A Strange and Sudden Spar!


Zori, Amarante, Kyuketsuki, Jade, Kazuma

Date: March 7, 2015


Zori was looking for a spar! He got what he asked for, getting attacked by both Ama and Zori! This goes on for awhile and eventually annoys Jade.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Strange and Sudden Spar!"

Genin Training Grounds

Its Spring! Birds chirping and Frogs are jumping. The fluffy white clouds are tumbling across the sky as a warm breeze sigh gently through the new buds of flowers that paint the trees with a green tint. Zori is currently at the Training grounds looking at the sky. "What a wonderful day, nice and cool. I wish i had someone to spar with."

Ama walks into the training ground, upon seeing a familiar face she runs up to Zori. "hia!" as she looks at him she realizes (I've only ever spared Kyu… though I'm not in the best condition I think I should try against Zori. if anything it will help us bond) she looks at Zori, "are you busy… I mean…do you wanna spar… its just… we have been on a couple of missions together… and I haven't actually seen you in combat. I think it will helps us bond and learn how each of us work. it could help us out in the long run"

Kyu enters the training grounds, Nano in his hood, but this time, she's injured? But why? Kyu walks over to a tree, removing his cloak and placing it down, being especially gentle, probably because the cat in his hood is in bandages. Kyu moves over to the training dummies and considers practicing his Fire Manipulation, but then he spots two familiar faces, Zori and Amarante! Kyu walks over, "Hey you two. What're you up to?". Kyu offers a smile to both of them.

Jade yawns softly and sits down while they talk about sparring and she takes out a nin-cola or whatever the equivalent of coke in this ninja tableu is and has a drink of it while watching them. Dinner and a show baby, dinner and a show.

Zori is distracted as he look away from the clouds, over to Amarante. "Hey! Ama, Whats up?" pausing for a moment, looking over to Kyuketsuki. "Kyu! your here too! Whats up!" Zori is shocked to see both of them here at the same time, usually its one or the other. Zori turns his head back at Amarante "Spar? Of course! I never back away from a Spar!" Zori nods at Amarante as he assumes his fighting stance. "Kyu step back. Ama I'm ready when you are!" Zori picks up a rock from the ground, tossing it in the air then kicking the rock into the sky, never to be seen again.

Ama looks at Kyu before jumping back about 50ft and preparing to spar, "feel free to join in Kyu. and Zori… Ill try not to kill you" Ama gives Zori an evil look before laughing. "this is going to be fun" she throws a rock into the air and kicking it. "owie" she tries to shove off her embarrassment. she mumbles before screaming "just cause you can kick a rock, ILL SHOW YOU!!!" Ama shoots a comet in his direction.

Kyu step back from the two and looks at Zori then at Ama, when he sees the Comet roaring towards Zori he jumps back even farther, not going to get caught in that. Seeing as he was told to "feel free to jump in he flicks through two signs, Monkey Ram, then flicks his gaze at Ama, then Zori, wow, he did hand seals for nothing? Nope, Sleepy Jutsu should be setting in immediately, to make both of them feel rather tired all of the sudden.

Jade focuses some chakra while watching them for now knowing they will drag her in despite her issue. Oh well not like she has to jump around and do stuff. She has kikaichu for that, Ninjas fight smart not hard.

From the edge of the clearing, Kazuma looks on as the assembled genin begin to spar. Drawn as much by his curiosity as he is any desire not to be rude, he quietly walks up to the edge of the clearing. So many different styles, so many techniques… Kazuma's mind is racing as he attempts to take it all in. Eyes darting left and right in an effort catch everything going on, he raises his right hand in greeting. "Yo."

Zori smirks just as Ama's Comet makes his way towards him. Zori swipes his arm diagonally, a wire lashes out from beneath his sleeves swatting the comet away. Zori then starts to get tired all of a sudden, Zori yawns a bit. Zori then realizes that maybe Kyu was behind this. Sneaky Devil. Zori takes his attention off of Ama, rushing towards Kyu extending his arm sending a trail of wire from his sleeves at Kyu. Followed by a Burst of hot air. "Didn't Hige teach you about that!, Kyu!"

"yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn… why am i so tired all of a sudden…" she sees Zori begin to attack Kyu "Oh so I guess Kyu's in now… well take this" Ama shoots two fireballs at Kyu using them as a distraction before retreating to the trees to try and hide until the time is right. (I just hope I don't fall asleep)

Kyu sees Zori running at him and steps aside, letting him see him still standing there via genjutsu, when he sees the clone poof out Kyu leaves another illusion for him to puff the hot air at, then he looks over at Ama, seeing her starting to use her fireballs, Kyu jumps out of the way, leaving a normal clone in the way, followed by doing the exact same thing again. Then Kyu realizes, "where'd she go?" Kyu looks around and then looks at Zori, bigger problems, clearly. Kyu smiles a little, "Hey Zori, wanna see a cool trick?" With that, Kyu closes his eyes, opening them again revealing his 1 tomoe Sharingan. "I learned a new trick" With that Kyu leaps into the air, attempting to lock Zori into illusionary binding and then burn him with, "Blazing Shuriken!" Followed by his signature Sleepy Jutsu after it all, Kyu landing on the ground and smirking at Zori.

Jade watches while eating her lunch. Basically shes going to start having her kikaichu drain the chakra out of everyone if they start getting too into it. Which from the fireballs and illusions bouncing around is kinda already happening.

"Is this some sort of free-for-all?" Kazuma wonders to himself. It's chaos in the clearing as genin swarm each other with jutsu. Noticing the Uchiha crest on the back of one of the young ninja, Kazuma searches his memory and recalls Kyuketsuki; Kazuma doesn't know him well, but he knows of the other Uchiha ninja. While Kazuma's interest is largely academic, he feels a slight desire to see Kyu prevail in the scrum; the honor of the clan is at stake. Then he sees it: Sharingan! Now, Kazuma's interest is piqued.
Taking it all in, Kazuma sees fire techniques, chakra-filled metal wire, and… is Kyu using some sort of genjutsu? Looking again, Kazuma realizes that he's lost one of the genin… presumably some sort of stealth or genjutsu. Interesting. Adopting a wide, solid stance, Kazuma crosses his arms across his chest and retreats into his own mind as he attempts to take in the spectacle while extrapolating where he expects it to go.

Zori sees the fire shuriken heading his way, he tries to move his feet but perceives that his arms and feet are chained together. Being unable to move or so it seems the fire shuriken hits Zori in the chest pushing him back a bit. Zori eyes start getting heavy. "Not this again.." Zori snaps out of it. Jumping in the air amongst the trees he exhales a bundle of smoke at Kyu. Zori sees Ama hiding in the corner of his eye. "Really? I guess that's the best thing for now.. hehe" Zori tries to hide himself.

Ama watches the fight for a bit before yawning again, she thinks to herself (man… I'm tired… i guess taking a quick nap would be ok) she closes her eyes as she leans against a tree and begins to drift off into the land of sleep were she dreams of playing with giant pink rabbits, blue and black unicorns not white and gold, idiots, and Kyu and Zori.

Kyu avoids the first cloud of smoke by quickly using a replacement technique (yeah, drain that log!) and attempts to leave an illusionary clone in place to take the hit for him… but that doesn't work somehow? Kyu still ends up feeling tired from it… somehow. He looks at Zori, who's trying to hide, and decides on making him feel as sleepy as possible. "Hey Zori, you feeling tired yet?" Kyu says with a slight smile on his face. Kyu doesn't wanna end this fight until Zori is asleep.

Jade watches them "Amarante, come on out." Not wanting someone to get injured "Your out of the match." She really doesn't want to have to cloud them with kikaichu.

Kazuma marvels as the scrum dissolves almost as quickly as it had come together. Kazuma tried to file away everyone's actions and reactions to consider later, but it was difficult to track everything as each combatant disengaged in his or her own (sometimes strange) way. Everyone except Kyu, it seems,
Kazuma will remember to talk to Kyu at some point. The Sharingan, genjutsu skills… Interesting. Yes, Kazuma thought, I will have to talk to this one.

Zori's eyes start to feel even heavier from before. "Grr" Zori hurries up and tries to hide before he falls asleep.

Ama continues to sleep, its longer than she expected.

Zori somehow slipped away! Kyu looks around. He cannot fight what he cannot see. Kyu starts actively searching for Zori, and Ama too! Either one. This isn't very fun! "Zori! Quit hiding!" Kyu looks only mildly annoyed. His eyes still red from the Sharingan.

Jade stands up and watches them all "That's enough! Sparring is over." She emphasizes this by the cloud of kikaichu starting to surround the sparring ground. all very impressive I'm sure you'd agree.

Kazuma watches Zori and, especially, Kyu very closely as Kyu works his genjutsu against Zori. Recognizing that his attention is beginning to wander as he considers everything that he has seen, Kazuma quietly retreats from the clearing. He'll go home to think about all of the tactics and techniques displayed by the more senior genin.
Zori's eyes start feeling heavy, but Zori ain't out of the picture yet. Zori looks over at Kyu as he appears in front of Ama. "Don't tell me hes about too.." Zori cant be having that, he fires 2 smoke clouds at Kyu. All the while trying to maintain his hiding spot.

Kyu sees the smoke heading his way and replaces himself with another log! and doesn't notice the second puff of smoke, feeling fatigued from it. Kyu looks up at him. "I think we've done enough Zori. It was a good fight. But I can tell, me, you and Ama, are all pretty tired. Why don't we just rest?" With that Kyu's eyes return to their usual dark brown coloration. And Kyu stretches.

Jade grumbles and has to go get the Chuunin in charge of the training grounds. Shes not about to jump in the middle of these idiots while they are sparring…you know whats really cool? she doesn't need to be there for the kikaichu to harass them

Zori is in hiding now. Hiding just above Kyu, The poor Uchiha couldn't keep up with such speed. "Alright then i am finished too."

Ama jumps down from the tree, "well, that was a good fight then, Zori, you a good opponent. sorry i outmatched you." Ama walks into the clearing and lays down to look at the sky. "we are lucky… hey Kyu.. we should start that squad soon, and Zori… you should join us… the only thing we have to do is become Chuunin, guess we just have to train.." Ama smiles at Zori and Kyu, then she turns to Jade "and i look forward to seeing what you can do, maybe you could even join us."

Kyu heads the same way Jade went, but, after hearing Ama's cockiness, he throws a quick genjutsu illusion at her, before shifting to a run, laughing softly to himself. "Have fun Ama! Zori!" Kyu glanced back as he disappeared out of the training grounds.

Zori looks down at Kyu smiling, just before hearing what Ama said. Zori smile turns into a frown. "What?" Jumping off the tree branch into the sky at Ama, he aims a quick knee strike aimed at her back. "Grrr"

Welp, Ama is quainted, she tries to bring her friends together, and in response is bound and punched…. —— that, she looks at Zori "TO THE DEATH!!!!" she quickly fires 3 lesser fireballs before her anger subsides… "wierdos" she begins to leave.

Zori steps back a bit slapping away the first fireball but is hit by the others. "Hmm.. Ok then!" Zori extends out his arm and fires a trail of wire at Ama. "You started it first."

Ama leaves to cool off

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