Abel Inner Flame


Abel, Ketsuki

Date: November 24, 2010



"Abel Inner Flame"

Village Entrance - Blossom

Ketsuki was returning from a trip out to the forest to forage some berries for a dinner he planned to make. With a satchel slung over his shoulder and one hand jammed in his pocket he came walking through the gates. The shadows of the village brought relief to the young Shinobi who had spent most of the day in the hot afternoon sun. He paused taking in the sights and sounds of the village, his mind still racing with the thoughts that had preoccupied him for days now. "Well no point in just standing around, best get moving." He said out loud with intentions on hitting the market for the rest of the ingredients for his dinner.

Abel would be falling fast onto his bag that he left at the gate after crashing into it he would roll a great distance dude to the speed at which he was going as he rolled he would catch Ketsuki in the wake as he was in a daze he would lay there coming to a wake he would blink twice. "Oh sorry about that." Standing there he would smile as he looked at the older man. "You okay there sir?"

Ketsuki had not yet to take one step when he saw a blur out of the corner of his eye. A large rustle behind him and he would have lept just in time to avoid the rolling Uchiha but wasn't quite fast enough. Part of his foot was nicked and he barely got his hand down in time to catch himself before rising and brushing the dirt off his hands. Lifting his head he examined the boy his eyes hit the headband then the Uchiha symbol, "Hmm, Uchiha… Aren't you usually much more graceful than that?" He said with a smirk and then chuckling to himself slightly. "Yes, I am fine though. Nothing to worry about. Aburame Ketsuki." He said bowing to his fellow leaf shinobi, "I don't believe we've met. Strange that it would be in a foreign place instead of back home."

"Uchiha, Abel and yes we are but my neck slipped resulted into me crashing into you and such." standing there he would yawn as he cracked his neck he would look at the host of food he had. "Oh aare we a cook?" looking at Ketsuki he would narrow his eyes as he looked at the headband. "Yeah we've never met it might be becasue of the big village and all but its kinda of sad when you think about it." Abel would reaach into the side pocket of his bag and pulled out his money. "Good its still there."

Ketsuki shook his head, "Not a cook, just a survivor. This region isn't very good for foraging though, not like back home. But I will still gather what I can rather then purchase it." He watched the boy check his pockets for his belongings with curiosity, what an energetic person he was. "Tell me, if you don't mind that is, do you have your uhh…" Ketsuki pointed to his eyes in reference obviously talking about the Sharingan, he knew it was not an easy thing to aquire but nothing surprised him when it came to the Uchiha.

"No, i don't." Abel head would fall fast as he clitched his fist, "tsk….I'm not stronger enough for a power like that." Abel would tap his foot onto the ground as he stood there he would clitch his fist tighter. "What made you ask me that?" Abel eyes would narrow as he watched the man moved around he would shake his head as he stood there and for a moment he would scratched the back of his head as he yawned.

"Curiosity." Ketsuki said plainly. "It'd be a pretty useful thing to have really." Ketsuki studied his reaction of disappointment that quickly became anger. Someone had wronged him in the past perhaps he was seeking revenge, Ketsuki let these thoughts run course in his mind as he thought of a conversation he had earlier. "Are you in the tournament or just here to watch?"

"I'm just here to watch." Abel would laugh at the thought of being in it but he knew its best to wait for now, "I'm not strong enough to be in something like that." Abel would yawn as he stood there with his hand in his pocket. "Why am I so sleepy to day?' is asked to himself as he scratched his head as he went into a deep thought. His eyes would move to the sky as he thoguth about it for a moment. "What the heck did I do yesterday?"

Ketsuki smirked when he said he wasn't strong enough, "A modest Uchiha, now that is strange." As the Uchiha continued to converse with his own memory as to what he did the previous day Ketsuki's mind wandered to the dinner he would prepare. "I wonder if Rise would like chicken or pork." He said out loud before shaking his head to keep himself from being distracted. "Hmm, what do you think of Konoha?"

"I love Konoha it is a peaceful place, the life I have there is great and with the past war I notice that I have toget stronger inorder to protect my friends and family that stays there but am I am now I am unfit to protect anyone and do more harm then good to my own teammates." Abel would scratch his head as he smiled he would then yawn as he stood there with a growling stomach he would blush. "It seems that I can use some food myself."

Ketsuki nodded with a solemn face, "Indeed, it is quite peaceful there." Ketsuki looked over to his satchel full of different foods, maybe just maybe this Uchiha could work for Ketsuki's plans. "Well my Uchiha friend, if you would like you may join me at my camp outside the village. I was supposed to have another guest for dinner but it doesn't seem she will show up, though I suppose you could fill her spot." He motioned for the boy to follow him out to his camp where he could prepare them a meal.

"Sure…you dont't come off as a bad guy or nothing." Standing there he would yawn for a moment as he moved his hand into hiis pocket and his bag onto his back "what do you need help with?" Abel would study the man and watch his closly as he yawning once more and this time his stomach would growl again but the sound would last longer. "Great….this sucks." laughing he would look at him foor a moment and then shrugs. "Ketsuki right? Who was this other guest?"

Ketsuki began walking out of the village to a grassy field outside the walls. Snug against a wall was Ketsuki's camp. "A friend of mine, her name is Rise." He was walking fairly briskly as he himself was hungry and it only took them a few moments to arrive at the camp. Ketsuki started the fire back up from the coals he had buried under some rocks to keep them glowing safely.

Looking at the fire he would shake his head as he sat there he would request something to drink, "Alright what are we going to do here?" Abel narrowed his eyes as he sat there looking around the place and for the most part it was pretty normal and standard but for an Uchiha that is pretty bad. "You stay here doing the tournament?" Abel would stay sitting dispite wanting to stand right now.

"Yeah I have to admit its not anything special at all, but I arrived late and there wasn't any rooms left in town because of all the tourists." Ketsuki filled a pot with some water to boil. He began preparing all the ingredients for a chicken ramen and some of the local spices and herbs he had picked fresh hours ago and placing them in a second pot. Pouring some boiled water into a cup he presented his guest with a berry tea he had made himself. "It is kinda nice being outside the walls of the village though, some nights it gets pretty loud on the streets because of the tournament. I like being away from the hustle and bustle in the village sometimes." He stirred the ramen pot a few times before placing a lid on it to allow the flavour to stew, he was modest and wouldn't admit it but he was a pretty good cook.

"Your making Ramen?" Is asked as he got super happy he would clap his hands and started to laugh before stopping and looking at him for a moment. "I hate ramen but I'll eat it." Shrugging he would crack his knuckles. "So what did you need help with?" Abel would sit there all the way watching the actions of Ketsuki something about the man was off to Abel but he didn't know what yet.

"By creating skills and defensive that is able to block and protect others, and this will geatly increase once I unlock sharingan." Abel would smile as it seems that theere was someething hidden here that he haven't shared yet. "Why how would you do it?" Abel would yawn as he waited as he tapped his foot onto the ground.

Ketsuki nodded as he reached forward producing ramen from the pot and serving the both of them. He took a bite, "Could have used a bit more salt." He sipped the broth, "I intend on becoming strong by learning everything that I can learn from the elders in the village. However there lies the problem, what does one do, when there are no more peers or elders to learn from? This is the question the plagues me." He said taking another bite of his ramen.

"We wll have no one to learn from and thus there goes the way of the village," Abel would clitch his fist while shaking his head "i will not allow that to happen…I have frineds I wish to protect and will do anything for them like Daichi and Tsukiko." Abel eyes would be stronger now then every before as he sat there he hold his stomach trying to keep it from growling. "This is bad." blushing as he sat there he would shake his head.

Ketsuki shakes his head, "No, there are still people to learn from. They just do not live within our village. So this is the idea that I have come up with, when I've learned all I can from my peers and elders in the leaf village. I will depart on a great journey across the land, where I will seek out new challenges, powerful foes, and unique abilities and grow even stronger before returning to my home confident that I have the knowledge and strength to protect it from any who dare to disturb it."

"Sounds like fun, may I join with you?" Abel would crack his back as he laid out for a brife moment and then he would come to a rise, "when do this plan happen for I need this power to keep my friend from seeking power from within the darkness." Abel head would drape for a moment as he sat there he would even usse this time to reflect on his battles and his time spent with Daichi and Tsukiko and even Hiroshi.

Ketsuki smiled, he knew the Uchiha's thirst for power would cause him to agree. His plan could now form he knew he could not do this journey alone, and if he had two more to go with him he may be able to convince the Hokage aswell. "Well my friend, there is still much for both of us to learn at this stage. I'm afraid if we left today then we may be dead tomorrow." He set his finished bowl of ramen down and stood up to stretch. "We should continue our lessons for now as normal, do not tell anyone else of this plan. Not even your closest of friends or family, they may not understand or see things the way you and I do. When the time is right I will tell you." Ketsuki extended his hand inorder for the two to shake on their deal.

Taking his hand he would shake on it smiling he would walk out of the camp site and stand there once out he would stretch the legs and then the arms and once done start on his way. "Alright catch you later." Taking off he would dash off towards the village with bag around his back he would be looking from some place to eat.

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