." he says to her as he gives her the come at him gesture. He doesn't attack, but now that his Sharingan is ablaze and glowing, he's ready.

Hinotori threw his body all the way to the side, flipping and dodging out of the path of the large flame sphere, rather than using up Chakra. It's too involved of a defense to retaliate immediately, meaning Tsugumi gets to take attack again, but it did spare him having to commit to any jutsu right away. Tsugumi inhales again, though not to the same nearly-top-tearing extent, and unleashes a second fireball, though this one seems to be smaller, more condensed, and almost… Solid? Or liquid? There's a mass at the center in either case.

Hinotori may see with his Sharingan that Chakra-infused oil was created inside of Tsugumi's mouth prior to launching her attack, and that's probably what the flames are clinging to. But what he might NOT notice right away is that several shuriken were thrown into the fireball after it was launched, using the flaming oil at the center to set the shuriken ablaze as well, and come out in the form of several smaller fireballs.

"Are you sure you want me to go all-out this early when you haven't even used your first Ninjutsu, Hinotori-san?" Tsugumi calls out teasingly.

Well with his Sharingan he does see it, but no he doesn't see the shurikens flying in at him. "****!" he says as he sees the attacks coming and it was covering a wide area and so he quickly does what he normally does. He steels himself and rushes trying to move faster than he's normally going, but the flame bullet's cut off one of his escape routes, which a few of the shurikens catches him cutting him and causing him to spin and slide. Gritting his teeth, Hinotori channels his chakra again, mixing with his fire manipulation, a burst of heat propels him to his left, and as he gets towards nearly the range of the Phoenix Fire. He is grazed on his right side, which causes him to grunt and gets knocked back.

HInotori looks up at her, a smile and wince shows on his face, "Oh Tsugumi-san, oh girl I'm liking you a lot." he says to her. "You better keep it up and I mean it." he laughs and using one hand, his hand flashes through seals. These seals she may not have seen or maybe have heard about and once he finishes he grins at her. Three clones appear, all three chakras are the same as Hinotoris, strong and powerful and almost life like. "Oh so now you bring us out." one clone says as he moves off to the left and gets into a fighting stance. "Yeah, Tsugumi-san looks to be a bad ****, finally a challenge." the third just grins as he gets into position. "Well guys, lets see what she got." Grunting a little, he looks at the fire on him, "Ouch dude, thats going to hurt for a bit." the clone on the left says.

Tsugumi narrows her eyes briefly as two duplicates of Hinotori appear. They appear to have the same burn murks as the real Hinotori, and to have the same Chakra, not aspected towards a particular Chakra Nature, but they aren't on fire like Hinotori is from the flaming oil on his clothes. The fact he can tolerate that pain well enough to engage in casual conversation with his clones says a lot about his willpower. Tsugumi is impressed by that, and by what she now surmises to be Shadow Clones.

Hinotori's Chakra was divided evenly between the Shadow Clones, but she isn't sure how well she can do against three combatants at once like this even if their strength is split up. Her best possible plan right now should be an area attack to take out all of them at once.

She forms several hand seals and then swings her hand out, unleashing several more shuriken, which she breathes flame-coated oil onto. Unlike the Phoenix Sage Fire, they're clearly blazing shuriken rather than small fireballs with shuriken hidden inside. Further, they seem to be maneuvering and changing direction in mid-air, manipulated by the Fire Chakra coating them.

To control her jutsu after it has left her direct control like that says that Tsugumi has very good Chakra control. And to be able to accurately target Hinotori and his Shadow Clones says she knows what kind of threat this jutsu poses. She doesn't know if her opponent already knew this jutsu and just show not to use it before, or if it's a recent addition to his arsenal. But she knows it's a very advanced technique, and she may have underestimated just how good with Ninjutsu he is. He might very well be better than she is.

Hinotori watches the attack comes at them, he breaths and Hinotori and his clones react, all differently. The clone on his left seems to flicker through the shurikens, his eyes with the Sharingan in them quickly spotting the shurikens and move away from them and finally rolling past the last of the few. Hinotori on the right is just distancing himself from the cliff and rolling past the shurikens. The real Hino sees the shurikens and is moving past them rushing in towards Tsugumi, he isn't blazes within and around the shurikens. His hands flashes through seals, he knows he is going to risk this on one attack and his two clones leap up high into the air, at the same time. He inhales deeply, each clone is using only one hand to use this technique, "Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu!" they say in unison. A large overwhelming fireball reigns down towards Tsugumi, 'Show me something good Tsugumi-san.' he thinks watching her.

The massive Fire Release that Hinotori uses against her, combined with two Shadow Clones, makes Tsugumi's eyes go wide as she realizes the trio of attacks cover to wide an area for her to avoid without pulling something crazy that is likely to fail. If she had put Hinotori under a Genjutsu, she could have manipulated him into attacking somewhere other than where she was, though she doesn't know if her Visual Prowess is enough to also manipulate the two Shadow Clones. In short, she suddenly realizes she's lacking in options.

And, put on the spot like that, she falls back on something she was hoping not to have to use in real combat ever, despite recently training to learn to control it. As a trio of raging dragon-shaped fireballs come tearing towards her, closing in on her, turning their imminent impact point into a patch of earth blindingly-lit, Tsugumi's eyes shift to a different design.

Moments later, as the flame dragons seemingly hit something… They seem to have halted in mid-air, or to be feeding themselves into some kind of funnel. A funnel that greadually expands to encompass them, and is not actually a funnel, but rather a wave of black flames that are spreading across the attacks of Hinotori and his clones.

Fire consumes fire, burning it away, destroying it, until Tsugumi can no longer focus her technique through the pain in her left eye. The cracks of veins across the white surface vanish as she has to close that eye. Blood seeps from it and pours down her cheek as she holds one hand to her face, wincing. "That was… A close one." she mutters, already realizing that the circle of people who knew she had this power has increased from three to four as a result of her actions.

Breathing a bit heavily due to the Chakra expenditure, Tsugumi calls out, "That was an impressive attack, Hinotori-san. I don't have much else to show you that you haven't already seen. Unless you have more to show me, it might be a good idea to stop soon. I imagine you have questions either way, after all…"

Hinotori watches but as he sees the black flames, all three of him folds their arms, he closes his eyes and soon all three of him have the Mangekyou activated. Really she is the only one now who will see that he has it as well. He watches until the black flames devoure the dragon. He smiles as he looks upon her, a look of impress shows on his face. "Wonderful." he says as he walks over to her. She will see his eyes, "I didn't know you had it." he grins. He rolls his shoulders a little, "Thanks Tsugumi, I don't know, I know some ninjutsu, but mostly I combine it with my taijutsu." he says to her. He does grin at her, "Yeah it's good to stop here." he tells her. He walks over to the edge of the cliff, he sits down, "Please come join me Tsugumi-san." he says to her. "Let em know how it happened to you?" he asks.

Tsugumi pauses, her breath catching in her throat, and the eye she isn't covering sinking half-closed as she peers at three Hinotoris, each with a Sharingan different and alien, like her own. When Hinotori indicates the spar is indeed over… Because this has definitely gone beyond the level of a simple spar… She closed her right eye as well and allows her doujutsu to revert to her normal, dark eyes.

She takes the time to wipe her blood off her face with her sleeve as she walks over to join Hinotori. The ground is still smoldering where the heat from those attacks scorched the ground, even if no flames remain.

The mature kunoichi sits down next to Hinotori and asks, "You can't guess?" Hinotori came to her home after all… Right after a certain incident… One of the same things that has pushed him to resume his training and pick up his activity, the recent deaths of multiple Uchiha, including a member of the Uchiha Police Force.

"It was when my husband died." she states incase he doesn't put it together on his own. "I'm more surprised to find that you also possess it."

Hinotori pats the fire off him, he takes off his hoodie which is burnt from her attack earlier. He sighs a little, and drops it to the side. Luckily he has a few more, though as she comes to join him, he watches her as she sits down. When she begins to speak, "Yeah, I remember now." he says. Still he lets her continue knowing how it happened, he remembered that they sat and talked that day, and he just consoled her how he could. He lowers his head a little and closes his head. "I've not been wanting to ask you, but I've seen that fire within you the last few times we'e trained." he says to her. "I know you think about your husband a lot, it will get better, just make sure you don't forget is all." he says to her.

He looks out at the scenery in front of them. "I've had mine for some time Tsugumi-san." he say to her. "I think for about a year and a half now." He shakes his head a little, "Didn't ask for it, didn't want it, but I have it." he says simply. "My parents." he says to her. "A rogue group of Senju set a trap for me. I wasn't told until after my parents and sister left to deal with it. The First Hokage knew that the group who setup the ambush was realtives of the same group I killed during the clan wars when my Sharingan activated. I was ten than." he says to her. "The second took me with her to go after them, but it was too late. My sister was about to be raped and my parents were killed. I was told that something switched off in me." he leaves it at that. He lets out a breath, "What a way to unlock all this power huh?" he asks her as he turns to look at Tsugumi. For the first time since she's met him, those soft, fun eyes, easy going deamonor was replaced by a hard and cold set of eyes. He shakes his head, "I found out that when Uchiha love, we love hard. And the closer the person is to us the stronger our abilities become, I think this is what they mean by the Mangekyou." he say to her. "I trained myself to use this, but never brought it to bear, even when things were bad." he sighs. He smiles a little, "Sorry."

Tsugumi listens to Hinotori's explanation of how he received the Mangekyou Sharingan. Like her, it was a power she didn't ask for, and didn't want. And that it could be dangerous for others to know she has. On the other hand, it's a power that, if she DOES have to use it, she should be proficient with, so that she can protect those close to her. Noting the change in expression and the look in Hinotori's eyes, Tsugumi puts a hand on his shoulder and squeezes comfortingly. She can't really say any words to make that pain go away. So she doesn't try. "We have it now. We can't change the past. And something that my daughter doesn't understand… Is that revenge is a dead-end street. It earns you nothing, can destroy you if you crash along the way, and even if you reach the end, all that's left is emptiness."

Then the mature kunoichi looks out across the forests and wilderness below them that spread out to the horizon, the mountain ranges, the Hidden Leaf Village far in the distance. "If we must bear this power, the best thing we can do is to learn to use it to a productive end. Do you know what yours can do? Have you tested it?"

Hinotori feels her hand on his shoulder, he nods his head, "I know." he says to her. "I've almost given into vengeance." he says to her. "But it was the 2nd she stopped me." he lowers his head a little. Though Tsugumi had a point, he turns to look at her, studying her for a long moment, watching her. "Yeah I do, mine is called Kagutsuchi. God of Fire, it enhances my taijutsu skills and gives me far more power over our natural fire element. I know of the Amaterasu just like you, which I plan in using it just like I do in my taijutus." he says to her. Shaking his head, "I can use more training with it's ability though and with you having it, we can work on it together, that way we we can help one another." he says to her making the suggestion.

He pauses, "Hey you daughter still has her mother, and I'm sure she will follow your lead, though we all have to walk our path, but she has you to guide her Tsugumi-san." he say to her. He offers a smile finally, he lets out a breath. "I've tried to let a lot of things go, because all of that anger and hate can only drown you. Many people think I'm too happy at times, and well I know I have to be." he smiles to her. "Your the only one who knows I have this and maybe my cousin. Thats all who knows of mine. So these should be our trump card and maximize our strength within it." he states.

After Tsugumi retrieves her hand, she tries to bring her legs up to hug them to her chest, but her chest is too big for that so winds up just folding them instead. "You're right about Suzu. But I can't always be there for her. And as much as I'd like otherwise, I can't protect her from everything or always give her perfect advice. I don't have all the answers." Then she frowns and asks, "Wait, what do you mean you know of 'Amaterasu' like I do?" She turns to look at the other Jounin as she puzzles it out. "…The black flames?" she suggests. "I didn't realize they had a name." Tsugumi then looks up at the sky. The cloud cover has begun to thin and the sun is starting to break through.

"So you want to combine Amaterasu with your Fire Taijutsu… That could be dangerous, if you can't control the flames. But it sounds like controlling flames is the special power of your eyes. If that's the case… Yes, I can see that working." Tsugumi looks back down at the forest. "I don't know the limits of my power yet. I have so many other things to work on, and the pain of using these eyes too much… I feel like it's tied to severe consequences if I overuse them. That's what the legends say at least."

Hinotori watches as she tries to hug her knees to her, but she can't. He moves over and leans his shoulder against hers if she allows him, allowing him to comfort her if he can. As she asks him about the black flames, he nods his head, "Yeah, it's called Amaterasu." he says. "The black flames will not go out like normal fire, you can diffuse them, but anyone hit by it, burns until they are ashes." he says to her. "As for your daughter, she will find her way, you just keep doing what your doing." he smiles. "I don't have kids of my own, but I know what I remember what my parents did for me and my sister. We still have to learn things on our own, and she will." Hinotori looks out at the wilderness, looking into the forest and the village itself.

"Well, thats why you train with someone who also has something similar. Work on what you need to and we will work on our Sharingan techniques as we go, lets take it slowly." he says to her. "I don't have a whole lot of skills with mine, though I just tried to find what more knowledge I can about it and work from there." His legs hang over the edge.

Tsugumi definitely notices Hinotori bumping up against her. He's trying to provide comfort, like she did for him. But… Both that, and the contact between them in general, could wind up sending mixed missions or even… Going too far if she allows it to continue. Like her daughter, she has a certain weakness for dark skin like Hinotori possesses.

So before anything 'dangerous' can happen, she hops up onto her feet, walks away a short distance, and then turns to face Hinotori. "Before we get your injuries treated, there's something I'd like to show you. You tell me if it's something you can do as well or not." Then she closes her eyes, straining her already-tested energy reserves so soon after the spar ended, as she builds up a large amount of Chakra. The air around her shifts subtlly. There's just a different feel. Like the very direction of the wind has suddenly reversed. When she opens her eyes, they again bear her Mangekyou Sharingan, and then a huge amount of Chakra suddenly manifests around her, a blaze of cold blue flames that appear to be shaping themselves into a giant, skeletal… Ribcage?

The Chakra emanating from her is intense, and seems to be being shaped into a solid structure.

Tsugumi looks to Hinotori and asks, "Could this be my power?"

Well for Hino, all he was trying to do was comfort her, but when Tsugumi hops up onto her feet and backs away from her. He looks confused, but he quickly brushes it away. If she has a weakness for dark skin, for him he has a weakness for well large assests. Which maybe it's a good idea she got up. Though when she tells him she wanted to show him something and asks if he may have something that she has. He quirks a brow. "Ok show me." he says as he looks at her staying where he is, not wanting to get close just in case she needed the room.

As she begins to focus, he could feel the wind shifting and reversing around them, he activates his Sharingan and he sees the large amount of chakra she is gathering and as he sees the cold blue fire and the ribcage forming, his eyes widens. "Whoa." he says as he stands up now. He can't believe it, "So thats what it looks like." he grins. "I forgot the name, but no first time seeing it. I've heard of it, but never seen it or haven't even developed my own yet." he tells Tsugumi. "Your impressing me more and more Tsugumi-san." he says as he looks to her. "How do you feel with it?" he asks.

Tsugumi allows the Chakra construct to dissolve as her eyes revert to normal. She is letting out small, pained gasps and clenching and unclenching her hands. "It hurts. A lot. It draws Chakra from my entire body. Every cell. I need to adjust to the pain if I'm going to use it properly. But the strain on my eyes is enough that I can't use it often enough to train with." She sighs and says, "It's called Susano'o. It's the power that Uchiha Madara possessed. Though his was considerably larger and more destructive."

Tsugumi looks out over the forest one last time and says, "I should get back home now. And you should get to the hospital. You're cut and covered in burns. That's not something to let linger for too long."

When she lets it dissolve, Hinotori does move towards her, he couldn't do anything for the pain, but he checks her over and well he's pretty close but isn't touching her. "I see." he says as he looks around the area, "Well here is where we will train with this, or Iw ill find someone where us more secluded to train." he says to her. Hearing about the pain and how it feels, he shakes his head, "Your right, when I develop mine, we will have to tolerate it. I would say the first thing you will need to do is time yourself and see how long you can hold it." he says. "But for now, we both need to rest." When she tells him he needs to get himself looked at. He smirks, "I will, no worries." he tells her. "I've been hit with worse, but…yoru right, I will go see the medics." Hinotori shakes his head and cracks a smile, "Your something else Tsugumi-san. We will do this together, promise." he tells her. "I hope to see you soon and again Tsugumi-san." he says to her. He gives a bow of his head to her and winks at her. "Take it easy." he says to her as he gets ready to start leaving, pausing a little.

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