A typical night in Fuuma Alley


Nori, Sosuke, Eremi

Date: January 14, 2013


Sosuke & Nori are brought to Fuuma Alley on a mission to protect the players and prize ryo of a poker game in a local bar. The last game ended with thugs stealing the ryo and roughing up the players, so the bar owner wanted shinobi on hand for when they returned. The thugs returned and Sosuke & Nori fight, with help from Eremi, to defeat them.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A typical night in Fuuma Alley"

Ward 9 [Fuuma Alley]

"Journey into Fuuma Alley at your own risk," they say. "Watch

your wallet," they say. "Fight, for your right, to be a Geeeeeenin!"

they say. Still, it seems like a mission has opened up for the Genin

to test their mettle. An Inuzuka Jounin is baby-sitting the two boys

Nori and Sosuke on their mission. They were briefed before heading

into Fuuma Alley by the Jounin's dog henged as the Jounin…apparently

this Jounin is too busy to really do any of this work himself. It

looks like he has the dog do all the dirty work. The dog says, "Here's

the deal. There's a poker game in one of the bars tonight. The game is

held after the bar is closed. The last game was robbed, and they

suspect that it might happen again. Your tasks, scope out the bar and

find any entrances and exits where thieves might attack from. Close

the openings as best as possible to make only one entrance/exit.

Defend the players from not only themselves, but anyone else that

might make way with their recently aquired funds."

This mission seemed simple enough but assuming such would be

foolish. Naturally Sosuke would not leave too many things to chance

and came prepared for what may come. Again he finds himself

accompanied by Nori, a young genin who Sosuke was growing to befriend.

During the briefing Sosuke listened carefully but his eyes wandered.

He'd been to Fuuma Alley plenty of times. He knows the reputation and

the dangers of this area well. When the henged nin dog finishes with

the briefing Sosuke's eyes would return and set upon him. "A few

questions. First of all I am guessing lethality is permitted, yes? And

secondly should we attempt to handle this covertly or is it an 'any

means necessary' kind of thing?" Sosuke glances to Nori wondering if

he had any questions of his own "After those two questions are

answered I'll be ready to commence." he affirms with a nod.

Nori just stays silent. He has no questions because this is

his first time in Fuuma Alley and he is way too distracted by all of

the sights and sounds. He paid attention to the mission briefing, but

not really well enough to ask intelligent questions. It is a good

thing he has Sosuke around to do it for him.
The henged dog growls lightly at the question, as if he knows

he is doing the baby-sitting. Seems the dog isn't too different than

his partner. "This is Fuuma Alley. Your own lives are in peril, so

yes…if something steps in your way, squash it under your paws." He

doesn't seem to realize the Genin would be thinking this wording

strange because he goes on, "Do this however you wish. The guy running

the bar hired you…so off you go. Go!" and with that he ushers Sosuke

and Nori into the bar. Nori blinks as he enters. The lights are down

really low, and they appear to be the first ones there.

Sosuke nods liking the freedom that he and Nori have to

complete this mission. As they enter Sosuke glances around. "Well

let's find get to work sweeping the place. Keep an eye out for

structural weaknesses. Light switches and what not. It's easier to

steal in the dark. Once we find them all I guess we can think of which

entrance is best left 'unblocked'." He peers over to Nori eyeing the

genin "You're rather quiet. Something bothering you?" Sosuke asks. He

probably should've done so before deciding a plan of attack, but

Sosuke wasn't used to working with others just yet.

Freedom or indifference…close enough. The Yamanaka follows

along after Sosuke's plan, "I agree, lights would be important." At

the question of being bothered, Nori shakes his head, "No no. I'm

okay. It is just that I've never been here before. This is my first

mission outside of the Land of Fire and we are just plopped in here. I

guess I just thought there would be more to this type of mission." He

must have romanticized missions to foreign lands due to all those spy

novels he's read.
As the duo looks for the lights, a door swings open from the

back-room and light spills into the main room. A man steps into the

darkened room with an apple in his mouth and a bottle in his hand. He

sees two figures in the dark, spits out the apple, and screams. A hand

fumbles for the light switch, which was right next to the door…and

the lights turn on. The man, in his panic, smashes the bottle for

protection, "Stay back…shinobi will be here any second."
You will no longer hear messages on channel <Public>.

Sosuke nods accepting Nori's explanation. "Ahh well

then…don't be afraid to speak up or asking any questions." And with

that they'd move on to continue to search the place that is until the

door is opened. Sosuke looks too the back room door and considers

pulling a vanishing act. But when the man screams, presumably shocked

Sosuke sighs. He looks to Nori as the man arms himself and informs

them of shinobi. "You want to handle this one or should I?" he asks

his comrade. Clearly the man was confused but he was most likely the

client since he knew that shinobi would be arriving.

RP: Sosuke makes a Int roll and got 10.
RP: Nori makes a Int roll and got 8.

Nori nods, "I'll handle it." Nori calmly places his hands in

front of him, well apart so the man can see them. "We /are/ the

shinobi here to protect this bar. The lights were just off when we

came in." The man laughs nervously, and then looks down to the mess he

just made, "Ahh, right right. Sorry." Nori nods, "So then, can we take

a look around the bar, even in the back?" The man nods and Sosuke is

given a thumb's up.
Between the two of them, they would find all of the exits. The

first is the door they came in through, the second is an exit to the

alley for trash, then there are two windows on the rear wall, and

finally an emergency exit near the restrooms. The restrooms are clear

Just then people start entering through the front door and the

client smiles and waves to them, "Ahh, friends. We have shinobi here!

This time we should be safe…but it might cost the house a little

more…which will cost you a little more. The house always takes their

cut right? At least it will be the house this time and not some

thieves." He nods and starts cleaning up the bottle he broke. All in

all, 5 people show up, 6 with the client. Nori looks to Sosuke, "So,

what do you want to do to secure this place?"

After checking the place out Sosuke looks to Nori right after

he asks what to do to secure the place. "There are five exits total.

We need just one." Sosuke points to the door they entered through.

"We'll bar that door. Seal and lock the windows. The emergency exit

will be barred as well. Leaving only the exit to the alley way. It'll

be the most tempting entrance to sneak through and a nice escape

route. And then we can ambush the intruders." Sosuke nods. "That work

for you?"

"That works…quite well," states Nori. "My only question is

how?" The doors are easy enough to block. There are large metal lamps

that can be wedged in the door handles so that the doors can't open.

The windows might be a little more tricky other than the locks. Nori

asks, "Got any jutsu to block up the windows…like an earth move or

something?" He hmms for a moment before looking at the tables, "Unless

we flip over two tables and put a dishwasher or something from the

back in front of them?" There were plenty of things to block them up

easily…and so they would. That just leaves the one entrance.
As the participants begin their game, it looks like everything

is under control. At one point, one of the gamblers catches Nori

looking at the cards and he states, "You didn't bring them here to

cheat did you?" He looks like he might be getting upset. Nori frowns

and looks away. The man doesn't seem to let it go that easily and

stands up. He's looking for trouble. Nori looks to Sosuke.

"We could place noise traps or whatever to 'lock' the

windows. It would be rather difficult to maneuver around such. But

your idea works just fine too. Provided that you do all the lifting."

Sosuke jokes lightly. With all but one of the exits covered Sosuke and

Nori would play the waiting game. When then things start to go sour.

Sosuke signs looking to the man who rose after accusing Nori of foul

play. "We can leave the room. However if things start to get heated we

will return. We are here to keep the peace after all." Sosuke

explains. He supposed there'd be no harm in leaving the room

unattended. All but one of the entrances/exits were sealed. Sosuke

waves Nori over "Let's go keep watch in the back." Sosuke starts to

head that way "We'll be listening."

Nori needs some help with the dishwashers, but between the two

of them they do manage to make it work. "Noise traps would be good

too," Nori agrees…and so they booby-trap the windows just in case.

Nori shakes his head, "I don't even know how to play. I'm sorry." He

looks over to Sosuke as he says that they could go into another room.

He nods and they both enter the back room where the dishwashers had

About an hour goes by, and the game sounds like it is about to

finish up. A few of the gamblers that lost have been in and out of the

back-room, grabbing food and drinks. The client and the guy that

accused Nori are the only two left in the game. Just then, a noise

trap goes off. Someone was trying to get in through the window…but

they appear to be holding. Nori looks over to Sosuke, "Uh-oh. We have

company." Nori rushes into the main room, just in time to see a group

of thugs pull open the single entrance.

Sosuke and Nori had been pulled on over to Fuuma Alley by a

Jounin Inuzuka with a mission. The two Genin were to protect the

contestants of a poker game since a group of thugs had stolen the last

game's prize money. They investigated the entrances and exits, secured

all but one, and then waited. The end of the game is almost at hand,

and Nori and Sosuke were in the kitchen (there was a slight

altercation between one of the players and Nori…where the player

thought Nori was helping the owner of the bar cheat). The local thugs

have just kicked the single entrance/exit in. Nori and Sosuke have

rushed into the main room.
This is where Eremi comes in. Unbeknownst to Nori and Sosuke,

the Jounin Inuzuka didn't think they'd be able to handle things, so

Eremi was brought in as backup. He was to watch from the roof-tops of

a near-by building until the thugs showed up. Then he was to rush in

and help the two genin.

"Damn…" Sosuke remarks when he hears the sound of the thugs

entering. Luckily thanks to Nori's and his efforts and forethought the

thugs would only be able to attack from one entrance. Sosuke gives

Nori a nod before they enter the main room. Sosuke arms himself with

his crescent scythe twirling it and taking a graceful stop forward

preping himself for combat. "Take your winnings and escape to the back

room." Sosuke glances to Nori "You could assist me if you feel

comfortable or you could stay with them and make sure they're safe."

Sosuke would leave the option to Nori. "As for you. Your two options

are flee or perish." Sosuke grips his scythe by the center handle and

shifts his weight to the ball of his foot. "Be quick."

Rubbing at the base of his nose, Eremi watched the main

building for quite some time while he remained crouched low on an

adjacent rooftop. The seconds passed by ever so slowly while he waited

until needed, if he would be needed at all. A glance above would be

given, in hopes of knowing how much time had passed this night, but

with the clouds thick in numbers blocking out the sky it was

impossible for him to tell. The most he could do at this point was

stare at the only way in or out and hope for it to all be over

shortly. It was a foolish hope though, as the teen squinted his eyes

through the darkness, catching sight of several individuals rushing

toward the building like a mob only to kick the door open and start

flooding in. That was his cue.
Clenching the strap of his backpack tightly, Eremi would lean

forward a bit over the edge of the roof before pushing off with both

feet into the air. With most of the sky darkened, there'd be little of

his shadow that'd trail across the ground marking his approach. It

wouldn't be until he landed on the ground with his knees coming in

nicely and his one free hand helping to lessen some of the descent

that he'd still land with a thud, possibly alerting the thugs to his

presence. It would be too late for them whether they knew he was there

or not, for without hesitation Eremi was already running forward at

the group before falling it with a short leap and a succession of

kicks to send a few knocked back.

RP: Eremi joins the roleplay.
COMBAT: It is now Eremi's turn.
RP: Eremi transforms into WEIGHTED-GEAR.

Sosuke knows Nori all too well. Nori ushers the poker

contestants into the backroom where they will be safe. Luckily there

were already several of the losers in the kitchen getting food and

drink. The last few who were out in the main room are running for the

door, except for the owner of the bar. He is heading for the ryo. Nori

grunts and yells, "Hurry!" Grabbing the jar of ryo, the owner turns

and makes way for Nori and the door to safety.
The first thug steps through the only entrance. He is a large

guy with several scars already, and he laughs as he sees the kid in

front of him. Luckily for Sosuke, the size of the thug is preventing

the other thugs from entering. The thug throws out the first punch,

followed by an elbow to Sosuke's head.
Eremi would have been on the roof-top for quite a while.

Loneliness and boredom could be the enemies in some missions…luckily

there were thugs in this one though. As the crowd gathered and Eremi

leapt to action, several of the thugs do turn. The first to note Eremi

shrieks and goes flying into the bar wall. He lands with a thud and

then slides down to the alley floor. The second thug goes more

vertical when he takes to the air. He lands in a garbage can head

first. The rest of the thugs turn to face Eremi, but one in particular

pushes the group aside, "This chip is mine." The thug is small, but

muscular. He cracks his neck, and rushes forward, lowering his

shoulder to ram it into Eremi.

RP: Sosuke joins the roleplay.
COMBAT: Eremi finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.
RP: Sosuke transforms into DANCE-OF-SIN.
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke defends against with a FIRST-CYCLE…39
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke defends against with a FIRST-CYCLE…35

Sosuke stands firm as Nori leads the group to the back.

Sosuke nods "Counting on you." When the large thug step through Sosuke

blinks momentarily stunned by the girth of this goliath. Sosuke then

hears shrieks from outside. 'Is someone else out there?' he thinks.

Sosuke figures it must be the Jounin. Before he has too much more time

to think the large thug had begun his assault. His eyes flicker and

refocus on the thug just in time for him to step and begin the first

formation. With a light twirl and leap he shifts around the thug's

punch and positions himself into the thug's blind spot. The elbow

glances the side of Sosuke's head. He was able to avoid most of the

damage. With his position secured Sosuke stepped into attack slinging

the crescent scythe up slicing underneath the thug's arm, then with a

quick spin sinking maneuver he slung the scythe low aiming to cut

behind the knees of this goliath.

RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…32
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…24
COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Eremi's turn.
RPCOMBAT: Eremi counters with LEAF-RISING-WIND…29

Once the kicks land, the moment Eremi's feet touch the ground

he instantly backflips onto his free hand then pushes himself away to

gain some distance. He wanted their attention and he had it, now it

was time to assess the situation a bit more. Figure out how many would

come after him and how many would continue to push their way into the

building. What he wanted most was for them to all focus onto him, that

way he didn't have to worry about anyone inside getting hurt. Still,

that all depended on him surviving out here.
Shifting his feet across the ground, he'd wait for them to

charge at him, but the crowd would part allowing a single person

through. Eremi wasn't sure what to think about it, but the chip

comment sure wasn't necessary. Regardless, the little man must be

powerful to be chasing head on like that and it left Eremi with an

opening. Waiting for the right moment, he'd lean backwards and kick

his foot straight up in an attempt to kick the man into the air and

out of his way. Unfortunately he misjudged the speed of the little man

as well as having to fight someone so much smaller than him that he

was blasted by the shoulder and sent tumbling away, bouncing off the

ground with each blow.
As he tried to correct himself, the hand that clenched tightly

to the strap came free sending the backpack off and slamming into a

nearby tree that hit with such force the bark splintered and shattered

in all directions and the tree itself looked like it would have been

uprooted. Shaking off the blow, Eremi used both hands now to rise to

his feet, turned to face the obviously smirking, muscular, little man

and wasted no time as he quickly shortened the gap between the two

with a leap and began throwing a hail of punches in kicks.

RP: Eremi reverts to his normal state.
RPCOMBAT: Eremi attacks with DYNAMIC-ACTION…44
RPCOMBAT: Eremi attacks with DYNAMIC-ACTION…38
COMBAT: Eremi finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

The big guy snarls as he makes contact, and something about

that snarl reeks of madness. The guy isn't quite right, but then

again…he /IS/ fighting shinobi of the Leaf. A normal person would

know to run. The scythe makes contact with Goliath's arm. Blood spurts

into the air in a fine mist, yet the big guy only snarls more. It is

almost like he is finding pleasure in the pain. That arm is now

useless, but Goliath doesn't need his arm to jump over the other

scythe. As the large one lands, he takes a step back and kicks

outwards, trying to create distance. With his free hand, he pulls out

his own weapon, a club. He growls and swings the club downwards at

Sosuke's head with a great deal of force.
Eremi's little beast took no time to rest after he threw Eremi

for a loop. Instead, the muscular midget jumped for Eremi. The two

jump together, and it is Eremi that comes out the victor. The muscular

man is sent backwards, where he lands on his butt. With a groan, he

gets up, but not before he gives the order for the minions to attack.

Suddenly Eremi finds himself attacked by four other thugs at once.

Each rushes in to try and tackle Eremi and pin him to the ground.

Rolling to his short, stocky legs, the little menace cracks his neck

and states, "Hold him in place. I'm-a gonna enjoy ripping his legs off

and making him my height."

RPCOMBAT: Sosuke defends against with a FIRST-CYCLE…29
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke counters with LUNAR-SUNDER-II…39
"Hmm?" Sosuke eyes the large thug in confusion. "Is he mad?"

Sosuke wonders before finding himself kicked back by the thugs as he

retreated. Sosuke flew a good distance and hit the table the card game

was being played on. He was dazed slightly as the thug reached for his

weapon. Sosuke could see that the man completely ignored his wounds

and used his other arm to attack with a club. Sosuke reads into the

movements and retrieves his crescent scythe aiming to take off the

man's other arm. But the thug had the reach advantage on Sosuke. The

Gansao couldn't make contact with the arm and instead missed

completely. Sosuke glances back at the thug "You're quick for your

size." Suddenly Sosuke stops his dance. "A formidable body but you

think ignoring the pain it makes you strong?"
Sosuke becomes enveloped in a dark cloak of chakra. The

manifestation of his clan's genjutsu prowess was strong in him. It had

to be though; he was the third in line after all. Sosuke performs one

hand seal and before the thug knew it there would be a bright moon

with a blinding light shining in the thugs face. The light was so

intense that there would be sever sensory damage. But Sosuke hears a

loud rumble outside which keeps him from following up with an attack.

"Someone /is/ out there. From the sounds of it…"

RP: Sosuke reverts to his normal state.
RP: Sosuke transforms into DARK-CLOAK.
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with LUNAR-LOCK…23
COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Eremi's turn.
RPCOMBAT: Eremi defends against with a LEAF-SWIFT-EVASION…46
RPCOMBAT: Eremi defends against with a LEAF-SWIFT-EVASION…27
RPCOMBAT: Eremi defends against with a LEAF-SWIFT-EVASION…27
RPCOMBAT: Eremi defends against with a LEAF-SWIFT-EVASION…28

It came to a surprise when the little man met him in the air,

the two of them giving it their alls until the other one was knocked

back. Through all of Eremi's missions, he's never encountered another

individual that used Taijutsu, at least not one that only used their

fists and though it leaned more heavily on a backyard brawlers style,

he still couldn't help but respect the other. That is, up until the

point where the little man calls in for backup and sends several

individuals running after him to pin him down.
The first to come is easily side-stepped, however the

overwhelming numbers quickly engulf Eremi tackling him at the legs and

forcing him to topple backwards slamming his head against the ground.

Before he can even react properly the rest are on top of him,

preventing the rest of his limbs from moving until the little man can

come up and rip them off.
Clenching his teach, Eremi was doing his best to hold back the

feeling of being restrained, but the sensation was too much to hold

back. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!" A vein that ran across his forhead

would suddenly bulge out and the rest of his muscles would tighten in

response. Suddenly chakra would begin to pour out over Eremi's body

and his skin would turn a shade of red. The ground around him would

start to shake and loose dust and a few pebbles would start to float

before crumbling even further.

RP: Eremi transforms into GATE-OF-LIFE.
COMBAT: Eremi finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

Sosuke is lucky that the large guy isn't a true shinobi.

Goliath is taken in by the illusion and drops to his knees,

screeching…but it is a screech of delight. Yes, the big guy is

crazy, but at least he is loving it. Now that the being is prone, what

will be done to him?
Nori meanwhile has gotten everyone into the back room and has

locked the door, not that anyone really cares. His body weight is

pressed up against the door, even though he weighs next to nothing.
Nori suddenly stands upright and releases the door. He was

sensing a huge out-pouring of chakra from outside…something chakra

sensitivity is actually useful for. Blinking, the boy releases the

locks on the doors, pulls it open, and looks at the scene. Nori calls

out, "Sosuke, quick…outside now!" Nori didn't know what was going

on, but whatever it was, wouldn't be good. The small muscular thug

saunters on over towards Eremi once the boy is pinned. The screaming

and color change make the man smile, "That's right boy…scream like

you're going to be two feet shorter." Ba-da-bum. It isn't until the

pebbles start to float up that the man blinks. He suddenly jumps

forward onto the pile, trying to stop whatever is about to happen.

RP: Eremi makes a Pow roll and got 17.

Sosuke inclines his head as the thug takes delight in the

illusionary attack. Sosuke doesn't really know what to make of him but

he doesn't really care at this point. He turns around when Nori opens

the door and directs him outside. "Outside? Right. You keep those guys

safe." Sosuke's cloak fades and he starts to head outside. He stops

though to look at the thug who delights in punishment of his senses.

Sosuke sighs and places his scythe's edge next to the man's jugular.

"If pain is what you seak then I'll send you to Hell." Sosuke remarks

before slitting the throat. "You'll feel right at home I'm sure." Now

he makes his way outside where a good portion of this thieving group

The jounin wasn't the one causing the commotion out here

though. It was another. Unfamiliar with this person Sosuke doesn't

assist him right away. But upon noting the headband and chuunin vest

Sosuke changes his attitude very quickly. With one quick toss he

slings a few shurikens at the man pinning Eremi and the others that

remain, he was trying to draw attention to himself. "I didn't know he

could sense chakra." Sosuke remarks out loud showing his habit of

having a wandering mind.

RP: Sosuke reverts to his normal state.
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with SHARP…30
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with SHARP…29
COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Eremi's turn.

Opening the Chakra Gates, while damaging to his body, give the

needed boost of power, stamina and speed that gets him out of sticky

situations like this one. Otherwise, he'd be a few feet shorter and

further unable to get a date. As another piles on top, Eremi's hands

clench tightly in to fists, "I said GET OFF!" Summoning all of his

strength he'd curls his arms inward toward his chest, lifting those

that were holding him down before slamming his hands into the ground

and propelling himself forward and onto his feet while the rest are

flung just a short distance away from the force of the blow.
Looking this way and that he'd spot the little man rising

toward his feet and Eremi would charge over toward him as if to return

the same shoulder charge he had first received. Though seconds from

colliding, Eremi drops while twisting his feet one around the other

before launching himself upward into the little mans chin with a

spinning uppercut that'll send the man sailing into the air.

COMBAT: Eremi finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

The Goliath lets out a gurgle as the blood flows into his

windpipe. A bubble of blood forms and even pops, letting out a gasp of

air. The whole death experience, including the death rattle, almost

seems fun for the big thug. Nori follows Sosuke to the door and makes

to close it, only to see Eremi outside. He blinks, and then closes the

door. He comments to himself, much like Sosuke, "Sosuke-san is outside

and will help Eremi-san."
Outside, the kunai find their targets and embed themselves

deep into the brain of one thug and chest cavity of another. Under

normal circumstances, it would be safe to say that Sosuke would have

drawn attention…only this is Eremi going all super-shinobi.
The mini-muscle man is not only sent sailing upwards, but

Eremi would probably feel the man's jaw dislocate and get pushed up

into the skull. The man is dead by the time he hits the ground…and

it takes a while for even that to happen as the punch rocketed him

into the air. The last of the original thugs to hold Eremi down finds

a kunai with an explosive tag tap the side of his head as he sails

through the air. The tag, and the thug's head explode mid-air, sending

brains splattering to the ground. The Inuzuka Jounin and his henged

carbon-copy dog showed up to sweep up the remains. When the dust

settles, the Inuzuka Jounin grunts, "Took you fools long enough." He

shakes his head and says, "Go get your wounds looked after. I'll take

care of the damage and the client." The Inuzuka's dog wraps his hand

on the door and shouts, "Nori, open up." Recognizing the voice and

knowing that he'd only show up if the coast was clear, Nori opens and

steps out to review the situation. "Oh, thank you spirits, you're all

safe." He blushes a bit and then smiles a big friendly smile. "All is

well inside," and indeed it was.

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