A watery trade


Satomi, Hibiki, Ishino, Meruin, Naru, Hideaki

Date: March 9, 2013


A trade group from the land of water hires Kiri nin to protect them in the increasingly hostile enviorment of the land of fire. Konoha nin are tasked with avoiding hostilities and solve dissidents. The two groups clash while the port village prepares a posse to teach the traders a lesson.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A watery trade"

Fire Ferry Docks [Land of Fire]

The dissadence of the world is known to quite a few. Those whom are sick and tired of giving stuff up for the shinobi, to get what they see as nothing in return. It's been muttering, glares, some talk about fighting back. Most of it is talk, those who both have time on their hands as well as not quite enough work to keep busy. The merchants, however, will still ply trade and the world will continue on.

A merchant from the Land of Water has a rather lucrative business proposition set up within the Land of Fire. Forign interactions leading to healthy investments, thus, money to be had. With the world of unrest going on, he got a C-rank mission from Kirigakure. Protect the caravan as it gets to the docks of the Land of Fire and from there in to the village he trades at.

Unfortunately, a village that has that many people flowing through it, has that many more to be restless about shinobi. There's a certain unease that fills the air of the village, making people not quite as easy going about trading or even talking to one another. Always the second or third glance, wanting to know rather that person is a shinobi, are they one of the ones who cause all the issues? This leads to the boat from Kiri docking finally, Ishino and Hibiki assigned to protect the merchant, Ishino would watch as the wares were unloaded from the boat and started filling up the 3 wagons they were going to have to watch after. Of course normally this would be a regular occurance. One of the bow crew, however, knew that at least Ishino was a shinobi and as such passed on the info to others at the docks. The rumbling was starting low, but there was definitely a potential.. something.. that was going to be happening here.

Meanwhile Satomi is making herself comfortable in the villages main restaurant, keeping her ears open for any trouble. She's already identified most of the trouble-makers, and wasn't suprised when she overheard three villagers organise a posse the night before. "We'll teach those water-idiots a lesson!" One said, while drinking away his sake. The other two group members nodding ferociously. "And we'll make a nice profit as well!" Ever since Nara Satomi has been watching the group, trying to identify when they rendevouzed or started making trouble. They're seated right behind her. She placed her powder mirror on the table so she could take a good look at them while listening in. The other Konoha nin were stationed somewhere else, keeping their eye out for any other trouble.

The sway of the ship - even one so close its port of rest - has revealed, from the start of the journey, where gossip travels in puffs of smoke and twisting trees, the shifting rolls of the restless. There is much dissension bubbling from the shore into the air, like sky thick and damp moments before a storm. Such a thing, Hibiki has not yet encountered.

"I suspect it'll rain."

His voice is so slow that his words seem an assertion meant only for himself. Then, louder:

"Do we have to carry any of this?"

Keeping a close eye on things was proving to be a little stressful. Narusegawa had found herself entrenched in life with the local port city. She had been there for several days now, picking up on leads and rumors which dealt with dissent about the village. Interesting enough though it wasn't just about Konoha shinobi, there was more irritation with the merchants and shinobi drifting over seas from the Land of Water. With that in mind the raven haired Uchiha sighed quietly under her breath, leaning up along the side of a building which just so happened to be a restuarant, she kept herself out of the damp skies's grasp and simply watched as life unfolded about her. Nothing niteresting had caught her attention just yet but perhaps…soon.

Hideaki is moving throughout the streets, dressed as normal save the absence of the chuunin vest and forehead protector that gives away his indentity as a shinobi. He picks up interesting tidbits here and there, but never stops for long. That is, until he gets to the docks. At first, the talk of shinobi in the village makes him worried that someone on his team had been exposed, but he soon realizes that is not the case. They are referring to someone on the boat. He looks at the docks and spots a face that looks familiar. It takes him a moment to place it, but all at once he remembers a brief encounter in a large, dimly lit room, a grandfather clock at the other's side. His eyes widen. He tries to slip back into the crowd unseen, then picks up a brisk pace to reunite with Naru and Satomi.

"Bother." Looking at the sky, Ishino would focus himself, that pocket watch pulled out from his pocket to be clicked open. "No. Our time starts now. We are to protect those three wagons until we reach the final destination. We do not allow harm to them and we are to avoid conflict when possible." The time checked, Ishino would push a burst of chakra into the watch, the *POOF* of summoning smoke made those who were indeed upset with shinobi pause to watch as the puppet Time Keeper was revealed. It would very calmly, pull an umbrella from it's back and open it, covering Ishino and it to protect against any potential rain. The watch would be closed as he looked to Hibiki. "You have 2 minutes 38 seconds. If you wish to purchase anything. The unloading should be done then and we can depart."

The dock went back to work. Most of them, the gathering dissadence had a target now, murmurs between people, a man rushing into the spot that Satomi and the others was at to stop by the three she had been watching. "Now. Get your stuff, we are going to show them who's in charge!" The new man would rush out, the other three looking at each other before they'd stand and head out as well. Yes, the crowd was gathering just out of immediate sight of the docks.. and they were dark and looking like an ugly group.

Satomi sighed, collecting her stuff, placing down a few coins before pocketing her hands, casually following the men. As if she's part of the whole ordeal. Whistling sharply as she sees her squad members, a signal to follow her.

She waits for Hideaki to reach her, whispering the following to him: "Get to that boat and warn them. Have the shinobi put up a barrier, or do it yourself… can you?" She asks, while looking at Naru, nodding to acknowledge that she's got things under control. She briefly counts heads, listening in on the plan the villagers put together, quietly passing on a set of sleep-powder bombs to her squad. Nara-makings. Nasty buggers… "You know the plan, I'll restrain the leader, they'll follow him, once they're together you pop the bombs and knock out anyone escaping the cloud." She says, focusing on the boat, praying they're ready to cooperate.

But could we see how easy and quick the dark looms just beyond the horizon of our awares, how graceful life would be — how unassuming and light. Alas, such wants are left not for those whose duty it is to be constantly scouting for the next step of trouble. Unfortunately, such skills - like the blades at their tip - need sharpening, and Hibiki is not yet so subtle and mindful. Even Ishino's words - the permission to flush ashore and purchase something in a brand new land - only help reinforce the disparity of this ninja and his necessary work, for off runs Hibiki into the mush of the dock and crowd, using whatever speed given him to hopefully have time to purchase a candy.

Since Satomi had everything under control the older shinobi decided to just watch as the events unfolded for now. She herself was actually curious as to how the events might unfolds. Rather than lining up o nthe building she beelined along the side of the crowd, watching the plan unfold. She would be there just in case things might have gotten out of hand, more than capable to help ease some tension especially while dealing with the Kirigakure shinobi. She noticed them from afar, narrowing her eyes upon them. "This can go quite a few ways…" Naru huffed quietly under her breath. For now it was the waiting game.

In not long, Hideaki has caught up with the other two. Hideaki's brow furrows at Satomi's plan. "I'm afraid barriers of the nature you have in mind are not a skill I have yet picked up. But I shall I see what I can do." He takes only two smoke bombs, stuffing them in his unexpectedly deep pockets. He jogs back to the docks now, and when he gets there, he grabs his forehead in dismay.

Hideaki cuts through the crowd, and steps along the docks toward Ishino, holding up empty palms in front of his chest. "Greetings. I do not believe we have had an opportunity to be formally introduced. I am Hayashi Hideaki." He gives a polite bow, then looks over at the umbrella carrying grandfather clock. "I feel compelled to advise you that keeping that out seems like taunting an already hostile crowd. I hope that was not your intent." His voice is calm.

Ishino would watch Hibiki scamper off. Who would find there were a few around who would actually engage him in trade, most of the local food places refused to even talk to him, dark mutters of shinobi scum heard. Either way, Ishino would pull out that pocket watch, opening it to study the time again. As the final crate came off the ship, the three wagons were offically loaded. He'd close the watch then, looking from it to Hideaki, raising a brow at the introduction. Then looking back at Time Keeper who stood there placantly, even the ticking only a subtle mutter within the milling crowd. "Why would having Time Keeper holding an umbrella cause issues?" His attention returned to Hideaki, then over his shoulder, peering at the crowd.

Those who were part of the dissadence gathered, the group swelling to easily 50 or so civilians. Those who didn't want to be part of it, would quickly dissapate, leaving just those threatening the shinobi. They were grumbling to each other, glaring at Ishino and the puppet, didn't seem to have a real leader, just working each other into that frenzy to attack it seems.

"Ahh.. Hayashi-san? I do hate to be a bother with so recent an introduction. However if those folks do not leave the caravan alone, I will be forced to act. You may wish to deal with it, before I do?" Ishino's attention turned briefly to Hideaki, before he'd walk over towards the wagons. Hopping to the top, Time Keeper in perfect unison with him to keep the umbrella over his head, he'd call out. "30 seconds until departure. Hurry up, please, Hibiki-san."

Satomi shoots out across the crowd quite suddenly throwing a kunai with ninja wire attached to it into a corner between the stone and a building, making sure it's lodged tightly before rushing across the group. "Okay everyone listen up!" She says loudly, before attatching the other end of the wire onto another Kunai, throwing it into the side of the same building, causing the group to be bunched up by a relatively thin wire against the wooden building. "We're nin from Konoha, and we're here to make sure you don't get slaughtered!" She says, while Satomi jumps on top of the building she tied the group to. Knowing that as soon as they begin pushing the wire will snap. Hoping the shock of her words causes them to at least pause for a moment.

She then gets on one knee, forming the finger seals quickly. "Those merchants are accompanied by nin who'll make short work of you…—- Shadow style; Shadow imitation Jutsu!"

She quickly grabs hold of the people on the edges of the group, a huge strain building on her arms as she's controlling far more than she ever has before, droplets of sweat already appearing on her forehead. "Now Naru!" She yells, while finally managing to spread her arms, af if they're held back by blocks of weight, the people on the edge of the group suddenly all bracing themselves and spreading their arms, forming a second barrier, on top of the ninja wire. She already took the antidote for the gas, but anyone looking at her can easily see she won't keep this up for very long…

Meruin is an Okumo man who is also a young woman in a layman's garb with an angry look on her face. Henge is a pretty thing. Blond hair to the shoulder, tanned skin and taut muscle, the working class woman is a part of the mob that's formed to harass the merchants and the Kirigakure ninja guarding them. The tension was building. Too swiftly to divert.
And suddenly, the front of the group was bound by the Nara's shadow ninjutsu after the kunai and wire had, holding them locked up. She stops, stunned, as their shouts raised. 'Did she just attack us?' She pumps an angry fist into the air, the thought forming words. "Did you guys just attack us?! What the moisture is this?!" She gestures to the Konohagakure ninja, jostling a man next to her. "You guys are supposed to be protecting us!"

Man after man, seller after seller, passes through Hibiki's fingers in his search for something. His name is called.


Back he sprints, to return to his duty of guarding wares — yet the crowd does not part easily. The mass of people fuse together, a sludge the young Genin cannot get through.
Then comes, with but the sound of stringing lines and loud shouts, the entrapment of the Genin within the mob, those inside already beginning to push out against their shadow-controlled friends barring them in. A woman shouts nearby, and those closest to Hibiki glance crossedly, clenching their fists and gnashing their teeth, at the youth and the Kirigakure forehead protector dangling at his throat. The young man whips shut his massive jacket, covering his neck.

"Stole it," he mumbles, but his words - perhaps much like him soon too - become gone to the mob.

As if it was like a chime of a bell, the sleeping powder was released from Narusegawa's grip at the drop of a hat, exploding and pluming about the crowd attempting to capture them into the warm embrace of sleep. With the Konoha nin having an antidote to this gas Narusegawa slipped her way out of the crowd, launching herself into the air and pressing her heels onto the side walling of a building not too far away. "Perhaps we shouldn't have done that…" Naru whispered, though hoping much of the crowd would die down and find themselves fast asleep. It wouldn't be too long for them to pass out, or would it? "You have what you came for don't you? You should get moving while you still can!" Narusegawa shouts out to the man on the boat, no one else catching her attention just yet. The swell of her sharingan did begin to take form though. It became a pale red hue with 3 black tomoe forging within each eye.

Hideaki stares at Ishino for a moment. He then replies, speaking slowly and cautiously. "Rest assured we intend to deal with this crowd. However, I believe I have misunderstood. It sounded like you are threatening to harm residents of the Land of Fire in the presence of Konoha nin. Surely, you, a visitor to this land, are not saying something so wildly inapporiate."
Hideaki turns to look behind as a commotion breaks out. He frowns as he hears the crowd grow more unruly. He turns to see Satomi already breaking out her shadow manipulation. He sighs. "Please stay back. I will handle any of the crowd coming this way." He produces the sleeping powder bombs from his pocket, but just holds them for now, saving them in case some portion of the mob charges the docks after all.

Ishino would smile with a bow of his head to Hideaki. "I do understand that I am on forign ground and in front of a shinobi of that land saying I will be hostile. I do apologize that such activities may occur, I will not, however, allow the hostilities to reach the caravan, I'm sure you do understand?" As Hideaki headed for the crowd, Ishino would perch on top of that caravan's wagon. He'd watch the crowd passively, focusing himself for a potential fight now. This was turning ugly. Although a konoha nin striking first seemed oddly inappropriate for those he's seen from Konoha. Mayhap this isn't the first run in they've had with such a crowd? "Hibiki-san. You need to get here now. Try to minimize damage in the process. We are, however, leaving now."

That crowd quickly took up the roar against the Konoha. Indeed, She-Meruin is not the first to make that call, the surging mass quickly snapping the wire, although the shadowed people held did slow them slightly. Finally they got through that, only to get into the clouds of smoke. Coughing, cursing, general irritation as the crowd dispersed, quite a few, at least 15 of the people falling to sleep and hitting the ground where they stood. The rest waved off the cloud, pulling weapons. "Get the Konoha nin! They treat us like dirt, time to show them what it's like to get beaten!!" Thus, the crowd surged forward and with Hideaki being the one on the ground? He'd be the first one attacked!

Satomi shakes a little as she releases the people in the shadows, pushing people aside with surges of shadow manipulation to avoide her blockades from being trampled. "Okay… not as easy as I thought…" She says, while monitoring the smoke. "It should at least weaken them enough." She says while cupping her hands: "For your own safety, stop!" She yells, while jumping down from the building, panting, almost falling over but managing to find her balance back.

She lets her brain work on over-drive, looking at Hideaki "Get out of there!" She yells while brightening up, grinning to herself. "Naru knock the guys carrying weapons out, I got an idea!" She says… while whispering to herself…"I hope I have enough chakra for this." She mutters, while quickly using her shadow manipulating to tag biggers guys in the crowd, pushing and punching others around, trying to cause dissidence without the disorganised mob.

"Can't fight us or them if you're fighting eachother, and those are just bruises anyways." She says, while grabbing a second, and third person; smacking others around, waiting for the moment the crowd just turmoils and begins smacking eachother around, hoping to see people leave the group before it turns ugly. After grabbing a fourth members and flailing her arms about she slumps over, eyes twitching, panting while rolling over onto the stone, swallowing some exaustion away. Trying to get up to do some more, instead noticing she can't… closing her eyes.

The chiming peal of unleashed bombs meets the henged Meruin's ears and the crazy purple knockout gas bursts throughout the press of bodies. The blond woman's breath catches as the gas suddenly surrounds her. She didn't know what the gas was supposed to do, but she knew that she didn't want to be in it. Breath held, she turned about to see the man to her side slump to the ground. He'd been one of the followers, not truly as invested as the others, the pulse of his anger overcome by the invading chemicals with ease. More were dropping.

She scowled as the rest of the people noticed, the confusion began to lift, and rallying cries were raised. It was time to get out of here and the dropping bodies provided just the opportunity. Of course, though, there was Hibiki there, finally seen, and Ishino's words registered. 'Try to minimize damage.' Immediately, the woman launched herself at the Kirigakure genin, taking him to the ground and covering her body with his. Beneath the henge, Meruin coated his form with a hard shell of chitin and simply began murmuring to the comrage.

"Okumo Meruin, present. Worry not. Sit and wait." Here, the people pushing forward began to stomp onto his back, the only sign a slightly whoosh of breath with every person. "We cannot risk attacking them from the inside. This may dissolve into a brawl, which does not fit our plans. They will soon pass over" A large huff of air as a huge man steps on his back "… And we will attend Doihara Ishino and the merchants."

It would be just a few moments later when the rear of the mob passes by them and the Okumo rose from Hibiki, coming to her feet in a single supple motion. "Attend, Onkyou Hibiki." The blond villager then simply departs, swiftly making her way towards Ishino and nodding to him. "Let us depart swiftly." He'd fall into step.

Swiftly swiftly does Hibiki fall into sync with Meruin after the man's heroic sheltering tactics. Their footsteps are sudden and hushed, carrying speedily themselves away, drawing from the ruckus. How father would the Konoha nin go in order to stop this mob? How father could things stretch before chaos began to overflow from the bowels of duty and revolution?
Meruin brings the two of them - with gasps of dashes between the staggered crowd - to the edge of the dock, withdrawn to Ishino. Up flings the dust as Hibiki slides into place, standing now himself behind Ishino's wooden servant.
"Lead the way, boss."

Keeping the crowd in check was a little more difficult than Naru had expected, especially with Satomi attempting ot hold them down her her ninjutsu though slowly but surely wearing herself thin. Rather than knock out the individuals out right, Narusegawa decided to take a different approach, locking some of the citizens ina powerful genjutsu and forcing them onto one knee, her eyes weaved and watched people while kicking off from the building and joining the gcrowd at the base level once the smoke plums had cleared up quite a bit. Holding down the crowd was begining to become a bad idea… It was going to be easier to disperse them with something big rather than try to hold over each of them individual. One of her genjutsu began to make way to a blonde woman reaching towards the steps of the boat, suddenly she would get a compelling urge to kneel right in place and keep her from moving. "Alright! That's enough!" Narusegawa exclaims, she motions through a set of hand seals and then suddenly.. " Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" From her lips she expells a massive fire ball into the air, cutting it a little close to slaming into some of the people and the boat, but eventually it is launched off into the water. " This needs to end now!"

Hideaki ducks, sidesteps, and dashes through the crowd of people, trying to get behind them in the hopes that crowd will turn towards him and away from the boat. He chooses not use his ninjutsu in an effort to not flaunt his shinobi status, but sadly, physically weaving isn't enough.
Hideaki gets caught by a blow to his back, and it throws him off balance enough for several more punches. Unsure of how else to get out of the crowd, he throws the sleeping bomb to the ground, nevermind he is in the midst of its radius. He tries to hold his breath for long enough to get out of it.

Well, it was one thing for the bomb to be at the edge of the crowd and indeed, a good 10 people did indeed take some obscure pleasure in beating down Hideaki.. until the gas went off. In the middle of the crowd, it was more effective, knocking more people out as they didn't see it coming necessarily. Hideaki would actually be able to hold his breath to the point that he got free of the gas to boot, so a boon all around. The crowd, partly fighting itself, partly being forced to kneel and in general thrown into utter chaos no longer proves a threat to anything other than the general area. That almost organized mob turning into a riot as people started fighting each other, the fireball it seems was.. well, ignored. Other than the puppeteer who was not amused at it coming close to him.

Ishino made sure Hibiki was ok with him, a nod was given and he'd look for the henged one that had added Hibiki. Seems they had at least some sort of support, although even from his perch, it'd be impossible to tell who it was for sure. Either way, Ishino gave the command for them to roll out. A wave given forward. "Let's get out of here. The konoha shinobi have plenty on their hands and I don't see it ending well." The merchant and drivers would agree, quickly trying to start that rambling cart towards the road out of town. Fortunately for the Kiri shinobi it seems, or maybe the Konoha shinobi? The crowd was too busy dealing with each other to notice that the Kiri nin with their ride was leaving.

The henged Okumo suddenly found his/her steps difficult to make. An intense urge to act counter to her duty took him until she came to a stop. She-Meruin's green eyes flashed in annoyance at the sudden and blatant genjutsu, sending a spark of chakra into her brain. A small headache began to form behind her left eye as the spiders on the surface of her brain began to consume the chakra, both hers and that of the invading genjutsu. But their work was not fervent enough. She soon found herself on her knees, head bowed as her comrades began to depart without her.

"What about the woman who helped me?"
Hibiki hadn't yet realized - nor has he yet - that the woman who saved him from the trampling mob was, in fact, a companion who needed saving regardless. It is unknownable, since such things have passsed, whether Hibiki would have been inclinded to leave a shinbo to fend for himself, rather than wanting to help an unknown stranger. Though the boy declares but his wonder, there runs the intention of help in the nature of the words. He does not, however, move from his spot near Ishino, especially after the rolling crackle of a fireball sizzles beyond and into the water.

The blonde woman ceased to follow onto the Kirigakure merchant boat which was good enough for Narusegawa to not persist any longer. Eventually the feeling off kneeling down began to subside within Meruin however the other citizens began to get swept up in invisible webbing ropes, binded almost instantly to capture more pople and hold them within the field of gas. THe logner they were held the more people that would be able to pass out and hopefully finally this raging mob would come to an end….

The blonde woman ceased to follow onto the Kirigakure merchant cart which was good enough for Narusegawa to not persist any longer. Eventually the feeling off kneeling down began to subside within Meruin. However, the other citizens began to get swept up in invisible webbing ropes, binded almost instantly to capture more pople and hold them within the field of gas. The longer they were held the more people that would be able to pass out and hopefully finally this raging mob would come to an end. " We just hold them in place a little longer and this should be over!" Narusegawa announces to the rest of the squad, hoping very well that Satomi could back into the game despite exerting herself quite a bit.

Hideaki slips out of the cloud of smoke and takes a desperate breath of air. Rubbing his stinging eyes, he gets a good look at the now enraged crowd. He is unable to contribute with some sort of restraint. He finds a tall pole on the edge of the docks, runs up it, and shouts down the crowd below. "Please disperse! Violence serves no purpose here! Go home!"
It's almost as if Hideaki thinks someone is listening to him.

Satomi finally wakes up, pushing herself off her ass, glancing at the chaos created, blinking a few times, happy to see most of the crowd is down, and what's left doesn't pose much of a threat to anyone. "Now this'll be a pain to explain." She says while getting up, rolling some wire from her belt, slowly moving to bunches of four people, beginning to tie them back to back in small crops. Before they actually wake up. You can see she's weak, but the fact she didn't push herself over the edge means she has a little left now, doing what she can. She also ties up the genjutsu controlled people, so they can be talked to later. She also looks out for any casualties, being happy nobody seems fatally wounded.

"Why am I smelling fire?" Satomi asks, throwing a glance at Naru. Grunting while tying up the next bunch of people. "Never mind, at least we got them controlled before someone got fatally wounded. Don't think there was any way to avoid a large conflict here." She watches her tone, seeing the Uchiha has her eyes out, she knows better than to criticize anything right now. She runs the scenario repeatedly in her mind as she works, thinking of the alternatives, concluding she did make a call and she'll need to live with that. Hoping it wasn't the worst of calls, hopefully the villagers will understand they were being protected. "Are all the Kiri-non out?" She asks towards Hideaki who's conviniently in a place he can look out over the crowd.

The crowd pretty much in hand, the wagons were past the docks where most of the rabble rousers were at. Ishino didn't really relax, more changed focus. Now that the main trouble was past, it was time to take stock. And.. that Okumo was missing. Looking over the wagons and the people with them, it'd very well look like they did not have one extra henged or otherwise. Sighing softly, Ishino's attention turned to the crowd. "Hibiki-san? Did a Meruin contact you, at all? If not, then we have an absent nin. We travel tonight, give him a chance to catch up, before we report him missing.. Maybe til tomorrow. There were a few Konoha nin there, afterall." Ishino would muse, before a nod was given, looking to Hibiki. "You handled yourself well, considering the situation. I'll make sure to note it in the report, Hibiki-san."

It seemed that someone, at least, was listening to Hideaki. The blond woman that Meruin had henged into eventually found her way to her feet, pressing her knuckles to her forehead, massaging it in a way that did nothing for the ache. She looked up at Hideaki as he called down. A small sound and a sigh escape the deflated woman as she simply turns and begins to walk away. Not following after the Kirigakure nin directly. But she would make contact with them soon enough.

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