A Tearful Awakening: Good Luck Idiot


Hitoshi, Berii

Date: January 16, 2011


Berii finds out Hitoshi has entered the Exams from a source other than himself a confusing confrontation occurs.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"A Tearful Awakening: Good Luck Idiot"

Unknown location

Of course, Hitoshi got his notification shortly before the lists were made public. It was… a surprise. He had sat that exam weeks ago; he hadn't mentioned it to any of his teammates. Not even Taiki. Not even Atsuro. Certainly not Berii. It was his own project, perhaps? Yeah, that's the best way to look at it. His way of proving to himself that he was (or perhaps, wasn't) worthy of working alongside other shinobi, even if he wasn't from a known Shinobi clan. Even if he were a Trader's son.

Was he expecting to pass to the second part, though? Enterprise no. He was expecting to get a letter back that said, 'sorry, you failed the written exam. Better luck in three years.' He wasn't expecting -this.-

Sitting in front of a low-seated dining table in the middle of his family's flat in the village, Hitoshi had just kind of contemplated the letter in front of him. He had already packed a bag to lug on his back with the necessities… some extra clothes, some food, water, and some extra weaponry provisions. But… he hadn't quite gotten dressed yet. Instead, he was just sitting there in his usual red t-shirt and black pants. Maybe he was trying to make himself believe it, still?

The day was planned to go on as usual, the announcements for those who were moving on in the Chuunin Exams were up but, Berii didn't entirely plan on bothering to look at it. It really had nothing to do with their team at all. Well that's what she thought until a few minutes ago when asked by Hiro if she'd be going out to cheer on Hitoshi. A bit confused, she wouldn't really respond at all for a while. Eventually there is a, "What?" and she just disappears in a pink blur.

Rapid knocking hits his door as Berii fumes behind it, still a bit annoyed with Hitoshi from earlier she didn't really plan on talking to him at all. Though her anger was at a new height, it was sort of strange she even felt a little panicked. Anger this intense was not something she ever experienced.
When Berii finally manages to stop beating on the door the child focuses on calming down. Breathing deeply and slowly through her teeth with shut eyes. Calming was difficult because, she wasn't even sure why she was so mad. It made it difficult to figure out how to get over it.

— Were they coming to drag him out and throw him out through the gates, and point down the road, telling him to go? No, he's pretty sure that if it were some kind of enforcers or something, Hitoshi would not get the chance to ponder that. Instead, when he hears beating on the sliding door to the entrance, he looks up, blinking, slightly confused. "It's open."

When Berii -does- come inside, it's certainly not anyone he expects to come barging in through it, and in fact, he looks -very- surprised, eyes a little wide. "B-be — Uchiha-san."

An awkward pause. Yeah. He was a little mad still, too. The hands on the table, especially the one touching the note, curl up. Under the hand with the note? Yeah, it gets crunched up as well. "I, uh… I didn't expect company since my parents are gone on business… Please… come in and make yourself at home." He stands, then, motioning for her to take a seat anywhere. Beyond the little kitchenette she's found herself in, there's a living space with a sofa and other sitting chairs… "Would you like some tea?"

Why's he acting like there's absolutely nothing going on…

Calm, be calm.

Berii strolls in, completely calm as if nothing was wrong. If anyone knew her it would be evident that something was wrong as she tends to genuinely look pleasant. Instead, everything about her current state was… flat.

A lazy stare would meet Hitoshi's wide eyes, the awkward greeting countered with a soft, "Hnn." She continues to stand their in complete silence as he offers her things. Berii would not do much at all except watch with that lazy expression on, her hands eventually going to rest on her hips as she appears to just stand around and wait for, something, something other than Hitoshi's false act.

And so Hitoshi went about doing that thing he does when he feels nervous - he does a homemaker act. Or at least, he tries right now. The hand with the note gets stuffed into his pocket, and when it comes back, there is no note. He knows she's mad. He's seen that -face- before, in class… But far be it from the Taniguchi to break the silence. At least, at first.

When he does finish the tea making, he proceeds back to the table, placing the tray - equipped with a pot of steaming green tea and two mugs - on the table, in the middle of it. "… Instead of standing there with your hands on your hips, you could sit down and be comfortable. It's rude when you don't sit after being invited to by the person who's home you've entered, anyway." He then proceeds to pour both himself and her the tea. There's also a bottle of honey on the tray. It's something he doesn't go for, though.

He sips. Silence.

"… I guess you saw the list," he remarks lightly. "Coming to wish me luck?"

There was no agenda, Berii sort of just stormed here nothing was planned at all. The awkward staring wasn't a tactic either. It simply felt as if she made any extra movement, spoke a single word, she would out right explode into a fiery mess. She liked being whole and alive, she thinks.

Yeah… being whole is nice.

The solution is simple, release all this explosive energy, somehow without exploding. Find a way to explode. There is herself, the area around her and Hitoshi. Work with that. Work with that… what's even making this so.
Berii's brian had gone primal in a sense, cohesive thoughts could not be formed. Nothing he said was really hitting her as the Uchiha's entire frame tenses and then he says those last few words, 'Coming to wish me luck?' For some reason that irked her, it registered as sarcasm and her body moved forward. Maybe he would be more prepared for what happens next than Berii was, she was more or less shocked by her next move.

Trailing through the air, her right hand seeks his cheek, something she had never done before and midway through the swing she was somewhat hoping he would evade while seeking some pleasure in this action. It was the only thing that felt right at this moment.

This, makes sense and keeps me whole.


Hitoshi had not seen that coming. In fact, when she moved, he was expecting her to sit down across from him at the table. But when he looks up again from his mug of tea, he sees… a hand coming up. And suddenly, a hand coming flying at his cheek. Wide-eyed and surprised, he tenses, unable to really figure out or process the fact that he needed to moe — let alone try to stop her.

And so, hand connects with cheek, and Hitoshi's wide, green eyes stare at her, the red welt on his cheek glowing after the slap. Silence prevails again, and slowly, he reaches a hand up to rub at his cheek. Eyes darken and fall, and he bites his bottom lip. He's not fighting back tears, at least.

"… What do you want from me, Berii-kun?" he asks her quietly. His voice is quiet, questioning…

When the hand is about an inch away she shuts her eyes, terrified to see the results.


What she didn't want to see, she felt great satisfaction from feeling. Her eyes would not open but, that removed Berii from that blind rage while she kept herself in a faux blind state, afraid to look at Hitoshi after doing that.
Berii wanted to have an answer to this all, it's not like she didn't want to tell him what it was she wanted out of him… she simply didn't know. All in which made the situation more stressful. Words started hitting her mind and she planned on giving a simple well spoken answer.

Instead she just starts to speak in a shrill voice. "You don't even-" Berii's fist ball up, she doesn't look like she's going to swing though, thankfully. "Just gonna, do that and just — " Turning around she tries to piece her thoughts together, all if which were starting to collide with each other now that sense was suddenly returning.
"Just wunning off and dying! Ninja fo' yeaws. Some of them!" While sentence structure isn't her hottest ability at the moment, she felt as though she got her point out. "…said something.." She mumbles and then her fist tighten once more as she does a little fit of a stomp, "ANYTHING!" A small pathetic sob would come out, "What if you… didn't make it? What if I — "

Her back completely turns from him as she crosses her arms, her mind running back to when she asked her parents about joining the event and they did nothing but, put her down. Not in a mean way, they simply pointed out everything that could happen to their little Berii-chan, how pointlessly risky it was to deal with the enemy. Even other clans within the village may secretly be out to remove an Uchiha.

"Sowwy. I didn't mean to do that…" Berii would slowly open her eyes, staring at the exit. The door slowly beckoning to her to get the heck out of there before she does something dumber.

"… I didn't want to hear that I wasn't ready. That's why I didn't say anything."

That was not an adequate answer, and Hitoshi -knew- it. Remaining seated, Hitoshi continues to listen to his teammate… his friend, just continue on. When she brings up the 'didn't make it' part, and stops short, he looks up again, blinking slightly and feeling his cheek still, he rubs at it a moment longer… before letting his hand drop. Now, both cheeks begin to feel a little warm, and he takes a deep breath, sighing slightly.

"Berii-kun…" He sighs quietly. "We all know the risks we take when we become shinobi. Right? And… we can't live our lives without a little risk to begin with…" As he speaks, he begins to rise and move around the table, his pace slow, light. As he comes around, he moves behind the pink haired girl and reaches out, placing a hand on her shoulder. "… I didn't expect this level of worry from you, either." A pause. Silence. His hand tightens on her shoulder, then, for just a moment.

"I'm sorry. For everything."

Still angry and a bit scared Berii doesn't turn around despite how calm he was. In fact even the hand on the shoulder caused her to jump a bit under the grip. Risks, she knew but there was never really a time where she lept out into danger without being ordered to do so. Berii didn't know what Hitoshi's goals were, so she personally saw no gain out of this whole situation.

"I… know wisks have to be taken, hnn… Just." Berii, not expecting this level of worry from herself decided to try and tell herself to get over it. The team just formed, they all just became Genin and even survived the war, why the heck not. "Just shut up and uh… hnn…" Berii takes a step forward, glancing over her shoulder. The sole ashen eye of a Uchiha was not what settled on Hitoshi.
This eye was red, not just from tears, that's not even red it's more pink if anything. Iris, sclera… crimson red as if she managed to pop something out of stress. Not only did a lone pupil stare him down but, two tomoe joined in. Berii didn't even register to strange color Hitoshi was radiating at the moment or even how significant everything appeared to be. She chalked it all up to her possibly breaking her brain in anger a b it.

"Good luck, idiot." With that she stepped forward and out of the door, ignoring whatever else he did next, the girl simply vanishes in a swirl of snow.

As she slides away, Hitoshi notices that eye. Not just the eye, but the tears. Both are quite significant, in his opinion. But… at the same time, Hitoshi steps forward to follow her out. His own eyes, finally, begin to water a little bit, and his mind screams with a million things all at once. He's such an idiot.

"I expect you to come cheer me on!" He cries this out at the wind as the snow swirls… and then, he sighs. And he steps back, closing the door and reaching up to rub his eyes… and finally, a sob comes out.

"You're such an idiot, Hitoshi," he whispers to himself, tears rolling freely now. A breath, deep, hard… and he steels himself.

It takes him no time, now, to get better dressed to keep warm on the journey… and then, he was gone. It was time. Truly time.

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