A Sword in Hand


Kiji, Isra

Date: February 1, 2014


A man named Iwata needs to protect his inheritance from a bunch of goons from the Naginata gang. Unintentionally, he gets the help of Kiji and Isra to go and take care of the goons that are looking for him. While they are the first to take interest in his inheritance, they certainly won't be the last.

"A Sword in Hand"

Fuuma Alley

It's not often that villagers wander into this place, but when they do, they come loaded with protection. Fights break out in this

place all the time among the shinobi patrons and that means harm that may come against the average person. Speaking of the average person, one

walks in with a few guards to block any wayward objects, weapons, or bodies that may come in his direction. He appears to be the nervous type,

slender, sort of reserved, but otherwise normal. He came to this place because he thought it'd be safe for him, strange as that may be. When he

took a seat, all eyes focused on him and his guards momentarily, including Isra's.

Behind the person with the body guards a slender person walks in wearing a white tunic and black pants, his long black and blue hair

hanging loosely for the most part. He has the blue hair braided on either side of his face and his eyes are a soft pearl-like shade. The boy

appears to be around 16 perhaps. As he moves, however, his sandal catches on a chair leg and over he goes with a suprised expression… right

into the guy being 'protected' by the guards, landing hard against him and bringing both the guy and the boy to the floor with a crash. Kiji is

left on his rump wincing as he looks up, blinking…. "Oops…"

The man being protected panics as he's brought to the ground shouting, "They're here! They've got me!" The whole of the restaurant is

still focused on this guy, but now they're perplexed about what he's talking about. That kid got him? For what? Did someone just die? When the

guy realizes he's not dead and his guards promptly remove the 16 year old from him, he checks himself for any damages and scrambles to a stand

where he straightens his clothes back out. "Umm, I guess they don't have me," he cleared his throat. "Err, you mind if we ask who might be after

you, mate?" Isra inquired of the man.
"O-oh, yes! Yes. There are some people that are after me and I came here because I didn't think they'd be stupid enough to enter with

all the shinobi here," he made it plain and simple. "They keep saying that I owe them for a loan, but I swear I paid them off. I swear it, but I

don't think they're really after me for the loan. I think they're after me for something else." The guards keep a hold on Kiji, not letting him

go unless otherwise prompted to.

Kiji blinks, letting out a little sound much like a yelp as the two guards pull him off the man and Kiji makes a sheepish face, raising

one hand in front of his face. "S..Sorry… I tripped." He looks up at the guards and right before thier eyes his eyes shift color from a pearl

tone to a light blue shade. The guy's words about someone being after him makes Kiji blink and tilt his head. Once the man is done speaking Kiji

looks to Isra then back to the guy then at the two guards who still have hold of him. "Can….can you let me go? I'm one of the guys he wants to

protect him…." The boy makes a show of running through several hand signs slowly, exaggeratedly. "Henge!" And poof! suddenly they have hold of

a lithe female version of the boy. "See?"

The nervous guy signals the guards to let Kiji down. "If you're here to protect, then I appreciate it," he states. "My name is Iwata. I

owe some men from Fuuma Alley some money or so they claim and they've come around looking for me. I need someone to help take them out. I think

what they're really after is the inheritance I just gained. Recently, my father decided to pass down what he had to me. It isn't much. Just a

sword. It's long been in our family when the men were accomplished swordsmen. I was bound to use it, but I got into a bit of trouble and well,

in desperation I went to a gang in Fuuma for help. I didn't have any idea of what I'd be getting into, but I paid them off. Now, they think I

owe an interest that was never stated," he explained with apparent distress.
"Hmm. Seems like some tough luck there," Isra remarked. "But I'm with this guy. I'll help you out along with him and your guards. We'll

protect you from the threat of these gang members. They won't know what hit 'em." The others in the restaurant seemed largely disinterested in

this guy, though some were interested in his sword. Still, there wasn't any help to be offered. He got himself into this mess, after all. Why

should they help? "Hey, what's your name? I gotta know if we're working together. I'm Uzumaki Isra and you are?" She asked of Kiji.

Kiji's smile is strained slightly as the two guys let him down and he releases the henge with a poof, though there was very little

difference in the two forms besides the obvious addition of breasts.. The boy chuckles nervously. "I'm just a genin, I have a lot to learn

still." He looks over to Isra as he's spoken to and offers her a bright smile, heading to her table and sitting down without being invited. "I'm

Shimizu Kiji! Nice to he boy waves at the waitress like a kid.

"Alright! It's settled, then," Isra chimed as she hopped from her seat. "Salutations to you, Shimizu Kiji. We should be on our way out

of here, but first, what are we looking for?" She asked of Iwata. "You're looking for those from the Naginata gang. You can't miss them. They

sport the weapons crossed on their clothing or as tattoos," he states. "They're either around here or along the way. I wish I could be more

specific, but I've just been trying my best to escape," he admits and twiddles his thumbs together. "Please, help me. I beg of you," he pleaded.
"We're on the case. Kiji, let's go!" Isra wasted no time in leaving the restaurant and seeking out the men he was talking about. "Oh,

wait, one more thing. The name of the boss is Satoru!" She…probably heard that…maybe.
"Alright, so Kiji, right? What's your area of specialty? Good with weapons, using your body, ninjutsu or what?"

Kiji follows Isra outside, looking like he'd just stuck his foot in his mouth. His eyes have changed color once again as well,

appearing more hazel, a grey filled with gold now. "I'm not very good at much of anything…Well I can sense when someone uses a lot of

chakra… Uh… that's mostly it." A hint of green swirls in his eyes as he lies.

"Aaah, is that what you are? A sensor. Those are always good to have around. I can't do that at all. They're perfect for sensing people

and usage of techniques that may not be caught by your teammates," Isra grinned. "So, we're after someone named Satoru," looks like she did

hear. "You don't have to be perfect for me. Just functional, is all. We'll find this lot before long and stop 'em in their tracks," she states.
She has Kiji leave the village with her as she doubts they'd come into the village to look for him. They're not that bold, after all.

That'd mean they're likely to be still tracking the guy. It's a bit of a trip, but they finally arrive in Fuuma Alley, the dingiest and busiest

place out of all the countries. It had everything someone could ever want, but it came at a high price most of the time. Gangs were the top dogs

around here. "Now, to go ahead and find that Naginata lot. If you see a place with some crossing weapons, let me know. More often than not,

these gangs have offices. Organized type stuff, y'know?" She remarks.

Kiji nods and smiles, his eyes shifting back to a light blue in hue as he relaxes some. He might not be much good in a fight but Isra

seemed happy enough to have him along despite that fact and that made him happy, thus his eyes turned sky blue by the time they got to Fuuma

Alley. At the command to be ont he look out for the crossed naginata symbol Kiji nods and starts looking… Despite looking about 16, he acts

about 12.. Even to the point of walking right up to a rough looking man with an eyepatch and an obviously bad temper. "Um, hello.. uh.. sir." He

smiles at th man brightly, nearly triggering the bishi sparkle abckground with it. "Do you know where a group called the Naginatas?" The man

looks Kiji up and down, rubs at his chin and seems to be contemplating the boy…. The man was wondering just how much he could get for the boy

at a slave market if truth be told…
The man asks sweetly, "You'd look pretty good in a kimono, kid, ya got the hair for it too..hmm…." And Kiji just tilts his head, eyes

shifting visibly back to a pearl tone as she finds himself confused. Eh?

Isra spent time trying to find the place and wasn't aware that Kiji had escaped her. When she turned aound to speak to him, she saw he

was nowhere in sight. She lofted a brow. "Kiji?" She called out. "Kiji!" She shouted. She was short, so…it wasn't easy looking through the

crowd, but she thinks she spotted him and some guy through all the people. She tried to push her way through to him before he was sold off as a

piece of choice meat around here.
"Kiji!" She called a final time. "Did you meet someone new?" She inquired with a smile. The guy looked between the both of them and

tilted his head. Was this a two for one deal or was he getting played. The girl had on shinobi clothes… "On second thought, I think there are

other girls that'd be better fit for the part," he stated and began to sidle off.
"Hm… You know, your eyes were a different color on the way here. Did they change color?" She asked. She thought she was just thinking

things, but his eyes have changed color a number of times. That was odd. "…It looks like we found the place we were looking for," she pointed

out a sign with two crossed naginata. "Let's go in there."

Kiji tilts his head as Isra came up to him and the man, completely lost as to what had almost happened. "I was just asking this ..that

nice guy if he knew where the Naginatas were. I thought ask a local." He blinks at her as she asks about his eyes and looks confused for a

moment then smiles, eyes hinting at a blue once more. "They..they change color because i was made that way. Like, when I get mad they turn red."
Looking up to where Isra pointed, he'd see the crossed naginata sign and nods, looking serious and his eyes shift to a light violet as

he prepares. "I'll follow your lead Isra-san!"

"Ooooh, well isn't that something. I like it. I suggest you wear some goggles or other, though. That could probably be used against you

in battle. If your eyes hint at different things, best to cover that, yeah?" She stated while walking into the office of the Naginata. It was a

quaint place and stylishly furnished in opposition to the Alley itself. What luck. Satoru just happened to be in. "Hey," she approached the guy

as he was sitting back at a desk. The gruff man lucked up and said, "Who's askin'?" Isra looked at Kiji. "This guy. He's asking," she grinned.

"He works for Iwata," she nodded. "And so do I. We're here as liasons to try and pay off this interest that's been mentioned." Satoru squinted.

"The interest we're lookin' for can't be paid in cash."

His unique eyes could be used against him in battle…. Kiji hadn't thought of that, but Isra did seem correct. So he filed that

thought away for further investigation at a later date. He followed her into the building and when she confronts the man behind the desk Kiji

nods to her words, tilting his head when the man says the interest can't be paid in cash. "But… what do you want if not the money back?" He

really was a naive kid….

"I suppose I can put this simply. His sword. It's a relic. Handcrafted by a master swordsman. Its in that family's possession. The

swords were rumored to have powers, but I don't believe none of that crap. What we do know is that his blades stay sharp, no matter how many

people or things they cut down. We want that sword because it can earn us some good ryo. So, are you gonna help us get it or what?" Isra went

quiet and looked back and forth between Kiji and Satoru. "Hm." She folded her arms.
"Kiji," she started. "Are you interested in your first Kiri mission?" She wonders.

Kiji shook his head at the man as he describes Iwata's sword. It felt kind of wrong to the boy for the thugs to decide they were going

to take the sword despite an offer to pay back the loan andinterest as originally stated. "I don't like that they seem to be changing the

contract just because they want Iwata-san's sword…" He folded his arms and had a curious look on his face. "What do you think, Isra-san? We

can't let Iwata-san stay where he is either but these guys probably won't deal fairly with him either way." He spoke his mind with little regard

as to who heard him say what.

"That's all I needed to hear," Isra grinned. "I'm sorry, but we can't allow you to continue pursuing Iwata for a loan that hasn't kept

true to its contract. He has mentioned that he paid off everything he owed. To change the terms is bad business…not that it's anything new to

you. You are a gang member, after all," she shrugged.
"Hehehehe…" He started. "You think you can take on the Naginata? That's cute, but we're not so easily taken." He snapped his fingers

and a number of thugs appeared and surrounded them. "You guys can either leave this office peacefully or you can sit here and get killed. It

doesn't make any difference to me."
Isra opened her mouth to speak, but closed it as she gave this even more thought. So much thinking. "Kiji!" She started. "Henge!" she

started. First, a distraction. Then… "Have you guys ever wanted someone that could put on a show and for cheap? Have you ever wanted someone

that didn't complain and have issues and strings attached to having a good time? You can get…all the ryo you want and all it takes is a little

chakra to make all the difference!" The gathered men seemed confused at what was going on.

Kiji nods his agreement that a loan on those terms was unfair and they could not allow it to continue. So he was prepared to do

whatever was asked of him…. Wait, henge? He blinked at her, his eyes shifting to that blank pearl color that he gets when he's confused. But

he goes through the hand seals and henges into the female version of himself, batting his opal eyes at the men around him. As Isra starts to

'sell' an idea to the men around them he smiles, batting large eyes at he men and making a couple of them blush.

"Just think about this for a few moments. It took him little to nothing at all to perform this. Look at that. The ryo will fall from

the sky and into your hands. I suggest you all gather up some people skilled in shinobi arts, because this is the future of performance arts,"

Isra nodded. The men seemed convinced on this, but Satoru wasn't impressed. He decided to take matters into his own hands. "Idiots…" He

removed a naginata from the wall and proceeded to jab it straight at Kiji. Best to get rid of the distraction so they can focus.
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Kiji pouts cutely in his female form as Satoru is unconvinced that this is a good idea…. Then the man tries to stab him with his

naginata! Kiji sidesteps the thrust with a little 'meep'. "That's not how you do it….If you're going to attack someone do it right…" He runs

through a few handsigns then focuses his chakra, drawing a little blade down one wrist, cutting a crimson line of blood before he forces that

blood to float up and out of he wound. At the same time his henge is broken by the self injury. Then he lifts his hand…. "If you won't see

reason… you should be ready to fight us…" He points at Satoru and a rain of blood needles showers down on him and the men nearest him….

The naginata ultimately missed Kiji as it was withdrawn and spun around to guard against those needles. He blocked the incoming blood

rain, but there were a few needles that managed to pierce him. His fear was less about it being blood and more so if he may have the potential

to grow sick from it. "You used blood against me?!" He questioned with some fear. The other goons kick into some sense and begin to join in the

fight too, but Isra apprehended them. "Oh, no, no, no, don't come joining in now!" She quickly summnoned her blade from its scroll.
It was the explosive greatsword, Shibuki. She whipped it around her head and the ream spilled out and around a small group of goons

that were approaching. "Don't join in! If any of you do, I'll set this binding off and this whole office will go with it. Let them fight," she

stated. The group wasn't sure to act or not, but one guy decided to test her.
In response, she…set off the ream of explosive tags.
The office did indeed blow up and everyone was sent outside and out into the street where the spectacle would be viewed by anyone

passing by. She thought the damage was worth it for the message to be left behind by the both of them, but it should help out in the battle

against Satoru. More wounds to pull blood from, right? She…had no idea how Kiji's skills worked.

Kiji turned his head to the side, blinking as the other men had been prepared to jump in and fight him along with thier boss. But then

Isra stepped in… And blew the office to smitherenes. She had definitely made an impression and well let them think he could use thier blood

too. "Surrender. You can't beat both of us, Satoru…" Kiji looked at Isra then with a grin, showing that his eyes had gone to a shade of amber

in his excitement. He focuses and draws more blood from the wound he'd inflicte on himself, sending another shower of needles crashing toward

him followed by a warning kunai that lands mere inches from Satoru's head.

Isra hit the ground pretty hard, raising up in an attempt to shake off the ringing in her ears and and debris that fell on her. She may

have overdid it with that move, but…whoever was trapped in the center of that bind was either dead or severely wounded. Satoru took a slide

across the ground that scraped up his face and arm. He utilized his naginata to hook the ground and gather himself onto his feet, but it came at

the cost of him being exposed to the blood needles that pierced his arm and other exposed areas across his chest and legs. "Those won't be

enough to stop me," he stated as he ran toward Kiji and vaulted with the naginata to bring it down with a hard slash against him in the air,

followed by a rising cut to send it acros his legs and chest, almost mirroring the very areas he was attacked in.

Kiji saw the attacks comming and leapt backwards just in time to avoid the first strike aimed at him, the second cut into his

chest,leaving a long gash behind in it's wake. Kiji let out a yelp of pain and stumbled backwards. Moving quickly to Isra's side he says to her

with wide violet eyes "That's the best I can do…" He points his finger at Satoru again, gathering the blood from his chest now to send

shooting at the man.

"You did good, Kiji. I'll take it up from here. Don't use up anymore of your blood. I don't want you getting hurt much more. Besides, I

already did enough damage to you on my own." With that, she placed herself in front of Kiji and take up from where he left off. She proceeded

towards Satoru to close the distance between the both of them. "I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to put you out of commission. Please, come

quietly," she stated.
Satoru decided against heeding that advice and attacked Isra anyhow. When their blades clashed, hers exploded, blowing him back and his

naginata out of his hands. "I said to come quietly for that very reason. Whatever the case, your false arrangement with Iwata is off. If you try

to pursue him in any form for his blade, you will meet with us again. Next time, we can't promise we'll be as forgiving as this time. Let your

office be a notice to you. Next time, death will be assured."
She observed Kiji and decided that it was time to go and get him treated. She isn't sure how he's able to use that sort of jutsu and

really, it disturbs her, but she can work past it to see to it that he's made healthy again. "Thanks for your help on this. I don't think this

will be the last of dealing with these guys, but so far, our work against them is going in the right direction."

Kiji blinked up as Isra tells him to stand down, that she would take it from there, and backs up, curious. "I'm not badly hurt Isra-

san, don't worry about me." But he still obeyed her and backed away, letting her take the lead. He watches her with admiration in his now-blue

eyes, mostly oblivious to the cuts and small light burns that have Isra so concerned for him. She had made an impression on the boy.He noted

that something seemed to be bothering her but he couldn't pinpoint just what it might be so he let it slide, smiling as he turns to follow her

away from the scene of the fight. "They would be pretty stupid to make you angry I think."

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