A Song of Ice and Fire


Fudo, Suterusu, Katsurou, Kaito, Daisuke

Date: August 16, 2013


With the exams getting further underway, Fudo and Katsurou are discussing things in the Zen Gardens, when a highly trained assassin comes to kill Katsurou.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Song of Ice and Fire"

Konoha, Zen Gardens

Katsurou had just finished relaxing at the bath house and now made his way to the Zen Gardens where he would routinely come to meditate. Even being subject to ice chakra through most of his every day routine, Katsurou was glad it was beginning to warm up. He walks along the yellow brick path on his way to the Gardens with the warmth of the sun on his back, he felt like he was more than ready for the next phase of the chuunin exams.
Fudo wasn't much for meditating really. He came to the garden's every so often, but never for that reason. Meditation wasn't very useful where he was from, and closing your eyes for long periods of time in public was just a way to get robbed or killed from his experience, so he usually kept them wide open and attentive. Still, he was here for a reason already. He had taken in Tsumi's flower stand, knowing that Konoha grown flowers were not something she had in stock in abundance,but he was curious if he could see if she had any. Her connection to Shuuren was something that still bugged him. Was she a pawn or was she involved in what ever that man was really up to…
As Katsurou would arrive however, he would glance his way, crouched down in front of a variety of flowers he was analyzing while thinking of something completely different. "At Katsu… it seems that it won't be much longer now. It also seems that… some family has arrived from Kirigakure. A.. Sakuryu I believe her name was?" Fudo said with a wry smirk for a moment before he'd stand up and greet Katsurou with a nod.

That figure was there, although in hiding, a silent shadow that had been tracking Katsurou for the last few days. It wasn't until today that he had enough information, gathered enough awareness of routines and patterns, as well as knowledge of those whom were around Katsurou to strike. Easing into position within the shadows of the garden, that figure watched the two intently. If this was to be the place.. than so be it. He'd start gathering himself, preparing for the soon to be strike, potential kill and withdrawal.

Katsurou spots a familiar Uchiha. "Much longer until what? And did you say Sakuryu? She is here too?" The Shirayuki rubs his chin in thought. He had already met with Serafin, but he did not imagine Sakuryu would arrive in Konoha as well. Things were not looking good for Katsurou. "Tell me, did my cousin mention what business she had being here?"

Shaking his head at Katsurou, Fudo would simply say, "Worried?" Since he seemed to wonder about such things a bit heavily when mentioned. "She is apparently a contestant. And she's very …. confident in herself. I'm not sure if I helped that along or not however. But we had a very good spar. Once again… it seems that the Shirayuki in the battle considers it to be a stalemate. It seems I will have to push myself in the exams, if that is truly the case."

The clones were circled around, all of them prepared, the fight was coming closer. The gathering of power began, that kunai, a simple blade held in gloved hand, was being charged and then over-charged with that chakra. The figure continued to stare at Katsurou, watching him, only him. The clones prepared for others that might come. With a fight going like normal, there would be others that show up. This had to be fast and clean. Strike, recover, removal. The Uchiha already made it difficult.. but.. it would work out. He knew about Fudo, so he had a good idea of what to expect there. It wouldn't be enough to stop the strike.

Katsurou nods. "The Shirayuki are a clan of powerful nin. I hope to proof that in these exams myself. I am sure with the blood of the Uchiha, you will not disappoint either." The Shirayuki smiles. "Also, I will be there to offer a shoulder for you to rest on while no one is looking if need be." Katsurou's eyes go from Fudo to down to the flowers he was just examining. "So my cousin…joining in this year's exams. Her illness must be subsiding." He says more to himself than Fudo. "Did she…was she…better than I when we fought?"

"I do not know how the Uchiha regard me. If I am merely some sort of lost piece of themselves or the son of a rebel or if I am just me. My blood… is my blood, but I am Fudo regardless." Fudo would say in regards to proving the strength of his blood. Though, the reality was that no matter how much he acted the loner, he did want to be part of something. Still, he wanted to be part of it because he earned it, because what was earned cannot be taken away. A birth right, to him, was nothing he could hold to. It had done nothing for him his entire life that kept him safe or secure… so he wasn't about to rely on it now.
Fudo would side glance the area around him however, detecting powerful chakra being molded within cover and spotting partial positions via chakra as well. Chakra he'd seen before… but cannot identify with so little. "I did not transform against her until the last strike due to her summoned fox… think ambushing me with Genjutsu. So I would have to say no. I at least fought you with this level of sharingan." Fudo would state. "Speaking of which…" Fudo moved over towards Katsurou and would speak lowly towards him. "There is a jutsu i'd like to show you, if you don't mind…"
Fudo's eyes blaze crimson then, the three tomoe sharingan only shifting in intensity as he'd stretch, taking a quick glance around at the chakra signatures casually before looking back towards Katsurou. He would then perform a hand seal, and nothing would seem to occur at all. Should Suterusu fall victim to it however… nothing would happen at all. He'd simply see the two continuing to converse about what ever murmured things they were speaking of. Fudo placed a hand on Katsu's shoulder in reality before saying to him lightly, "It seems Kirigakure has started after you early…"

Red eyes narrowed. They had spotted him, at least the Uchiha had. Well, that was to be expected. Two of the clones would drop from hiding in front of the entrance, two more to block retreating further into the garden by easy paths. The last one dropped beside the real figure, that chakra pulse of power still subdued, even as it grew stronger. Fudo may of seen it, no sense in giving away that he was here to everyone. Sure there were other sensors around, this just had to move faster.. but in the end, there was still a chance. All of the clones drew a blade, preparing as the watch continued. It was almost time to strike.

Katsurou nods when he hears of Sakuryu's power verses his. However, it was bittersweet hearing of her summoning ability. That would be something that come to surface at another time. For now, Fudo was acting a bit weird as he drew near. Seeing the change in the Uchiha's eyes made Katsurou feel uneasy. Then as he hears the words from Fudo, his heart almost skips a beat. Katsurou did not need a map drawn out for him, for the meaning of those words to hit him. His eyes change to a bright blue and his blonde hair fades in color. The Shirayuki's skin grows even more pale and would now be cold to the touch.
Spotting what Fudo had mentioned, Katsurou doesn't think twice as he begins weaving together a series of hand seals. A stream of water flows out from the nearby stream and in between the Shirayuki's hands to form a medium size globe of water. Tiny droplets of water then begin shooting out of rapidly in an attempt to hit the approaching assassin from the shadows.

As the clones are revealed, as well as the user of them are as well, Fudo would smirk. "Ah… Suterusu…" he would state, remembering him from his time spent doing missions for Sunagakure. No time to catch up however. Fudo would create a few hand seals as he leapt in to the air back to the tables within the area. He would then spray the area with a a couple of dozen small fire balls, aiming at all of the clones and Suterusu himself it seemed. More importantly, he was spreading fire in a well maintained and monitored garden within the Leaf village. Each one of these fire balls contained a shuriken that was slipped in as they were created, discretely, as they sailed towards their targets.

The strikes came in as expected, the major attack by Fudo would actually drop the clone that had lept into the way of that flaming attack. The rest were simple moves done by the clones to deflect the shots wide. The charge complete, that figure continued to watch Katsurou and at the proper opening, he'd launch the attack. The super charged kunai thrown almost blurred as it would strike out at Katsurou. the blade was super heated as well as superiorly honed, all the chakra power that the figure had put into it focused on piercing clean through Katsurou's chest.

Katsurou's eyes widen as he catches just a glint of the blade as it sails through the air. He puts his hands together as if about to perform a series of hand seals but before he could even get off the first seal, the Shirayuki is struck. The blade enters his chest with enough force that it exits in the same direction as it came in. Blood explodes out of the exit wound, Katsurou falls backwards with his eyes wide and blood coughing up from his mouth. His body hits the ground hard which causes him to cough up a few spats of blood. His hand moving up to his chest to press against his wound. For the most part it looks as though the Shirayuki could be in shock as he gulps for air.

Fudo could see it all… he could see the blade, he could see the flaming shuriken deflected in to foliage, creating mini fires. He could see that one of the clones was taken out in the initial barrage. And he could also see that Katsurou was struck down. Fudo however, would simply move to stand before him now, having already thrown his return fire of shuriken towards Suterusu before he landed, and now turning around to kneel beside Katsurou as his genjutsu would attempt to keep that scene locked in Suterusu's head. Fudo would instead be preparing to move Katsurou, not simply "mourning" him as it may seem he was doing.

Not quite enough. Not quite fast enough to do what he needed to do. The genjutsu would pin him down, if for the moment. The other clones would gather together. While he was stuck under the wires, there was a delay. The red eyes didn't stop watching. He had to finish the assault. Otherwise it was a failure. Of course, with an explosion of chakra, if nothing else there would be others coming. Well.. it was now or never and he picked a Uchiha to deal with.. it could of been worse. There wasn't quite a struggle from the figure, simply a preparedness.. While stuck.. it seems he wasn't out.. yet.

Katsurou was slowly coming back around. He felt tremendous pain, but knew his life counted on him to regain control of himself. The Shirayuki accomplished waking himself up out of shock, but found that he could barely move at this moment. Cursing under his breath, Katsurou could only focus on his chakra flow while he continued to stay hidden within the Uchiha's genjutsu.

Moving Katsurou in to cover, Fudo couldn't do much more for him right now. At least now Suterusu would have to look for him again and reacquire his target. "When i attack again, his senses will return to him, and he will see that you are no longer within eye sight. Use this time wisely. He is obviously capable of high levels of stealth and direct damage techniques, and you cannot take another blow like that." Fudo stated as he would begin to walk out in to the open, still holding the wires that were attached to his shuriken. "Do what you have to do. He will not be distracted by me if he can at all help it." As Suterusu, nor any of his clones could hear or see anything different than what Fudo allowed for them to see, Fudo had the initiative to attack as he desired.
A single seal was enoguh to conjure the flames of the dragon from his lips as they raced down the wire, breaking the genjutsu and showing his target nothing but flames as they washed over him violently. Fudo however was not done, as he'd add two more seals with the release of the wire, and would create a very large ball of flame as he kipped up in to the air again, looking to blast Suterusu and all of his clones at once.

Those clones it seems were busy, even as they'd prepare for the next round, with Kat getting up and the genjutsu fading away, the four clones would suddenly strike out, snapping the wires to free the figure. Another clone generated then, it would knock the fireball attacks wide with flipped clones into them. The figure crouched slightly, gathering his strength as he'd eye the two before them. Time was ticking away. He was getting to the point where it would have to be fight or flight. The war of mission vs survival was on. He was on guard, most of the clones surrounding Fudo and Katsurou again, as he'd ready for the next round.

Fudo would feel the presence of Katsurou join his side. He looks towards the direction of the attacking nin. Blood was oozing down his chest and back and even a trickle flowing down the corner of the Shirayuki's mouth. "I will not let my brother take on this threat alone. Not as long as I have fight left in me." Then as if a second wind comes over Katsurou he stands up straight and swallows hard as if swallowing the immense amount of pain back down."
The Shirayuki stares his would be assassin down as if feeling no fear and all determination. He then begins performing a combination of hand seals. Once complete, the area is filled with a chilling winds. Those chilling winds begin to blow about the assassin and quickly forming a whirlwind. If the technique is successful, Suterusu would be trapped in this technique with temperatures so cold that it is enough to exhaust him of his stamina and could even inflict him with frostbite. What makes this such a brutal technique is that within the whirlwind, small crystals of ice are hidden within which pelt and erode any exposed flesh trapped within.

Fudo smirked as the man got out of his trap and as the clones would spread the fire even more with their defenses. It seemed that the dutiful assassin was trying to complete his mission at all cost. "It would surely be a stain on your record if a lowly Genin kept you from killing another Genin… now wouldn't it, Suterusu of Sunagakure?" Fudo was stalling. It was unlikely he could actually defeat Suterusu… but he could certainly attack his pride. "Don't ever… underestimate the power of the Sharingan." he would state before Katsurou would stand beside him and Fudo smirked, "…Nor the Shirayuki.", goading him one more as he would draw his sword with a flash of movement, brandishing it as he held it to the side from a good bit away from his target.
However, if he succeeded, Fudo would have actually cut Suterusu without even getting close to him. While standing perfectly still and merely drawing his blade. As the blast of freezing wind would move towards Suterusu, Fudo would focus on making the man feel as if he had strained too much, between all of the clones and the jutsu he'd just used to heavily damage Katsurou, attempting to wear him down and limit his options.

From above the treetops comes the man on the flying Nimbus from Konohagakure, and he did not look happy that there was smoke coming from the Zen Gardens. Out patrolling the Toshiba Forest as he usually does, he had caught sight of the smoke and swore under his breath, turning from his course to head over to the gardens. Thinking it was a prank or some stupid Genin trying out some Fire jutsu, the young Senju Jounin doesn't look pleased at all. "This better not be international." he mutters, already having dealt strong words to people from both Konoha and visiting Countries about sparring and fights.
Landing on the ground in front of Fudo and Kats, Daisuke steps off his Nimbus, having it crumble onto the ground as soon as he left the disc. It was clear that some kind of fight was going on, and one look at Katsu told Daisuke all he needed to know, this thing was serious. He turns around to look at Suterusu and the clones, crossing his arms over his chest. "I recommend you leave, now. You have already caused an international affair by attacking Leaf ninja within the walls of Konohagakure and being seen doing so." he says as he looks at all the Suterusus. "Or you could stay, and be caught, and fail your masters or your village even more." he adds as he lets his chakra surge, in case Suterusu had a keen sense for chakra.

A fire from the Zen Gardens is definitely not a good thing. While Kaito's normally not one to show off his skills, the Hokage and Tobiramako don't need to be bothered with this in such a busy time. There has to be some show that the village shinobi are prepared…. and thus, riding a surfboard of water, the blue-haired Nara is flying fiercely toward the Zen Gardens. Flying in just after Daisuke, the Chuunin remains on his surfboard, looking around at the rather chaotic situation. "Yo, sensei. Somebody's got some serious crystals attacking in the middle of the village like this, huh?" he asks as he peers at the clones, and one might notice something about his form, as he seems a little pissed at the moment… both of his eyes are open. "Guess I better put out the fire," he says as he would start to gather chakra in preparation.

The clones were efficient in stopping the attacks coming at that figure, their own actions negating the strikes generally with that metal manipulation blocking what came in short. As two more showed up, the red eyes narrowed. Well, the timer he had running in his head just hit zero. Too many targets, there wasn't going to be a viable way for him to end this without failure. Now it was survive for another strike. The vocal probing was simply.. ignored. Unlike many, he was an actual assassin. You don't talk to your targets, you simply kill them. Although their eyes would be fascinating to collect.. even this would not be the time nor place for it. Instead.. The figure, along with the clones, would melt away, literally dispersing into the ground surrounding where they were at, to vanish much the same as they had shown up, without a trace, other than the damage wrought.

Katsurou watches as his technique missed his mark. He also was realizing real quick that the adrenaline to keep him up and going was beginning to run dry. The Shirayuki falls to his knee just as he watches Konoha reinforcements come in to assist. Katsurou lets out a cough which paints the ground below a dark red with blood. He clenches his chest and grunts in agony as he is still kneeling next to the Uchiha.

"Didn't I tell you…" Fudo said as he looked directly at Suterusu as he was moving in to stealth once again, following his chakra through the terrain before he himself would attempt to make the man reveal himself, first through trying to exhaust him more, then through directly moving towards him and sinking his sword in to the terrain he was using as cover with a thrust before finally trying to get his body to submit to Fudo's will.

Daisuke watches as the assassin tries to get away before he comments to Kaito, "Chatty fellow. Well, they definitely had plumes, but we will see where they get him. Hey, see what you can do about that fire before you take the injured to the hospital, ok? Your method of transportation is probably the fastest right now, being already out and active." He looks back at Katsu who wasn't doing too good, "And hurry." he adds as he stays near the boy coughing up blood for now in case the assassin tries anything.

Well, this is certainly interesting. It's not often someone actually attacks within the village. While Daisuke and Fudo are fighting and guarding from the assassin, Kaito brings his hands into a seal, some skill showing in that he only forms one, and a rather large column of water would drop out of the air over him and begin to fly around the area almost like a Water Dragon Bullet, except in a mass rather than a single stream as he attempts to put out the fires that were set by jutsu. "At least the guy's got interesting jutsu."

He kept moving. The judgement of the Uchiha was seen to be accurate. Since it was turning into what he figured was the worse case scenario. He tried to deflect the genjutsu the teen kept throwing at him without success, one of the shadow clones with him stopping that strike. The figure came out of a tree, off to the side, stumbling to drop to a knee. Gritting his teeth in silence, he kept his eye on the escape vector. This was becoming annoying, but it was still to be expected. He should of withdrew sooner, ultimately. Then again, that doesn't get the target killed if you withdraw too fast.

From his kneeling position, Katsurou looks up just in time to see his assassin appear out into the open. So this was how Kiri was going to send their message to him? Well the Shirayuki was going to send one right back. With the last bit of strength he had, he weaves together a series of hand seals, then slams his palm onto the earth's surface. A trail of small pillars races rapidly toward Suna nin. Once the ice makes it to the assassin, it seems to grow up and over him. If Suterusu did not manage to get out of the way, he would currently be engulfed by the shards of ice. Taking one final look at his enemy, Katsurou brings a seal up to his chest and calls out, "Kai!". Suddenly the Suna nin that was buried within the crystal formation of the ice implodes and splinters into multiple pieces in every direction.

Fudo had used up quite a bit of the chakra that he focused earlier. His sharingan stayed strong, but he was about out of chakra now. He had to make his move. He was not letting Suterusu escape after having the gall to come and assassinate someone within Konoha while the entire shinobi world was right here watching everything going on. He was not going to simply let people do as they pleased to the death of others during what was supposed to be a peaceful gathering. Focusing as best he can as his sharingan began to flicker, he would send out four volley's of shuriken, three in each hand twice, hoping that he couldn't slip away after an attack like that. His shinobi wire was likely a bit visible considering just how much of is was being used at one time. Multiple shuriken would wrap around objects near by after curling around Suterusu's form, while others seemed to fly past him, only to suddenly tuck and cinch towards him.

Daisuke watches as Kaito summons his water and is able to put out the fire, calling up to him to remind him to take Katsurou to the hospital, sometimes the Nara has a way of forgetting things..like training young Genin…but that was for another time. Either way, Daisuke makes his way towards the area where Fudo and Suterusu were, having given the assassin his warning minutes ago. "Time is up." he says as he moves towards the assassin, past Fudo, to climb the tree above where Suterusu was situated, the wind was with him in this position. He looked over at Fudo who was using ranged techniques this time, making it easier for Daisuke to actually help. With a small set of hand seals, Daisuke opens his mouth and exhales what looks like an acrid smoke from within, circling the area around Suterusu, attempting to cripple him by attacking his eyes, nose, and mouth with the technique.

Once all the fires are put out, Kaito looks toward the assassin who seems to be on the defensive at this point. The guy he's supposed to be carrying off to the hospital appears to want to still be in on the fight as well. However, Daisuke said this guy needs to the hospital, so he'll be going. On his surfboard still, he would jet toward Katsurou, flying toward him to grab him up and hold him over his shoulder as he races off toward the hospital.

As Fudo suspected, even after a heavy hit like that, Suterusu would /still/ try to slip away. And he almost did, but he was unable to have a clone perceive all of the wire coming at him with the multiple attacks, and one set of linked shuriken would and home. Daisuke would then proceed to knock him out with his gas technique from above, and the assassin would finally be brought down, hopefully for good. Fudo would pull on his strings, finding which one was connected to the opponent and tightening it very securely. His sharingan was gone, so he couldn't keep an eye on his chakra any more, and he couldn't track him if he slipped away again, but this seemed to be the real deal. Having captured the man multiple times now, and Fudo was still cautious and wary as he panted slowly. He'd notice Katsurou was taken away, the fires were stopped, and Daisuke was still here. With a bit of a nod, he approached Suterusu and moved to gather him up. "I apologize… for the fires. I only planned to hit him, and maybe a few bushes… but his defenses scattered the flames everywhere, and we needed the back up." Fudo would explain to Daisuke then. "I figured, plants can be regrown, but Katsurou cannot come back from an assassination."

Daisuke watches through the haze as Suterusu is caught and inhales the toxins and glass, enough to allow Fudo to tighten his strings and secure him. "Well that was certainly new. I guess this will have to be reported." he says as he rubs the back of his next. He looks down to Fudo who explains his reasoning and simply waves a hand in dismissal. "Your actions probably saved a life, and perhaps many more depending on what we do with him. Kaito can handle a few fires. You did a good job holding out against him. Make sure he is dealt with, I'm sure the Torture squad will have a few things to ask him before this goes international. For now, my student has taken the boy to the hospital to get fixed up. If you want to visit, just drop my name to any guards around." he says as he looks about, surveying the amount of damage. "I'll probably ask you to come give a report to Hashi as well." he says to the Uchiha.

Fudo was… congratulated? He wasn't demeaned or smacked upside the head or told how he could have done it better? He wasn't charged for the damages or presumed to have conspired with the assassin in some way that made little sense to his mind? For the first time… Fudo would actually be… happy about finishing a task for Konoha. He didn't have to murder people with pitch forks or take the blame for things he didn't do or get over ridden by the ranking officer in how to deal with the situation. It was…. a satisfying feeling. It was… very new for him. "Y…ye…" Fudo would begin to impersonate Atsui for a moment before shaking his head and hair hard. "Yes sir!" he would say with pride as he would take care of things from here.

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