Slither - A Sudden Favor


Naru, Fudo

Date: June 17, 2013


As per the ususal, Narusegawa finds some free time to train at a location since she has been a genin. Bringing Fudo along with her they go through the motions until they are approached by a mysterious snake.

"Slither - A Sudden Favor"

Unknown Location - Land of Fire

It had been nearly months since the conflict in the Land of Fire had picked up, covering the region with the blood of the inhabitians. Everyone more or less was busy dealing with the revolution taking place and it was no secret that Uchiha Narusegawa had defected to help the said rebellion. She literally had no contact with Konohagakure soon after, however during the battles as scroll had managed to slip through and be placed within her home, only for Fudo to read and be able to find her. She wanted him to meet her at the usual place, the place where she had honed her skills and flourished her sharingan, deep within the depths of Konoha's forestry until it was almost like a jungle domain.

The sun barely pierced through the leafy forestry, beaming down upon the grand statue which stood high amongst the tallest trees, Naru peered up at it intently as she waited for Fudo, her body for once not adorned in a clad of armor but instead a more comfortable adornment to fight the humidity of the day. Despite the rebellion Naru wanted to keep her promise to Fudo, someone she promised to teach and help pave the way for him. Perhaps it wouldn't take long for him to show up…

Finding a scroll within the home he maintained while Naru was away having "defected", which he didn't believe for a moment, he would open it to find that it was blank until he activated his sharingan. It seemed to require at least two tomoe to be read, thus he knew it was intended for his eyes only. He would scan it, nodding as he remembered the location they had last met in for his training, and he would prepare to set out.

Fudo would arrive, not taking too much time to make his way there before he'd start looking for Naru. It wouldn't take too much time to find her as he'd look to her with a small, pleased smirk. "Maybe I should be more cautious. Such a dangerous woman that is now my enemy may just abduct me and do all sorts of obscene things to me. She may even disarm me by taking my eyes…" Fudo would say to her. And while it was true that she could be trying to do that at any time… he would trust her. She was one of the very few he trusted at all in this world.

"Is that the word in Konoha these days? I have learned to turn a blind eye to those who talk ill about me… Though one of these days I think I might just snap and hurt someone…" Narusegawa swiftly commented in return to him, turning her gaze from the ominous statue she focused her sunset vision on his form. "You look a little taller, and the way you speak is filled with confidence and a hint of strength… Much better than how I originally picked you up off the streets," She smirked and finally began to take slight steps towards him, "I'm a little concerned with why our clan thinks I'm stealing eyes… I need no others other than my own," With those words she stopped about a yard in front of him, hands resting down into the hem of her shorts. " I figured that it might be a good time to test your skill and help your abilities again… I know it's been awhile but it is a little difficult to train as often as I like…considering the circumstances…"

"They are afraid of the fact that someone is apparently doing so in Fuuma Alley. And the fact that I was taken in by you, a traitor, means that they are taking their frustrations out on me when they get a chance. Fear rules even the Uchiha… some of them any how." Fudo would shake his head as he sighed just a bit. "Well… since then I've learned that there are far more interesting things in the world than giant talking dogs with medical degrees." Fudo stated with another smirk. "Of course it is a bit difficult, but even these sessions begin so far a part has certain..benefits." Fudo would state as he nodded slowly. "We shall see if i've learned something since the last time then."

"I've heard about that…and as much as I do love our clan I'm not entirely too worried about a man in Fuuma playing witch doctor. A Sharingan can only be used to it's fullest potential by an Uchiha… Still I don't have a lot of time to look into it. Not if I want to help end this war as soon as possible," Narusegawa further commented, a faint sigh escapes her lips and she turns to the statue at her backside. " Talking dogs with medical degrees… That sounds very similar to my boyfriend…Though I haven't heard much from him since this war has started either. As she spoke her chakra began to rise, the seal upon her neck slightly pulled in a bit more of her vibrant and dangerous chakra. "Go ahead, I want you to show me what you are capable of. Remember not to hold back…or else…you might die or something got it?"

"I am on it. It should be handled soon enough." Fudo stated before he'd concentrate on Naru and his sharingan would activate with a teasing slowness. One tomoe spun up, rotating around his pupil, and then the second in both eyes would emerge, fading in to existence as his iris turned redder by the moment. However, as the pupil would become entirely crimson, a third tomoe would circle in his eyes before locking in to place. At this point, his chakra would raise some what drastically, surging through his body as he kept his gaze upon Naru.

Carefully Narusegawa took in the sudden eruption of his chakra, she couldn't see it but she could note the shifting change in the air.. Whether it was more potent than she had remembered it to be. " So I see your sharingan has finally been pushed to maturity… You definitely do develop quicker than I thought you would but at the same time I'm not surprised considering who you are…" She then smirked and instantly moved forward, digging her heels into the ground while she suddenly explodes forward to close the space between the both of them, her body slips down at the last moment to sweep him off his feet and secondly to drive a fist right into his stomach, an attempt to knock the breath out of him while starting up the battle.

Shifting his weight to one leg after slipping it back a bit, he'd step over the sweep as Naru's foot would barely slide past his own. His body then twisted as the punch towards his stomach was sent to him as he stepped forward, sending his own palm at the center of Naru's chest. He would keep his eyes upon her as he attempted to make her fall to her knees, trying to see if she might think it was before of the strike or losing her balance, but he knew she was well aware of the capabilities of the Sharingan. Still, he would rotate 90 degrees as he drew half of his blade from his sheath, charging it forward while it was braced against his arm to cut her in a unique way before re sheathing almost instantly.

Without the help of her Sharingan the battle would prove to come with some minor difficulties. By not using her Sharingan it was more difficult for her to keep up with his movements, or perhaps it was just easier for him to predict her… The strike to the chest caused her to stumble back only to be driven into a kneeling position while attempting to resist the pull of his sharingan… It wasn't until the second strike that she was able to break free, a clean slice along her flesh to prove her was a force to be reckoned with. " You are…definitely much stronger than I remember…" Narusegawa whispered softly, pulling herself from the knelt position, she still refused to use her sharingan and instead merely up'ed the potency of her techniques. After a brief exchange of hand seals she inhaled and applied her finger tips to her lips. "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Suddenly a raging sphere of fire melts and rolls across the terrain in his direction,burning everything in it's wake until hopefully reaching Fudo.

It seemed he was complimented on his ability having grown so far, though even though he saw the fire ball, he was not able to react in enough time to get entirely away from it. His left side was blasted by the fire, making him spin around and land a bit harshly in a crouch. As he had spun however, he had sent three shuriken towards Naru. One of the shuriken would head towards her and try to hit her, but the others seemed to be way off. That was unless they hit. If they did, they would suddenly curl about her form and try to capture her there.

For a moment Narusegawa had ceased to be, after dodging the first slew of shuriken her body crackled and disspitated into a stream of wild raging lightning. Manifesting as a single bolt of lightning she weaved through his attacks, almost effortlessly while closing the space between the two of them, her hand reached out while suddenly forging a torrent of lightning chakra through her palm. "Raikourai!" Narusegawa exclaims, the burst of lighting orbs screeching as they escape her finger tips. Her technique was flawless but as usual she pushed Fudo as much as she could…Was his Sharingan going to be able to see through it?

Watching the lightning chakra begin to build up within Naru, he was prepared for what she may be doing… he hoped. He saw the level of it, noting it was likely going to be a low level attack and he'd create hand seals himself as he waited for the attack to come, barely leaning to the side as he'd exhale the invisible gas he'd built up saying "Katon: Kasumi Endo no Jutsu!" , using the electrical charge in the air to light the gas aflame as he would continue to breath out. Satomi had taught him of his lung capacity, and he'd use that knowledge to continually fuel a weak, but broad blaze towards Naru.

The gas explosion was exceptionally powerful, or perhaps just difficult to avoid. Narusegawa however hand an ace up her sleeve, her affinity with water manipulation made defending against fire attacks quite easily. Once caught in the explosion Fudo could see her body literally melt and evaporate away. The explosion was enough to stirr the area about them, aside from the wisping flames licking against the terrain the wild life in the area began to shift and scatter about the forest floor. Something did seem to suddenly catch her eye though, and Fudo could make note of this presence quite easily as well.

Along the tops of the serpent statue was a fairly large snake, towering at about a quarter of the length of the statue. Within it's wide stretched mouth was a massive scroll, perhaps rather unusual for any normal snake to have in it's mouth.

"Fudo kun…do you mind if we stop for the moment?" She asks him curiously while the snake approached. Briefly her Sharingan flared to life, trying to make certain that there was no chance at catching her off guard,…

Fudo would smirk at Naru's ability to defend against the fire. That was quite clever. He would get ready for his next move against her when he detected another life form near by. He would be wary of both Naru and what ever it is as he'd finally identify it as a snake, and when Naru called a cease fire, Fudo would nod slowly. "Hmm… more animals…" Fudo would murmur.

"More animals…but also a little unusual to be holding a scroll in it's mouth…" Naru commented in return, a little thrown off by the sudden interruptions. For all she knew the scroll was a roll of explosive tags just waiting to explode in their faces. What happened next was a little unexpected, the snake slipped down the the length of the statue until settling on the clearing before them. It's long white and black patterned scales began to coil into an up right position while the maw of the snake opened up to squeeze the scroll from it's throat and out onto the grass before them.

" Uchihaaa Naaarusegaaawaaa-saaamaaa," The snake hissed with the point of his tongue, his beady eyes of black obsidian stared at the both of them as he angled his head to take a better look at them. " You have been traaaining at our grounds for a long time now. Aaalone and with the few of your claaaansmen," The snake spoke softly, inclining it's head before continuing to speak. "My naaame is Odaaagu, I aaam from a claaan of snaaakes who haaave roaaamed throughout this region for centuries…" He introduced. @emit

For a moment Narusegawa was on guard, but her brow perked with curiosity as the snake…spoke? She inclined her head and briefly exchanged a glance with Fudo. " Do you have this on your list of experiences, Fudo-kun?" Narusegawa asked rather jokingly though then turned her attention to Odagu. "Perhaps it does make sense…there is a giant snake statue her after all, this place isn't the normal cut of the Land of Fire…exactly why I come to this place so oftenly. Why are you appearing here now of all times though?" Naru couldn't help but to ask.

Ah, so now talknig snakes… but on top of that, not only was it a talking snake, the snake spoke human tongue. That was in fact new for Fudo. But even beyond that… he had a name and belonged to a society. "Hmmm… so when are you going to cease this obvious genjutsu?" Fudo would say as he began to try to find the disturbance in his chakra… and being unable to detect anything out of the ordinary. "… Fine… in that case… Odagu was it? What is on the scroll?" Fudo asked his own question after deciding that if he was to make any sense of this, he simply had to play along.

If Odagu could smirk he would have, but instead he just continued to stare at them with his beady eyes, it was a little menacing staring into the eyes of a snake without even a blink. "This is no genjutsu, Uchihaaa. But there is aaan honest truth that must be shaaared here," Finally Odagu began to shift his body, uncoiling just enough to use his head to thrust the scroll open, there weren't any words instead it was a wide map of the Lands, a legend showing off certain key locations. "We haaave waaatched you traaain here and become aaa powerful shinobi, I know you do your claaan proudly. My claaan would like your aaassistance in a specicfic taaask however. We wish to reclaaaim a lost relic long forgotten in aaa waaar between our claaan aaand the haaawk claaan. It is seaaaled aaaway in aaan aaancient temple where none like us aaare aaable to releaaase it," Odagu explained to a pause. "But a humaaan caaan," Odagu finalized as he explained the situation at hand.

Narusegawa listened intently, she offered a nod to Fudo to assure that there were no genjutsu at work here, not like she needed to with how developed his eyes were. "So you want us to get this relic for you? What is the importance of the relic? And why do you choose now of all times to seek someone to help you? While the situation seems sound being randomly approached by a talking snake…is a little unusual…"

A deal was desired. They had been spying on Naru, watching her grow to her current peak, and then asking her to do something for her. Fudo would glance at the scroll and the map after listening, reviewing it once again before raising a brow at Naru and then side glancing Odagu. "Interspecies war… I certainly have not seen everything…" Fudo would say before crossing his arms. "It is of course up to you Naru. They came to contact you. I just happened to be here."

"Yesss…For aaa long time now we haaave been raaaivalss with the haawk claaan. We no longer fight but we need whaaat is rightfully ours. We wish for it to be returned to our home at the Ryuchi Caaave. In return we caaan offer you a better plaaace to traaain within our enclaaave," Odagu spoke up, "Do you aaaagree to thessse termsss?"

There was a clear deal being made, though Naru couldn't help but to wonder how she would benefit in the end…. Still for now she risen herself to a stand after peering over the scroll, picking it up within her grasp and then offering it to Fudo to take a better look, of course the image was burned into their sharingan by now. " It sounds like he is inviting the both of us, Fudo-kun. I believe it would be great if we both went, especially since we will be treking into the unknown. Ancient temple…Take back the relic and return to the cave, that sounds easy enough to me,"

"I see…" Fudo stated as he'd roll the scroll up and tuck it away, just in case. "In that case… I don't mind seeing what tihs is all about. Certainly a unique experience, at the least. And since we have no stake in this either way fo either side, we are just contracted Shinobi as usual. If you want to do this, I will come with you." Fudo would determine as he waited to see if Naru was set on taking this adventure.

Odagu only quirked his head in Naru's direction after Fudo's response. She poked a finger into the side of her cheek, thinking very briefly about the matter, all and all it seemed like an easy task, and something interesting to embark upon at that. Upon that agreement she nods in agreement with Fudo. "I believe this will be an interesting task and also give us some time to actually be around one another, Fudo. We will leave first thing tomorrow and see where it goes, you have a deal Odagu-san," Naru replied back, bowing her head slightly in return, a slight grin began to meld upon her lips…she truly did find this to be rather exciting…

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