Abel and Fuuka: They Meet, They Fight


Abel, Fuuka

Date: October 26, 2010


Meeting between Uchiha and Senju

"Abel and Fuuka: They Meet, They Fight"

Land of Fire: The Waterfall

It was a long day, Fuuka had broken out of the hospital and was ready for more action. Something had set off in her a spark of determination since she was beaten by tosai a week ago and pretty much dragged into his team four. The waterfall was where Fuu dragged herself to to train that night as the wind blew it's hardest around there she started getting a head cold, though she would do her best she would still take it easy……or so it seemed. She stood under the waterfall as the water crashed down behind her and hit her spin she believed this would strengthen her, as she sneezed she noticed another person there.

As he was already been there he didn't notice Fuuka showing up nor did he care for now as he stood there he would focus his chakra into making another clone to take his place as he stood there he would yawn for a moment and then look at his new clone and with a nod of the head they started to pratice taking punch for punch and block for block they would seem to be evenly match until the real Abel would leg sweep the clone and smirk. "Your guard is weak from low attacks now I know what I need to work on." is said as he stood there. The moon light would wash over his sweat filled face as he took a drink from the waterfall.

While Fuuka sat there under the cascading waterfall, she noticed a young man taking a sip of the water from the waterfall. Hardly visible and even more so the fact that she couldn't here the young man speak yelled out "MY PRACTICE WATERFALL!!!" with an excited blurb. Her perfect graceful indian style sitting, ruined by the presencse of the lad. She blinked one eye open, sneezed, and appeared out of the fall as if emerging like a spawn.

"Nice little jump there…so who are you?" is asked as he took another sip of the water and this time he would come to a stop and turn and face her, as he yawned one more he would tap his foot on the ground. :Tsk, just who are you anyway?" is asked once more as he stood there he would shake his head and place his right hand into his pocket and his left into his hair, "Before you ask my name is Uchiha, Abel." is said as he turned around and started to walk away.

A look of pure ustter inocent puzzlement whisped Fuuka's faces as she looked at the strange young man. Fuuka cocked a sort of creepy grin and stood there a couple of minutes and let out a loud 'HMMMM?' with her hand to her ear, she then paused again and then got closer with her silly grin still pasted to her coutanace and creeped in closer "Are you sleepy Mr. hmmmm?" is said as she was now close enough to Abel to see his eyes which happened to be that of a person who just was outright carefree..at times. Silly as it seemed she noticed he was an Uchiha without him intruducing himself as such but by looking into his eyes.

"Am I sleepy?" is repeated as he thought about what she just said to him he would think about it for a moment as he started to yawn once more. "Not really why you ask me that?" is asked as he shifted his stance and placed both hands into his pocket he would look at Fuuka and shake his head as her. "Your a odd one, and what is your name." is asked with the last part in a deeper voice.

Since he asked Fuuka was more than willing to ablige to the request of answering her name. Until now, Fuuka was a relative unknown in The Hidden Leaf Villiage. She had existed for quite sometime going on her own adventures, but with no motivation no one noticed her. She had spurred a spark in her life that changed just recently, she decided not to be left in the dust especially since other's in her family nay clan have acheived presteige. Fuuka now started things up in Konoha, after the fight with Tosai. Fuuka wasn't gonna stop there she was gonna reach the top. As she opened her mouth she begin to sniffle due to the cold. "MuuuMyyymAAAACHOOOOOO!!" she sneezed away from Abel, regaining her compusure, she intruduced herself. And what an introduction. "MY NAME IS FUUKA OHKA SENJU OF THE PRESTIEGIOUS SENJU CLAN ;) IM THE MOST ADOWABLEST KONOICHI IN THE LEAF!!!" she snapped into a twirlling backlfip and stuck a lading on one foot whilst the other was bent in front of her in a crane-like stance on top of a pointed rock.

"A Senju….allow me a chance to spar with someone of your clan and fame." is said as he bowed to her and started to make a stance he would look at Fuuka and smile as his Uchiha blood would startt o boil. "Don't hold back Fuuka." is said as he cracked his neck and started to lean into a more defensive stance looking at the odd girl he knew she had to have some skill or thought that atlest.

As giddier than ever she canceled her elegant crane pose and began jumping up and down saying "YIPPIE!! I GET TO PLAY!!!" she began to step back into a nother stance and giggled "Be sure to cause I like playing and if neither of us is having fun whats the point?" After bowing to her opponant she got into another stance. She charged some of her chakra it's aura was a warm feeling she looked even happier "

"I think I might like this girl." is said as he tosses three kunai into his hand as he jumpped into the air he would spin slightl y as he took one kunai and threw it with the special Uchiha twist landing he would take another and attack her with the same Uchiha twist as he was about done he would spin the last one in his hand tossing it into the air he would build chakra into his feet as he spin kicked it with but this kick would put a nasty arc into the kunai as it flew towards Fuuka. "Let's see what you go." is said as Abel got ready to defend her attacks.

As the combat started Fuu's words where eaten as she was still damaged from her last scrap with an AKIMICHI no less. She went head to head with the behemoth and lost against his superior will and massive body. Fuuka's body began to bleed slightly she shrugged the pain off with a simple 'OWWIE your mean hmmmph' she stood back turned to Abel arms folded puffing up air as she did. Then as unpredictible as the changing season Fuuka shot into the air and came down with a flurrie of kicks A Dynamic-Entry to start her battle off right. After she shot a couple of punches out there for good measure..

Seeing the attack heading his way he would laugh at the speed of the flying jump kick he would then flash threw three hand seals and make four clones. As the five Abel stood there they would start to fade one by one he would then appear behind Fuuka and smile. "Your not that good are you?" is asked as he hopped back into another fighting stance he would then crack his neck. "But I must say I like your fire….your a fighter true and true." Is said as he place his hands on his fumma shuriken. He would then throw the shuriken and under it hidden in the first shadown was another shuriken as he placed his hands on the kunai he would tosses them at her with the special twist of the Uchiha clan.

Luckily Fuu was quick enough to dodge some of the hits and took barely any damage. Still, she couldnt take too many hits to level the playing field, she used her style to strengthen herself even more "OHH MAN I UUHHHH SHOULD TRY NOT GET HIT HUH!!!" She began to use the Leaf strong fist technique as her trump card "A bird in the hand is worth you know the rest." Fuuka began an onslaught of punches at breakneck speed her hands almost invisible hopefully to the Uchiha "YEEAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!" is yelled by Fuuka as she continued with more resolve.

The young Uchiha eyes would see the attack coming a mile away as he counter with a powerful chop to the back of the neck he would then go into making a clone but be stop by Fuuka once she would try and attack him again he would once again turn into a clone as he stood there he would yawn for a moment and tapped his foot onto the ground. "You lost girl, now come its time for you to head to the hospital so they can heal you and look at your wounds." Abel would stand there and yawn again. "Tsk…I guess I can carry you there if you can't walk there yourself." is said as he moved closer to the girl extending his hand out to her.

She slapped his hand away from her "I don't need your damn pity." she said as she coughed up blood and began gasping for breath she continued to reach up after getting knocked to the ground she instantly was more resiliant. Fuuka stood up holding the side of her waist she noticed her chakra started to go heywire a little. "I uhhh. Youre gonna have to knock me out and carry me back to the villiage Im 'huff' huff' still standing" is said as the blood continues to drip from her sides and face, her wounds were opened again. She attacked one more time but couldnt keep the momentum and passed out under the pressure due to blood loss as one last punch was launched.

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