A Very Watery Assassination


Keisuke, Kitaru, Misaki, Isra

Date: August 9, 2012


After an urgent request for a mission to Kirigakure, Keisuke brings along a team of three Chuunin to help him in an assassination that's more like a massacre.

"A Very Watery Assassination"

Land of Waves

While Keisuke had initially promised Misaki that her first few missions with him would be fairly low-level, it looks like that promise has been broken with an urgent request from the Land of Waves. A man named Onrai has been gathering military forces in the land and trying to overthrow the area's daimyou. While someone doing this sort of thing is usually doing so for a noble cause, he is doing it merely for the money and plans to double taxes to become rich. The daimyou of that region sent in for an A-Rank mission with a very clear task and instructions… Assassinate Onrai.

Riding under a covered caravan with his three-shinobi team toward the area where they will be pulling off the assassination, Keisuke has a map in the center of the floor. Pointing to a cavern in near a waterfall and lake, the Swordsman begins to explain, "This is where the target is held up. He's built something of a military fort in this cavern. There will be two guards at the entrance. Kitaru, your job is to quietly incapacitate them as soon as we get there and keep them down, along with any other guards that may come up. You will be standing with us on a ledge overlooking the entrance. Once that is done, Isra and I will move down to the entrance where I will enter, and she will then seal it off." He glances up to them, looking for any inquisition or such. "Misaki, your job is to cut down anyone that manages to get out… Any questions so far?"

Kitaru seems to have recovered from his run in with the master Hyuuga the other day. While his arm was healed, it was still sore to move and so he wasn't quite up to full duty of mixing it up inside of a melee. However his genjutsu was still quite strong and he should be ok for the ambush, exactly how Keisuke was wanting to use him. A nod was given in answer to Keisuke's outline, he'd test his hand by flexing it a moment. "I should be able to do that without any issue. I am not quite strong enough to do a massive group yet for detainment, however I can easily take down several foes back to back. Misaki-san, if I stun the guards, you should be able to finish them fairly quickly, hai?"

Misaki studies the map carefully as she listens to the plan. "That sounds like a very solid plan." She considers that for a moment before looking to Keisuke for just a bit of clearifcation, to make sure when he says anyone he really means anyone "Am I assume anyone leaving that cave is a part of their group then?" She then looks over to Kitaru and nods slightly.

A threat to take down the daimyou of this land, hm? Isra couldn't help, but think there was more to this that meets the eye, but alas, he reached out and contacted them to protect himself. The ride wasn't very eventful, but it was for the best. Events usually meant that things were going terribly wrong. Luckily, her focus would be drawn to Keisuke as he outlines the plan for dealing with Onrai.

She leaned forward in her seat and looked over the map as the explanation was given. Looked like he had a decent area to work with. "Seal off the entrance to the cave, hm? I can manage that. I do have some questions. Is it possible that he may have some shinobi working with him? If so, this might make things a bit more difficult."

Keisuke glances between his team members for this mission, no expression on his face as normal, but he is obviously paying attention. At Misaki's question, he says, "Yes. Even if they're not, they die. This is a Black Operation. We can leave no trace that have even been anywhere near this country. If you drop even a kunai, be sure to pick it back up. Try to make most of the deaths look accidental. If you can't, bring the body with you so we can dispose of it." When Isra asks her question, he says, "It's possible that he could have picked up some Wanderers to join his ranks. That's the reason Misaki will be waiting outside the cave. You may assist her if need be, but your main job is to seal the entrance."

After waiting another moment for questions, he looks back down at the map and points to a spot where the cavern and the waterfall meet. "I'm going to bust through the cave wall in this spot and flood the cavern then bash Onrai's skull in so it looks like he simply got slammed against the cavern wall. I can handle getting out on my own, so don't bother opening the seals to try to let me out. If anyone approaches the entrance looking like me and asking to be to let out, it's probably a henge… Any more questions?"

Kitaru would shake his head slightly, a faint smile was given. "If I fail to stun, then it's Keisuke-san. Easy enough to know what's going on." Rolling his shoulder slightly, a small nod was given. "I am ready, Keisuke-san. If everyone else is, we can get going I believe.. Most ambushes are fast, when they're a true ambush.. I can try to fade us out going in, so we can't be seen initially, until I do my first attack, hai?"

Misaki nods slightly, "Understood." She then reaches for one of her scrolls and slowly opens it. Her clothing disappears and a moment later she is wearing a full suit of metal armor, that is covering her from head to toe. "We should keep an eye out for any of them that might be wandering around outside the cave as well."

"Hmm," Isra hummed softly. "Alright, guess there isn't much left for us to do except get this done," she nodded. "I'm ready when the rest of you are." She cracked her knuckles and sat back in her seat while waiting for things to get started. She just wanted to get in and get out and complete this mission. "Hope you pick a place that can support that skull bashing thing. I don't know what these caverns look like, but you'd be hard pressed to convince someone of a head bashing if the walls are smooth. Though, I'm sure your skill is sufficient enough to make up for that sort of thing."

Once everyone seems good on the plan, Keisuke looks up to the driver and waves for him to pick up pace. After about a fifteen minute ride, their destination comes into sight. "Go ahead and mask the caravan, Kitaru," he says, glancing to the boy before looking back out of the opening. "The caravan will be back around in ten minutes once we get out. Even if I'm not out yet, get back on board, mask the caravan again, and go home." As he speaks, the caravan stops on the bottom half of the other side of the ledge on the path, the sound of its rolling masked by the roaring of the waterfall. He stands up and steps out of the caravan, using the tree walking method to walk up the rock ledge silently to look down at the guards at the entrance of the cavern, where two guards stand as he said. A nod is given to Kitaru, the giant Swordsman waiting in silence for the guards to be put down.

Kitaru would nod in response to Keisuke's request. Kit would flash through those seals, eyes closing as he did indeed fade them all out from sight. He was listening, focused as he reached out to any outside of their caravan and keep them out of sight. As they reached that destination, Kitaru would release the one genjutsu, panting softly from the focus he put into that control. Getting out of the cart, holding one arm with the other, he'd stare down at the guards for a moment. Reaching out, that dark cloak would flare to life about him as he'd sense for anyone else. Once everyone was pin pointed outside of that cave that was an enemy, he'd go through those seals again, finishing on the last one so that each guard was caught up within their own mirror entrapment. Without warning, most would probably not stand a chance to even resist it, however once he felt they were caught, he'd nod to the others to get the targets while he maintained the illusion.

Misaki carefully gets out and looks the area over as they arrive. She moves into position so that she can watch the guard for a moment, as she waits for Kitaru to do his thing. Once she is given the signal, and it seems safe to do so she charges towards. She spins her scythe and then raises it up high as she moves towards the defenseless guards who should be caught in the gentsu. She aims to cut them down in one deadly strike, quick and silently.

"Will do," Isra nodded as she prepared herself to leave the caravan. Once in place, she'd leave and proceed to go to her destination at the entrance so she can seal it off. Of course, she'd have to wait until everyone was inside and once inside, they were to stay there until the operation was done. No leaving back out. Still, she had to wonder about this operation to some degree. She was curious of what caused it all and maybe wanted to do a bit of recording, but without much to run with, she just ignored it and decided to direct her focus to the task at hand.

Now at the entrance, after the guards were taken out of course, she performed the seals for capture barrier seal to lock the place in tight.

Noticing Kitaru only traps them men, rather than making the comatose, Keisuke smirks slightly. That Hyuuga worked the boy over, but she was definitely no joke. She would've likely been an even match for Keisuke… A match that probably would've led to the docks being rebuilt. Once Misaki cuts their guards down, he steps down off the ledge and onto the path in front of the entrance. "That's two bodies you'll be needing to take," his deep, hollow voice rings out in a low tone as he approaches the entrance of the cavern. He brings his hands together for a quick seal, a puff of smoke going out then reveal he now looks like just a very stocky construction worker, adorned in brown clothes and having brown hair and eyes, even wearing a dirty hat. His giant sword even looks like a giant hammer pick right now. This is one of few times one will ever see Keisuke looking like a civilian…. or wearing a shirt. He's even got a bottle of water in his hand as he walks. "Remember, we are not here." Of course, that's merely a kind way of saying 'No survivors'.

Once he steps through, and the entrance is sealed, he gives a nod to Isra then starts making his way into the cavern. Though he gets glances from some of the soldiers as he starts to enter the area where they are, it's generally only because of his size, which is the main reason none of them are making any smart-alec comments to him right now as he walks toward the back of the cavern.

"About time. Lunch ended thirty minutes ago," one of them calls out. He receives a glance from the giant man, yet nothing more. He simply keeps walking… They're all going to be dead soon enough.

On the outside, the real construction workers and a couple soldiers come down the path and see the bodies laying there and the shinobi. "H-hey! What's going on here?!" one of them shouts out as they all freeze in place. Looks like there is more work to do.

Curses softly as Kitaru didn't see the men approaching until too late. With it being civilians, he attempts to go big, flashing through those seals rapidly, Kit would grab them all with that massive Void Mirror. The illusion to the workers and the soldiers with them is a 3 story tall mirror encompassing them all within it as very minor specs instead of normal reflections. As Kitaru focused himself, that mirror drew them into it's depths, the mirror world a cold and vicious place. They would feel their very souls ripped asunder as the dark malice that was hinted at within Kitaru's cloak became a living thing within the mirror world. The attack itself was only a moment, however most of the civilians were probably comotose and many of the soldiers would probably be reeling. It should be a good setup for Misaki to do her work, however Kit was ready to attack again if needed.

Misaki turns and looks at the approaching people as they start to come towards the cave. She quickly starts to run towards as she raises her scythe high. Any who seem to be resisting or might get away are slashed apart with the wicked blade part of her scythe. Any who are defenseless or comotose instead get his in the back of the head with the metal rod head to make sure they are not waking up any time soon. The ones still alive, but knocked out get dragged over towards the cave entrance.

Isra only looked to the workers as they came around and saw the shinobi. So much for a black operation. She frowned while watching everything take place, sighing mentally to herself as she stood by the entrance to make sure that the barrier was secure. She didn't /need/ to stand there as the barrier could operate just fine on its own, but on the off chance something might come from the inside and cause it problems, she needed to be able to resecure it instead of allowing the barrier to break.

She knew there had to be better jobs out there than this and doesn't feel like she's left the war behind all that much. More lives, more losses for whatever reasons there may be.

As his team on the outside dispatches the people out there, Keisuke has made it past all the soldiers and workers to the back of the cave. He looks around for a moment before stepping into stance, and a large bone drill comes out of each shoulder. Rather than leave them attached like most Kaguya do in the Dance of the Camellia, though (well, the few that make it there), he has the advantage of Shikotsumyaku Telepathy and lets the drills detach and begin to dig into the cavern wall on their own, spinning to begin burrowing into the rock. As this happens, a few people start looking around, wondering where that sound could be coming from and what it could be. Of course, if they don't figure it out soon, it won't matter what it is, as they will be swimming in more than enough water to kill them all.

On the outside, once those few are dispatched, things seem to calm down for now. Those that would set an alert have thus far been eliminated, but one should always be looking out for what comes next.

"Guess that's it for this part, hm? Eh…" Isra wasn't entirely convinced. She thinks she should put up a perimeter around this place…

Reaching into a pocket on her chuunin vest, she slips two pieces of paper out and looks them over briefly before sending chakra through them to activate the seals. She'd then proceed to place the individual papers in two separate places, hidden from view so that they couldn't be easily detected. After all, she's supposed to be the one doing the detecting.

With a final piece of paper drawn out, she returns to her post and stands at the entrance, slapping the paper on the ground and activating it to set up an invisible barrier capable of detecting people who enter it. "I've just set up a few detection seals so that we'd know if any others may be coming. Since they 'bubble out', that means they'll also penetrate the cavern walls, though I doubt they'll go deep enough to detect motion there." She explained. "So anyone else that comes around, I'll be able to warn you quickly enough of their arrival so they can be dealt with."

Misaki position the bodies near the cave entrance and looks for any large rocks, one large enough to crush the people and make it appear that an accident occured and falling rocks got them, likely caused by the accident that also flooded the inside of the cave. At least that is the plan. She sets that up, while making a second pile of anyone with a huge slashing wounds, since they will need to be disposed of in another manner. "I wonder if any of you know fire jutsus? Maybe we can burn them, and make it look like an explose or something happen."

"Hey, what're you doing?!" a voice calls out behind Keisuke as he continues to drill through the cavern wall. Turning around, to see none other than Onrai himself standing there as leaks of water begin to come out of the wall. "Oh, hi there. Thanks for making this so easy," he says, vanishing into thin air and reappearing behind the man with a massive rock in his hand, which he swings down and bashes him ove the head with. The sound of bones and a rather nasty splatter is heard as the man falls down unconscious. The Swordsman smirks slightly as the drills finally break all the way through the rock wall, and water begins to pour out from the new holes, rushing out and making the hole bigger and bigger by erosion and knock more and more rock away. The drills come back down to Keisuke and come together to form a large surfboard, which straps itself onto his feet and makes a shield in front of him as he uses it to go up through the rushing water to head out toward where it comes in at.

As the water rushes into the cavern, soldiers and workers start running toward the entrance. What they find, however, is that they have no way out with the barrier up in front of them. They pound against it, screaming as water knocks some of them down and fills up the cavern more and more, their end near in sight. So long as Isra has the seals powered enough and set to burn themselves away so their is no evidence, this will all look like an accident caused by none other than Mother Nature herself.

The seal lit up indicating people were coming and so they did, banging on the barrier that blocked the intrance. Isra looked over to it and watched as the waters that followed would rush in and sweep them up to drown them. Looks like Keisuke got the job done. She sighed soon after and maintained the seal to ensure anyone that would seek to escape wouldn't be able to.

"If we're to make things look like natural disasters, then we must do the least amount of damage possible as humans aren't exactly known for making things look very natural," she joked in a slightly bitter fashion to Misaki. "If water is the main source of element used around here, then it may be best to use that to our advantage. I doubt fire would be a problem if water is present," she nodded back to the barrier to emphasize this.

"We're done here, though. The caravan should be coming back shortly. We should prepare ourselves to go."

Misaki looks over to Irsa, "It doesn't have to be a natural disaster. I was thinking more of a man made accident. As long as it is a reasonable accident they might of done themself, it still fits the mission just fine. I was just thinking of the best way to hide slashing wounds." Most of them didn't have slashing wounds, but it would still be kind of a pain to carry off the others.

Coming out of the top of the waterfall, Keisuke comes down on his board and skids to a stop on the ledge as the caravan pulls up. As he steps off of the board, it floats under the caravan and latches itself to it. "Good work, everyone. Grab the ones that don't look like accidents, and let's get out of here before someone comes looking." That said, he grabs a couple of the bodies and stashes them in a large hold under the caravan before hopping inside. Kitaru has already gotten in since a recently-shattered arm isn't good for lifting!

Misaki looks around to make sure it is clear and no one else is looking then grabs the bodies and starts to carry them off with her as she travels back to meet up with their ride back out of the area.

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