Struggle With No Reward - A Show of Force


Naru, Ataru, Shuuren (as Tadashi)

Date: May 25, 2013


Allying with the True Fire Movement, Narusegawa along with Shuuren and Ataru lead a force of 200 strong army against the powerful Daimyo's levy troops at the heart of their logistics. The battle is aimed to tip the balance in the rebellions favor while at the same time build some influence for future battles.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle With No Reward - A Show of Force"

Daimyo's River Base

The Daimyo's river base was a logistical hub for their incredible war machine. The TFM knew very well that demolishing this particular hub would assist in crippling the Daimyo all over. The area itself was heavily guarded, a massive wooden fortress with a port for small vessels to go up and down along the river base delivering supplies all over. Aside from a few shinobi of measuring rank posted within and about the village a massive staging force of about 500 soldiers levied about the walls and interior of the fortress. Little did they know a smaller but surgical force marched from along the horizon… Or perhaps they did. The TFM forces, about 250 strong had stumbled through the forest and lead by 3 shinobi. 2 Shinobi from Konoha and the other an unknown affiliate. They treaded along the border of the fortress an hour past dawn. Using the shadows and night to their advantage to obscure their fighting potential. " Any questions about this mission?" Naru questioned the two other shinobi while motioning forward. " Needless to say, this place needs to disappear and we need to force these soldiers to flee. If we inflict enough pain I can see them running away swiftly…" Naru informed, brushing off her adornment of crimson red armor, a traditional Uchiha battle garb.

While he's none too pleased to be working alongside these insurgents, Tadashi figures Naru has some kind of plan that doesn't allow these idiots to overrun the country. He'll merely play along for now and wait for the chance to strike. "No," his inflectionless voice rings out simply to her question as he walks along with her. Rather than his normal attire, he has come today in a rather frightening-looking set of armor, having jagged layers of silver color with a helmet that looks quite a bit like the face of the monster sealed inside him, with talon-like fangs over the face that the spaces between allow him to see and black gems for eyes. He even lets some of the Crawler's presence ooze from him, giving off the essence of pure evil as he prepares to approach. If the game is to scare the living Newtons out of these guys, he's certainly game.

Of course that emmination would have Kyouki going nuts. It was one of the things he was created to oppose. While it wasn't the exact same sort of emmination as the opposite weapon.. it was really close! This of course, put Ataru on edge as he was having to mentally argue with Kyouki. No he wasn't going to attack the freaky guy, Naru said he was ok.. yes he understands that it's pure evil with a hint of evil on the side. It's not something they were to deal with here and now. Here and now the justice of the land came first. The balance had to be restored. They were here to restore it. As they got close to that camp, Ataru would glance over the TFM group, shake his head slightly and look at the army ahead. "Nah.. we beat em and make em run. ain't 'bout killing, just damaging and wrecking the place.. we can do that.. fer sure."

Narusegawa wasn't quite aware at Ataru's internal struggle and for now she merely decided to give them both a nod offering one more piece of advice. " While our goal is quite obvious it will difficult to do so without spilling a little bit of blood, this is a war after all. Don't take any chances," Narusegawa finalized. As she finished speaking the army behind them began to move forward, "Archers!" One of the men shouted as they formed their battle line. "Fire!" The archers lined up and doused the edge of their arrows in a pint of oil, ignited it with a flame before firing their barrage of fire volleys high into the sky and beating down against the wooden fortress. After the third volley had struck dousing the fortress in flames, there was return fire from the Daimyo's forces and the scurrying of soldiers. The TFM on the other hand began their charge forward, stampeding towards the fortress gate to force entry. " Let's get this place obliterated…. I will take care of their cover fire…." Narusegawa informed kicking forward down into the battle field, she moved along with the charge, focusing chakra throughout her body… They needed to lure the shinobi out as well… Destroy the port and raze the fortress.

Without so much as a word to anyone else, Tadashi moves through a few handseals then places his hand down on the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu," he says calmly. While there are no explosions, no giant puffs of smoke, nearly a dozen creatures of black begin to swarm out of the shadows and begin making their way toward the fortress. "Report back to me where the main pillars are that hold this place up," he instructs the creatures before vanishing from sight.

As the cover fire begins, the black creatures would approach the fortress and begin to stalk those there who are attempting to hold their ground. Without making a single actual strike, they begin using Genjutsu to try to strike fear into the men to simply make them flee.

Ataru started to move, only to stumble as the sudden surge of evil spread.. Gah! Who IS this guy that Naru knows??? Ataru glares at the darkness.. things.. as they'd head for the fortress, then point at the man in the armor. "You and me buddy.. we gotta have a talk.. most likely be a throw down too.." Kyouki was screaming to be let loose so he could attack Tadashi. Ataru gritted his teeth and started running instead, focusing himself as that chakra would gather into his limbs, he'd put on a sudden burst of speed to get him to the fortress sooner. It was time to show them why what they were doing was a bad idea.

The closer the TFM and the shinobi had gotten the more preparedness began to develop from behind the walls. Many of the archers now lined up along the walls to send volleys after volleys into the intruding army. Many of the TFM soldiers manage to push through, their march remaining steady while slipping away from the barrage, a few soldiers fell in the initial cross fire but their morale did not waver. The soldiers blinked their eyes in disbelief as "shadow warriors" appeared from out of thin air, forcing a portion of the standing army to stall and crack with fear, the TFM used this as a motion to spear head forward, the soldiers drop to their knees were then stabbed and brutalized by the approaching forces taking advantage of the situation. For now though, more spear men from the levy began to pour out from the main gate to keep the TFM from seiging the fortress so quickly.

Narusegawa herself naturally slipped away from the barrage with an elegant motion of her body. "Someone smash that gate! I will focus on the walls!" Narusegawa cried out, her body leaping high into the air before forming a set of hand seals. "Fire Release! Flaming Artilery!" From her lips expelled a massive set of two flames burning high into the air then dropping down like a meteor upon the walls, She planned on eliminating the archers while bringing the wall down along with it…. For now there were no sign of rival shinobi.

At the order shouted by Naru, the creatures of shadow would begin moving toward the gate. Anyone around them would become a target of Genjutsu as they attempt to open up a pathway for their commander to make his way through. If that's not bad enough, as the armor-clad man appears amidst them again, this time with two copies of himself that would begin tearing into anyone in the path toward the gate in attempt to rush through them so the gate can be crashed. While brutal, they're careful to only knock these men outcold, as there's no need to kill them like Naru said, which is probably going to confuse Kyouki to no end as evil spreads more and more yet he takes no lives.

Kyouki has reached the stage of 'I'm ignoring you.' loudly, in Ataru's head. Poor guy is going to have a headache at the end of this. Gritting his teeth, Ataru rushed the front gate. While the shadow evils would spread out, reducing people to gibbering messes, Ataru just rushed head on, charging that group to suddenly blur into action. Everyone got pummelled. Anyone who dropped would be left where they were at, but he was laying a smack down that few would soon forget. It accumulated with him getting to that gate, rearing back his fist and with that one punch, would attempt to blast it off the hinges and into the fort. Well.. this sort of mission was Ataru's forte. Mass destruction.

The Levy forces were being completed obliterated at the gate. The Genjutsu used by the Hitokage kept them at bay, forcing some of them to freak out and be cut up by TFM's forces. The levy was distraught, the flaming fire balls smashed the walls breaking a portion of it and causing the archer to break out into a flee, the wall also left a burning opening for soldiers to slip in once the fire had cleared. As for the gate, Ataru's and Tadashi's combination of attacks had completely cleared the front. The men where held down by their dead comrades.

" What the pound! They are still alive! Hey we are allies! John! You were my friend!" Absolute chaos rang at the gates as former allies rose from the dead to take down their closet friends, the line of guards broke out into a scatter, as those who weren't cut down began to flee leaving Ataru the perfect movement to smash down the wooden gate and he did. The Gate exploded from it's hinges breaking out into the open field within the fortress. It was just wide and open land which branched out towards the various warehouses and barracks. Before him was about 200 hundred soldiers lined up to resist any further incurison. That wasn't alll that remained at the gate however. "Fire!" One of the men shouted, suddenly a focused volley of arrows began to sweep through the open door way, more so to mow down Ataru before he had a chance to defend.

Tadashi on the other hand was suddenly interrupted by the earth beneath his feet attempting to snag him down into the earth below, and crush and meld at his body. A shinobi could be seen a little further behind the walls, hand planted against the ground to perform his ninjutsu.

Narusegawa narrowly escaped from a barrage of lightning striking at her from above the towers. Rolling her form away from each and finally drawing the blade at her back. " Scale the wall!" Narusegawa commanded her TFM allies, many of them begining to rope up the walls and also plow threw the entrance Ataru had given them. Ataru and the few TFM at the gate needed to hold off long enough for the others to scale the wall. Narusegawa then turned her attention to the shinobi, adorned in the daimyo's battle armor, almost instantly she flickered and brought her blade down upon them, radiating with vibrant electricity down into his chest.

Just as the earth would attempt to grab Tadashi, he would vanish into thin air. He would then reappear directly in front of the offending shinobi, seemingly about to ram into him when another form of him would appear behind him to place a hand on his throat to knock the man unconscious. "No time to play with you today," the armor-clad man says as he goes to set the ninjutsuist on the ground while the Hitokage continue to work their way inward, using Genjutsu to send the men scattering while the work is done to prepare to tear this place down.

Ataru did what Ataru does.. he charged. Full on into the arrow barrage of 200 people, he was moving like crazy, speeds that most wouldn't even be able to see, less alone deal with as he'd rush into the ranks. Once he got close enough, Ataru did what most would consider impossible: He sped up. The blur was everywhere at once, hitting everyone he could in as wide a swath of damage as he could possibly deal. Chunks of the ground were torn up from him landing and moving on, as he'd give a serious chunk of that army a true beat down. It was one thing when taking on a few, this was pushing Ataru to the height of his ability in being an all encompassing strike.

The TFM made their advance fairly swiftly. The swept up the walls of the fortress and then jumped down to join the battle below. Their archers began to rain more fire arrows from within catching much of the fortress ablaze while Ataru single handedly began to mow down the entire army at his front with a single yet fast paced and heavy hitting jutsu. The army at that point was demolished, their morale completely broken after watching the terrible beat down, this also allowed the soldiers of the TFM to march forward, spears in hand to play mop up, cutting down those who attempted to get away and also setting fires to the many buildings. Tadashi's assassin was also quickly "put to sleep" passing out as quick as Tadashi came along, he was now at the Crawler's mercy…. Narusegawa missed the strike against the shinobi against her, who then began to stage his own retreat due to the fort being overrun. Narusegawa used this time to pump up her own chakra, forging a blade of chakra within her hand, swirling and vibrating and then condensing raw chakra into the blade. After it's formation she chucked it like a javelin, burrowing down near the port side of the port before erupting it in a massive cratering explosion… A few more explosions and this place was as good as razed.

After putting his would-be assassin down for a nap, Tadashi smirks and looks up at the fortress. "Let's end this game. I'm bored already," his inflectionless voice rings out before placing his hand on the ground, and this time armor-clad Hitokage would burst forth from the ground to begin charging the fortress and attempting to knock down while and foundational pillars, the controlled bodies doing as the same as the armor-clad Crawler looks on. This may count as a victory for the insurgents, but their time in glory will be short-lived….

Panting softly as he'd finish that last hit, he'd watch the people run. A firm nod given in satisfaction and his attention turned to the fort. At Naru's throw of starting to level the place, Ataru would pop his neck and start walking for one of the few buildings left untouched. Only to promptly punch out the corners, quickly leveling the place. Yeah yeah.. others threw lightning and rocks and stuff.. Ataru? he hit things.. he hit things hard enough to make sure they were itty bitty rubble by the time the dust cleared. Mass destruction.. that's what Ataru does. Once they did finish up there, Ataru's attention turned to Tadashi, the inflectionless one. "Who are you, why should I care and why am I not beatin ya inta a pulp right now?"

The Fortress finally began to crumble without any resistance. Narusegaw's lightning blade pierced a chunk out of the exterior while turning the port into a cratering mess. The fire continually burned away at the walls and buildings amplifying once Tadashi and Ataru smashed some of the corners allowing the fire to rapid spread and causing the walls and building to level. The remaining armies simply began to run away, scattering throughout the area as they was forced the route. The Daimyo's shipping hub was no more…. The rebellion would only stay long enough to make sure the fort burned to the ground and to assure there weren't anymore survivors. With the battle more or less over, a soft sigh escapes Naru's lips while motioning over back toward Ataru and Tadashi. "Hmm, that was a job well done… Is everything okay between you two?" she didn't think they got caught in friendly fire…

As he is spoken to, Tadashi looks over to Ataru, tilting his head slightly. He pauses a few moments before laughing and turning away. "Probably because you want to live to see the next sunrise," he comments with a smirk behind his mask. He turns his head toward Naru to give a nod before looking back to Ataru. "You want to know who I am? I am the man who seized control of darkness to bring Order to the light. These men fight and die for their senses of justice while destroying their lives and the lives of those who wish nothing to do with this meaningless conflict. It is because of me that the creature your 'friend' is so venomous toward was not able to rampage over this world as he wished. Good and evil mean naught to me. I only mean to bring order and peace by putting a stop to such foolish chaos." With that, he would turn to walk away, the Hitokage following him and fading back into the shadows before he vanishes into thin air.

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