A Silent Yamanaka And Elemental Shogi


Nori, Kaito

Date: June 19, 2013


Nori interrupts Kaito in the middle of an underwater nap and is thus challenged to a game of Shogi.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Silent Yamanaka And Elemental Shogi"

Zen Gardens

Nori is sitting in a meditative position in the middle of the Zen Gardens. He's got his eyes open, but they really do have that sort of glazed over appearance to them as if the lights are on but nobody is home. He is off in his mind somewhere most likely, thinking. It is early evening, the sun hasn't quite dipped below the horizon, so the sky is full of beautiful colors. Too bad Nori hasn't recognized their beauty yet.

Another such person is also found in the gardens, though this one has apparently taken to napping rather than meditating. In one of the deeper fountains in the garden, an orb of water sits, containing Nara Kaito. He lays in this orb, sleeping quite soundly as the jutsu keeps his oxygen supply up. This is his latest spot he's picked to catch a nap that, so far, Daisuke has not spotted him in. One can only hope that things continue to go that way, but it remains to be seen.

Someone eventually comes home, and while the lights flicker into those eyes, Nori's mind returns and he lets out a slow steady breath. With a stretch, he stands and looks around. He is about to just walk out of there when his chakra senses detect someone near by utilizing chakra in an interesting manner. The boy heads over in Kaito's direction and blinks at Nara as he sleeps in an orb of water. Picking up a rock from the rock garden, Nori tosses it at the orb, wondering if it'll pop the bubble and wake the Nara up. Nori is apparently assuming that the boy is in danger…or that's what he's going to go with when the boy comes for him.

As the rock sails toward Kaito, oddly a tendril of water would rise up from the fountain to catch it. If Nori were to look back down in the water, he would see that the Nara now has a single eye open, quirking an eyebrow at him. The rock would be tossed to the side, the tendril falling back into the water as he appears to close that eye again to go back to sleep.

Nori blinks and notes that one eye open. When the eye starts to close again, Nori holds up his index finger, the universal sign for 1. Maybe he means for Kaito to wait? The young Yamanaka oddly doesn't say anything. Instead the boy just switches his fingers to the 'OK' sign. He's asking quietly. Perhaps he is being nice?

After a few moments, the bubble finally rises, dissipating around Kaito and allowing him to step out onto the garden floor perfectly dry. He apparently practices that technique a lot. Stretching his arms out a bit, he lets out a yawn. "What's up?" he asks, opening only one eye again as he looks over to Nori, lifting that eyebrow once again as well.

Nori smiles as Kaito actually rises up out of the fountain and lands next to him. He's okay, good. Nori gives a curt nod and then blanches when Kaito asks him what is up. Nori scratches his head for a moment and holds one hand to his mouth and then wags his second hand back and forth. He isn't speaking for whatever reason. In reply though, the boy points to the water, then to Kaito, then makes the symbol for sleeping with his hands, and then nods slowly. Once more he gives the OK sign.

As the guy doesn't respond, Kaito blinks a few times and watches him give hand signs at what he's talking about. "… The pawn, boy? You interrupt my nap, and now you can't speak to tell me what it is you want?" he asks, though he apparently got the message. Forming a single hand seal, he looks down at Nori, that eyebrow still quirked as a mass of water would flying from the fountain to a spot between them. Rather than hit the ground and splatter, however, it takes on the shape of a table and two chairs then finally a shogi board with the pieces already set. Once the items have taken on normal color, he moves to sit down in the chair nearest him and gestures for Nori to sit as well. "If you're not going to talk, you can at least humor me with a game."

Nori bows deeply as Kaito makes his point about waking him up. The young kid seems to feel sorry about that fact, enough to be formal about it at any rate. When he unfurrows the bow, he doesn't even move from the 'attack'. Perhaps he thinks it is penance. Still, when the water actually makes a shogi board instead, Nori smirks and nods twice. Instead of taking a chair though, he creates his own with a snake handseal. The ground under Nori's bottom rises and forms a bench. Nori starts by moving three pawns forward.

Kaito smirks slightly as the boy shows his own Ninjutsu prowess to make his own chair, the water chair flying back into the fountain to disappear. "Not bad," the Chuunin says, making his own advances, though he appears to have the advantage thus far. He peers at the boy curiously for a moment, wondering why exactly he's not talking, though he's apparently more interested in the game at this point as he continues to play.

Nori gives a quick bow of his head as Kaito compliments him for his jutsu. Again, the boy holds out a single finger, scoops up a piece of rock that he is sitting on, and quickly goes to work forming something from it using chakra molding. After a moment, he has his own pawn. He swaps it out for the one on the board. He winks and starts moving that earthen pawn, a knight, and a lance. Nori points to Kaito and then to the board and gives the thumbs up. Is he saying that this was a good idea or that Kaito is good?

Kaito watches curiously as Nori replaces the water piece with an earthen one. He gives a nod to that thumbs up, though he's not sure exactly what the kid means by it. Still, it's an enjoyable game. This guy's about on Satomi's level, at least. As the game starts to wind down, he holds a curious smirk on his face as they play on.

Fade to black.

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