A simple meal before slitting a throat


Naoya, Tsiro

Date: January 21, 2015


A rather normal mission is accepted within the village by a Jounin to brings along a Genin to teach him how he's expected to think and perform

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A simple meal before slitting a throat"

Land of Water, Kirigakure

Not everything Tsiro did was a lesson for another. In fact this is just a new chapter in a book he never figured he'd be writing. Naoya was a recluse and not just cause he had spider genetics. The boy needed to learn a few more skills. So Tsiro sent for him. He was to arrive at the Namami Restaurant in Kirigakure. The place was quite busy and the noise came with it. A good shinobi would still be able to collect facts in this environment.

Not everything Tsiro did was a lesson for another. In fact this is just a new chapter in a book he never figured he'd be writing. Naoya was a recluse and not just cause he had spider genetics. The boy needed to learn a few more skills. So Tsiro sent for him. He was to arrive at the Namami Restaurant in Kirigakure. The place was quite busy and the noise came with it. A good shinobi would still be able to collect facts in this environment.
Tsiro sits at a table in the back of the establishment. He's facing the door, meaning the only open seat is facing away from it.

The hour the meeting was to be had no ill effect on the young Okumo coming into the restaurant though from his face it was easy to see he was hardly comfortable. A faint scowl etches into Naoya's face as his amber eyes dim faintly, muttering 'So many useless.. too loud.. yes..' most likely to himself. It wasn't difficult to notice Tsiro after a briefly looking around, soon making his way to the man's table while avoiding brushing against too many others in the process. With a drip of his head, he greets the man, but he doesn't sit down, only standing behind the chair across from him.

Tsiro nodded and motioned towards the chair. "Sit." he states to the boy. He then looks around. "If you wish to hunt a creature, you must be able to walk in its world. I am sure you could easily kill a boar but how do you gather information on a target that hides amongst a crowd?" he asks. He then points to the menu infront of the boy. "When the waitress arrives, order some food. Nothing fancy. Just a simple meal. You do not want to stand out in the crowd." Luckily for them a lot of shinobi came into the establishment so they did not stick out too bad.

Once given permission or rather the order, Naoya slides the chair out and takes a seat. "Scent.. taste.. appearance." Were his first words though his attention lowers to the menu oddly before nodding, quickly glancing over it. "Who.. What is the target?" Raising a hand to the table, the young Okumo lightly fingers down the menu but as he did, his eyes dull slight more from his hair shifting faintly.

A smile crossed Tsiro's face as the Okumo seemed to want to get straight to buisiness. "The man at the bar will do for today. Blonde hair, shinobi headband." The man was surrounded by two others and they all seemed to be drinking and relaxing after a sucessful mission or something. It did not matter what they were celebrating. This was a fact gathering detail. "So, given your position how do you plan on spying on him?" he asks.

Tapping his foot once, then twice, Naoya becomes silent again before turning to Tsiro. With each tap of his foot a spider, tiny ones compared to most of his brood, left from a pants leg and headed from the table to the crevice of the wall, quickly attempting to scurry out of the building. The other spider stayed under the pair's table, waiting for the waitress to come by so it could crawl onto her shoe before using her as a means to get closer to the bar itself. "Turning, looking and watching would just tell them I'm here. For now I'm giving my eyes to them.. Two more are.." Naoya shakes his head, silencing himself before saying, "The brood will examine closer.

"I sure hope no one finds a way to nullify those spiders of yours. If they did you would be at a severe disadvantage." Or what Tsiro had intended to say is he relies on them too much. "For those of us that wish to be unnoticed, we watch through the reflection in picture frames or even metal objects on the table. You need not always turn around to watch." Tsiro would go quiet as the waitress arrived.

'Sensors..' was the only word said and was half growled remembering the last time one caught his brood spying. "Hmm.. Reflections?" It was some what clear the concept of not using his brood was awkward. Turning his head to the side briefly, the joints in Naoya's neck pop as they aline. While he moves his head around, the young Okumo begins to study the wall behind Tsiro, examining it for polished, not grime coated surfaces.

"Thats the idea." Tsiro says as he sees the boy focus on the wall behind him. It did not seem like the noise was bothering him too badly. "Now, make sure to look at everyone that you can in the reflection. Is anyone paying attention to the target that does not want to be noticed? If so, why?" he asks. It really was more of a statement. "Sometimes you can find interesting details through others. Lets say this guy had an enemy at the other side of the bar. You might seen the guy grip his beer too tight or that he keeps too close an eye on the man. These would all be signs there may be an upcoming fight that you can take advantage of."

'Hmm.. This is so much more annoying with two eyes..' was mumbled as the young Okumo studies the room through distorted reflections before lowering his chin and facing Tsiro. 'More subtle, idiot.' Closing his eyes, Naoya exhales slowly, giving himself some time to focus before opening his eyes again, allowing them to have a bright amber appearance to them a sign the brood and his connection was near its weakest point.

Naoya would be able to see the man drinking with his friends. He had bandages coming out of his uniform on his left arm. Perhaps a wound.
Tsiro pondered what Naoya would pick up on. "So?" he asks waiting for the reply. He then glances over to the area himself so that as Naoya spoke, he could look for the specific detail.

"Possibly favoring his right hand, lesser wounds to his left. I don't see others focusing on him just yet." As Naoya spoke, his eyes slowly begin to dull but it doesn't last long before he blinks it away, focusing again. '..I need to get used to seeing with my eyes, not just the brood again.' Shifting his focus from the man's reflection, Naoya began to look around the restaurant though the slanted reflections, namely to those seating behind the man.

The people behind the man were fairly normal people. Likely villagers. They seemed to be eating fairly well for villages, so maybe a carpenter or something.
Tsiro looks towards the arm and see the bandage. He nods his head. "So now, how would you form a plan to get him off alone without his buddies so you could kill him?" he asks. "Also, what does the wound do to make your life easier?" he asks.

'Hmm..' The thought was once again something he didn't think about before then. "My henge skills are.. passable to look at, but rarely useful with this brood. With his left arm limited, makes a good striking point.. minimal pressure for increased pain, limited use on defending that side and less risk of a counter strike if I grab his right.." Closing his eyes before turning his head slightly, slipping a few ryo from a pouch, and to look at them carefully. "What I ask, can be purchased from another. Have him and another confuse each other for mates here or purchase one from outside in this ward.. when they are alone, kill them both as they mate, and recollect my ryo."

Tsiro followed Naoya's logic up until the mating point. It was good that he was thinking, but he was no longer on the train. In fact when he was suppose to be on the rails heading one direction, he was somewhere completely else on a boat heading another direction. "Too much work. In fact that is way too elaborate." Tsiro then moves his cup. "The man is celebrating, so he is likely drunk. Eventually he will need to go urinate. Most guys dont use the buddy system like girls do. So you follow him in. As he is doing his thing, you stab him in the wound. If its open, it makes a good point for injecting poison. If its merely a broken bone, he'll be in a lot of pain. Either way, finish the job and get the brunch out. Thats the ideal scenario. Not a lot of work involved."

"Buddy system?" The young Okumo's head cants to one side at the notion. "Why doesn't he just hold it? It's just a aweful smelling drink. Does it pass through the system quickly, like overy sweet cider?" Naoya falls silent when Tsiro continues to explain things, nodding his head lightly before running a finger across his lips lightly, one of his fangs becoming exposed and leaking something onto one of his fingers. "Poison to slow him, a blade to slit the throat, then an lung. Let him choke to death before confirming the kill. Understood."

Tsiro nods his head. "Liquor passes through very quickly. Sometimes people go every fifteen minutes. So if you decide not to go in once, there is usually another chance. As for the buddy system, girls in groups tend to travel to the restroom together. No one knows why, dont ask. As for today's lesson, you got the point. Lets get out of here." Tsiro states as he stands up.

'People drink that by choice?' is call Naoya could mutter before he nods his head, standing up without asking another real question but he does leave the few Ryo he had plucked out down onto their table before turning around. Tsiro would notice the young Okumo's eye dull significantly to what they once were. "To the market now?" Was asked some what casually, using his chin to point towards the western edge of where the market place would be as they head out, even though neither would likely leaving for there that day.

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