Abel vs. Daichi! Daichi great Awaking!


Abel, Daichi

Date: September 11, 2010



"Abel vs. Daichi! Daichi great Awaking!"

Genin Training Grounds [Konohagakure]

Abel would be here after sparring with the stronger Tsukiko and so he thought he would train by the water this time so he can work on his "Reaching Flame Technique" that didn't work yet again as he sat there his mind would think of other things he could do. As he skipped rocks across the water he would chase after them but would always come up short. Until he just stood in the center of the lake. "I got it! All I need now is a test dummy." Abel keep breaking the bonds of water and refusing it as he walked on the water.

Daichi was walking into the training ground still working with his leaf. "Like a blade, like a blade….common split." Daichi looked up as Abel was doing something. "Oh hey Abel didn't see you here." Daichi asked curiously "Hey did you want to finish the spars from earlier; we have a score to settle after all." Daichi stated. He puts the leaf away in his back pocket so that it isn't burned or anything during the spar. "So wade say?" Daichi asked again as he seemed full of energy today. His renewed confidence did wonders for his performance recently. He felt that having this new drive had something to do with it.

Looking over a Daichi he waved him to start when ever. "Hell yeah let's go!" is said as he broke his chakra control and splashed into the water. As he was in the water he would be thinking of something to do. He smirked as he looked at Daichi from under the water he would charge a little chakra.

Abel "Hey are you ok?" Daichi asked as Abel went under. He would walk closer to see if he can check on him. "Hey buddy, you can swim right?" Daichi couldn't see Abel yet, this worried him. "Abel's drowning!" Daichi dives in after him "I'll save you man!" Thankfully Daichi could swim very well.

After seeing Daichi but not the other way around he would smirk at this as he through two shuriken that flew fast even though they were under water. After they were out of his hand he would reach his head out of the water and try again to hide himself from Daichi.

Whoa Daichi said as the attacks came. He parried the first but he was too slow under water. Still he would assume the same for Abel and attack him with powerful swings of his katana. 'He can swim!' Daichi thought as he attacked Abel.

He would dodge the first but the second and third would hit. Swimming up to the surface he would pop up and land with ninja speed head into the trees and hide once more. "Daichi is better than he was before." is said as he smirked and thought of a plan that might work as he thought he would grab two fuma shuriken and place them in hand.

Following Abel on land, in fact keeping up with him Daichi smiled and overheard Abel. "Thanks, I've been training." Daichi attacked Abel with three more strikes of his blade. Looking at the fuma Daichi made sure he didn't leave himself open after so he decided to stay close to Abel. He struck with the blunt edge so he didn't wound Abel seriously. "Much easier to swing above water."

Abel would be nothing but a clone but the second strike would hit but the other two wouldn't Abel would be on nearby tree holding a fuma shuriken out in front of him tossing it a second one would be in its shadow. As he moved he would attacked with a Fireball as the fireball would fly towards him he would then make an escape this one would work.

Parrying the strike but taking the hit from the fire ball Daichi loses sight of Abel. He sits and waits "Ok, I'm sure he'll pop up soon." Daichi laughed "This is fun, I'm getting excited." Daichi felt a surge of chakra burst through him. "Oh?" he said. 'I am getting too excited, better calm myself down' looking at his burn Daichi decided to treat it. "I've got time I guess."

After seeing Daichi heal himself he would smile as this was the perfect time to strike waving through some hand signs he would attack with a fireball. As he sided out of hiding he would be standing on a nearby tree he would attack with a straight punch but once it go into Daichi face it would burst into flames. As Abel would head into another tree. Abel Plan was working for the moment but he had to stay sharp as Daichi eyes where getting good. <Think Abel what can you do now?"> is asked inside of his head as he waited he would wave through three hand seals.

Simply dodging the attacks Daichi smiles. The sudden burst of chakra used to dodge made him go over a bit. "Damn." Daichi stopped. "I hoped I could contain this Abel…I'm sorry." Daichi said as his hair changed color. His stood there silent as if he had become a different person. "I can't…contain it anymore. I should be able to snap out of it once I…release some of this…" Daichi said with a calm voice. He looked up Abel was now where in sight. "Doesn't matter." he spoke with a smirk.

Breathing heavy that fire clone attack took a lot out of the young uchiha as he sat there he would take two kunai in hand and think for a moment. Taking out some wire he would string them up and think about something else he could do. Just then he had it. Taking a deep breath to slow down his breathing he would take the kunai by hand and tossed them at him as they would fly they would be too far away to even come close to hitting him but just then they would get the Uchiha twist as they moved in and with the wire he would aimed for the and holding the sword with both. One is behind the other hiding in its shadow once he was done there he would dash behind a tree. "Tsk….hmmm new Daichi is crazy." is said as he started to dash threw the trees.

Parrying do fast he couldn't see his own strikes almost Daichi peered. "It's been a while…" Daichi took the time to first heal himself as Abel still remained hidden. Rather than searching from him Daichi waited.

After hiding in the trees he would think of things he would do but this new Daichi was something he has never seen and without sharingan there was nothing so he thought it best to keep attacking with the shuriken one should get through. Abel started to stand he would flip the kunai in hand and smirk. "Alright Daichi you pushed me to do this friend." is said as he started to spin the kunai. After that he would look at Daichi and smile "Calm down Daichi." is said as he would move to the other tree he had a lot of thinking to do.

Daichi dodged again. He couldn't locate Abel still but his energy was rising "I'm feeling it now." Daichi said as he smirked. His chakra rose and he placed his hand on his Katana as he prepared to take off. Now he watched for Abel, "As soon as you make a move." Daichi spoke. His voice grew softer.

Abel would stay hidden as he thought of something to do because this wasn't good and he knew it. But something about this made his blood rush. Abel was having the time of his life. As he slowly pulled the kunai on back until he had it in his hand. "Think Abel you know there is a way after this. "Abel would notice that Daichi breathing was starting to catch up with him. Abel would flip the kunai around his finger as he tossed them at him he would moved and as he moved he would push the kunai with the string as it flew it would curve in towards Daichi. Making it into the next tree the young Uchiha was still in hiding.

Daichi jumped the gun and countered the shuriken, he left himself open for the second, but Abel was in his sight. Overcome with excitement Daichi attacked with a flicker of his blade. Getting more excited he attacked Abel until he heard his voice in his head. Snapping out of his state Daichi stopped his blade and dropped it as he looked at Abel "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, I lost it for a second." Daichi looked ashamed for a bit but gaining control and reverting took a lot out of him.

As the attacks where coming in he would smirk as he the three seals he did a while ago would come into effect as he would burst into clones. So when Daichi would see three Abel's in air as they each would be stuck three Daichi would attack each of them and would go through them and none of them would be the real Abel. Standing on top of the tree he would be smirking as he looked down on Daichi. "You lost Daichi….try again next time." Abel would smile as he jumped down and looked at Daichi. "Go home and rest okay I'm staying here and working on my attacks and battle tactics.

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