Academy Exam: This is my nindo!


Fulgur (emitter), Sanado

Date: January 23, 2013


Kumogakure has started holding graduation exams for students that felt they were ready to pass. The test was simple, survive in the wilderness alone for one full day and return to the village. It seemed simple enough, but the wilds of Kumo are far harsher than they seem.

"Academy Exam: This is my nindo!"

The wilds of Kumogakure

Every student should prove their worth, show themselves worthy of what it takes to be among the ranked of Kumogakure. To be considered among the greatest and best the village has to offer. Representatives of the strength and ironclad resolve that this village is known for. Some may think that this is too much to require of a student, but this is a long standing tradition for the people of these parts. They have to be sharp as the jagged rocks that surround them, ummovable as the mountains that make their homes and stone cold awesome. That's what Sanado is, right? Right?! Of course he is, cause he's going to prove it.
His task was simple. He was to survive for a day out here, starting in the coldest part of the morning to the coldest part of night. He was to be tried against the elements, the wildlife and natural hazards that surrounded the plateau that would make his home. He was supplied with the basics, tools for living and hunting to aid him in his endurance trial. Shouldn't be so hard. His trial begins now and it might help to start pitching his tent, setting up the necessities.

"I'm going to get that Forehead Protector and become a Genin, you wait and see!" Sanado would shout from one of the edges of the plateau as if he were telling the Land of Lightning and the rest of the Shinobi world that they should watch out.
After that announcement, Sanado tucked his thumbs into his tank top, took in a deep breath of the cold air and just continued to stare out at the land for a while. It was breathtaking for the child, even if it was little more than jagged rocks and mountain cliffs. If there was nothing else to see, this alone was spectacular enough. He'd only been outside the village once and that was only far enough to collect some vegetables before returning.
"Well." Clapping his hands together as he spun around, "Where should I begin." It was still morning, so the top of his list was finding some breakfast, lunch and dinner. Exploring while he was at it and then, if time…pitching a tent. Though he figured he should check on those basic tools as he reached for the pack and opened it up.
"Kunai, well I'll take those." Placing them on the ground next to him. "Knives, nails, some rope and stuff to set up a tent." Alright! Closing the pack up he'd drag it across the ground and stuff it between a cluster of tightly packed jagged rocks before setting off in search of food and exploration with a kunai in one hand and another tucked into a pouch on his shorts. If he was lucky, he might find a bunny or lizard, something small to start the day off with. Though it was early, so maybe even a worm.
As he set off through what ever open trail he could, making his way through rocks or what have you, he'd scratch into the nearby area the direction he had came from to not get lost every 50 or so feet.

Finding a bunny or lizard would be a good idea. Lizards may be less likely to be out due to it being cold, so perhaps there are some bunnies around or perhaps some other critters in these parts. Chinchilla are likely to be around as well, which means they're good for meat and fur. Taking out enough of them could mean a nice, soft bed to lay on.
There are some tufts of grass in these parts, some harder to reach than others. The plateau doesn't lend much in the form of grass or wildlife, so checking the trails or lands below should reveal something to work with.
It's still dark as everything has only just begun, but the wildlife waits for no one. They do their best work in the hours when there's likely to be less human activity around. Of course, that means critters and predators alike.

Walking about, Sanado wasn't exactly sure what he'd find in terms of food, but he had a plan on what to do the moment he did. The thought of it causing him to lick at his lips a bit in excitement, but he was still getting ahead of himself. Food first! Eventually he'd spot some paths that went deeper down, with what looked like vegetation. The type that would be perfect for housing some tasty rodents. Without hesitation, he'd make his way in that direction. Watching his footing, making sure each step was carefully placed before moving on to the next. Once reaching the bottom he'd place his hands on his hips as if he accomplished something and then begin to look around for where to start next.
He wasn't seeing much activity, but an idea occurred to him that he might be sticking out like a sore thumb. So he dropped to his knees and began to scoop up some dirt and rub it through his hair, on his face and over his body. He was going for a look of camouflage, but there was also a chance he just wanted an excuse to get dirty without getting in trouble by his mom.

Camouflage. Always a good option.

The dirt should do well to hide him well enough from basic instincts. He shouldn't have that 'human smell' on him that animals are so familiar with. There isn't much activity or at least, anything that can't be seen above ground. There's activity below and the ground is soft enough from the moisture around these parts. Snuffing out some animals might do the trick.
Oooorr, maybe not. There's some rustling going on in some grass not too far from Sanado. It's light, so it's probably a small critter running about. Maybe it's a bunny. Let's hope it's not turned inside out.

"Now we hunt!" Clutching the kunai tightly in one hand, Sanado would keep his eyes open as he peered about the area. It was calm and quiet, the sound of the waterfalls could be heard off in the distance. If they were closer toward this spot, he'd try his hand at getting fish from there, but breakfast was upon him and he had to eat now if he was going to survive this long day.
The sight of the grass moving unusually catches his attention and he jumps into the air with all his student might as he spins the kunai about and chucks it at the grass. Before it lands, his hand has already went to retrieve the next kunai in case what ever it is takes off and he's ready to hurl that one again as he touches the ground to see what he has caught, if anything at all.

A bunny hops right out of the grass, but it's clear its hurt. That lucky shot nicked it and has brought it a bit of damage. Enough perhaps that it won't be able to run quite as fast as it could if it manages to escape.
By this point, the sky was beginning to take on its characteristic blue. No longer was the dark of night going to obscure sight as the sun was giving way to more details of the landscape. It turns out there's a lot more grass than what was to be seen under the veil of darkness.
Some animals were grazing in the distance, though very few. A lot bigger ones like sheep and various sheep.

Seeing a bunny hop out from where he had thrown the first kunai, Sanado quickly throws the second in hopes of finishing off his target. He's aiming to kill it, but there's always the chance it only manages to graze it once again. Either way, Sanado was already taking off after it, running past where the first kunai landed to pick that up as well. When the visibility of the area opened up he started to spot the other, much bigger game off in the distance. Were this whole capturing bunny thing to not pan out, he'd definitely start going after the slower sheep. He might still do so regardless.

The bunny is caught with the kunai and effectively wounded enough to eventually pass away soon and become something worthy of note. Not enough to be considered a great, but it's a good start. It could probably be skinned and cooked. Might be a bit gamey, but that's the way of the outdoors.
The big game in the distance don't notice Sanado's presence which is perfect for him. Means he might have the edge on them. Though, he won't be the only one out here. There are predators who will be around and looking to hunt and they might see him as a potential target as well.
The birds of prey begin to take flight and start to fly around, waiting for the chance where they may be able to get in good on a small meal of their own to capture or benefit from the kills Sanado might make in the near future.
The environment itself is more or less easy to travel. The worst part of the trail is over, but there's still places where loose rocks are littered across paths or certain sections of the land. Should he go into the more tundra-like areas, he may find the ground breaking up from smaller animals digging beneath and forming burrows. Those might be traps if his feet ever get stuck.

"Woo!" Stopping in his tracks, Sanado jumped into the air with excitement. He has killed his first animal ever, marking him as a man. He can provide for his family if need be and survive on his own in the wilderness. There's clearly nothing that he can't accomplish now. Moving toward the downed bunny, he'd place the kunai that was in his hand in the pouch on his shorts and then reached for his trophy. Holding it in one hand, he pulled out the kunai and then looked about the area once more. It was still morning, though getting closer to the afternoon with each second. If what he has planned doesn't work, than he'll definitely have to come back here. He'd only allow himself to starve for so long if his meal only comprised of bunny meat.
So with rabbit carcass in hand, Sanado would make the trek back where he left his gear, following the signs he had left for himself so to not lose his way back. It was a bit faster getting back he thought, as climbing up wasn't as difficult as climbing down and as he reached the familiar plateau, he tossed the bunny aside and went to retrieve his pack from the cluster of rocks and drag that across the ground near the bunny. Afterwards he'd walk about ten feet away, note which way the wind was blowing and then start peeing on the ground. A couple of shakes for good measure after finishing and then walking back toward the bunny where he'd begin cutting it open.
He was somewhat careful as he did it, slicing it open from the belly, removing out the guts and tossing them up at the jagged rocks, cutting out some of the meat and placing it next to him and then throwing the carcass the opposite direction from where he had taken his leak. With every thing set, he was sure there was no way any type of predator wouldn't come hunting him now. Better to have them come under his own terms with the smell of blood and urine possibly in their territory, they were sure to check it out. "Come and get me!" He shouted as he walked about his area to gather a few rocks, place them in a circle, retrieve the kindling from his pack and start a fire. Stabbing the meat with the kunai he'd sit near the fire, facing the jagged rocks and begin to cook the meat.

Hunting complete! …For now.

This was only the beginning, but it was definitely a good start. He had the rest of the day to go and afternoon was approaching. More animals were beginning to step out and graze about the area. Those that were particularly sensitive would be finding their way to Sanado soon enough. He's marked his territory and that probably means opportunity.
It might be a good time to wash up and the falls aren't too far from here. Coming down from the mountains was a cat. A big cat. It didn't meow, but it did growl and roar. A snow leopard was out searching for food and the scent in the area has captured its attention. Maybe it's worth scoping out this area. A bird of prey, spotting the leopard, decides to follow it and perch itself on an assortment of jagged rocks to see how things play out.
More chinchillas and bunnies are coming out and in fact, one of the former is snatched up by a falcon and flown off to its nest to enjoy.

Turning the kunai about a few times in the fire as the scarce meat he was able to get off the bunny cooked, Sanado wondered if it was done. It looked done. The pink had all but faded and taken on a darker color. He was worried about getting sick, but not so worried he'd let the meat spoil into jerky. "Eh." He said as he blew on the meat and took a few bites out of it quickly, chewed it a few times and then finished it off. It wasn't bad, for having no other options…
Licking his lips, he stood up and then kicked the kindling into itself and then threw some dirt on the fire to put it out, it still burned, but there wasn't much in the means for the fire to spread up here so he was sure it was fine. Looking around, there were still no signs of predators he thought to himself and with next on the list of things to do was to find more food, he couldn't wait around anymore. The falls seemed even closer from the plateau than they did near the grass area, so maybe it was time to try some fishing. This time though, he wasn't going to leave his pack of supplies and slung it over one shoulder. They might come in handy he thought as he headed in the most open direction that seemed would lead him to the falls.

The trail leading to the falls was a little tricky. It used to be a waterfall itself but was blocked off long ago by rocks and so some parts are a bit slippery and or smooth. The right kind of shoes or careful balance could make gripping some rocks easy. The path evetually evens out and is easy to traverse the further down it goes.
Considering the time of day, the fish should be relatively active and finding any food they can before settling down for later. A goat has walked up to the basin to drink some water, quenching its thirst.

Making his way toward the falls, Sanado simply hummed a tune to himself to pass the time. He wasn't really paying attention as he walked which in turn caused him to lose his footing and fall more than once as he made his way, but it didn't seem to bother him. He knew something like that was going to happen eventually and it most likely was going to happen again despite his best efforts. The main focus on his mind was graduating and getting a little bruised and dirty wasn't going to stop him from doing so…Was it?
Upon reaching the base of the falls, he'd drop the pack and walk up towards the waters. He'd spot a goat drinking some water, "Get out of here you stupid goat!" Waving his arms frantically in hopes of scaring it. Then dropped to his knees and scooped a handful of water to bring to his mouth and he was just about to drink it to, but the thought of all the fish poo and goat saliva that he was about to ingest just didn't seem worth. "Bah." Letting the water trickle from his hand, he'd get back up and head over to his pack, pull out the fabric for the tent and the length of rope then begin fashioning them together. One end of the rope would be tied to two corners of the fabric and the same would be done to the other end until he made himself a net.
He'd slip off his shorts and underwear, tucking them into his pack and then walk into the basin of the water. The coldness of it, didn't seem to bother him. It was definitely cold, but he acted as if he didn't care as he moved out just far enough for the water to be waist height and then dunk in his creation until some fish would swim in and he'd pull the net closed tight. Assuming it worked.

The goat lifted its head and looked at Sanado with a blank stare before lowering its head back towards the water. Looks like he's here to stay. A few fish jump out of the basin, but most stick around at the surface swimming around happily waiting for the next opportunity to catch something good.
With Sanado entering the water, the fish nearby flicked away and swam in the opposite direction, finding safety in their numbers. Still, without anywhere else to go, they were as good as caught. The day was nearly done…sort of. He had the afternoon and evening to tackle, still.

The fish were fast, but Sanado was patient. If he managed to catch just one, that would be good enough for lunch. Two might even tide him over to until the following day. With that in mind the boy shifted his feet over the rocks with net spread out, watching some of the faster fish swim by, but the rest were huddled too close together, they had no where else to go and next thing the fish knew they were being scooped up by the makeshift net.
With food for lunch complete, Sanado held the net over one shoulder as he walked out of the water, grabbed the pack slinging it over the other and without bothering to get dressed, he made a slow trek back to his original campsite. His footing as he moved would be more focused for if he slipped this time, it would lead to dirty fish and fast birds swooping down to steal his meal. He wouldn't be having none of that. Slow and steady was his plan back.
And it worked.
Finding his camp site, he'd throw the pile of fish down near the fire pit, drop the pack of gear so he could put his clothes back on and then simply rest for a while. Surviving was tough.

The fish flopped around, but there was nowhere to escape to. Before long, they'd be lying around and waiting to be eaten. Poor things. Still, there were bigger fish to fry, so to speak. There was still that bird of prey sticking around and that snow leopard managed to catch the scent of the fish caught along with the territory. There was a big hint it was on its way. The bird began to take flight and position itself in the air, circling around Sanado and his camp.
The leopard, knowing these parts well, hid itself among the rocks in the area, surefooted as it was, it could cling to areas and keep itself from view and observe the boy in order to ensure it had a way to take him out.

The day seemed like it was going to drag on and for a time, Sanado thought about taking a nap to make it speed up, but as he stared at the ground in front of him, he saw something that caught his eye. It was there for a moment and then disappeared. Standing up, Sanado wanted to get a better view of what it was.
A shadow, but what was casting it. A cloud? It was moving too fast and clouds didn't move in circles. Holding a hand up to shield his eyes, he'd look up at the sky to see just exactly what had caught his attention. "Whoa. If I catch that thing, I wonder if I could fly it." Biting the inside of his lip as he thought about how to do it, but it didn't look like he came prepared with the necessary supplies to do so. "Oh well."
He was still hungry though, so he got to work on the fish he had manage to catch. Opening up the net, he'd pull out one of the suckers and begin cutting it open and removing the guts, throwing them in the direction of the rabbit carcass from earlier and work on removing the scales, letting them fall into his little firepit. He'd do this for a time until the fish was ready then cook it on the fire much like he did the rabbit. When it looked like it was good enough to eat, he'd do so. He wasn't sure how to tell when fish was cooked, but uncooked fish was just Sushi he thought so maybe there wasn't an appropriate time.

That bird was up there for his benefit, whether or not Sanado knows it or not. It's a warning sign for what exactly is in the area. The leopard sneaks around, finding its way over to where the carcasses and urine lie. It sniffs around, chuffing softly enough not to be heard. This kid was easing in on its hunting grounds and it wasn't too keen about that. Yet, it sees that he's caught some fish. Perhaps he'll take him out and gather all the spoils for itself.
It's padded paws make it a silent stalker as it creeps up on the boy from behind. Every so often it'd stop and observe, just to be sure it can get the right angle on him.

Finishing the fillet of fish, Sanado realized that it was getting close to preparing his tent for the night, but first he'd need something to keep him warm. Remembering correctly, there was a sheep not too far off from where he had picked up the bunny and the wool would make for some nice insulation through the cold night.
Grabbing his pack, he'd dump out the rest of the contents; nails, hammer, sticks to hold up the fabric for the tent and spread them out. Then he'd reach for his makeshift net, grab the last fish and toss it aside. Maybe the bird up above would eat it or what ever else stalked for food. Sanado didn't care, the first fish tasted off.
With every thing together, he'd spread out the fabric, but leave the rope tied to each end. Picking up the nails, he'd place them inside the fabric, pick up the hammer, make sure he had the two kunai from earlier and then head off in the direction with the area of grass before it started to get dark.

The snow leopard halted in its tracks when the fish was tossed back. It thought for sure that the boy had seen it, but it turns out that isn't the case. When Sanado begins to move, the leopard creeps away and proceeds to watch the boy as he walks off to wherever he's going. The leopard follows behind, keeping its distance enough that it can see him, but he can't see it.
The sheep in the tundra areas below have now gathered in number. They could do nicely being sheared and their wool used to make a good bed. They weren't exactly used to people, but given the opportunity they may be tamed well enough to remain calm to have their wool clipped.

Coming to the same part as before and seeing that more sheep had gathered, Sanado started to race down the jagged incline to reach the area below. However, it suddenly hit him that like the fish, they might become startled just as easily and take off running. Only this time they could get away, where the fish were cornered for the most part.
With changed tactics, Sanado shifted gears and made a slow trek to reach the sheep. There were quite a few, but he had eyes for only one. The oldest, slowest and wooliest. So regardless of any of the sheep that might have been closer, he ignored them as he made his way through the flock until finding the perfect one.
"Hey grandpa." He'd call out to it while continuing to move closer and tapping on his legs. "Who's old and slow? You are. Yes you are." The hammer in his hand would be put away momentarily so that he could bend down and pluck out some grass to offer to the sheep like a treat.

The other sheep began to move around and run about, clearing a wide space for Sanado as he approached the old sheep. The sheep was pretty slow and did try to run off with all its wool, but it wasn't exactly fast enough for the job. Other sheep, in an attempt to try and protect their own began to try and gather around the old one and try to shoo Sanado away by approaching and nudging their heads at him and stomping around.
The old sheep decided to take this opportunity to try and blend in with the rest of the sheep and find another place to graze at. Meanwhile, the snow leopard has found its way all the way down the mountain and into the field where it'd try and get its paws on Sanado or the many sheep around here.

"Stupid sheep. I was making it easier on myself by going after the older one, but if you're just gonna block my path I'll just take yours instead." The first sheep to nudge him after he said that would be put in a headlock and knowing it would try and fight against him, Sanado shifted his feet, twisted into the creature and attempted to topple it over. The rest of the sheep and including the one on he was on top of might become enraged of sorts, but Sanado wasn't going to waste this opportunity to cut wildly at the wool that present itself to him. Though he still did his best to avoid actually cutting any of the sheep, at least for now. There was no need for him to injure any of them, if he wasn't going to eat them.

The sheep that nudged bleated, its cry ringing out clear with the others as they began to take flight since the anticipation of this boy and the subsequent headlock was not foreseen. Some remained gathered, but ultimately couldn't do much to help their kin. So, the sheep was tackled to the ground where it'd proceed to pick itself up and begin to try and run off. One thing was certain, this sheep had youth and it had a grea deal of energy to back it up. If Sanado was going to cut its fur, he was going to have to hold on tight.
The snow leopard could tell the activity going on in the midst of the sheep considering they were scattering around. It couldn't very well have itself exposed, so it decided to creep among the sheep instead.

The moment the sheep picked itself back up with Sanado still holding onto it, he'd let go. It was clear the sheep was stronger than he was, so he wasn't going to mess with it. "Like I said. I'm going for easy you stupid sheep." With that said, he'd move back through the flock, most of them more spread out after tackling one to the ground which made moving about easier. He was going back for that same old one as last time or at least one like it. There's one bound to be more than one. And his thinking was right. For as he moved passed a few of the younger sheep, he'd find another old fellow. Sanado wasn't going to mess around this time. Take it slow or anything. The creature looked like it was busy eating, but if it took off running or some more sheep got in the way, they were going to go down.

The old sheep was busy with itself, eating really and that's all it could very well do. Eat, sleep, drink, urinate, poop, that's the life of the sheep and it had to try and survive on top of all that and spawn young to do the same.
The snow leopard, seeing the target Sanado had in mind, decides to focus on that same target so that it might draw close to him. The sheep doesn't notice the leopard nor do the other sheep yet much or if they do, they've been fooled by it and don't do much to give it away.

As Sanado approached the Sheep, he'd spin the kunai about in his hand, did his best to remain quiet and then did little else once finally reaching the creature. He wanted to make sure it wasn't going to run away and from the looks of things, it had no intention of doing so. 'Finally', he thought to himself as he started to sheer the creature of it's wool, using the kunai to saw through and collect as much of it as he could. When, finished, the sheep was left almost bare and a pile of wool remained on the ground. "This is gonna feel nice." Bending over he compacted much of the wool together, picked it up and then started his way back to the camp site.

As Sanado finished, the snow leopard took this opportunity to jump out at him and tackle him to the ground. It was already readying itself for its next attack and was intending on snapping down on his neck if the boy didn't act fast. The old sheep ran off, quite faster than it did with Sanado and the rest of the sheep around it.
Any younger sheep, mostly males with horns that were well grown were watching for the right moment to attack. Despite the fact the boy was just as much a threat, they couldn't very well have this snow leopard show them up and endanger all of them.

The leopard pounced, ramming into Sanado, but at that same moment the boy vanished into a puff of smoke, replacing himself with one of the charging, horned sheep to knock into the leopard. Turning back and watching the rest of the sheep start to attack the beast as well, "Silly cat." Remarking as he turned back to make his way back up the trail and to his camp site.
If the creature followed, Sanado might be ready for it again, but right now he was going to work on setting up the tent. Grabbing the sticks and placing them in the ground, tying the rope to the top of each stick and then placing the fabric over the top for a simple, yet effective protection from the elements.
The wool he had brought would be shoved inside the opening of the tent, flattened out with enough to lay on and cover him up at the same time for the night. He wasn't really feeling hungry yet and didn't know if he would come dinner. The only thing left for the boy to do was survive the night.

The leopard would have to find its way out of this situation. Disappearing prey is not something it's used to dealing with. It's knocked around a few times, but reasserts its authority long enough to be able to escape. It sprints away with a bit of a limp in its step as its been bruised, but not exactly battered.
Back up the trail, the bird had found its way to the fish that were tossed aside and was busying itself with eating it. It looked at Sanado and turned its attention back to the carcasses to see what it could pick up anything else.
At the sight of the leopard, it began to take flight once more, cawing as it did so. It'd have to settle with the fish for now. The snow leopard itself was more aggressive in its approach this time around. Though, it was wounded, it still had the advantage of this environment. It would take this child out for imposing upon its territory.

Popping out of the tent, Sanado tucked his thumbs into the straps of his tank top to admire his work, but instead he managed to catch sight of the leopard approaching once again. Bringing his hands together to form a few signs, a clone would appear, mimicing his moves. Grabbing the kunai from his pouch to be prepared, both he and the clone began waving their hands in the air. "No kitty, this is my campsite!" If Sanado was lucky the leopard would retreat, not wanting to take on two individuals. Than again, Sanado would look good in that leopard skin. Tough call.

The leopard wasn't going anywhere and it if needed to take out his double, it'd do exactly that. Now, the tough part was choosing between the two and determining which one was actually human. Both of them clearly looked the part. The ears of the big cat lowered and it decided to make a jump toward one on the off chance it'd catch Sanado.
It strikes at the clone, but begins to whip around to try and locate the actual boy and attack.

It looked like the leopard was still looking to claim its territory, but Sanado wasn't going to pass up an opportunity like this, though it's too bad he only knew what the academy had taught. Then it hit him, this must be the test. It wasn't camping outside the village for a day, it was to defeat a leopard and bring back it's pelt as proof. If that was the case, Sanado definitely had to win to make sure to graduate. "Your mine cat!"
Sanado charged forward the same time the cat jumped, taking out his clone, but the boy kept moving to pick up the hammer with his free hand before picking up the hammer and hurling it at the leopard. He'd watch to see if it would strike true or the beast would dodge and then he'd run forward to slash at the beasts throat so to not damage much of the pelt.

The hammer indeed struck true and nailed the leopard right in the head. Get it, nailed?!

The cat was somewhat disoriented, but it quickly recovered and slipped to one side of Sanado to evade the slash that was aimed at its throat. The cat would retaliate by spitting, teeth bared as thrust forward with paw lifted to strike at Sanado and continuing its charge forward by using its other paw to attack.

Swing and a miss! Sanado nearly loses his balance with the huge strike he tried to make against the leopard and apparently, nearly was just enough for the fast cat to adjust itself after evading the attack and counter with its own. Unfortunately, this being Sanado's first real combat he panicked while attempting to mesh his fingers together to form the proper hand signs to defend himself. The series was done improperly allowing the Leopards claws to dig deep into the flesh of his arm, rending it open.
The pain was immense and he'd clutch his arm with his hand while leaning forward slightly. Another mistake as the leopard was still on the offensive with its second claw strike that caught Sanado's face, leaving scratches that nearly gouged out his eye. It was terrifying and the pain only intensified causing him to stumbl backwards a few feet before falling on his behind. He thought for a brief moment that this was the end, that this was where he was going to die. Before even graduating the academy, but then he realized, he wouldn't go out like this, he couldn't go out like this. He had a lot left to prove in this world, he was going to be Kumogakure's #1 ninja and he was going to graduate the academy!
A sudden blast of pressure shot up from where Sanado sat and a red, bubbling chakra began to pour out the boy, encompassing his form and invisible to those not sensitive enough to be able to see it. The wounds on the boys arm and the scratches on his face started to close up, preventing more blood from spilling out. Through only one eye Sanado stared at the beast as he rose to his feet, daring it to come at him again.

The snow leopard had Sanado on the run or so it thought. It was fast approaching to attack again, but the pressure that burst from it caused it to hesitate and rethink. Whatever that was, something fierce and animalistic came from him. It took a few moments for the leopard to register what just happened and why he went from weak prey to predator in a moment's notice. After it took enough time to process it, the leopard decided it was going to attack again. It noticed there was something different about the kid and the scent of fear was diminishing. This may prove to be bit more difficult and it doesn't help that the hammer he threw struck it well enough to leave a gash in its head.
The leopard jumped forward, showing off just how powerful it was by closing the distance between the two to pin Sanado down and try to take a bite out of his shoulder should it manage to get him on the ground.

Despite the chakra of the Three Tailed beast taking over, Sanado still wasn't fast enough to be able to dodge the leopards attacks. Sanbi was known for its great durability and power and that's what Sanado was going to have to work with, not that he had any idea what was going on really. He just knew that he was pissed and he was going to take that pelt home. So he stood his ground as the beast pounced, catching it in mid-air as it took him down. The chakra that surrounded the boy would harden as a form of protection, like a shell to a turtle, but the beast's jaws were powerful enough to bite through turtles, which is exactly what it did to Sanado's shoulder.
"AAAAAAHHHHH!" He'd scream in pain as blood started to pour onto the ground and he could feel the teeth rubbing against his bones. There was still much fight left in Sanado though and with the leopard so close, he curled his hand into a fist and started to wail on the face with all the strength he could muster.

The leopard tensed itself, guarding its head by lifting its paws up to try and stop Sanado from attacking, but it ends up being popped in the face by his fist. The cat, in reaction to being hit snapped at the fist to stop it from causing any further damage to its head or body. The leopard would jerk its head back and forth to ensure the fist would be incapacitated.

The beast was still on top and Sanado didn't mind it one bit, the close combat was more prefered for a guy of his size and ability. He also had no plan to stop with the punches, but as the leopard bit down on his fist, the chakra hardened like before, but managed to prevent the teeth from puncturing through this time. Though the closed jaws and jerking prevented him from doing much with that hand and his other was suffering from the injury to his shoulder. Still, if he…could just….


Sanado grabbing a hold of the beasts testicles with all his might in hopes of getting his fist loose so he could let loose another hail of punches on the cats face.

The leopard immediately released its grip on Sanado's fist when it's testes were grabbed and squeezed with enough strength to stop it in place. Showing fear? No, but it was definitely showing pain as its ears flattened against its head and it roared out in pain. Moving just made things worse with the death grip the boy had on it. It took a few steps back off the boy as if to try and ease the pain with no luck, but it did free him up from beneath the cat.
The cat was looking worse for wear at this point, panting and clearly tired as it hissed and spat at the boy, though it had to be careful about doing too much. It tried for a couple good strikes, fighting against the pain in an attempt to survive. The predator had now become prey.

The moment the leopard backed off, Sanado rolled to his back, pushed himself off the ground and spun around to face the cat. At the same moment the beast had already lunged forward with its desperation attack to finish off the boy. There was little time to react to the attack and Sanado was just able to bring up his arms to cover his body from taking any major wounds. However, the claws struck true and dug deep into his flesh, opening up old wounds and creating new ones. With what little might he had, he'd push the cats advance back and leave his arms to dangle at his side.
Staring at the cat through one eye, the other closed, "You are one tough kitty, but you chose the wrong shinobi to pick as your prey. I will graduate the academy. I will become a genin, and I will become Kumogakure's #1 Shinobi. This is my nindo!" The boy lifted up his leg to kick at the cats face, then with that same foot leaned forward to put weight down on it as he lifted his good arm to strike down at the beasts head before attempting to grab it with both hands and twist it till it breaks.

The first two attacks missed the leopard, but that lock around its neck was probably the defining end of this battle. The head was twisted, but it didn't quite break, but it was enough strain that the cat couldn't put up with attacking all that much in the condition it was in. The head bobbed, clearly loose and the cuts, bruises, and wounds sustained from being beaten by sheep along with this kid was making it sluggish. It lashed out, still mustering strength despite all the harm brought to its body, followed by another slash of its paw.

Having the leopards head in his hands, Sanado just continued to try twisting if further then it should go, but he could feel his own strength fading. It wasn't surprising that the beast was able to shake itself free. This actually might be the end for the boy. He was losing a lot of blood. It poured down his arms and dripped from his finger tips. His legs were shaking and from what he could see out of his one open eye, everything was a bit blury. As it was now, he was standing from sheer willpower and the desire to succeed. It was too late to run away. There was no where to go. He couldn't out run the leopard, he could only stand his ground hoping to finish the cat or die trying.
The cat attacked once again and he brought up an arm in defense. The jinchuriki's chakra hardened absorbing the blow of the first swipe, but faded away soon after, unable to do anything about the second. It made Sanado dizzier, the pain he was feeling as the claws dug in. "I won't…" He stumbled forward a bit. "I can't…" Swallowing hard, he clenched his fist then swung down at the beasts head before it could attack or back away and then brought his fist the other direction for a backfist before finishing it off with a knee to the leopards chin. Lifting his leg however caused him to lose his balance and he fell on both knees, simply trying to remain conscious.

The cat was running out of the energy to dodge, so it took the hits as they came. Any attempt to try and block them was met with failure. The leopard had its head bashed in and finished the beast off with a knee that sent it flying back and lying on the ground. It was breathing faintly and would probably pass at any moment now. The snow leopard has been defeated.

It's drawing close to night now…

Sanado watched the cat fall back through his blurred vision. It looked like it was resting, possibly even dying, but from where he was, he couldn't tell. All he knew at this point was the sun was setting and his strength had disappeared. The temperature would be dropping soon to levels that his nearly depleted bodies wouldn't be able to survive unless he got into cover. Using what ever he could gather, Sanado crawled his way toward the tent leaving a trail of blood behind him as he went. Crawling into the wool, he wrapped as much of it as he could around him before he passed out. If he was lucky and the cat was still alive, it would lick his wounds and retreat, otherwise it would just stay dead.

The snow leopard wasn't going anywhere, though it'd probably have a better chance at surviving in this weather than Sanado would. The cat would lay down, its body bleeding slowly at the wounds it sustained. The goats that attacked it earlier managed to bruise it well enough to cause internal damage. Lifting itself up was a task, but it managed and began to try and limp away only to fall back down.

With the wounds Sanado had sustained from the fight, he wasn't going to be waking up any time soon. Night time would quickly come, the sun having set and the boy had barely moved. Only managing to cover himself in more of the wool as the temperature continued to drop. The injuries he had sustained had closed up thanks to the chakra of the Three Tails, but they would still need a lot more time to completely heal than just a good nights rest. While the boy slept, he dreamed of images from the nightmare he had while he was eight. Of being restrained within a cave, several cloaked figures hovering over him and a one eyed, gigantic beast that stared at him from the shadows. It was something he was hoping to forget, but something today had triggered the memory and it wasn't going to be much of a restful night for Sanado.

The snow leopard would eventually succumb to its wounds and take its last breath, passing away. Thankfully, it was night and no birds would be around to seek it out and partake of its body. The middle of the night was drawing close and that meant the remaining hours could be spent doing something productive once the boy woke up.

As the hours passed, Sanado still slept. From time to time he'd toss and turn from his dreams wincing from the pain his body was still going through. It wasn't until morning was somewhat closer, with perhaps an hour or so before the sun rose that Sanado awoke. Slowly the boy sat up from his makeshift bed and rubbed at his face in confusion. His mind was scattered and he wasn't sure what had happened until he felt the scar that went over his left eye. It was closed for protection and trying to open it was a futile effort. For the time he'd have to get used to seeing out of only his right.
Still being dark, he'd crawl out of his tent and head over to the fire pit he had made, starting some of the kindle to get some light and heat going. When it started, the area lit up and several yards away he could see the leopard. It wasn't breathing, perhaps that meant the beast was dead. He sure hoped it was and he was going to check. With kunai in hand, the boy slowly and cautious walked over toward the beast. It still hadn't moved, but he wasn't going to take any chances as he bent down and slit the leopards throat.
Watching the cat bleed out, Sanado noticed the pelt was still in good shape, but wouldn't be for long if scavengers like ants and birds came by to pick at it. With some of his strength returned, he'd pick up the cat with his good arm and bring it back over to the fire. With the fabric from the tent, he'd wrap his trophy up and tie the ends together then place the sticks for holding up the tent through a hole for easier carrying when it came time to head back to the village. Which as soon as the sun showed itself, he would do.

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