A Testing of Rivals


Yuuto, Ataru

Date: October 19, 2014


Yuuto and Ataru meet and have a friendly spar.

"A Testing of Rivals"

Between Kumo and Kadomai

Early morning in the Land of Fire, and the leader of the Akatsuki is making his way between village solo today for some reason. The attire he wears is rather relaxed, a black haori style outfit worn loosely with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back, outlined in black and contained with a black cloak worn over it bearing red cloud design in various places. His eyes hold a faint red tint, his Sharingan activated lightly, possibly in search for something or someone. A pack is strapped to his back, appearing to contain a few large scrolls with some sort of casing attached to them. Whatever he's looking for, it's probably something to do with the Silence, or maybe he's just prepared in case he comes across them.

Ataru on the other hand, was doing what he very often did these days. Pulling a cart of apple vodka between his home village, Kadomi and Konohagakure. The wheels squeaked and groaned as they'd move across the ground, bumping over stones and such in the pathway. Ataru whistled. Which is a god awful sound that would make babies start bawling if they were to hear it. He was happy enough in his retirement, although something about today was putting him on edge. Kyouki seemed to be edgy. Something was going to happen today. It didn't know what and Ataru didn't have the time to try and track down what it'd be, so simply moved on with his job while trying to keep a bit more alert than normal.

Oh yeah. And there's that silence thing and stuff. Ataru perked up a little as he would of been happy to brawl with such guys.

As he moves along through the forest path, Yuuto starts to get a bit of a 'tap' from Kyokuji, causing him to quirk an eyebrow slightly as he tries to figure out what it's going on about. Then there's that awful noise. The Uchiha blinks a few times then curves his path a bit to move toward its sound. As he approaches and spots the wagon, the oni seems to get even more on edge, seeming to recognize the man pulling the cart. Still, rather than outright attack the man, Yuuto simply continues walking, stating simply as he starts to catch up, "You know, I think your work days would be a lot more pleasant if you invested a minor amount of money into some grease for your cart."

Kyouki twinged. Ataru winced which cut off his whistling as Yuuto approached, pausing slightly he'd finally stop pulling the cart to set it down lightly as he'd look over at Yuuto. "Eh? Cart's fine mate. Ain't nothin ta it.. that's fer sure." Shifting on his feet a little, Ataru hesitated, watching Yuuto. "You.. eh.. who are ya mate? I'm feelin like we were suppoda meet or somethin.. 'cause.. well.." How do you tell people casually that you're possessed by a good Oni? Most flip at the word of Oni and ignore the 'good' part. "Name's Ataru."

"You must be a professional at drowning out annoying sounds," Yuuto says with a smirk, glancing at the cart then up at Ataru as he speaks. "I get that feeling as well," he says, pondering a bit before locking eyes with the other man. "Uchiha Yuuto." Much the way Ataru is able to kind of ignore his own oni, internally Yuuto would lock his crimson eyes on the creature, almost as if daring him to try and order him around. "Interesting…"

Ataru laughed. "You should hear my whistlin mate. Ain't nothin that wheel gots on me, that's fer sure.." Trailing off, he'd take a slow step away from the cart, nodding slightly. "Huh. That. Hey. Ya gotta Oni in ya? black orb? turns inta weapons when ya wanna use it?" Ataru shifted on his feet, moving another step away from the cart as he'd edge further to the side. "I'm guessin this'll be one of those epic clashes.. Justice vs non.. somethin that Kyouki talks 'bout all the time.. eh?"

"That bad, huh?" Yuuto asks, smirking a bit before his expression would go blank once again. "Something like that, basically," he says with a nod, holding a hand out as black and red chakra would swirl around his body and take shape into a giant scythe in his hand. "That's up to you, I suppose. I've got full control of Kyokuji the way one would expect of a clan able to tame Bijuu. If yours has you by the balls to the point you can't resist such a conflict, I suppose I can indulge you, but there is a smaller hidden village that I am working to protect against the Silence and its foolish leader, so don't imagine I'll let your foolish friend push you to maim or kill me."

Ataru held his own hand out to the side, that white glow of chakra colenced into the spear, shifting in form to be that scythe shape. Chuckling softly, Ataru shakes his head. "Actually, Kyouki doesn't control anything about me. It is a willing partnership we got mate.. Ain't a need ta fight fer who's on top.. we pretty much always agree." Musing, Ataru plants the butt of that scythe on the ground, leaning idly into it as he'd study Yuuto for a long moment. "I'd have ta agree with ya though.. Silence is messed up.. that's fer sure. So.. tell ya what.. We'll do the whole epic clash of battle thing when we ain't both fightin the same thing fer same reasons, eh?"

"Yes, well, I suppose that's doable when the one sealed in you isn't destructive and chaotic by nature," Yuuto says with a shrug of his shoulders. "Kyokuji would rather live in a world like the Silence want to create, but the very power he felt in me when he sought me out is the reason he knows better than to cross me. It's about as good as it gets with a creature who wants to see the world in ashes and blood when you've got other plans."

Ataru nods absently, head tilting to the side a little, as if listening to something. There'd be that flicker and the scythe in his hand would vanish, letting his arm drop back down as he'd grin. "Well.. since ya and I are gonna be rivals at one time.. whatcha think 'bout a throw down? Lil spar between us.. ain't 'nuff ta mess us up.. but.. well.. we'll know where we're stacked ta for when the epic match has ta hit.. whatcha think?"

Yuuto pauses a moment, pondering that then smirking a bit and nodding. "Alright. Might as well see if my newest rival can put up a better fight than most people," the Uchiha says, seeming a bit amused as he closes his eyes a moment then reopens them to the full glow of Sharingan as he steps into stance with the scythe, which looses its blade to turn into a blunt staff for the purpose of the spar. "Let's see what you've got."

Ataru chuckles lightly, grinning with a nod in response. "Yah mate.. I know exactly whatcha mean.." Stretching a little, the sharingan would easily show the pistons of raw chakra that formed within Ataru's limbs, his whole body bulking up some as he'd settle into a forward combat stance. Gathering himself, he'd finally give a nod. "A'right mate.. let's tussle.." Uchiha. It's always Uchiha! Ataru idly wondered how Naru was doing in that moment.

Watching the other man bulk up, Yuuto steps into stance, his Sharingan studying each movement of chakra for things he can incorporate into his own fighting style later. Suddenly, he reaches back with his free hand to a scroll on his back and unsnaps it, releasing a clone of ink that jumps over him to behind Ataru and attempts to kick him hard into a roundhouse as the original spins into a sweeping strike of the staff at the back of his legs.

It was always hard to avoid wind.

Ataru moved as the ink did, the strike passing just over his head, brushing blonde locks. Ataru moved forward, seeking to dodge that initial strike, only to stumble and get slammed by the wind, tumbling to the side a moment. Gritting his teeth, he'd spit to the side as he stood up. "A'right.. good hit!" Chuckling, Ataru took a step forward and then with a burst of speed that included the earth caving in about where he had been standing from the piston's pump in his leg, he launched at Yuuto. That first strike was a spinning roundhouse… only for it to be a fake and at the last moment seek to sweep his legs out. As Ataru pivoted, he'd use the momentum to come around with a double fist punch to send Yuuto flying backwards away from where Ataru stood. Otherwise he'd quickly leap backwards himself to put some distance between them.

True to his Sharingan nature, Yuuto doesn't seem to try to dodge the incoming strikes. Rather he simply uses his eyesight on Ataru to cause his perception of Yuuto's exact location to be off by a few hairs so that each strike misses while he spins into another strike. The first spin goes toward the back of his legs once more before the next one comes at his chest. While the strikes don't necessarily have the speed of those Ataru throws out, his precision aided by the wind flowing around along with his Sharingan is almost unreal.

Dang wind.

Once more Ataru is moving, fluid speed that isn't even his top as he'd duck and weave. Only he should of weaved, then ducked. The slicing wind tagging him again to make him stumble backwards. Grumbling to himself, he'd shake his head and shift on his feet a little. "a'right.. let's see how ya deal with this then.." Picking up the pace, Yuuto would be able to track him only due to those eyes, a blur otherwise as Ataru rushed Yuuto into an immediate cascade of strikes. Easily 50 hits within the same breath, three pulses of a heart is all it took with that last set of strikes being an elbow into a backhand, into a spinning back kick to try and knock Yuuto flying once more. The man was fast, but so was Ataru, time to see if he could keep up with the strikes!

Watching Ataru come at him, Yuuto times him, smirking slightly and locking his eyes on him. The moment the strikes come his way, the perception of his location again would once again be slanted so that each strike misses him without any movement from the Uchiha at all. "Not bad," he says, taking note of the movements through his Sharingan as he uses it to avoid the strikes. "Now try this on." With that he forms a hand seal, causing the scroll to roll down on his back and a giant black wolf to leap off it over toward Ataru in an attempt to pounce him to the ground, quickly followed by a trio of snakes that attempt to bind the man up. "Haven't had a decent challenge like this in a while."

Ataru grunts as he's not quite hitting. As the wolf came leaping at him, Ataru vanished. Twin pockmarks in the ground showed where he was at, leaping cleanly away. To plant on a tree. "Fine. Ya wanna challenge.. try this on fer size.." Tensing his whole body, Ataru flxed his legs, the casual look gone as there was a slight shift.. and then he was gone. At least from normal sight.

It'd be like Ataru came from everywhere at once, chakra leaking from about him as he'd pummel Yuuto in every which direction, kicks, punches, elbows, everything about Ataru was used as a weapon to hammer Yuuto about. He'd get kicked upward and if it connected Ataru would ping off the trees around them, keeping Yuuto in the air with that savage assault, 500 attacks within 6 seconds, resulting in a dozen trees falling over, cracked in the middle in a wide area about where Yuuto had been held up, Ataru landing, panting softly, in front of his cart and if all went as planned, Yuuto slamming to the ground.

Unable to quite knock Ataru off course this time, Yuuto takes a rather vicious flurry of attacks. By the time he lands, he's rather bloodied with some serious bruising, but he uses the staff to pull himself back up to his feet and grin over at Ataru. "Damn. That was intense," he says with a chuckle before locking eyes with Ataru, intending to lock him in a Genjutsu and cause his body to freeze up, testing the ability of his new rival to defend against such an attack as well as the physical side of it.

That wave of genjutsu rolled out from Yuuto as Ataru would catch his breath. The first creeping touch of the chakra was enough to ignite the indignanty within Kyouki. Ataru winced, the surge that the Oni ran through him enough to dispell it cleanly. Shaking his head lightly, he'd chuckle. "Ahh.. good try mate.. good try. Mmm.. since we're both holdin off on killin each other 'cause of the Silence, ya'll wanna call it there..? Gotta good gauge? Yer tough. I'd rather not crack ya 'fore ya can lend a smackdown on them.. yah?" Ataru shifted on his feet a little, mused and would move to the side of the cart, pulling out a bottle to toss to Yuuto if he'd accept it. "Apple vodka. Summer zing. Some of the best ya'll get in Konoha.. Acknowledgement of ya bein a good rival mate."

"Good idea," Yuuto says with a nod, curiously glancing at the bottle as it's tossed and catching it with ease while his weapon fades from his hands. "Appreciated. I'll be sure to return the favor next time we run into each other. Good luck in your own endeavors against the Silence. These small villages won't stand a chance without men like us there to protect them from the fires of war."

Ataru nods in agreement, picking up the cart's handles then as he'd move back to the front. "yer right.. why they ain't touched Kadomi.. I usually dun have ta go quite so far like I did with ya against em.. but anyone who tries ta mess with my village? They mess with me." He'd chuckle, flashing a grin towards Yuuto. "Next time mate." With that, he'd start on his way. of course now he'd have to buy the bottle he just gave Yuuto, but Ataru was happy, humming as he went instead of the horrid whistling. That was a fun fight!

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