Academy Meet and Greet


Ichiyo, Itami, Kasumi, Risu

Date: November 11, 2010


School time is drawing near as Sunagakure welcomes prospective students to their refurbished acadmeny with open arms.

"Academy Meet and Greet"

Unknown location

It's been a while since the Academy has been in use, well, since the accelerated students had taken residence here, but now it's time to make room for the new students that are coming in. There are crews all over making sure the Academy is in the best condition to be conducive to a learning environment and enduring enough to withstand mishaps or training within the fields. There might be times where a jutsu goes flying out of control, so workers make sure that the walls are reinforced for that kind of event.
Inside, classrooms are being prepped, tools being stocked and at the ready for instructors to have on hand and utilize for learning while facilities like the bathrooms are scoured free of odors and made like new. Not once piece of the academy is to be left untouched. One place in particular was cleaned previously to host the confrences, this place being the cafeteria. Some instructors were wandering around while some sat in certain places to be able to greet the children and their parents who were interested in enrolling and seeing what the academy was all about. Every so often there might be a worker passing through, but the individual would serve as an example of the efforts that are being taken to welcome the students properly.
Itami came to see how things were going as there was a great deal of talk revolving around the academy. She knew work was being done on it and the conferences were taking place, so she figured she'd take part as well. Granted, she's no instructor, but showing support is important. So, she could be seen wandering around the area, talking to a few parents and instructors about the academy and whatever else turns up as a subject.

Ichiyo stands next to an older man, someone old enough that he could be his grandfather. He looks down at the wide eyed boy as they approach the academy. "Now Ichiyo, mind what I told you about the academy. Ok?" Ichiyo looks up at the old man with a wide eyed look and says timidly, "Ok…I will." "Have you got everything you need?" Ichiyo jingles the shoulder bag hanging off him making it sound like there's a bunch of junk in there. "You didn't bring any of my things with you, did you?" Ichiyo says, "No sir, I didn't." The old man smiles and pats him on the shoulder, "Then go along now, and make some friends." Ichiyo smiles and scampers off to the main doors, running through with a few other random boys and girls. He follows the crowd inside, wondering what the day will bring. Since class hasn't started yet, Ichiyo finds a nearby comfy bench in the main registration building.

So far, enrollment is just a tad slow, but things will be picking up. More prospective students are starting to filter in and come to see what the academy is all about. There isn't much for students to look at other than other students that they might soon be classmates with. The parents are more involved, naturally, with trying to figure out how the students will be taught and what to expect from becoming students and future ninja. So far, things are positive. They know what to expect, but want to be a little secure with their children's well being.
Itami was there to help out and assist just in case some parents were unsure about certain things. Her role as a supporter has so far been going well, although there are always those that can't be swayed or are reluctant. That's understandable. While Itami parts ways with a small group, she goes about to look around the rest of the cafeteria. The kids are all clumped together chattering about things, some of which are explorers and wish to see more than just the cafeteria.

Risu had heard that there were going to be some news and so on at the academy, and so she's decided to pop in and see what's up! She skips up to Itami, to see what the news is. "Hey Itami-san!" She offers cheerfully as she gets closer, then glances at the other kids, to see if she might recognize any of them. She was hoping maybe one or two of her fellow orphans might have managed to be found and put in the academy after all.

Kasumi had not spend a single night on the street, having found a place to stay as soon as she was out of the hospital. The girl looks small and frail, likely lokoing more malnourished than the former waif. The girl is being escorted by a bored chuunin. "Huh. That isn't her," the young man mutters, pausing beside Itami and Risu as he looks about. "Wait here, I will see if I can find your teacher." The boy then lets go of Kasumi's hand and dissapears into the crowd. Kasumi stands there quietly, watching the chuunin walk away. "Ah… Okay." The one-eyed girl slowly looks around the immediate area, feeling lost. Her eye lands on the very close Risu and Itami, not recognizing either of them. She says nothing, simply holding a manilla folder to her chest. The folfer is labled Saotome, Kasumi in clean neat writing.

Itami turned her head towards the voice that called out to her and upon finding the person responsible, she waved saying, "Hello! How are you Risu-san?" She inquires chipperly. "I'm sure things are well. Have you taken a look around at things already?" She looked around and her eyes landed on Kasumi. She might have been a bit put off at first, if only because she didn't expect to see someone nearby, so she gestures for Risu to follow along as she goes to greet Kasumi.
Upon stepping closer to her, she says, "Greetings." To Kasumi. She takes a look at the folder, but doesn't reach out to look at it. "How are you today?"

Risu glances over at Kasumi then shakes her head to Itami, "Nope, haven't looked around yet. Been busy. Trouble with everything. Yoko-san has been helping me with some new stuff but… I'm still trying to catch up." She smiles and gives a little wave to Kasumi, almost shy when confronted with someone she doesn't know yet, "Um, hi there. I'm Risu." She offers politely, if a bit… well, heck, almost as if she's scared she'll mess something up. "Are you gonna be a new student here too?"

Kasumi seems to flinch slightly as the adult seems to be put off by her presence. Why wouldn't she be? Kasumi was hideous in her own eyes. She looks down at her feet and shuffles them slightly. "Hello. I am alright." When the other little girl adresses her with a light tone of fear in her voice, it only affirms her suspicions. She was some kind of monster. She suddenly seems disheartened. "Hi, Risu-san. Yes, I will." She doesn't seem to be all there, seemingly disconnected.

"Hey, squirt, I found her. Let's go, you can meet your new classmates later." the chuunin boy had returned. He takes the girl's hand and leads her away from the former waif and the older woman. Kasumi glances over her shoulder, almost dropping the manilla folder as she does so. "Bye…"

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