Abel Meets Rise


Abel, Rise

Date: November 24, 2010


The Talk

"Abel Meets Rise"

Village Entrance - Blossom

Abel would be returning from the forest with a bag over his back and out of breath each step taking a lot out of the yound genin before falling out right there onto the ground. "My body is so heavy." is said as he laid there people would wall around him, and even over him but one one really cared to help him out none. "Alright Abel you have to get up…that you have to gain the ability to protect your friends no mater what the cost to yourself….above all else you must find away to say sorry to Taji with your actions and not your words." clitched fist he would struggle to make it to his feet.

Rise was still nursing yesterday's backbreaking meeting with apparently the "cutest" kunoichi in the world by the time she arrived near the village entrance. The swarm of people moving about so closely as she got closer was starting to only stress her out to the point that she had enough and began shoving some aside. A certain few did not take kindly to this and so, pushed her away into Abel. "H-hey! Watch where you going!!", She called out after the burly, hairy man who knocked her down. He of course snorted, and kept on walking without a care.

Catching the fallen girl in his arms he would look at her for a moment and with a lite smile he would shake his head, "are you okay?" is asked as he still had her in his arms. "Standing up he would yawn as he stood there. "Wait your the girl who attacked me at the tournament…why did you do that?" is asked as he stood there he would ywan once more this one was longer and faster then to otherone before hand.

Rise raised a brow to the hands wrapped around before suddenly pushing away and spinning around with her fist raised. Thankfully, she manages to keep herself from attempting the sucker punch and instead blew a few loose strains of hair out of her eyes. "My name is not 'that girl', it's Rise. Shirokiri, Rise………Ah! No wait no..Who are you again?", She asked warily, crossing her arms under her chest as well.
Abel would scratch his head as he stood there looking at her, about to say something he would just shake his head, "there is no point wasting my breath on her." Turning to walk away he would pause for a moment about to say something he would shake his head once more. "You really need to watch where you're going next time for the next guy might not be like me and catch you." Placing his hands into his pocket he would smirk and walk away.

An angry, imaginary tick mark appeared at the back of Rise's head after Abel's first comment about her WHILE she was still standing there. Before she speak her mind the dude starts walking off two throwing out one last, arrogant comment her way. "Like I needed you to catch me! Arrogant little..WORM!", she called out after him angrily and shaking her fist in the air after him. "Hmph!…He's probably one of those clans who think they're are all hot stuff!", she muttered underbreath before wincing and grabbing her side. "Stupid..fuuka had to-ow!..That settles it. Back to the hospital for me.", Rise continued as she turned away to head to her next destination.

"Man I know I hate loud women, they think that can cry and complain anytime they feel like it." Laughing Abel would look at her and again shake his head at her, "where are you headed?" is asked as he shift his stance into a calm and peaceful one standing there he would yawn as it seemms that time was getting away from him as he was now sleepy as hell. "Alright I need to find a place to take a nice nap. Noticing the mark on the back of her head he would narrow his eyes at her. "What the heck are you?"

Rise half-turned her body to glare back at Abel. "What's it to you?", She asked as "calmly" and "politely" as she could…she wasn't all that much at the moment! "Well!?", She continued edgidly as she spun fully around on her heels to face him, and crossed her arms once more.

"Just asking to be nice and all I should atleast act like I care you know." with a smirk on his face he would turn around once more this time he would tap his right foot onto the ground and place his hands back into his pocket. "But if you don't want to tell me then i understand." Saying that Abel would start to walk away this time with now pause as of yet.

"Why should I even bother to tell you when you wouldn't even tell me your name?", She asked with eyes narrowed to slits and a frown. A smirked played at the corner of her mouth after a time though when a idea came up. "Or do you have amensia or something? Maybe…maybe even if it's a secret?", She asks the last part more to herself while looking towards the sky thoughtfully.

"Your the one with amensia because I already told you my name its Uchiha, Abel." Standing there he would look over his shouulder as the wind would take his hair, what Rise just said would play over in his mind he would yet again shake his head at her, "are you mental or something little girl? I mean who the hell think of the shit you say?" Abel would laugh as he stood there it seems that his leaving would have to wait for the moment.

As rise anger begins to build after Abel's last words, in the back of her mind he has made the "list". Because of that she lets it out all in one big exasperated sigh before turning to walk away again. "I'm not gonna sit here and be taunted by you all day so..bye!..oh! And another thing!…*foot taps*..Uuugh, nevermind. I'm out of here", She said with finality as she stormed off angrily.

Watching her as he stormed off he would shake his head as waatch scratching the back of his head he knew what he had to do to make things right so like every man would do in his position he gave chase to the pissed off Rise, "hey wait up…look I'm sorry okay I shouldn't have said what I said." he would be standing there with a faint smile on his face. "i was in a bad mood and I had no right taking it out on you." Abel would look at her for a moment as he stood there scratching his head.

Rise didn't so much as slow down after he called after her, but she did begin to when he manage to catch-up with her. For a time she stays completely silent as her visage slowly went from angry to empty of anything. "……Fine, whatever……..The hospital…I was heading back there..", She finally admitted, but refused to look at Abel after that.

"Your going to the hospital?" is repeat by Abel as they walked th young Uchiha would turn around and smile before turning back around and walking with her, "I can at least walk you to the hospital as he walked he started to think about the bag he had as he paused for a moment he would shake his head. "Wow….it seems that my bag is all the way back at the gate…so yeah…I'll catch you around Rise." Dashing off he wuold jump into the air as he flew he would land on the roof tops. "This is much faster."


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