A Spar Among Suna Shinobi


Yuuto, Itami

Date: December 10, 2013


Yuuto sends a request to the Council of Sunagakure to request a spar with a specific type of jutsuist.

"A Spar Among Suna Shinobi"

Sunagakure - Fighting Ring

With the coming of evening, much of the village has started to settle down. One particular shinobi, however, has requested something that's not quite relaxing. Newly reinstated to being a shinobi, even if at a Genin level for now, Yuuto has requested a spar of the Council with someone talented with Earth jutsu. While he wasn't specific in who, as he doesn't know who all has what jutsu in the village, he at least did get feedback that he would be met here. Standing in the arena with his arms folded over his chest, he looks out at the empty arena as he awaits the arrival of whoever he'll be sparring with. A rather stern look rests on his face, perhaps something serious going through his mind while he waits.

"Did I keep you waiting?" Itami inquired of Yuuto as she arrived in the arena. She walked the whole way here and continued to do so until she was close enough to speak to him. "I hope not," she continued. "I did not intend to make you wait for too long. It is just that other activities required my attention. I'm sure you understand how it goes for the council," she grinned. "So, would you like to initiate this spar or would you rather me?"

At the arrival of Itami, Yuuto would look up to her and offer a nod in greeting. "Not too long. I'm just appreciative of you coming," he replies with a light smile. Of course, there's always something dark in his eyes that may give away that his smiles are forced. "Either is fine. Since you know of my abilities, you know why I want to see Earth jutsu. I've discovered a third elemental affinity and want to observe some jutsu to add them to my arsenal. My part in the battle is mostly defensive, but I'll attack as well." With that, one might detect a rise in his chakra as his eyes take on a red color, a pair of tomoe spinning out of each pupil to open his Sharingan.

"I'll need you to attack me. Earth is very useful in defensiveness, after all," Itami replied to Yuuto. "But I do have some attacks that I can utilize for this purpose," she grins as she stomps the ground to give Yuuto a bit of a toss back and forth. Two spires of earth would rise up, one in front and another behind to give him a bit of a run for his money. With those eyes, she imagines he'll be alright. At least, she's observed as much from those who did before.

"Very well," Yuuto says with a nod to Itami. Reaching to his back, he would grab a scroll and attempt to mount a defense, though the shaking back and forth gives and edge to the attacker, and he would be hit from front and back with earthen spires that would knock him upward into a spin. With his jaw now rather bruises, the Genin would manipulate this spin to skid to a stop on his feet while releasing a pair of ink wolves from the scroll to dart out and attempt to pounce the Councilwoman from both sides.

"Wolves. A good choice," Itami stated as she took a dive into the ground, evading the beasts. She stayed underground and the only thing to show for her was a hand that burst from the ground in an attempt to drag Yuuto into the earth up to his head. "Danger comes from below as well. Watch yourself on all sides," she chuckled while initiating the attack.

Just as Itami's hand comes up, Yuuto's body would splatter into ink above it. "So I see," his voice would ring out from nearby as he quickly makes marks on the page. Within a moment, a giant tiger and several snakes would leap off the page, the tiger attempting to pounce the Councilwoman as the wolves did while the snakes would attempt to fling themselves up onto her to bind her.

Itami summoned up a shield for the ink drawings to connect with and render them unable to connect with her. While making her way out of the ground, she says, "So you see, but do you really know?" She inquired as a couple of clones would find their way to Yuuto, each attempting physical attacks against him. "I can strike from anywhere. Earth is quite versatile, don't you think? How much have you picked up on so far? Did the spires of earth from before rattle your mind? Would you like another demonstration of them to ensure you've received the technique correctly?"

"You'd be surprised what I can see with these eyes," Yuuto replies with a smirk, seeming to not move as the clones from at him. As they would strike, his body would splatter once more, the Genin appearing behind her this time. "Performing things in pairs is giving me a good view of how these things work," he says as two more wolves dart off the scroll at Itami rapidly.

"I don't think you see enough," Itami summoned up earth to form an armor around her and prevent the wolf from giving her too much damage. The second wolf, however, would come in contact with a shield. "I think I might need to show you more," she grinned as she sank back into the ground and began to move about to find a nice place to start her next attack from.

Itami shook her head and tsked. "I wasn't looking forward to a sword. That was a nice surprise. It made me break from my earth jutsu to adopt something less rigid and more flexible," she chuckled. "But that still doesn't spare you from what I had planned. Either way, I suppose I can offer you a heads up," she smiled as she dug her hands into the ground and proceeded to remove a chunk of the field away. She huffed as she did so as it wasn't exactly an easy task to lift earth from earth, but once she found her bearings, she threw the mass towards Yuuto.

"Surprised that a broken mind isn't predictable?" Yuuto asks with a smirk as he watches what's coming. What's used, however, is powerful enough that he has to take a moment to take it in… and realize he hasn't gathered enough chakra to take this on. Still, he attempts to replace himself with a nearby chunk of rock from her earlier attacks, only to end up smacked and send flying by the giant dumpling of earth. At least he DID manage to not get crushed. "Not bad," he says with a heavy sigh, wincing slightly as he's fairly certain some ribs got cracked by that one. "What else ya got?" he asks as he starts to gather chakra once more while slowly pushing himself back to his feet.

"Hmm," Itami hummed. "I would say that's about all I have to offer you. Anything else I have is of different elements," she explained. "So, unless you want to see anything else again, I would say we are finished with this earth jutsu training, hm?" She smiled. "I must admit, you lasted a while. I only had to gather chakra once," she winked.

"Ah, well, I'm going to try to focus on this one for now," Yuuto says with a smile before starting to tuck his scroll and such away. "I think I've gotten all I need of the ones I want to implement. Thanks for showing me." With that, he starts to dust himself off a bit, twisting his torso a bit to test the extent of his injuries. "I think I'm starting to really get back into the swing after my dungeon sentence. Thanks for all your help."

"Mmhmm," Itami inhaled deeply and sighed the breath back out as she broke away from being battle ready. "Well, so long as you perform your service to Sunagakure well, you won't have to worry about going back into any dungeons." She stated with a nod. "I'm glad you were able to gain something from this spar."

"Well, if Scarecrow is ever loose to try to put me back into one, I'm going to be prepared to fight back," Yuuto replies with a rather dark smirk. "You've given me another step toward being prepared." With that, he would turn to start walking toward the exit, saying, "Thank you again. I think I'm going to go visit a medic."

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