A Stinger by Any Other Name: The Rescue of Uta Inori


Malik, Jaken (disguised as Grandpa Grim), Yagyu (disguised as Masako)

Date: December 31, 2016


Information reached Scorpion Squad about a hostage that was in Rakuen, held by Triad members. It was now their duty to head out and retrieve him without much issue. Donning disguises, Grim and Yagyu engage in their mission, but what was once a task soon becomes a production and the market becomes the stage for the mercenaries turned actors. Joined by Malik, he is inevitably dragged into their play. Will their hostage be rescued? Will the mission be completed? Find out below!

"A Stinger by Any Other Name: The Rescue of Uta Inori"

City Capital: Rakuen

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