Abel Meets Puchi


Abel, Puchi

Date: November 24, 2010


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"Abel Meets Puchi"

Village Entrance - Blossom

Abel would be pacing by the village gate thinking about weither to leave the village or not standing there Abel would shake his head as he stood there he would even sit as he thought, passing villagers would be rushing by him as they looked at him with shaking heads and slightly giggles. "What should I do?" is asked to himself as he sat there he would even yawn. Tapping his finger onto the ground he would look around before his eyes drifted onto the clouds.

Puchi was clean, or at least as clean as she could get. Her skin still stained with the dirt and debris from her growing up in forests around Kirigakure and then her journey with her mother and more visitors from Kirigakure who had come to watch and participate in the spectacle that had been set up. That morning, Puchi kissed farewell to her mother's cheek as the woman left to do whatever grown ups do at these kinds of events. It wasn't long before Puchi made her way out of their lodging and began to make her way out of the village. It was far too crowded and loud for the girl with sensitive senses in the village. She made her way towards the gate, holding a white cane out in front of her marked with red at the bottom, the kind of cane that a blind person would use. The end of the cane tapping lightly on the cobblestone pavers, helping her navigate around people and objects as she traveled.

Now standing Abel would look around at the woman making her way threw the crowd he would watch as it seem that she lacked slight but she seems to get passed the crowd she looked to Abel as thought she was about five years old as he narrowed his eyes he would dash over to her once close enough he would scratch his head. "Hello there do you need any help?" is asked as he smiled sloftly although she wouldn't be able to see it.

For a moment, it may appear to Abel that Puchi was not only blind, but also deaf. The girl didn't immediately respond but then she stopped, tapping the cane to the ground as she turned in the direction of the sound. She wasn't positive that she was being addressed and the voice was not familiar to her. However, she knew it was possible someone was trying to be courteous (which never happens in Kiri). Her cane tapped lightly on the end of Abel's shoe once, and then back to the ground. "Oh, no, I'm fine. Thank you though." She stated, turning back towards the gate and beginning to continue her way out of the gate and into the open meadows that surrounded the village.

Standing there he would watch as she started to walk away into the dark forest out side of the village as he rushed up again he would scratch his head once more, "You're aabout theleave the village by yourself? You look pretty young to be wondering alone by yourself….forgive me my name is Uchiha, Abel nice to meet you." Extending his hand out to he would think about it before pulling it back into his pocket. "So do you have someone waiting for you in the forest? Its kind of dangerous to wonder in there along." with a lite laugh he would blush trying to think of something else to say.

Little Puchi stopped, and turned her head towards him, "You have a problem with me leaving the village for a little while? Last I checked, it wasn't against the rules. As far as dangers go, this is supposedly a peaceful event and I don't fancy there being any beast out there that is any more or less dangerous than any beast that I've confronted in the forests around Kirigakure. In fact, I'd think there are fewer dangers, as the stench of rotting material in the marshes doesn't make the air around here rank." She said firmly. "That aside, pleasure to meet you Uchiha Abel. I am Okumo Puchi."

"No I was going to tell you that the strap on you shoes is not tight and it might fall off if you run into some mud but all those work as well too." Laughing as he stood there as he looked around he would then tap his foot onto the ground as he hears her name he would smile. "nice to meet you Puchi..did you come to the tournament to watch or what?" Standing there for a moment he would crack his neck. "Ow that hurt that time."
"You must be almost as blind as I am." Puchi stated dryly. "I don't wear shoes." She obviously didn't get it if he was trying to tell a joke or anything. "Not much to watch at the arena either if you're blind. They keep you too far away to use much other sensory abilities." She added. "Anyway, what hurt?"

"Oh nothing at all and your right, Abel would smile as he turned to walk away before pausing for a moment he would turn back and smile, "See you later Puchi and it was nice meeting you." turning back he would keep his step walking away with his hands into his pocket he would be smiling. "Oh if you even need help with anything just ask.

Puchi nodded, "Thanks for showing you care though, I don't get that too often back home. Have a good day." She stated, turning slightly to him and offering him a quick bow. She then turned again, heading towards the gate and out of the village into the meadows that stretched a little ways before the forests began.

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