A Siege’s End, Part I - The Ready Room


Tosai, Daichi, Kaydin

Date: February 15, 2011


The Siege of Hanmai Village comes just before five nomadic warriors can finally find there peace. What ends up being simply a guard mission for a wedding, now pits Team Four, along with the remaining nomad fighters, with a tough decision to be made. Be withered away? Or stand and fight!!

"A Siege’s End, Part I - The Ready Room"

Southern Pathway [Land of Fire]


The large trees and bushes fall away hear and become more and more scarce, in the distance the sound of a river rushing can faintly be heard. Heading over the s-bend towards the east a very large wooden bridge is seen, this is the bridge which eventually leads to the harbor path where the Fire Ferry was built to accommodate travel across the sea to the water country.


War… Utter and complete devastation caused by the disagreement between two or more sides. Who would think that the Land of Fire still was subject to seeing such things, even during the creation of Five Great Villages? This was supposed to remedy the conflict that seemed to cross the land, right? Well though the conflicts are no longer of such a grand scale, lasting for decades, that doesn't mean that every now and then, such a catastrophe can't break out on much smaller levels. Some people still can't get along, even if someone unites everyone under a bigger banner. It just so happens that at least that /more/ deaths won't be caused because of /everyone/ not getting along.

This brings right in the middle of the current situation. A small villages stand against those who decided they didn't agree with how things were going. But Konohagakure's ninja weren't sent for that. They were a guard platoon, made to serve as extra security for the coronation of a new Clan Head. A nomadic group of swordsmen called the Wujiken, had decided to put away there swords, in favor of peace. They were all men of valor and caliber, whose honor had been that which even most ninja respected enough to leave be. Their heroics were legendary, and when the time came, each man, decided it was time for a simpler life away from the vigilante life style of protecting and saving. The greatest of these men, Raikenko, had been chose as a leader, when he and the daughter of the Hanmai Village, Benikuma, decided to wed. This was only after the untimely death of Benikuma's father, Haiirokuma, whom had been trusting to Wujiken, since the early days of the Clan Wars.

While Konohagakure sent Akimichi Tosai and Team Four as a small guard to this same Hanmai village, others, had been sent to disturb the ceremonial rites of the wedding. Who was sent do this? The appearance of those in question had not happened by the time the marrying of two whose ages had started. It seemed rare enough, but the wedding, would have a very beautiful begining. Of course, the assassination attempt against Raikenko, made sure that this wedding would not end well. Stopped only by the speed and cunning of these same ninja, Tosai's team reluctantly included, this attempt served as more than just that. It was a threat.. An metal bolt signaled the resounding cry of over 100 men just beyond the ridge of this village. There enemy was led by the Haiirokuma's son and Benikuma's brother, Akakuma the Iron Arrow. It seemed he disagreed with more than just the wedding.

The village would and could not stand for this..

After defending against multiple raids, events back to two days earlier of confirmed one thing. A village under siege. Of the four members of the Wujiken, only three stand along side three more ninja of the Leaf, and 30 other men and boy's who have decided to take a stand against those who threaten a village's joy. Exhausted, tired, and hurt, men try and sleep, taking guard in the night, and seeming to fight across hours in the day. This thing has to end. Tosai finds himself being awaken in the morning, as part of the third watch. He moves to check on those who are injured, and before long, he seeks the status of things to come. By now, all of Team Four have been alerted to meet at the Ready Room, a place named as planning area for every tactic made against this rice plantation. A large man whose behavior was of the code of Bushido, Raikenko stood in a body of half armor, and have loose kimono, looking to the mapping of the region. Gray hair hung straight and long from his beard and head, as he looked to the planning in weary seriousness.

Daichi wasn't as enthusiastic as he normally was on missions; this mission had him in a rather irritable mood. Though Daichi was passionate about growing strong he disapproved highly of senseless slaughter and a disagreement was hardly a just cause for war in his eyes. He was silent for most of the mission ever since Team 4 arrived. While he tended to some of the injured from the past battles he would look upon the wounded and feel an overwhelming rage, greater than anything he has felt before. Rage so great he could respond the way he would normally, he knew he couldn't let it affect the mission but Daichi was beyond his breaking point. Though he didn't appear to be out right, he was furious and less than pleased. As he sat in the Ready Room he would avoid eye contact and keep his mouth shut as he couldn't trust himself with words. The past battles have been different from Daichi's regular fights; he was a bit more savage and less generous with his attacks. He aimed to kill not injure anything to make the fighting come to an end quicker. His silent rage could be felt on the battlefield and even now in the Ready Room he just waited for his order….who will he have to kill now he wondered….who else must die a pointless death. Though they're defending the Land of Fire as shin obi, Daichi still felt this battle was senseless like all the others.

Kaydin was trained from a small child to not let his emotions be displayed, and to always keep a calm and clear mind. While his personal feelings made him hate the war and conflicts which had been going on, he remained emotionless in this matter, spending his time doing his duty as a shinobi of the leaf and when given chances to relax, he would simply re-enact his chores he normally does for the main family: cooking, cleaning, and helping tend the wounded and the young. He moved to the Ready Room, carrying a tray of snacks he had meant for his team to help them keep their strength. "My apologies for being late." He says softly, offering small lunch boxes to Daichi and a larger one for Tosai, offering food to the others as well before moving to his place beside Daichi.

An eminating darkness was felt from Daichi.. Enough so where when the boy descending into his rather angry mood, Tosai had to slap him upside the head, to calm his nerves. The slaps, after a while, just didn't seem to work long, and for good reason after a while. This whole thing.. It was indeed senseless, and Daichi had his right. It wasn't far off from what Raikenko himself felt, as he perused the notes of reconnaissance, and tallied the casualties and victims from both sides. It was enough to make his eyes water from time to time. This was too close to somewhere that he and the Wujiken warrior could finally call home. If anything, the small mednin was sympathize with.

As Tosai pat him upon entering the area, Tosai's attention sought the older warrior, now reluctant commander, with a gentle smile, seeking at least to lighten the mood of an otherwise dreary room. His admiration for Kaydin's cool headedness, was let known by a nod in understanding to his lateness. However, as much as it was appreciated that snacks were brought in, Tosai would refuse his. He'd take the large box, only to sit it before Raikenko, who he had known to not have eaten anything in the pass few days. "Raikenko-sama…", was said in a way pleading with the man. The proud warrior swordsman, however, was not too excited to take the box, having even to be urged by Tsuchikenko, Katokenko, and Mizukenko, men he had stood with over 15 years in battle. The man gave in, only to take the box, with a humble bow, and sigh. Tosai's gratitude was shown with a deeper bow, his large body being lowered greatly, just before his own speaking began. "…This situation can not abide any further, Raikenko-sama."

The older man agreed..

"It is becoming more and more apparent that if this battle rages on, more will villagers will be hurt. We have sought to try and heed into the pride of the Hanmai, by allowing them to fight to solve there own matter. As a man not of this village, I did not feel at liberty to decide its fate. But Haiiro-o-ojii-sama, depends on me even now, to make sure that this village will never be left to ruin.. I have to take things into my own hands now.." "Not without us, Rai-kun!!", was then said by Katokenko, as he and the two other Wujiken fighters stood rose up from their knees simultaneously, shouting, "Yosh!!!", proudly. A gentle wave was made by Raikenko to sit the others down, before he'd say, "But I can not ask any of you to risk your lives for this endeavor. However, in my heart, I know well that the fight that we now face, may not be survivable.. Even Fuutokenko realized this when he sacrificed himself for my own life…" Tears went down the man's eyes, as well as down that of Tsuchikenko's, the large and mighty of the Wujiken.

Tosai came to stand and said, "That is not for you to decide however, Raikenko-sama. To deprive these men a chance to prove their loyalty and friendship, as well as not use the ninja here as you will, you curse the very name of the same. Let us do as we will, to stop this useless fight, if not to end this all, but… to honor the falling of a comrade."

Barely motioning towards Kaydin and his lunch box, Daichi had little to say. He just wanted to finish with this mission. The valor of the Wujiken did however lighten his mood as they too felt that this battle was senseless. Getting all depressed wouldn't help the cause. Realizing this, Daichi would try to cheer up but he still was far from a good mood. He rose with Tosai and would rest his hand on his hip as he was ready for action. He would, however, see fit as to not let Kaydin's lunch box go to waste now. Hey… a boy's gotta’ eat. He waits for a direct order now, his rage quelled slightly for the moment.


Kaydin would eat softly, with the manners of a nobleman while the others talked. However, when Tosai would stand, he would simply set aside his box and stand with the Jounin, remaining at attention and when Tosai finishes, he simply resumes back to his silent eating, not saying a word during the time he arrived, simply remaining quiet like the good branch member he was.

The older leader of the five men who traveled the land, righting wrongs with their mystical, elemental weaponry, looked up to Tosai, surprised that the Akimichi had talked in such a manner. Yet as shocked as he was, Raikenko agreed fully. It was not as if there was any other way to get through this battle and fight, without the courage to face what had seemed to be utter doom. Those facing the Hanmai, the army of Akakuma, outnumbered each man and boy three to one. It was for this reason alone, that it was time for those same weapons that had been chained away within the center of the village, to be yet again brought to arms. Raikenko's palms hit the war table simultaneously as he stood suddenly. He'd smile at Tosai and nod at him sharply..

"The Wujiken, make there stand now!"

A simple few words, that caused his team to rise to arms as if knowing exactly what it meant. They ran out of the Ready Room, with great haste. Tosai bowed deeply saying, "Thank you, Raikenko-sama. And with more, may I be the one to suggest that we have a plan to go with such vigor?" The older man seemed to sigh and nod, before then looking to the map. "The final confrontation will go as planned. A direct attack upon the armies that lie outside this village, only after we further fortify all the boundaries surrounding it." Tosai then said, "I can see where you are going… But there must be more?" "Indeed.. With all the fighting outside, especially now that the Wujiken has chosen to show there full might, Akakuma, will be left with minimal guard within the village's inside boundaries.." "So that means that we will have to find away to infiltrate." Raikenko nods before then saying, "I think as ninja, you may can help with that?" Tosai would then turn to the two Genin he had with him and paused… He eyed Daichi and Kaydin… "I feel the need to say that it may be tough for these two alone… And I would hate to lose my men.. But it seems we may have no choice."


Daichi would look to Tosai sharply "TOSAI-SENSEI!" He snapped sharply as the boy glares with a mixture of sympathy and determination his fist tightened. He would settle himself as these were the first words he would come to say all day.

"….Have faith in us…"

Daichi would smirk showing that the boy had returned to his old self "We are more than capable," he assured as he glanced to Kaydin. "The last thing I want you thinking is that we didn't come here ready to risk our lives," Daichi quiets down and folds his arms. He would turn towards the door as if he was hiding an expression on his face "Just give the order and Team 4 will move out," Daichi would slide his arm across his face it seems and turn back "Well?" he said impatiently and optimistically.

"I believe infiltration would be possible, considering the various techniques like Henge. In the end, it would rely heavily on our acting skills. I agree with Daichi-san." He says calmly as he would begin to follow his fellow genin, moving slowly and calmly, stoically. "And I will attempt to help Daichi-san keep a calm head during this." He says calmly, waiting for the order to go, his back turned to the Jounin, as he remains by Daichi.

Daichi's way was always that which Tosai both hated, and understood. He was always excited, eager, ready, and quick to act. At the same time, he could be reckless, a kiss up, unthinking, and utterly nerve racking. But that was what made the Mednin so special. Daichi was just like Tosai was at the same age. For that very reason alone, the kenjutsuist was picked as the first member of Team Four, and has remained its most resident member. His enthusiasm was enough to make Tosai smile, though the facial expression itself was obviously one that had to penetrate through hesitation and fear of loss. Kaydin, of course, presented himself as the rock that would keep Daichi from going off the handle and being to rash, assuring that the mednin would have some help. But still, though powerful Kaydin was, he too, had much more to learn. Tosai could not help but be guarding of their lives to risk.

For Raikenko, the courage of these two, and the similarity of his situation and Tosai's, provoked him to speak. "Tosai-san.. If I may, a wise man once said that 'to deprive these men of a chance to prove their loyalty and friendship, was to curse the very names of the same'. I am sure that if the man were to look into his own words, he'd understand himself a hypocrite at this very moment."

Tosai's eyes widened, as he lowered his head slowly out of embarrassment. Even as he had done so, the remaining members of the Wujiken had come in, each displaying there unique and powerful weaponry. They looked to Tosai in wonder, before Raikenko moved to quiet them, allowing Tosai to process his thoughts. He'd then look to the faces of Daichi, and Kaydin, and then chuckle to himself, saying, "Damnit.. I hate when I am so right, that I prove myself wrong." After then looking around a moment at each of the men in the room, Tosai face went from a warm smile to showing a deep intensity, without any sign of reluctance. The Akimichi gestured all of the men to come to closer before soon he shouted an outright call to action. "Okay then… Team Four! Men of the Wujiken! We shall mobilize at night fall, when the men who attack this place have suddenly let down there guard. I pray that I will see you all on the other side of this… If you do fail, I will find away to kill you once more, do you understand me?!!" "YOSH!!!", was shouted by all four of the older warrior nomads. But what would Team Tosai say?

Daichi would smile at Kaydin as he didn't think he would support him in this. Daichi would look back at Tosai after Kaydin finished seeing his response. Daichi would nod as the old man spoke "Ojii-san's right Tosai-sensei. Dad alway's said "Go into battle afraid to die and that will surely be the outcome," " Daichi quoted as he was beginning to feel a lot better about this. Daichi would fold his arms and grin as Tosai was in a way wrong in this situation. As he gave the order along with the rest of the Wujiken warriors Daichi responded with his comrades while throwing his arm over Kaydin's shoulder making him a part of this too "YOSH!!!" Daichi beams as he is relieved to know that amidst the worst of times there was hope. Still Tosai's energy about the whole thing was something Daichi hadn't seen before "I think I'm rubbing off on you Tosai-sensei," he chuckles as he can't wait until nightfall.

"Yosh." Kaydin says softly, not seeming to allow himself to rise above a certain audio level in his voice, letting daichi wrap an arm around him and do the fist pump. "Remember Daichi, your enthusiasm can be used against you. Remain calm and allow the energy produced from your excitement be used for your objective." He says calmly before going about the chores he set about himself to do before nightfall.

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