The Silence - A War Council in the making


Daisuke, Tsukino, Hiei, Michiko, Atsuro, Amani, Kasuya, Nariko

Date: September 25, 2014


A meeting between Kumogakure and Konohagakure to discuss the silence.

"The Silence - A War Council in the making"

Meeting room in Kumogakure’s administration office

The evening. The best time to begin plans for world domination, well, most likely protection from world domination. The sky twinkles with the bright lights as the village of Kumogakure begins preparations for a meeting with those in the protection of not just Kumogakure, but the allies of their village. Within the administration office of Kumogakure, many office bees are milling about, rushing every which way, bringing food, bringing dishes, and even bringing drinks. What kind of war council doesn't have drinks? I mean, seriously.

Within the building was the head diplomat, known as Nariko. She wore an outfit that seemed to say "Head Diplomat" or even "business time". She stacked her papers, banging them against the table. She had sent out messengers to Konohagakure to invite the Hokage and any of his members involved with their protection and military to join in this war council. She had also sent invitations to the members of Kumogakure to those involved. This was needed in a time of great distress. She looked around a moment, making sure everything was fine and set up properly. The doors were closed and she jumped a moment. "No, no, that’s not right, these must be open!" She mumbles angrily to herself. She walks over and opens the doors, allowing those to freely enter. She was a little anxious, but that would settle eventually.

After making sure that guards were where they were supposed to be, Hiei finishes his inspection rounds around the village and makes his way towards the administration building. He wore his usual attire, complete with his weaponry as he nods faintly towards Nariko's staff as they prepared for the meeting. As the military commander of Kumogakure, it was his duty to attend these kind of things. He moves into the meeting room and sits down next to Nariko. He watches her freak out a little about the doors being open and smirks a little before crossing his arms over his chest. "You should relax." He comments offhandedly as he pours himself a drink to wait for the others to arrive.

Little deviates from Kasuya's appearance when she arrives for the war council. A tightly rolled scroll is tucked into the sash at her waist, but besides that it could be just another day for her. She shows up as soon as the doors open, or perhaps she was waiting nearby for a time. Nariko would get a long, searching look, and then a nod. "Nariko-san, good evening," she says quietly, before making her way in. She doesn't hold an elected position among the Raikage's committee, but that didn't mean she would agree to abstain from such a critical meeting. She glances at Hiei as she passes and says, "Hiei-kun, looks like everything is in order."

She has to smirk at the extent of the preparations, including the food. Kumo is entertaining outsiders, so she supposes this much should be expected. For now she doesn't touch any of the refreshment. Nor does she take a seat. Instead, she stands to watch the others pass through.

Having received word from Kumogakure about a 'war council' to strategize about the impending Silence threat, Daisuke left Tobiramako in charge and headed out with two advisors from his trusted council. One was familiar to the Kumogakure ninja and highly skilled, the other would be new to the village but valuable in talk of politics and strategy. As with all trips the Hokage had taken since his promotion, a handful of watchful white-masked shinobi would be tailing them and making sure the way was clear. The trip was short, the road familiar to the Leaf nin, straight to Kumogakure in time to settle in and arrive on time.

Once the trio of Leaf nin had arrived, they had made their proper introductions and cleared any security before they would make their way to the administration building of the Raikage and his staff. It was interesting to see the subtle similarities and differences that Kumo was taking in order to keep their village safe compared to Konohagakure. He noted the presence of a few Leaf nin, who looked utterly surprised once the Hokage passed by, giving him a quick bow. Daisuke waves his hand and thanks them for their continued service before moving on into the building.

Entering the room through the open doorway with Atsuro and Tsukino at his side, Daisuke smiles as he notices Nariko and Hiei right away, "Hello everyone." he says formally in greeting. He almost wished he had brought a gift but the topic of this meeting felt a little too serious for such pleasantries.

Tsukino followed Daisuke at one side and just behind the Hokage, following a protocol and watching with bright blue eyes all that went on around her. The Uzumaki princess wore a formal robe of emerald green and gold to go with her crimson hair. Hair that was half up in formal loops and buns and half hanging down her back, past her hips to the backs of her knees. Her makeup was simple but formal as well. No white face paint this time, but certainly her eyes were accented and her lips were a deep red on top with a single stripe down the center on her lower lip. She kept her hands before her demurely. She was not just here as a member of Konohagakure, but as a representative of the Uzumaki. She bowed to Hiei and Nariko then followed Daisuke as he moved to his place.

Michiko finds herself in the war council as well. Perhaps it's because she's recently become a Chuunin. Perhaps it's because she's Nariko's student. Whatever the case, she's in the room and is one of the last people to arrive. She moves over towards both Nariko and Hiei. A smile in both of their directions as well as a nod to Kasuya. "Good evening, Nariko-sensei. Hiei-san. Kasuya-san," she greets pleasantly, though the girl falls quiet soon after. A few of the people, most of them from Konoha, are the ones she doesn't recognize. They are greeted with light bows. The newly-made chuunin chooses to abstain from taking a seat, at least until all the 'important' people are comfortably so. Perhaps notably, she's dressed in her usual clothes, though there aren't any tears in this version of them.

Atsuro is all dressed up, even going so far as to button his shirt properly and zip up his jounin vest. A great loss for Kumogakure and its citizens, and everyone at this meeting, really, but a certain level of decorum seems to be in order here. As for Taizen, his nin-dog partner, he now wears a collar rather than a vest and has been brushed and groomed for the occasion. They're shooting the breeze with one member of the Konoha delegation when the doors are opened, then the conversation finishes in a semi-leisurely fashion and the Inuzuka duo heads in, hurrying up to Daisuke's side. "Nariko," Atsuro greets cheerfully, "Hiei. Long time, no see, guys." Taizen wags his tail as he greets them too, "Hello, Nariko. Hello, Hiei." And once that's taken care of, Atsuro quickly tracks down a few serving staff and gets some drinks and food. Taizen also politely asks if they have anything suitable for a dog to eat.

Nariko smiles at both Hiei and Kasuya when they enter. "Thank you. I appreciate you both coming." Then she spots Daisuke and she smiles, bowing to him in respect. "Hokage. It's a pleasure to see you, I just wish it wasn't under the circumstances. I hope your trip was fair." She looks to Hiei and Kasuya, grateful that they were there with her. She bows back to the girl who follows Daisuke. "Welcome to Kumogakure. Please have a drink." Then Michiko walks in and she reaches her arms around her. "Michiko-chan, thank you for joining us." She whispers to the young girl. Then Taizen and Atsuro walk in. "Atsuro, Taizen-sama!" She seems really excited to see them. "Thank you for joining us. Please, everyone have a drink and some food. And Taizen-sama, we made some food, especially for you. We shall get started once everyone is seated." She did seem a little hurt that Atsuro didn't unbutton his shirt, but alas, this was a serious meeting. She closes the doors before moving towards the end of the table where a glass of water sits for her. She looks around at everyone, starting once everyone has been seated.

"As you all know, our villages have been threatened by such evil known as the silence." She clears her throat slightly. "It is our duty, as protectors of our villages and citizens of our villages to protect them from all outside invasions." She looks to the Konoha-nin. "And as friends and allies, it is our duty to stand by one another in this time of need." She looks down at her papers before looking back up. "I called us here to reaffirm our allegiance and discuss how we can help one another defend our people together. I also wish to discuss how we can destroy the threat together." She looked composed and serious, but shook in her boots. "I hope that we can all come together in this time of great need to take care of this." And with that she moves to sit down in her chair, reaching for her glass of water.

Hiei smirks at Kasuya when she greets him and offers her a slight wink. When Michiko comes in, Hiei also offers her a slight bow. He had promised Nariko that he'd be on his best behavior, because if he wasn't, he was not going to sleep correctly for at least a couple weeks..the witch. When the delegation from Konoha arrives, Hiei stands up to offer Daisuke a formal bow. "Hokage. Welcome to Kumogakure." Another polite bow towards Tsukino. But when Atsuro and Taizen come, a smile actually graces the Jounin's lips. "Atsuro! Taizen! I didn't know you were coming on this trip!" He fist bumps Atsuro before leaning down to pet Taizen for a moment before returning to his seat. With the greeting out of the way, he gets a bowl from the table and pours Taizen a drink before setting it down in front of him. He then gives Nariko his undivided attention when she gets the meeting started proper.

When the Hokage enters, Kasuya would give him a brief but low bow. "Hokage," she says respectfully. She stands for a minute after the last person has come through, taking in all the shinobi in attendance. Michiko gets a slight smile. This is an eclectic group. While everyone is finding their food and their seat, Kasuya piles a small plate full of sweets, and pops one in her mouth. She selects one of the seats closest to the door, and waits patiently.

After Nariko speaks, Kasuya says, "I'm sure all of you at this meeting are aware, but I should like to reiterate it. Nariko has full authority in Kumogakure's public relations and diplomacy, sanctioned by the Raikage. Hiei has full authority in matters of military and security. As such, they have the final say in these negotiations." Her tone is light, but definite.

"Mmn, yes. These are trying times, indeed. But, like the Crawler threat, I am sure we will come out victorious." Daisuke says as he smiles in greeting to Hiei and those he does not yet know, settling down before Tsukino settles in beside him. He was unfamiliar with both Kasuya and Michiko, so he felt like introductions were in order. "This is Uzumaki Tsukino, a representative of not only Konoha but of noble birth from Uzushiogakure as well. I hope you will all treat her suggestions as you would treat my own or Atsuro's over there. And for those of you that don't know, that is Taizen…" he says, pointing to Taizen the talking dog. "..and his pal Inuzuka Atsuro." As introductions from his side ended, Daisuke settles back and listens to Nariko. Kasuya's declaration puts a small smile on his lips, he was very familiar with both of them and their duties since becoming Hokage. "Thank you for clarifying that with the room." he says appreciatively with a nod.

"I have recently released official documentation to my people and those Cloud ninja in my village to take home confirming our strength not only within the village defense, but in defense and aid of Kumogakure if you shall need it. I found in these types of situations, sometimes those beyond the walls of the safety of your own village can be overlooked, and I feel, like with the Crawler, that it is our combined efforts that will win this." Daisuke says with a nod after Nariko is done speaking. "Shall we discuss, then, the steps taken for defense and early detection of a potential threat? The earlier, the better, in terms of travel distance covered to come to each other's aid." he adds, looking to Hiei and his military mind.

Tsukino's blue eyes flicked over the offered food and drink, watching Atsuro and Taizen closely. Surely Taizen would notice if something smelled off. Perhaps it was silly of her but she was in a foreign land, even more so than Konoha was foreign, and she was beside the Hokage. She accepted the greeting from Nariko and the bow from Hiei before taking the seat designated to her. Kasuya's remarks did not get much reaction from Tsukino, simply a sidelong glance before she turned to look at Daisuke again. She had an air of calm about her but to those who paid her any attention, they might note she was aware of everything going on around her, aware but not reacting. As Daisuke introduced her she bowed to the room in general, regal in motion and sharp in attention. She listened to Daisuke's suggestions and then flicked her eyes around, taking in those reactions around her. She remained silent for the moment.

Michiko smiles and returns Nariko's hug when that comes, the girl always happy to see her sensei. Certainly, she doesn't mind the hug! Hiei surprises her with a bow of his own, the Iwata not expecting that from the Yotsuki clan head. Once most of the higher-ups are seated, she takes a seat in whichever is empty. Introductions are made, then, and Michiko offers a small nod to those introduced. "It's a pleasure to meet you all, though I believe I've met Atsuro-san and Taizen-san before?" On a mission a long time ago, maybe..?

Nariko starts the meeting, finally, and Michiko only listens for now, much like she tends to do when it comes to important meetings such as this. If she has anything important to say… Well, she doubts she even has such a thing! She can't help the smile that appears on her face at Kasuya's words, much like Daisuke. While she didn't question Nariko and Hiei's authority, there was now no doubt that they were in charge. At least in the Raikage's absence.

"That was the plan," Atsuro says, giving Nariko a grin. He turns to bump knucks with Hiei. "I kinda assumed I wasn't," he says in a low voice to Hiei, "I'm not really a village-village diplomat…" He shrugs and moves on. By the time Atsuro and Taizen take their seats at the table, Atsuro has a small plate heaped with appetizers in one hand, a cocktail in the other, and a bowl of dog food balanced on his shoulder. With surprising deftness, he places his own food in front of him, then puts the dog food in front of Taizen. Then Atsuro sits back and listens to the proceedings.

When Daisuke introduces them, Atsuro raises a hand so that those who don't know him can put a face to the name. Taizen says quietly to Michiko, "Yes, I think we have met." Atsuro takes a pair of chopsticks and grabs a piece of gyoza from his plate as Daisuke starts to discuss the basics of defending against the Silence. With that item being met with silence so far, he quickly swallows and notes, "I'm guessing nobody's going to show their cards on this one, but if we could get some information about the attacks on other hidden villages, it might give us more information as to the Silence's methods for infiltrating and planning attacks."

One last person enters the room. She was silent, the opposite of her usual nature. Amani didn't have anything to say or rather, shouldn't. She needed to sit back and listen for now. She may have cemented herself as a loose screw, but she wasn't beyond watching and waiting. She settled herself into an empty seat and endured what silence her presence would bring from being late. Bows were offered to those of a higher status prior to her finally taking her seat.

Nariko looks to Kasuya and nods. "Thank you." She gives her a politely smile and then looks to Daisuke and Atsuro. "I think that is a good idea. Has anyone come into contact with this silence and have anything to share about the way they work?" She looks to Hiei, specifically, and then to Kasuya. "And I think it would be a good idea to hear from our head of military on ideas of how to quell the force of the silence." She leans back in her chair and steeples her hands together. "It would be good to know where we stand in the fight of good and evil before we make plans for defeat." Then Amani enters and soft glare goes towards her for a moment before returning back to her serious nature.

Hiei nods to Nariko before he stands up. He clasps his hands behind his back before he begins to speak, much like how an officer gives a report to a superior. "We know little about the Silence. They have the ability to appear and disappear much like how ghosts would. They devour chakra through touch, and eye witness reports from the incident at the Chuunin exams state that there was talk of one of them being hundreds of years old. There are little signs of an attack before an attack begins. Our sensor nin were baffled because they seem to have the ability to suppress their own chakra until right before the point of attacking." Hiei begins walking around the table as he speaks. "However, even though we don't know who they are, or exactly where they come from…their fighting potential is hard to gauge at best. I haven't had the opportunity of engaging them in battle personally."

Hiei eventually makes it back to stand behind his seat. "I've locked down the village as best I can with what I have to work with. I have a twenty-four hour rotation of sensor nin on duty at all times. Our outposts in the lowlands have had their personnel increased. Village security has been doubled and any visitors to the village are now being screened by a security detail. Kamen Rai Da has informed me that they are now patrolling the streets, even if they aren't immediately seen doing so. I've implemented escape plans for the villagers should they need them, and I will be running invasion drills periodically to make sure everyone is on their toes. Kumogakure is as ready as we're going to be."

As introductions go around piecemeal, the Jounin says quietly, "I'm Kasuya." She nibbles at the food on her plate as the meeting unfolds. As for the intelligence relating to The Silence, Kasuya wasn't there and listens without speaking for a minute. She occasionally nods at Hiei's explanation of his preparations. Kumogakure certainly hasn't been idle in this time.

She drums her fingers against the table, frowning. Then she'd pull out the scroll tucked into her sash, and unfold it. It's actually a number of pictures, the same one, or the same person. "I wasn't there for the attack in Kumo, but many were, and saw the main culprit for The Silence. I got an excellent artist and plenty eyewitnesses to do an accurate sketch of the man." She'd pass the pictures to an attendant, who'd pass them out. "I haven't circulated this, and I'm not sure if we should be plastering his face on every street corner. I'm assured this is an accurate portrayal by many eyewitnesses though."

Daisuke looks over to Atsuro for a moment before he shakes his head lightly. He looks up as the last person arrives, fashionably late for now. He listens to Hiei speak, nodding his head as some points are brought up that he, also, had information on. Sadly, nothing was new, and this frustrated him. Who were these two? "We have had encounters with the mercenaries and other 'goons' in various locations, but no sign of the Brothers who lead the group. I'm afraid all we have to go on at this point is witness details from the Chuunin exams and the information that came out of Sunagakure. Much of the information is still up to debate, but Hiei summed up what we know as well." he says to Nariko to answer her question. "The Kazekage did bring up an interesting point that I also thought of, though. Hiei touched on this, just now. How could two young men around our age with no prior records or information, show up like that able to take on villages, Kage and all. It's truly surprising and almost unbelievable that they are merely teenage youth. So the questions become, who are these two, how ancient are we dealing with here, where did they suddenly spring up from, and what is it they truly are looking for by doing this to village after village?"

As Hiei discusses his plan, unlike Atsuro had alluded to earlier by the two sides keeping their secrets, Daisuke gives Atsuro a knowing 'look'. "Speaking of sensor nin, I can offer Kumogakure the dome barrier sensory technique if you wish it. As I stressed before, this is all about reaction time to sudden threats, and I feel like the technique will give both our villages plenty of time. As for the rest, I am certain that you are quite well equipped for a solid defense, so I will not overstep here and offer more." he says, mostly to Hiei out of respect for his planning and strategies to protect his people and village, taking a picture that is being passed around, looking at a black haired boy no older than he was. "Merely a boy, quite the deception." he muses to Tsukino beside him. Setting the photo down on the table, he looks between everyone and asks, "Shall we discuss an offense?"

Tsukino glanced between Nariko and Amani as the latter entered the meeting late. She wasn't sure who this was either but she noted that she was important enough to be present at this meeting. Strictly speaking this was Tsukino's first official diplomatic council, certainly her first war council, and she was trying her best to take what she could away from it. Her eyes might feel like they were recording information as they were watching so close and were so alert. She turned those blue eyes on Nariko as she began the meeting proper. Then she looked to Hiei, tracking him closely throughout his speech. What he said was commited to memory and absorbed carefully. Kumogakure seemed to be far more prepared than they had started out as. Hopefully Konohagakure — and by extension Uzushiogakure — would be similarly prepared for danger.

Kasuya got her attention next. Like Kasuya, Tsukino had not been at the exams when they were attacked. She had just been arriving in Konohagakure at that time. But when the attendant passed her a smalls croll with the picture on it her eyes narrowed, searing the image into her mind. If they knew what the leaders looked like that was a step in the right direction. Her attention was drawn to the depiction of the leaders' palms. A seal of some kind perhaps. As an Uzumaki this was her department, as a princess she had the connections to possibly get what information was available.

She nodded to Daisuke's comment to her then looked around the room. She spoke in a firm but calm voice. "This mark on their palms looks like a seal of some kind. I will personally visit my clan's archives and see if we have any information regarding it. Or them for that matter." She glanced at Daisuke again then set the small scroll down. It was a small gesture but the only one she had at this point to offer.

Michiko gives a nod to Amani as the medic comes in, though it's later than her sensei would like. The girl listens to Hiei speak and offers a few nods of agreement to his words, knowing these statements to be true on firsthand accounts. She considers briefly, then decides to speak up. "I was at the Chuunin exams when they attacked, so I can confirm most of these facts. They seemed very powerful, about as strong as someone like Hiei-san." A pause as Kasuya revealed the sketch of the main culprit, and she hmms lightly. "I was too far away to make out details, but this /looks/ accurate, if memory serves correctly." It has so far, at least! A faint sigh, though, as most of the information is old news.

The girl considers all that has been said, wondering if she has anything to really contribute to what's already known. "If I remember correctly, they've the ability to absorb jutsu, effectively copying someone's skills. Ninjutsuists like myself might be at a disadvantage when we face the Silence Brothers. Also, there's a lot of people who seem to follow the Silence, if everyone has been encountering the small fish. I've run into several. It's likely Sunagakure and maybe even Kirigakure have faced off against weaker members."

Atsuro and Taizen glance briefly to the fashionably late Amani, then go back to watching Nariko, Hiei, and Daisuke as the proceedings continue. When the picture comes around, they inspect it for a moment, then pass it along. "We should circulate copies of this picture to anyone patrolling or guarding the villages," he suggests, "Of course, I'm sure this person has plenty of possible ways to change his — or her — appearance." Taizen speaks up to add, "If they are personally stealing the documents they leak from the villages, they must have more methods of hiding themselves than suppressing their chakra."

After wetting his lips a little, Atsuro puts down his cocktail. "The two ways of attacking them would either be to hunt them down or set a trap for them. Has attacking their lackeys gotten any useful information yet? Something that would point to where they are or how to find them? If not, I'd say hunting them down is a no go right now."

Amani noted Nariko's glare and returned it with…nothing. This wasn't the time to cop an attitude. Instead, she observed the others here with a sternness crafted from a jaded medical career. A scowl was centered upon her face as she took a look at the picture of the brothers before lightly slapping the pictures aside to the next person at the table. "I'm still dealing with their damage from the exams. Helping to heal the wounds they caused has put some shinobi out of their careers." She offered, punctuating her statement with the realities she faced.

Nariko leans forward as she is given the picture and listens intently to the reports given by Hiei and Michiko. She looks from the picture to Daisuke. "It would be an investment in our villagers future to have the dome barrier. Anything to prepare us for an invasion will help dearly." She looks to the quiet girl and then to Kasuya. "So, if these people are hard to kill then would the best form of action to capture?" She sets the picture back on the table and then steeples her fingers again and looks to Atsuro. "Do we know anything on whether they are susceptible to any form of genjutsu?" The question was to everyone, but she seemed focused on ninja mind tricks. She looks to Amani. "To which we are very grateful Amani. Which also brings up medics. Are we able to share information between our medics to better help one another with our injured?"

Hiei looks at Amani when she speaks. "This is Yamayuki Amani, the head of our Medical Corps." He glances around the table before he speaks again. "When it comes to offense we do have one advantage. We know where they're going to strike next." He sits back in his chair. "I recently took a trip to Kirigakure to speak with the Mizukage. Kumogakure and Kirigakure have no alliance, but the Mizukage and I have a warrior's respect for each other. Kiri is the only major village that hasn't been hit yet. Odds are they're about to be. We have been presented with a unique opportunity here. Meruin has invited me to bring a strike team from Kumo to join up with the Kiri shinobi in fighting the Silence. If we can stop them there…then we can end this whole conflict before it really gets out of hand. I gave my report to administration, but I wanted to get Nariko's blessing. However, I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of qualified shinobi..which would form the bulk of my team." He passes out folders with the names and a brief dossier of each choice. Among them are: Yamayuki Amani, Yotsuki Sado, Iwata Michiko, and Reizei Ryouji. "Sado and Ryouji I trained myself. I know them to be trustworthy, capable, and I've never had to worry about my back being watched with Amani and Michiko around." He pauses to nod to each one in turn.

Hiei goes on to say. "As for a strategy, it should be kept simple. We know they absorb chakra and can mimic ninjutsu." He reaches over his shoulder to touch the hilt of his katana. "Shinobi like me don't rely on chakra as much as others. Kenjutsu and Taijutsu users should engage in close quarters while the ninjutsu users attack at range. If Tsukino-san is correct, and they have to use their hands because of some seal…well…if those hands are busy with us, then creating an opening for a ninjutsu attack just might be possible."

"Fighting to capture someone is much more difficult than fighting to kill someone," Kasuya says. "I've never fought anyone where it's been otherwise." She drums her fingers against the table. "Anyone with a mind is susceptible to genjutsu."

She frowns as Hiei gives his analysis. "We can't know for sure. But I will say I've seen the Kazekage in action, and his genjutsu is on par with his ninjutsu. It could be the problem wasn't using the wrong jutsu, so much as not having enough force. Maybe the Kazekage wasn't strong enough. I think just as they use jutsu like shinobi, they must have similar weaknesses and the best response is, as Hiei says, a flexible battle plan." She pauses. "To this end, I'd like to travel down to Sunagakure with or without a team to speak with the Kazekage. And I'd share the information I could glean with both Kumo /and/ Konoha." She looks over to Nariko, then to Hiei, and raises an eyebrow.

Daisuke smiles to Tsukino and nods his head lightly. "I appreciate that. I feel like the diamond seals are at least one key to figuring out their abilities. If they truly can absorb and take on jutsu of others, I think sending in any troops but Taijutsu for battle is a poor choice. I hope we can learn more." He turns to Nariko and, with a nod, says "The lines of communication between our medics have been opened before during the Parasite and the Crawler, I don't see an issue. I will ask Taiki and Akiyama Kenta to get in touch." Daisuke adds a nod to Amani, pegging her as a medical staff representative even before Hiei politely introduces her. "As for capture, I'm sure everyone in the world would like to get a hold of their bodies and find out just what it is they do. The question is, should we. It occurs to me that there are still quite a lot of unknowns in the ninja world, especially from the past, where we hear stories of the wondrous Sage and the birth of our ninjutsu. Sometimes, perhaps things are best disposed of." To the discussion about concealment of chakra, Daisuke offers no advice, as sensory abilities and tracking was more up Atsuro's aisle. Hiei's mention of Kirigakure gets a smile, "You don't have to explain your visits to Kirigakure. Unlike the Mizukage, I have no intention of trying to dictate who can talk to who and when, and I trust we all know where our allegiances are." he says to clear things up. To the rest of Hiei's strategy, Daisuke finds but one flaw. "Konohagakure has yet to be struck as well. And no reports out of the Stone have also come forth. I think we should be a bit more cautious about trying to pinpoint their next target, they also never stole any documents from Kumogakure, as far as I know? I think the only safe village we can rule out is Sunagakure." The rest was a solid plan, at least until they knew the extent of who they were dealing with.

Tsukino looked to Michiko when the girl spoke up. If she had been there for the initial attack she would also know who else was there. She listened to the girl describe what she'd seen, absorbing that information just as quickly and fully as she had the rest of the meeting. She made a note to herself to speak with Daisuke about figuring out who all had been there. Perhaps they could even get Sunagakure and Kirigakure to cooperate in gathering information about the brothers. Of course that was wishful thinking. Kirigakure was renowned for its dislike of Konoha…

Atsuro's suggestion to circulate the pictures of the brothers got an agreeing nod from the Uzumaki. Unfortunately what he said about hunting them down was also true. Without a way to track them, where would they start? A thought did occur to her, however, and she leaned over to whisper to Daisuke. "Perhaps we could lure them out with the right bait." Amani got a glance from her when she mentioned that the injuries had removed some shinobi from service. It was a grave concern and one that made Tsukino even more sure they should find a way to pull the brothers from the shadows they lurked in. She was not, however, an official diplomat and carried little actualized power for the time being. A fact that felt emphasized by the general lack of interest in what she had had to say. It made no difference. Whether for the alliance or for Daisuke himself she would still visit Uzushiogakure in search of answers. She had no answers for Nariko and thus remained silent, returning to her observations.

Hiei got a look from her and a raised eyebrow, the first real reaction she'd shown throughout the meeting so far. Kirigakure was cooperating with Kumo? She glanced at Daisuke, curious if the bad blood between Kiri and Konoha ran as deeply as it was rumored. Hiei referred to her comment about the mark looking like a seal and she nodded to him quietly. He was clearly a sound mind to have in charge of the village's military. Daisuke received a nod from her as well but his words about where the Silence would strike next also made her frown lightly. It was indeed a tough decision. She sat back, having said her piece earlier about bait. She had little else to add to this part of the conversation. Though she did find it quite interesting that Daisuke did not seem to return the Mizukage's feelings about alliances.

Michiko can't help but agree with Daisuke's words. True, the Silence had attacked Kumo, but only Suna was truly the odd target out. The likelihood of the Silence attacking Iwa, though, was rather low since the village has mostly kept quiet when it came to shinobi activity. "Regardless of where we think they'll attack, it's best to be prepared. If we have a lead, then we might as well take it. And Kumogakure won't be without protection if the taskforce Hiei-san chose is gone from the village."

"Aren't there other ninja who can absorb chakra?" Atsuro asks, "Far be it for a simple taijutsu user like myself to say it, but if the Silence technique is close enough, we might be able to use the more common jutsu as a model to come up with some kind of counter. Gives us something to try other than 'fight better than usual.'" He nods a little when Tsukino suggests bait for a trap. "From what we know of their motives, the only thing that would work as bait is some juicy village secret." Taizen adds, "But we could fabricate some kind of secret. The only problem is that we do not know how they gather information. They might not hear about the secret unless we spread a rumour somehow." Atsuro frowns, "Or we aren't secretive enough and they find out it's fake… not that we /actually/ want to reveal something." He returns to chowing down on the food so generously provided by Nariko.

"Thank you for the introduction. I felt it ill-fitting to just out myself after showing up at an unreasonable time," Amani explained as she tugged at her robes. "I am more than willing to offer myself up to the task of a supportive role among you. I am uncertain of how these things will work out or what will be the final result, but I'm a medic and my focus is on the health of the people and by extension, villages." She sits back in her seat. "Do what you all must for the meeting and I can only hope to follow up on these issues to put the Silence further to rest."

Nariko picks up the picture one more time as she hears the words from Hiei. He would be able to feel a cold glare on him from Nariko, but the look on her face was that of indifference. She throws the picture back on the table and then pinches her nose considering the idea of helping Kiri. She lets out of a soft sigh and looks to Hiei. "Though a part of me has trouble with this idea, I will support you taking this team to Kiri." She looks at the dossier of the team he wishes to create and nods. "All members are capable and known for their loyalty to Kumogakure." She looks to Daisuke and nods. "Well, then Amani, I will ask that you communicate with the med-nins in Konoha to better prepare yourself and the medical staff under you." Then to Kasuya. "I agree in this endeavor to go to Suna. I request that you take a team with you if they are attacked by the silence." She rests her hands on the arm rests of her chair, and stands. "I think this is a lot of information to take in at once and for now, we should continue talks. I think this is a good starting point and we shall reconvene again soon when we discover more information." She looks to them all. "Are we all in agreement? If so, this will conclude the first war council." She sets her hands on the table.

Hiei notices the stare from Nariko and it makes him shiver a bit. Nope, he was definitely not going to sleep for about a week. "Then it's settled. I'll prep my team and leave for Kiri within the week. However, if something does happen to Konoha, notify me and we'll redirect our efforts there." Hiei frowns. "A lot of people died that day during the attack. Including family." He looks over at Nariko, talking about their grandfather. "I look forward to crossing blades with these brothers. If I have a say in the matter, I won't be looking to capture anyone." He rises from his seat and bows before striding towards the door.

Kasuya has sat back, and her eyes are withdrawn in thought. She runs a finger along her jaw as the talks wind down. When Nariko gives her permission to go to Suna and gather what intel she can, Kasuya nods. "I'll assemble a team at once," she says. This meeting should have happened sooner, but more perplexing is why the Silence has waited so long to make its next move. She looks around at Hiei, at Nariko, at Amani, and then to Daisuke. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Hokage," she says, inclining her head. Then she'd rise and make her way out.

Atsuro exchanges glances with Taizen. "Looks like nobody gave us anything to do," Atsuro stage whispers, "Score!" The two get up from their seats and go over to the staff again. "Gosh," Atsuro says to one server, "I can't believe all these rude jerks just had you standing around here this whole time. I'm so sorry." He slips some ryo to each of the staff. He whispers to Daisuke as he meets up with the rest of the Konoha delegation and heads out of the building with them, "Guess who's gonna get great service next meeting."

Nariko lets out a sigh as everyone walks out the doors. "Well, that’s over, now I can rest and take these horrible shoes off." She looks to the wait staff and smiles. "Take the week off. You guys worked hard." She gives a wave to them and helps clean up a bit before packing up her papers. She looks around and smiles. She was proud to have completed what she did. Now if only the silence could leave her favorite shopping stores alone, that'd be great. One successful war council down, more to follow.

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