A Temperamental Picnic


Hige, Kyuketsuki, Zori

Date: February 21, 2015


Hige arranges to have a picnic for the people he deems both as friends and who are working too hard, unfortunately only one person shows up to the feast, both fortunately and unfortunately another joined in the picnic, which rapidly caused things to get heated.

"A Temperamental Picnic"

Konohagakure Lake

It's a nice warm spring afternoon and the weather couldn't be more perfect. The sun shines brightly and provides enough warmth to be enjoyable without the sweltering heat of summer. The lake is a busy place today with many families together enjoying the weather and the sun.

A little ways up from the lake is someone who is also out enjoying the sun, although mostly alone at the moment. Hige sits there on a large blanket with a large basket of food next to him. Konsho is there too, lying on his back and basking in the sun like the fat happy puppy he is. The Inuzuka had invited some folks out to enjoy the weather with him, namely those in the room at the moment, and he was just sitting and waiting to see if any would actually show up. Otherwise he'd have a lot of food to eat on his own.

Kyu, having got the invitation, takes time off studying the parietal lobe and possible chakra entry points for his Genjutsu idea and walks, rather briskly, to Hige's location, when Kyu arrives he stops about four feet away from Hige and looks down at Hige. "Alright, I'm here. What plans did you have in mind? 'Enjoy the weather' doesn't exactly give me a clear idea of what we'll be doing you know." Kyu stands there, looking at Konsho and Hige, awaiting a response patiently.

Hige and his nin-pup are on a large blanket in the early afternoon a beautiful spring day. The Inuzuka looks up at Kyu as the other Genin arrives and he chuckles softly before shrugging and motioning around them. "It's not all about training and researching you know. We have to have some time to relax and recuperate. Even I know that. So I figured since it was nice today why not have a little gathering with some other folks that I know are working too hard." He thumbs over to the large picnic basket, "I even brought lunch." Konsho remains on his back though he opens his eyes to see Kyu and yips a greeting to the boy, tongue lolled out to one side of his mouth. He is definitely enjoying the relaxing.

Kyu looks at the picnic basket and back at Hige, he stares for a moment then shrugs. "Sounds good enough for me." With that Kyu gives a small smile and reaches back and pulls Nano out of his hood. Placing her on the ground. She looks rather upset and stretches, having just been woken up from her usual napping. Nano just sits calmly on the ground and looks over both Hige and Konsho. Kyu stretches as well, having not done so in awhile and just realizing it due to Nano doing so. He then sits on the ground beside Hige, looking up at the sky. "Last time I relaxed I was wearing bandages. Since then it's been mostly studying for a new technique."

Konsho yips at the cat once it's put down, finally rolling over onto his side so he can look at her with perhaps a bit of mischief. "Yeah, well, it's good to relax every now and then. I learned that one the hard way. If you just keep pushing yourself then you're body and mind start to give out and then what? You get called on a mission all of a sudden and you can't focus. So it's worth it to relax sometimes." Hige grins slightly before adding, "Then tomorrow you can return to training and I can give you some more bruises." He leans over to the basket and pulls out some juice boxes and crackers for now while they wait to see if anyone else shows up. He offers some of it to Kyu.

What a nice day to go out and enjoy the lake, Zori packs up his tools, grabbing his backpack heading out the door of his home. He arrives at the lake, admiring the wonderful view of the sun gleaming down on the lake. Walking over in front of the lake he looks down staring at his reflection in it and says "Man…I am Handsome" Briefly looking up he notices Kyu and Hige nearby and lets out a shout "Kyu!,Hige! over here!"

Kyu nods. "Yeah, not being able to focus would certainly be a problem." When offered the box of juice and crackers he accepts it happily. Eating it, when he hears Zori call out he looks over at Zori. He returns his wave "Hey Zori! Come over here!" Kyu waves him over with a smile, hoping he can see the picnic basket and stuff.

"Yes it is." Hige agrees before glancing over to Zori and offering a wave, motioning for the other Genin to join them. "Hey Zori, come have some food and stuff. I'm making everyone take a relaxing day so that means you too." Even if he has to tie him up and sit him on the blanket. See, even Hige recognizes that relaxing can be important. Konsho starts slowly crawling over to the kitty cat, preparing to pounce.

Zori waves to both Hige and Kyu "Alright! ill be right over there in a jiffy." The young boy makes his way over to the picnic blanket arriving with a sudden stop. The picnic basket was filled with all kinds of food. Zori rubs his stomach "Yum! Im ready to eat!" as Zori sits down and eyeballs the steak in front of him.

Kyu eats the crackers and drinks his juicebox and watches Zori as he looks like he's going to attack the picnic basket. Meanwhile Nano looks at the approaching pup, not running away and instead just looking confused by its intentions. She mews at the pup and waits to see what its going to do. Kyu looks at Zori and Hige. "So, what all is in that basket? It'd be rude for me to rummage through it without permission." Kyu looks at the basket once more, looking at the things he can see on the top of the bag. It all looks good…

Hige sips from his own juice box a bit as he watches Zori come over. "Hey Zori. What're you up to today?" He asks curiously as he motions for the boy to sit on the blanket somewhere. When he does, and at Kyu's query, Hige shifts his legs under him so he's kneeling before he opens the picnic basket. How he carried it here with how big and heavy it looked is anyones guess, but then the other two can attest that while Hige is small he is quite strong, even if he doesn't look it. He starts pulling out various things: some steaks, chicken breasts and wings. A variety of chopped fruit and a large bowl of salad. Crackers, chips, and some fresh baked rolls. Water bottles, juice boxes and somehow a small bottle of sake. Really it's like a feast and there's enough there to feed a half dozen people, though not that many showed up. "I bought this all at Hachiman's. Well, most of it." Hige explains as he sets everything where it can be reached by everyone along with plates and utensils. "It's a restaurant in the Inuzuka village that's run by a ninken chef. He makes the best food." Konsho stops a little ways away from Nano, tail wagging excitedly a few moments before he suddenly pounces towards the poor kitty, trying to tackle it so he can lick it a few times.

Zori glances at Hige responding "Nothing much really, just decieded to get a little fresh air." Zori observes Hige as he starts to put the food on the picnic blanket. "There we go! All the steaks, chicken breast and wings are mine. You guys can have the other food." Zori grabs all the meat, setting it in front of him. He then also grabs a water bottle and a fork placing it somewhere nearby he can reach it.

Kyu watches as Zori takes the meat and gives a small shrug. "I wanted some of the meat too, but if you insist." Kyu eyes over the food then puts some salad and fruits on a late, taking two rolls and then, spotting the sake, he raises an eyebrow at it. He then looks up at Hige. He just shakes his head then looks over the food once more before placing his plate in front of him and grabbing a fork "Thanks Hige, for assembling such a… feast." Meanwhile, Nano in response to being pounced on, paws at the pups face and struggles, being a weak not battle trained kitten she simply can't escape so she is forced to accept the licking. She let's out a few mews for help that goes ignored by Kyu, who noticed, but thinks its amusing to just let her deal with it.

Konsho goes to work getting rid of all the icky cat smell and replacing it with dog scent, licking the poor kitty silly. Hige quirks a brow at Zori and shakes his head before retrieving the stacks of meat and replacing it in the center of the blanket. He points at an empty plate. "You can take some but if you try to take all of the meat away from an Inuzuka you might lose a limb." He points out with a smirk before motioning for Kyu to take some meat as well. He waits until the others have made their plates before going about making his own. "And you're welcome. I don't know what it is about you guys but you aren't too horrible, so I've decided we're friends, which means that you have to deal with me making sure you don't do stupid stuff. Like train so much you forget to eat, or sleep, or even relax."

Zori watches Hige retrieve all the food as he places it at the center. "Ok then you won this round." Just as Hige goes to place the meat on Kyu's plate, Zori begins to smirk. He then begisn to make finger gestures shooting out a couple of wire strings as they rope around Kyu's chicken breast. With a quick hand gesture, Zori then reels in the chicken breast back to his vecinity. "Stick to salad and fruits, Kyu" as he grins. Zori begins to chow down on the chicken breast till it was nothing but bone. Zori holds up the bone pointing it at Kyu "Is this what you wanted? hehe" Zori quickly glances back at Hige "Inuzukas are different from Uchihas, Uchihas feed on fruits and salads." Turning his attention back on Kyu "Unless you wanna do something about that Kyu?"

Kyu looks rather annoyed and looks at Zori. "There's nothing wrong with eating fruit and salad." Kyu reaches over and snatches one of Zori's chicken breasts, only fair, and quickly starts eating it, not giving Zori a chance to snatch it back from him. Nano simply looks depressed as she is being covered in the scent of a different animal. She looks very upset and is looking at the lake, wondering which is worse, the water or this pup. She keeps struggling to free herself.

Konsho fifnishes his kitty cleaning and finally hops off before trotting happily to Hige to steal some scraps of meat off of his plate. Hige just rolls his eyes at the other two and chuckles softly to himself. "There's plenty of food, you don't need to steal from eachother." He says dryly. He falls silent then and just listens and watches.

Zori watches Kyu as he grabs a chicken breast from off his plate and eats it in front of him "Oh guess your right" as he smirks. Zori then makes hand gestures as Wire strings lash out from about his fingers. The string loops around the bottom on Kyu's plate, Zori lifts his Index and middle finger pointed upwards with a quick motion. The strings turn over Kyu's whole plate. "Too bad you wont be eating any of it. Hehe" Konsho begins eating the remains of what used to be on Kyu's plate.

Kyu looks upset as his food is eaten by the pup, Nano quickly hops into Kyu's hood to escape the wrath of Konsho, she seems tramatized. "Are you trying to start something? This was supposed to be a relaxing day. Not a sparring day." Kyu crosses his arms and frowns at Zori.

Zori cackles a bit. "Pardon me i gotten a bit carried away it seems." With one of his hands behind his back he pulls the string trap he set. A Steak flings into the air landing on Kyu's head. "It is relaxing to me, arent you relaxed? Seems like you got everything under control over there". Zori laughs.

Kyu throws the steak at Zori and stands up. "I will not allow you to just make a fool of me! If you wanted a spar you simply had to ask. I won't stand by and be humiliated any longer." Kyu looks down at Zori. Taking a step back. It's clear that his patience has run out and he's lost his temper. He seems ready for a fight.

Hige is gritting his teeth and trying /really/ hard to not pummel the two of them into the ground and leave them for dead. He bought food and they're just flinging it around? Sure Konsho doesn't mind picking up the pieces but that doesn't give him his money back. He doesn't stand, doesn't eat, doesn't move…he just sits there afraid of what might happen if he does. But that doesn't last as they start talking about sparring. Hige leaps to his feet with a growl, "I bought food and you guys are just going to throw it around to start a /spar/?" There's a fire in his eyes as he looks from one boy to the other and it's obvious that there's about to be some pain dished out.

We're going to say, for the sake of him remaining alive, the Zori has made a strategic retreat. "Yes he did, and he'll pay for that later, but he wasn't the one who decided to start a spar over it. After I said today was a relaxing day?" He steps towards Kyu, eyes wide and feral as he stalks after the other boy with his hands clenched into fists at his side. "Instead of telling him to stop you went right to fighting him?"

Kyu looks around nervously, seeing no way to properly salvage this situation. "Uh. I just lost my temper, come on, everyone loses their tempers sometimes. Can't you let me off the hook? Just this once? It won't happen again." Kyu once again laughs nervously. "Come on, the foods still there, we could just finish eating. Hige? Please? I do value my life and I know you can probably end it pretty quickly."

"I thought wanted a spar?" Hige growls at Kyu as he continues stalking the other boy. The way they're going Hige is very neatly backing Kyu right towards the lake. "What did you not want to spar now? You just want to go back and waste more of the food I brought out for a relaxing day?"

Kyu nearly steps off into the lake, feeling his foot touch something wet he glances back and sees the lake before looking back at Hige, now backed into a corner. "I didn't /want/ to spar he was just sending a pretty clear message that he /did/ want to. I just figured since he was being to… uh, shy i guess id initiate it instead of letting him humiliate me further. The wasting of food was getting on my nerves frankly. I disliked it alot. Please Hige be understanding." Kyu talks faster as Hige gets closer. Clearly not liking whats happening

Hige can't help but chuckle a bit at that and he shakes his head. "Yeah, well. I try not to unless it's an actual training session. But I'm not always in charge of my anger. It was just a bit much when I tried to do something calming for once and…well. I'll definitely be 'talking' to Zori later." He reaches out to muss Kyu's hair just for the heck of it before he gets himself some food and starts eating as well. "Sorry if I scared you. There's a reason I don't have many friends." With that he goes back to eating, letting Kyu have as much as he wants and stay or go as he pleases.

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