A Weird Team Patrols


Canis (emitter), Zankuro, Daichi, Kyoko, Zori

Date: September 23, 2015


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"A Weird Team Patrols"

Land of Fire

It was time for Zankuro to do his Chuunin-ish duties and lead a team on a patrol! Yep, it was time to patrol and take a team with him as well, a team that he had absolutely zero choice in. The patrol route itself wasn't extravagant and was really something that he'd proably done a number of times already. But had he done it with a student? First time for everything! The route would take only a few hours to properly patrol at least!

Daichi prepares himself to go on some kind of patrol. As he walks towards the meeting spot he watches the clouds in the sky moving and changing. Feeling ready he looks ahead of him and charges towards the meeting spot with a new found energy. As he gets there he notices no one is there, so he sits down lazily against the nearest comfortable spot and stares at the clouds until the others arrive.

It wasn't bad enough that atsuro had him already scheduled to patrol the swamps sometime soon. Oh, no, no, no! The administrators just had to assign on a dry run with some of the most ragtag band of genin (plus one student) possible! Every time he looked back at the gang the Chuunin found himself either sighing or shaking his head in exasperation. But, duties were duties, and so after making sure everyone was properly prepared, the team is already zipping through the trees and keeping a look out for any trouble. That is of course if there's an incident at the original meeting point (the village gates).

Which knowing his luck, more than likely happened. But if not, the group were assigned to move in a sort of diamond formation with Kyoko in the lead, and Zankuro taking up the tail end.

Daichi follows along to the best of his ability. Never being far from the village itself, he tries to take in as much of the area around him he can. While watching the area around him he decides to speak up, "So nothing is expected to show up?" Concentrating on the patrol he waits for an answer from Zankuro.

Kyoko is head of the pack… And she has no idea why. But she leads them along anyway, kikaichu moving forward even as she tries to focus on her surroundings an make sure there are no chakra signatures about. "This is the weirdest team ever…" she mutters under her breath before glancing over to Zankuro. "How long until we make that left, Zan?" she calls back, turning her head forward after the question. Just in time, too, as she almost got smacked in the face by a tree branch.

Zori being on patrol? Ok then why not. Zori arrived at the spot along with his Jounin following behind him. As soon as they arrived Zori puts down his backpack and looks through it. After scammering through the different kinds of things he had in there he finaly found whatever he was looking for. "Good its in there" he says to himself. Zori closes his backpack and slings it unto his back. Zori stands there and glares at the others while the Jounin speaks to everyone "Greetings everyone".

The patrol so far has been pretty damn boring. Just the right kind of thing for Zankuro, right? Just what he deserves assuredly! There is only another hour or so left if they keep up at the pace they currently go and, so far, things are nice and innocent all around!

COMBAT: Zankuro focuses 2892 stamina to turn it into 3500 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Zankuro defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…28
RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a PERCEPTION…11
COMBAT: Kyoko focuses 3410 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Kyoko defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…23
RPCOMBAT: Kyoko defends against with a PERCEPTION…16
COMBAT: Zori focuses 6040 stamina to turn it into 7600 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a WIRE-SENSATION…47

One would think that given Zankuro's concern over the type of team assigned to him that boredom would never enter the equation. And yet, this is exactly what happens after awhile. Try as he might, he can't quite maintain focus. Fortunately, Kyoko's question does pep some focus back in the young man. "Just a few more min..utes…" Zankuro narrows his eyes. "Everyone. Stop." Following his own advice, Zankuro stops atop one of the lower hanging branches and looks back a ways. "… Kyoko. Think you send your friends down that way?" He jabs a meaty finger along th etrail of foot prints.

Daichi was moving along at the pace set by the others. All of a sudden he hears Zankuro say stop and being caught of guard he nearly falls over. Seeing Zankuro point behind him, Daichi prepares himself for anything and pulls out a Kunai. He watches closely as he waits to see if Kyoko finds anything.

"… There's some strange chakra… I don't get what it is, but it's up ahead," Kyoko reports, skidding to a halt as ordered. "I don't like the feel of it, though… I'll try to send them over, though." She makes a bit of a face, then sends off some of the scouts she hosted in her body. 'be careful…' she tells them silently.

RPCOMBAT: Kyoko defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…31

Zori's wires unfortuately doesnt go that far ahead despite his HIGH efforts. Zori stands back and lets the others find out who or what is ahead. Someone with Sensor like abilities or equal would be the best for this type of situation it seems. Zori still keeps his wire sensors summoned for protection.

RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a WIRE-SENSATION…32

The bugs would indeed find a bit of a trap ahead, though apparently it was set more for someone not quite shinobi level. There were a variety of weapons being held and waiting to attack whoever might pass by so that they can steal all their goods! Well, this is what the patrols were for generally, so it's a good thing the shinobi happened by! Zori's wires, now that they would be more forward focused, would be able to pick out nearly a dozen people waiting.

Once all the news is gathered up, Zankuro frowns and rubs his chin thoughtfully in consideration. A trap set for non-shinobi…. What appeared to be bandits waiting in ambush, and…. He shakes his head before motioning for everyone to gather up mroe closely. "Looks like this patrol is gonna get interesting." He grins. "And to offer up a bit of a surprise~ Heheh… *coughs*… So, here's the deal. If we can sneak in and surround them first, I want you, Zori, to set up some traps to in directions we can't quite cover. And you two — " He points to Kyoko and Daichi. "I'm pairing up. Attack from afar if you can, but don't forget to watch each others backs as best as you can. We are to subdue them first if possible — " He eyes Zori. "But if not… aim to kill. Is that lal understood?"

COMBAT: Zankuro attacks target 1 with STEALTH-II with a roll of: 31

Daichi listens closesly and watches the others prepare for the suprise. Looking between the rest of the group he says, "Alright i'll try my best." He follows the directions to the best of his ability, staying in a range he feels comfortable with he prepares his Kunai for the suprise. He watches his steps closely making sure not to make a noise.

[NPC System]: Daichi roll(s) Stealth from 8 to 21 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Daichi
COMBAT: Kyoko attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 10

Kyoko nods quickly and says, "I'll just stay back here, then." after giving her report. A small frown crosses her face as she moves back to hide among the trees.

As everyone goes off to do their duties the people who lay in hiding…continue to wait. After all, they don't know that the shinobi are planning something! They are just waiting to jump whoever happens to be unlucky enough to pass through. There's not exactly a time frame on such things. And so we play the waiting game…

Zankuro had not exactly been /absolutely/ clear on exact positioning, so it was either a very lucky or instinctive thing on the rest of the team's part that only they could properly see each other. Either way, Zankuro was grateful. The Sarutobi waits for a lengthy few moments to give Zori plenty of time to set up the traps before signalling for the attack to begin. From the perspective of some, their own allies seem to have taken upon themselves to try and take a bigger take by eliminating some of the competition. A bit of dicension sowing before illusionary pressure puts folks down!

Daichi watches the area around him only sure of the area the enemies are in. He watches Zankuro to see if he should do anything and notes the signal. He throws a few kunai towards the area hoping to hit a few of the enemies. When the kunai are thrown he moves to a flanking position to be ready if they brake and run.

Kyoko waits for the signal for a bit, then she makes a few handseals to gather lightning to her palms. In an instant, they all shoot out towards the massive amount of bandits once they reveal themselves. Hopefully… She does at least make sure to try and strike around Daichi and Zankuro, even throwing in some kikaichu to aid in the attack formation! Haha!

COMBAT: Canis defends against FALSE-BETRAYAL(39) attack from Zankuro with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Canis defends against SUBMISSION-AURA(40) attack from Zankuro with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Canis defends against SUBMISSION-AURA(35) attack from Zankuro with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Canis defends against SUBMISSION-AURA(40) attack from Zankuro with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHARP(18) attack from Daichi with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 123 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHARP(16) attack from Daichi with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 108 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHARP(10) attack from Daichi with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 93 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-NEEDLES(31) attack from Kyoko with a TENSE…13
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 397 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-NEEDLES(27) attack from Kyoko with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 401 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-NEEDLES(38) attack from Kyoko with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 487 damage.

No one is expecting any kind of concentrated attack so they are caught completely off guard by the shinobi. Shouts erupt as some of the men see their friends attacking them out of nowhere and they attack in return! Although not all of that was real and some are just randomly cut down by stunned compadres. Others find themselves flat on their faces out of fear or Zankuro's jelly rolls smiting them. One gets a kunai in the eye even while a few others just get cut. And then all them little needles, tearing through leaves and piercing skin. Basically it's a mess. Anyone who's not under the aura from Zankuro and can still move is fleeing in various directions, dropping the weapons where they were as they run for their liiiives!

After all is said and done, Zankuro doesn't issue any orders to pursue. Instead, a request is made of Kyoko to send some of her bugs to track them as far as they can and make sure they weren't going to turn around with a surprise attack. With any luck, some of the fools fall into Zori's trap, thining out any future trouble maker numbers. "Alright team. Good hustle. Daichi want you to help tie them up, then grab Zori and let him know we'll be moving on shortly." He orders, though it sounded more like a request.
No matter!
Before long, the team has a couple of prisoners. Well, one prisoner by the end. Those that didn't talk fast enough for Zankuro's taste are given a quick end, followed by corpses being sealed up that oversized scroll on his back. It may all go against Zankuro's percieved ways, but today was not one of those happy-go-lucky days for the chuunin. Nope. Today king calm efficiency had the reigns, and he was gonna absue them until their patrol was completely over!

Daichi helps round up the remaining few that didn't get far. Listening to Zankuro, he ties up the few bandits that are gathered here. He then proceeds to Zoris location to let him know of what happened and that we will be heading off shortly. After all that is said and done he moves along with the rest of the patrol listening to and doing what is asked of him.

Kyoko nods to Zankuro's orders, and her kikaichu take flight once more. The girl can report back that the bandits all seemed to be running away from the well-trained shinobi. "Guess we're done here," she tells Zankuro. "What are we gonna do with the prisoners, tough? Take them with us on our patrol route?"

The people that were scattering continue to flee and Kyoko's bugs would see them long gone. Others were dead or tied up and left to be picked up later! With that little malfunction of the patrol out of the way the rest of the time it would be a relative breeze! Nothing else was found on the patrol and, in the end, Zankuro had actually done some good! And even led a rather odd menegerie of a team to a victory! Yay!

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