A Spa-romise of MedicNin Training


Kenta, Kyuketsuki

Date: February 10, 2015


Kyu decided to wander into the the empty (or so he thought) spa to see what the inside looks like for the first time. Kenta was inside resting in the water. The two of them exchanged greetings and Kyu's cat Nona was revealed to not mind water. The two briefly talked before Kenta agreed to work out a day he can teach Kyu the basics of being a Medicnin.

"A Spa-romise of MedicNin Training"

Hot Springs - Communal Section

It's the first time in weeks that Kenta is treating himself to some time at the hot springs. Between missions that end up poorly, accidentally poisoning himself and working himself to the bone, there's been very little time for relaxation. Thankfully, or not so thankfully, the young medic-nin has been convinced by his new therapist that some time loosing up is exactly what he needs. Kenta isn't sure how accurate the diagnosis is, but he's not going to directly go against the recommendations of a medic that works in a field he has little knowledge about. Due to that fact, he's sunken to his chin in one of the smaller and hotter pools at the far end of the communal area come evening. The young man is the only one in the pool, which is too small to accept more than three or four people at once.

Kyu, being curious of what the hot springs are like on the inside, walks inside, heading to the communal section of the springs, he doesn't change, not expecting to actually get in the water. He walks in and doesn't notice the person on the other end, instead examining the room, including the ceiling. "Hmm" He reaches up and scratches the back of his head and the small cat resting in his hood paw smacks his hand playfully, as if bored. He pulls his hand away and looks at the cat "Calm down, will ya?"

Cat? That's one of the best ways to attract Kenta's attention. The young medic-nin doesn't have a wet towel over his face like he usually does and he's facing the right direction, so his eyes naturally track the one person with clothing on. And that person also happens to have an adorable cat on his head. Kenta couldn't help smiling slight despite his gloomy mood and he also couldn't help speaking out. "Konichiwa, Kyu. It's nice to see you again. I didn't know that you have a cat that likes soaking in the hot springs."

Kyu jumped slightly, having not known someone else was in here "Oh, Kenta, hello." Kyu calms down a bit, regaining a more natural stance before speaking again, "Well, last we met I didn't have Nona, she was an impulse buy for me. And as for the springs I've never been on the inside, I just wanted to see the inside of it. I didn't plan on getting in the water though. Oh, and I see you recovered from your uhm, poison. I'm glad you're better."

Kenta flashes Kyu a smile, but it's a very faint one. "I'm doing better, thank you." He pushes off the depression within the inner edge of the pool that serves as a seat and straightens to his feet. This causes the steaming water to come up to his shoulders instead of covering him all the way up to the chin. Kenta's a very should individual. The young medic-nin lifts drinking arms out of the water. "Do you think that Nona would mind if I petted her. She looks like a very sweet cat. Ummm… the two of you can join me in here, if you want. The water's really very nice and hot."

Kyu thinks for a moment before walking over to Kenta, "Well she wouldnt mind you petting her, I think cat's dislike water, so, I don't know how she'll react to it. Only one way to find out." Kyu reaches back, grabbing Nona out of his hood and holding her carefully, kneeling down and holding her so she can't run if she should try to due to Kenta's hands being wet. "Alright, she's not going anywhere, so long as I hold her. Your hands are wet so if she doesn't like water she might run once she feels it." Kyu smiles slightly at Kenta "If she does hate water, wanna teach her not to hate it?"

Kenta reaches for Nona with a dripping hand and stops just short of touching her. "Ummm… she's not reacting badly, but I don't want to get clawed…" He considers the consequences for a moment. Then, he resumes stretching his hand out until the tips of his wet fingers touches the cat's head. He experimentally starts scratching at the space between her ears, but readies himself to jerk his hand back if Nona gives even the slightest clue that she doesn't like the wetness. "I think you're the first person I met that came in here with a cat just to look at things. Most people come to soak in the mineral water. It has health benefits."

Nona has an intial "twitch" from the contact but makes no sudden movements, instead just going stiff and doesnt try to resist. As you continue to pet her she seems like she's getting more and more used to the water, she doesn't to /like/ it, more that she is /tolerating/ it more. "Huh, seems she's fine with it" I watch Nano carefully, trying to gauge whether or not its safe to release her. "Well, like I said, I've never been in here before, and as for Nano, I don't think she can swim, shes still young." As I talk Nano starts purring and I take that as a sign I can let her go safely, which I do, instead of running away she simply sits there happily.

Kenta seems pleased when Nano doesn't try to flee his touch. His petting gets more vigorous, but still remains gentle. He seems to know all the appropriate locations that a cat would like to be scratched. "She's very sweet. I think you should introduce her to Nagai and his partner. Nagai is a Maneshi, so I think they'll get along. I think Konsho would also get along with her, even though he's a ninken." The young man lifts his head to look up at Kyu. "Ummm… I didn't have much of a chance to talk to you back at the hospital and I only saw you for that one day. I offered to teach you some first aid and field medicine. Are you still interested?"

Kyu looks at Kenta "Ah, I forgot about that, and yes, I would still like to learn that, I'll try my best to actually retain some of what you say." Kyu smiles, clearly joking with the last part, he looks down at Nona, who's still purring away happily. Kyu simply watches Kenta pet Nona, amused by her response. "She seems to like you quite a bit, Kenta."

"Grandmother says that I have a way with animals, but… umm… I think she's exaggerating. I'm not like a Maneshi or an Inuzuka. I can't instinctively communicate with them…" Kenta's statement cuts off as he considers other options. "I guess that I can use Yamanaka techniques to talk to them directly, but it's definitely not instinctive. It takes effort to maintain and I usually don't feel like it's necessary." He scratches Nona's between the ears for a little while longer before he slips fully back into the water. "Let's try to schedule a lesson sometime this week. I have a lot of work, but I might be able to free up some time."

Kyu smiles as Kenta, "Yamanaka techniques? How do those work exactly? Maybe you could show me that some time, but anyways yeah, I think some time this week sounds good, I'll hold off on signing off on random missions for no reason. Any day in particular you have in mind? Any day works for me. Just name it!" Kyu seems excited about this.

"Ummmm…" Kenta fidgets, but the water hides the motions, mostly. When he moves, the surface of the steaming pool ripples slightly. "I can't really teach your the Yamanaka clan's hidenjutsu. You'll need to either be at least an auxiliary member of the clan or the clan head will have to approve the lessons. Neither of those are going to be likely…" He rubs at the back of his head, which musses up his damp here. "But for the first aid lessons, I'll have someone send a note to your house when I come up with a possible time. You're in the rosters after all."

Kyu nods, picking up Nona and placing her back in his hood, she sits calmly in the hood. "I see, sorry for asking, I didnt know it was a secret thing." He listens to Kenta tell him about the plan for coming up with a plan for lessons, he once again nods. "Yeah, I'll keep an eye out for that note. I can't wait to begin." Kyu bows to Kenta "I suppose its time we parted, I'm starting to feel rather hungry. Thank you Kenta." he starts walking backwards towards the exit, "have a good rest of your day, Kenta."

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