A Speech In The Rain

Author: Pilot

Date: July 02, 2010

"A Speech In The Rain"

A speech by Fuji Shin, leader of the Hidden Rain Village

My fellow citizens of the Village Hidden Amongst the Rain, I would like
to thank you for meeting with me this afternoon. Since the it is raining
heavily today, please allow me to make this somewhat brief.
I come before you today to tell you about a golden opportunity that is
within our grasp. An opportunity to obtain a peace that we have not
enjoyed since before even the Clan Wars. There is not a man, woman, or
child that has not endured the hardships of this 'Age of Pain' we find
ourselves in. We have all been touched by the vulgarities of war. We have
all suffered at the callous ambitions of others. We have all had to bury
someone close to us: A friend, a lover, a parent. We have fought hard to
survive, to protect our homes from those who would use our land as a
battle ground. Fellow people of the Hidden Rain, now, we need not endure
our harsh struggle alone. Takahashi Raiko, the First Raikage of the
Village Hidden Among the Clouds, has sent to us a group of diplomats with
an offer to join them in an alliance.
Some of you may be concerned about this offer, given the Land of
Lightning's recent act of conquest. After speaking at length with these
diplomats and to the ruler of our country, I am confident that we can
trust both the Raikage and the Lord of Lightning. Their diplomats have
travelled a long way to make us this offer, but not before warning us of
an attack being readied from within our very walls. These shinobi even
aided our chuunin in preventing this potentially vicious attack. I needn't
go into detail about this attack as all of you know our situation only too
well. With their help, we could unite our village, our land, and become
that much more capable of protecting our loved ones and way of life.
Another concern that some of you might have may be the risk of being
dragged into Lightning's goals of conquest. While it is true that there
will be a time when we must come to their aid, remember that they chose us
out of the many other villages and nations for this alliance. The Lord of
Lightning recognizes our capacity, and moreover our potential. Thus, while
we must help them whenever necessary, they will also help us. With this
alliance, the Lord of Lightning and the Raikage are prepared to aid us in
growing into a stronger people, more able to defend ourselves from the
dangerous ambitions of others. Even now, their diplomats tell me of an
opportunity to use their talks with the First Hokage, Senju Hashiramako,
as a standing ground for signing a treaty with the Land of Fire.
My friends, let us not allow this opportunity to pass us by. Let us make
good our chance to rise above this 'Age of Pain'! Let us work together
with our new friends in the Land of Lightning, for the betterment of our
two nations! For our loved ones! For our precious homeland!

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