A Wild Birthday Party!


Kyuketsuki, Suzu, Tsuna

Date: December 31, 2015


Kyu was put in charge of a group of Genin for once! And they were assigned to assist with a birthday party! The group does a good job, but have a few funny moments.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A Wild Birthday Party!"

Land of Fire

Kyuketsuki was put in charge of a mission directly! No funny business of him taking someone's place or anything. But since he is still a mere Genin, they aren't sending him on a Chuunin level mission. Instead, he is leading a group of Genin on a mission to assist… With a large party! The group would gather at the gates, then depart to the mansion where this party would take place. They will be there to assist the host with anything they may need, and unfortunately for the Genin, they will be staying late, and returning to the village at night. The message that would arrive to the genin, would brief them a bit about the mission. The host has warned the group. That most of the party guest are young children. And as such, they should expect clean up duties, and helping with getting the rowdier ones to calm down. Kyuketsuki was standing by the gate, and waiting for his group to arrive.

A party! Suzu loves parties! She's here with the others, and ready to go. "Oh, man! It's been so long since I've been to a party! What's the event? A birthday? Some kind of holiday? A wedding? A funeral?—Wait, forget those last two." She folds her arms and thinks hard about what she can do to entertain a bunch of kids. Cleaning up should be easy. She's been on D-Rank cleaning missions before. She's spent the last four years doing nothing but D-Ranks, actually. It wasn't until this year that she started getting higher ones… C-Ranks, even B-Ranks. But D-Ranks are comfortable territory for the young Uchiha.
And she even has some new tricks to use. She clenches a fist in determination, fire in her eyes, as she says, "I won't need a ladder to clean icecream off the ceiling anymore!" The fruits of her training!

Tsuna is starting to get used to the hawks delivering him mission summons finally. When the latest one came, he got himself ready and within minutes he and his partner Onyx show up at the designated meeting place. He was dressed for travel and brought along a few provisions in case they would be gone longer than a day or so. He moves to stand in front of Kyu and bows respectfully. "Inuzuka Tsunayoshi and Onyx reporting for duty." The black german shepard pup barks his greeting to the other genin as well before sitting down next to Tsuna's leg, trying to look all official. And that's right around the time that he notices that Suzu is already here. Inwardly, he gets a little more nervous but he tries not to let it show outwardly. He inclines his head. "Suzu-san." Don't stare..don't stare..

Kyu smiles at Suzu's intensity and excitement. Seems she was extremely excited. "I am not sure. Probably a birthday party if I were to guess." Kyu laughs softly before looking at Tsuna as he arrives. The respectfullness is met with a smile and a respectful bow right back. "Hello Tsunayoshi-san. No need to be so official with me. It's not like I outrank you."
Kyu looks at the two, "Well, my briefing said two others. So I suppose that means everyone's here. Follow me. I know the way." Kyu begins to lead the way out of the gates. He either doesn't notice Tsuna's nervousness, or doesn't care about it. Or maybe he finds it amusing. Who knows!

Suzu bows her head to Tsuna when he arrives, smiling, and apparently oblivious to his nervousness. Or maybe she attributes it to the fear of small children that some people seem to have. It's not like they can't be complete terrors after all! "Good to see you and your partner again… Eeto <Ummm…> Inuzuka Tsuna-san, wasn't it?"
Then Kyuketsuki calls Tsuna "Tsunayoshi', and Suzu blushes a bit. "Oops! I apologize for shortening your name!" She bows in apology.
Then the gates are being opened, and they're on their way! Suzu hum/sings under her breath, not quite uttering words just making musical noises in her excitement as she follows along. She has all necessary equipment with her, but as this is a D-Rank, she isn't expecting to need it.
"Hey, hey!" she says, waving a hand towards Kyuketsuki as she tries to get his attention. "The mission is supposed to go all-night? So this isn't just a party but also a sleep-over?" That might be rough. Having to get a ton of kids to go to bed is trouble even for several adults at once.

Tsuna offers Suzu a smile, his cheeks turning crimson. "No, no. You can call me Tsuna. Everyone does. It's good to see you again, too." Onyx yips towards Tsuna and he growls back at the pup, showing fang. "I do not have a crush on her. Be quiet, Onyx." He rubs the back of his neck. "Oh..it's a habit, Kyuketsuki-san. If it's alright with you, then I'll just call you Kyu." He stands up straighter and puffs out his chest a bit. "So, we're going to a party, then. It should be fun." As he walks along with the others, he yes his ninken partner for a bit. "Try not to embarrass me, okay?"

Kyu looks to Suzu as she attempts to get his attention, "Yes, Suzu-san?" He says briefly before listening to her question. "Hai. It is indeed a sleep-over. From what I was told, we'll be allowed to leave once we're done with clean up and getting the children to sleep… I think." Kyu then looks to Tsuna. "Calling me Kyu is fine Tsuna-san. I am used to that." Kyu definitely seems amused with what he heard Tsuna say. He turns away to hide his smile.
The group would find the trip goes without a problem, and as they walk, they start to see a large mansion in the distance atop a hill. The house is huge, and clearly belongs to a wealthy family. One capable of paying for ninja to assist for a simple party. "Looks like we're here." Kyu casually comments. The trip only took a /few/ hours.

"Ah! I'll call you that then, Tsuna-san!" Suzu agrees as she relaxes a bit. She looks confused at the conversation between Tsuna and Onyx. Do ALL Inuzuka do that? Are ninken special or something? She knows they can do special jutsu, but can they speak Language also? HMMMMM. Maybe she should get herself an animal companion too.
"I-I see," Suzu says in response to Kyuketsuki's answer. Her face is flushed as she bites on her thumbnail a bit, looking down and away. She thinks to herself, 'Then maybe I'll get the opportunity to use… THAT!' Though the news they have to leave after putting the kids down for the night instead of staying overnight is less welcome, she'll take what she can get! Suzu clenches her fists in determination once more, flames nearly billowing around her. She WILL succeed on this mission!
When they arrive at the mansion, Suzu lets out a, "HoooOOHHHHH!" of excitement, eyes sparkling. "This is already amazing~! I can practically smell the wealth on the air! Or maybe that's Onyx!" She crouches down next to Onyx and tries to scratch him behind the ears. "Who's a wealthy boy? Who's rich? Who's rich??? Is it you!?" A pause. Then she goes to scratch both ears at once, using both hands! "YOU'RE rich! You're a wealthy wittle doggy, aren't you? Yes, you are!"
Perhaps not dignified for a ninja dog, but no doubt enjoyable.

Dignified or not, Onyx eats up the attention. He nuzzles his head into Suzu's hands and his tail wags rapidly. He looks over at Tsuna for a moment as a low woof comes from him. Tsuna just stares for a moment. He gives no indication what his partner just said, but instead he looks over at Kyu. "Any idea how many kids we'll be dealing with and what ages?" Another low woof from Onyx and Tsuna looks over at the pup. "I'm not jealous you stupid mutt. Now quit teasing me and get your mind on the mission. We got a job to do here!" He exhales slowly and looks at the mansion. "Yeah, rich people. This is going to be /fun/." He says with a note of sarcasm.

Kyu looks at Suzu as she begins playing with the pup and laughs softly. Then his attention is on Tsuna, "I wasn't told that information. I will make sure to ask the host when we get there." Kyu continues to lead the way, before spotting someone leaning against the wall by the front door of the mansion.
It appears to be a teenage boy, with straight brown hair neatly parted and carefully trimmed to give that rich-kid look. He's dressed in a fancy black suit, further giving that rich-kid air. He has glasses on his face and a book in his hands. When he looks up and spots the approaching group, he marks his page, and closes the book, opening the door for the group. "My father is inside, just go straight, second door on the left."

Suzu moves forward after Kyuketsuki. When they're addressed by the young man, Suzu bows her head in greeting, smiles politely, and then does as instructed. Straight ahead, and second door on the left… Got it! What lies in wait within the mansion? Solid gold carpets? Solid gold toothbrushes? Solid gold GOLD?

Tsuna walks through the door behind Kyu and Suzu, with Onyx right at his heels. He offers the kid a friendly nod as he walks past him, then he begins to look around as well as take in the multitude of smells around him. He's constantly sniffing with each step he takes, though he's trying to hide it a little cause he doesn't want to be rude. But his nose tells him more things about his surroundings than his other senses do.

Kyu of course also gives a respectful bow before going in and the young man returns all the gestures. Suzu may be disappointed to find the hallways appear to be white tile and not gold. Though the room they enter is large and has a few couches with a few coffee tables near them. A resting room. A clearly rich man, looking almost identical to the teen out front, expect taller, and older sits on one of the couches, facing the entrance. He appears to be around 35 years of age. A woman of about the same age wearing an elegant red dress sits beside him, and a male child, of about five or six sits beside her.
As the group enters the man smiles and stands. "Ah there you are. We don't have much time to prepare, the children should be arriving soon. There are a few preparations that need to be made. One of you needs to go to the kitchen and prepare the snacks. Our chef has already cooked it, it just needs to be transferred to a tray and brought to the main room. The kitchen is the fourth room on the right, and the main room is straight down the hall. One of you needs to go and light the fireplace in the main room, the firewood is out front, my oldest son can show you. And one of you needs to go get the stack of party hats from the main room and wait at the door to pass them out as the children arrive. Feel free to wear one yourself if you so desire."
Kyu is a bit caught off guard by the immediate orders, but bows to the man, "Hai." The Uchiha then turns quickly to his group, looking at them with an almost nervous look. "Which task would you three like to take? I'll take whichever one you three don't pick." Kyu shrugs. He could do any of the tasks if he had to.

Hmmmmm. Difficult tasks. Difficult tasks indeed. Suzu considers the options, tries to figure out what she'd be best for, and divided by what she's most enthusiastic about doing. She wishes she had learned the Fire Clone technique already. Then she could dramatically announce, 'I choose… ALL OF THEM AT ONCE!' and then make a couple clones and actually do all three jobs at once. Curse her lack of foresight!
Oh, well. At least she still has… THAT technique!
"I'll hand out party hats!" she announces, before running off as excitedly as one of the kids she's about to look after, to obtain hats. She definitely wears one herself too. Sheesh! She should try to behave a bit more maturely! …Though she DID only turn 16 last month. STILL.

Tsuna hmms and looks down at Onyx. "We'll take kitchen duty. I have some skill at cooking and serving, so I think I'm most suited for that." He then moves to go where the man said the kitchen was. Though before he left, he paused to watch the excited Suzu leave. Or rather he kind of stared. It wasn't until Onyx barks sharply to tell him to snap out of it that he blinks, his cheeks color slightly, and then he grins nervously before exiting the room rapidly.

Kyu watches as the other two pick their jobs and leave. Looks like that leaves Kyu to go light the fire. Kyu casually leaves the room and heads right back out the front door, looking at the teen who is once again fixated on his book. "Uhm, excuse me. I was told you can show me where the firewood is?" The boy looks up and nods, once again marking his page before closing the book and leading the way to a small shed on the side of the mansion full of firewood. The boy does not assist Kyu, and simply says "Here it is." Before opening his book back up and walking off. Kyu sighs and takes as much firewood as he can carry, not being very strong, it isn't much but it's enough to where Kyu is clearly putting in effort to carry it as he brings it to the front door. To which he would pass by Suzu on his way in.
Suzu would find the party hats are all very colorful and pointy. They all have a little puffy soft white ball on the point, partially there for safety reason since they are dealing with young children. It wouldn't be long after Kyu passes by her struggling with firewood that a group of children, with a single adult female leading them arrive. The children notice the fancy party hats and a majority of the ten children rush over to her, trying to get a party hat before the others do! "Me first! No me! I want a hat!" One of the children even tries to get Suzu to give them two hats! "I want two! Pleeeeeeease!?" Two of the shyer children go to the back of the… Blob-line and wait patiently for their turn. The woman laughs at the children before calling out, "now children, be good. I'll be back tomorrow to get you all." Most of the children seem like they didn't even hear her as she begins to walk away, back where she came from.
Tsuna would indeed find the kitchen and find a large number of precut pieces of meat, cut into small, flat squares. And three large trays, one has many many slices of cheese with a large number of toothpicks in one corner. The other contains crackers with a small, toothpick sized hole in the dead center of the cracker. Pre-punctured. The last tray is completely empty… Hopefully it's clear what he's supposed to do.

Suzu stays out of the way when Kyuketsuki passes by her, just remaining by the door, with a bunch of hats ready, and one strapped to her head. When the kids show up, her smile broadens even further. She handles the children with friendly words, patience, and enthusiasm. "Hai, hai! There's no need to push! There's enough hats for everyone!" She distributes the hates in an orderly manner, to each child that comes up. The one who asks for two gets one on their head and another strapped to their face to give them a 'pointy nose'.
"Right this way, right this way~! The party is inside!" she gestures to the side, giving them directions as to where to go. Assuming she has such directions to give. Once every kid is hatted, she also goes inside to make sure no one is breaking anything or burning anything or turning into a werewolf.

Tsuna washes his hands throughly before putting on an apron and moving over to the food. He begins assembling the meat and cheese onto the crackes and sticking a toothpick in to hold it all together. He works quickly to put them together and put them on the tray. Meanwhile Onyx is exploring the area, keeping his nose towards the door and peeking out of it towards the front where Suzu is working. He woofs low under his breath and Tsuna looks over. "Don't worry about it. If the kids get too rough with you I'll step in. Cause they have no idea that you're not a normal dog." Onyx growls low under his breath. Tsuna replies, "No you will not be biting anyone, even if they pull your tail a little too hard. If it gets too much for you, just tell me." He chuckles a little under his breath.

Kyu luckily makes it to the fireplace before the kids start arriving into the main area. He dumps the firewood in. Once that is done, Kyu steps back and instead of going to get matches anything, he simple does the tiger seal, and takes a breath, before spitting out three senbon sized darts of fire at the wood, all three hitting the same spot and igniting the wood. Kyu then closes the safety gate before he jumps slightly from a kids voice, "how did you do that?!" Kyu turns and looks at the kid, noting that all of the other children are now in the room. Including the child that was in the resting room. "O-oh. It's Ninjutsu." The kid does the tiger seal and looks at the fireplace. "I wanna do that!" The kid takes a breath and sharply exhales, but of course, nothing happens. Kyu smiles at him. "It'll take a lot of training for you to do that." The kid pouts but keeps trying anyways.
Suzu would find that the kids, or at least the eight that aren't shy, rush inside as soon as they are hatted, including pointy-nose. The two shy ones accept their hat and bow, giving a quiet "Thank you." Before following the rest of the group, with a lot less rushing. None of the kids are breaking things, though two do start jumping on the couch as soon as they get into the main room. They all seem super excited to be here. And Kyu looks a bit uneasy in the middle of the excited children, looking overwhelmed as his attention shifts from one to the other. Luckily the two shy ones are being good, both took a seat on the far couch. Pointy-nose appears to have located a toy bird, and is running around with it. The main kid appears to be in the same boat as the shy two, as he goes and sits on the couch with them, smiling warmly at his guests.
The kitchen is the cleanest it could possibly be, and the chef seem only mildly bothered by the dog. Onyx only receiving looks and being watched. One of the children peeks into the kitchen, having slipped away from the group stealthily somehow, and notes the doggy! The kid comes into the room and quickly goes to the pup, not being rough but definitely being sudden as he starts to pet the pup happily. "What is your name?" The kid asks excitedly while still petting the pup. He seems to be utterly ignoring Tsuna's presence.

Suzu comes inside, and finds Kyuketsuki breathing fire and… "Aaaah! Someone is setting things on fire!" She slaps her hands to her cheeks in shock! Then she turns and spots Onyx being petted in the kitchen. "Aaaaah! Someone has turned into a werewolf!" Gosh! Two things she was totally hoping wouldn't happen upon coming inside! Thankfully, the kids seem to be more or less not destroying things. Jumping on the couch might not be the best thing to be doing, especially since the furniture probably costs more than one of her mom's custom-made bras, and running with a toy is also super not safe, but she's not going to chase hyperactive kids down or yell at them. That's the way to get them to do the exact opposite of what she wants them to do.
Instead, dismissing the matter of the fire and the weredog, she claps her hands together to get everyone's attention, now that the party boy has arrived, and calls out, "Yosh! It's time to show you all a special jutsu I've been practicing just for this party! Do you all want to see REAL ninja skills!?" What, MORE?
She slings a backpack off of her shoulders and sets it on the floor, opening it up and extracting… A plastic bag full of colored objects. Smoke bombs? Paper tags? Something else dangerous!? NO! Just the most dangerous of all!
She starts blowing up… BALLOONS!
…How is this a special jutsu you ask? Well, there's a very logical LOOK A BEAR

Tsuna says to the little kid. "His name is Onyx." In the meantime Onyx is being a good boy and standing there to let the kid pet him. He even leans up and licks him on the face to show that he's totally friendly. In the meantime, Tsuna has finished with the snacks and balances the tray on his hand as he walks out towards the living room where the other kids are. He announces. "Snacks are ready!" He then places them in the center on the table and steps back. Onyx trots into the room after a moment as well. The kid is probably following him at least.

Upon the 'clap', the kids at least look at her. And after hearing about REAL ninja skills, their attention is on Suzu! Even Kyu seems to divert his attention, wondering just what she could be thinking… As she starts looking through the backpack, everyone is /relatively/ quiet. Some of the kids question, "What's she doing? Is she gonna do something dangerous?" But upon blowing balloons, some of the children seem disappointed, Kyu seems a little amused. Some of the children seem relieved she isn't going to burn something or blow something up. Kyu laughs a little softly, "Careful Suzu-san, don't give away too many ninja-secrets."
Kyu turns moves to the only empty couch, taking a seat and watching the group. He can't think of anything else to do and didn't really have much in the way of entertaining children. Some of the children attack the tray of snacks, and the one that was petting Onyx keeps petting until the pup walks away, following the pup and then getting a bit distracted by balloons! Though not distracted enough to leave the pup alone. The two shy children get up and go get a single cracker-snack before returning to their seats, though the birthday-boy stays put, seeming to be completely distracted by Suzu's balloon blowing, and uninterested in the snacks.

"Okay, here we go! Uchiha Suzu-style Ninjutsu!" Suzu has a decent number of balloons ready now, so she holds her hands up in a focusing seal, gathers her Chakra… And then her eyes transform! "Balloon Release: Balloon Animal Creation Method!" Then her hands blur as she uses her Sharingan to rapidly create amazing balloon animals in a matter of seconds! She just made a three-foot-long alligator out of at least twenty balloons of various colors and shapes!
Crimson-eyed, Suzu twirls the alligator on the tip of her finger and says confidently, "Does anyone else want one of these~?"

Tsuna watches Suzu do the balloon animals and even he is impressed by it. "Wow she's wonderful." He says out loud before slamming his hand over his mouth and looking nervous. She didn't hear that right? Tsuna doesn't have any tricks that could be used as party games or anything, so as the kids eat the snacks that he brought, he leans against the doorway and looks down at Onyx, reminding him to be good with a look and let the kids pet him if they want to. Then again…after Suzu is done, maybe he can show them some puppy acrobatics?

Kyu observes Suzu, and is a bit surprised as he sees her use the Sharingan. 'What could she-' and then his thought is cut off by the name of her jutsu. Kyu laughs softly. "Very impressive Suzu-san." The children, even the originally disappointed ones are in awe and freaking out. "That's so cool! Make me one! Again!" The kids all gather near Suzu and one kid is making grabby hands at the alligator, it's pointy-nose!
"Mind if I help make the next?" Kyu asks, and gets back up from the couch and begins walking towards her. The kid that was petting Onyx even runs over to try and get himself a balloon animal! One of the two shyer kids get up and silently walk past all of the other kids, going to Onyx, a bit nervously, and looking up at Tsuna, it's a small girl in a pretty blue dress with a blue bow with white edges in her hair. "May I pet him, sir?" She asks nervously.

"Feel free, feel free~!" she says to Kyuketsuki as she hands over the alligator to point nose. "Give me your requests, kids! What kind of animal should I do next?" She waits until she hears a good one (though she plans to do all of them), and then weaves together rubber and air into… A giant pink and blue octopus with yellow eyes! This she hands to the kid who requested it, and then starts on the next!
She's going to continue until either all the kids have a balloon animal or she runs out of balloons. And she ain't gonna' run out of balloons.
Suzu seems to have heard Tsuna's words, but she takes it as a compliment! "Thanks, Tsuna-san~!" she lilts. "I'll make one for you too when I'm done with the party guests!"

Tsuna gives the shy girl a big smile, showing off his fangs. "Sure, go ahead. He's friendly." When she goes to pet him, Onyx wags his tail rapidly and licks the girl on the side of the face. When Suzu replies to him, his cheeks burn crimson and he nodnods, "O-okay, Suzu-san. Sure, I'd like that." After letting the visit properly, Tsuna looks at the pup. "Hey, Onyx, let's entertain them with some puppy acrobatics?" The pup yips once and the two of the move into the room. Tsuna lifts both hands. "Hey, kids. Being a shinobi is more than just ninjutsu. It's also taijutsu. My name is Tumbling Tsuna, and this here is my partner Onyx." The dog barks a few times loudly so that the kids know he's there. "Here we go!"
Tsuna stands there as Onyx comes running towards him. The pup leaps into the air and tucks himself into a ball, spinning end over end until he strikes Tsuna in the chest. He falls onto his back, sticking his legs up into the air. Onyx bounces off and spins in the air to land on Tsuna's foot. He barks and then leaps again, as Tsuna kips up to his feet and then falls onto all fours just as Onyx lands on his back. The pup leaps up to balance himself on Tsuna's head as the boy stands up straight. He then backflips just as Onyx leaps from his foot. Tsuna goes into a handstand and Onyx lands on his foot again. Tsuna takes one hand away and balances on one arm as the pup spins around in place on his outstretched foot. Tsuna goes into a corkscrew flip and lands in a crouch as Onyx lands next to him on the floor. They both then take a bow.

Kyu focuses a bit of chakra, and Kyu's eyes are dark one moment, and then he blinks and they're red! He watches Suzu as she makes a balloon animal. The difference between her Sharingan and his, is that he has /two/ tomoe! The kids start calling out random animals, "Monkey! Cat! Doggy! Bunny!" Kyu had used his Sharingan to copy her super special balloon jutsu! Kyu quickly assembles a balloon bunny using pink balloons for the body and ears, and a balloon for the eyes. He then starts on the next one, working in sync with Suzu to get all the children their requested balloon animal!
But! Most of the kids divert their attention away from their requested animals being swiftly created when the amazing Tumbling Tsuna makes an announcement! The kids go quiet as they observe Tsuna and Onyx displaying their entertaining acrobatics! The kids are amazed! They cheer and clap! Some ask for an encore!
The day progresses much like that for the rest of the day. The four entertaining the children. A few messes were made as drinks made an appearance, and the children get a bit crazy, but nothing major that the Genin couldn't clean up quickly. It has come to be time. The father and mother make an appearance, the father speaking: "Alright children, it's getting late. You have the freedom to pick your own rooms, there's enough for all of you to have your own if you'd like. And for you three as well, if you'd like to stay. You don't have to though. You've done a great job though. I see nothing, besides the fireplace, is on fire. My only rule is males and females may not share rooms. You three Shinobi, make sure this rule is enforced and make sure they are actually asleep within three hours. The rooms are on the second floor, my room is at the end of the hall if I am needed. Goodnight everyone!" The man begins to head upstairs, followed by his wife.
Kyu nods, then looks at the children. "Hai. Alright everyone. Everyone, lets go upstairs and pick our rooms." Kyu then looks at the other two, Tsuna and Suzu, "Do you want to spend the night here or head out after we get them all to sleep? I'm fine with either." The children, for the most part, seem tired, but are almost all trying to hide it. Besides the two shy ones, who are already half asleep on the couch, trying to stay awake.

After a long day of activity, Suzu is starting to feel the effects… But her training to improve her stamina is paying off. She's mostly tired from using her Sharingan, not so much from everything else. When the option to spend the night also comes up… Suzu lights up with a big smile! "Ohhhh~ I was hoping for that! I'm all ready to get these kids settled down for the night, and I even brought something super special for the sleep-over!" She returns to her backpack, bending down to root through it and make sure it's there. Her eyes and smile both widen when she sees that THAT is right where she left it! The thing she wanted to use…!
She turns to the other two. "I hope you two want to stay also. I'm going to go get changed. I brought some…" She blushes a little bit. "…Sleeping wear." W-what kind of sleeping wear does she mean? Is it… You know…
She vanishes into a rest room to get changed, no-doubt leaving some people in anxious anticipation! Is it a nighty? A negligee? Something racier!?
Eventually, after a tortuously long time, the bathroom door creaaaaaks open slowly… And then…
Suzu leaps out, lands with her feet apart, and her hands on her hips, in what looks like a themepark mascot cat costume, with a hole in the cat's 'head' for her face. It is also totally and completely safe for children. Even if it looks completely stupid on a teenage girl.
"I've made EVERY preparation for this party, as you can see! Behold!" Suzu spins around dramatically on one foot, waving her limbs wildly, before posing with a flashlight underneath her chin and clicking it on to illuminate her face from below. "Suzu-style! Absolute Party Animal: Neko Version!"
T-that's… Definitely… Something!

Tsuna wasn't really tired. Not physically anyway. But since the vote was to spend the night, he nods along with the others. However, when Suzu announces that she was going to get changed into her sleep wear, his heart started pounding in his chest. His palms got all sweaty, too. He watches that bathroom door like a hawk. Not even quips from Onyx could distract him. Then when she emerges in the cat costume, his jaw drops. "What..the…" He simply falls forwards and lands on his face. Onyx licks his forehead and then barks. Tsuna grumbles. "Hush you. I was not hoping for that, I was just not expecting a cat costume." He moves to a sitting position. "Onyx and I will take first watch to make sure the kiddies stay in their own rooms." And with that, he goes towards the stairs slowly while shaking his head. "Cat costume. What the popper.." He murmurs as he keeps going with the pup at his heels making a sound that sounds a lot like laughter.

Kyu nods, "Hai, spending the night it- wait sleeping wear?" Kyu blinks confusedly at her as she disappears into the bathroom. Kyu doesn't seem quite as worried about her coming out wearing something questionable, as he just seems curious. He notes Tsuna's freezing up, he laughs softly as he notes that. He looks back to the door, and when she jumps out wearing a cat costume, Kyu's eyes go wide. He manages to hold in the laugh, but he is definitely smiling a big smile. "I uhm… Think that's a very good outfit Suzu-san. Definitely gives the 'party animal' feel." Kyu appears to be containing his laughter quite well, but some of the children don't even try, laughing loudly at the costume. Some rush over and touch the costume, seeing if it's soft!
Kyu can't stop a snicker as he starts towards the stairs, looking back and counting the children to make sure they have eleven. Luckily they're all accounted for. The shy ones disregard the cat costume and start heading upstairs. The shy boy picks the first door on the left, and the shy girl the first door on the right. Kyu watches Suzu, waiting for her, and all the children to come upstairs. She is the one holding their attention at the moment after all!
The night proceeds quietly and the kids aren't too difficult to get to go to sleep. And even if they were… Kyu was there. Needless to say, all of the children were successfully put to sleep, and the night was quiet. In the morning, the children were all picked up by the same woman, and the group of three were given a fantastic breakfast before they made their way back to the village. The rewards for the mission would be given upon their return to the village, after a mission report is filed of course.

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