Accepting The Mystery


Meruin, Kaze

Date: Unknown (log received April 3, 2014)


A man enters the Mizukage's office with an alias, asking for but one favor…

"Accepting The Mystery"

Mizukage's Office

Meruin enters his office, closing the door behind him with a simple flick of the wrist as he passed through it. The Mizukage moved to his desk without preamble, sitting down in his chair, already reorienting his thoughts to his schedule. '5 minutes from now, meeting with the aliased 'Suru Kaze' who wishes to be made a genin of the village.' He began going through the information that he knew of the man, bringing it to the forefront of his mind as he awaited his appearance for the scheduled meeting.

Kaze is a tad nervous but at least he was getting the meeting. Even when nervous he has a bit of a nervous grin on his face as he gives a tip of an imaginary hat to some of the guards on his way to the Mizukage's office, escorted of course. He's on time at least, having been waiting in another office until they came to bring him to the Mizukage. There's a knock at the door by one of the guards to announce Kaze's arrival, before letting the white haired teen in to stand before Meruin. He stands there, fiddling nervously with his staff as he stands in font of the Mizukage's desk, looking across over at the Okumo, "Um, hello sir." He ventures, still that bit of a grin on his face like he can't help it even though he clearly is a tad nervous.

The command that Meruin gave upon hearing the knock at the door, his gaze rising to it as the guards opened it for Kaze's entrance. His expression the a model in vague and calm austerity, the black orbs of his eyes slowly swirling with deep green mists. He watched as the teen came to stand on the other end of the desk, nervous gestures abounding. "Salute," spoke the man, "And greet me by my proper title."

"Ah, yes, Sorry Mizukage." He says as the nervousness seems to leave him but the some how cheerful attitude does not. He straightens up, more at attention and gives a rather formal, but proper, salute, "You wanted to see me?" He adds, although in some ways he was the one who asked to meet, or at least join the village. More like this was the time he got on your calander. He stays at attention, holding his staff straight up and down at his side, eyes forward, and towards the leader of the Kirigakure Shinobi.

He inclines his head to the other as the salute is given, returning the greeting only then. "Simply be sure to remember the decorum in the future," he advised the young man before continuing on.
"You'd inquired about joining the ranks of Kirigakure's shinobi," spoke Meruin, hands finding their way onto the table and steepling together as he regarded the man. "Tell me, then." He arched a brow slightly, pale arc curving over dark eye. "Who are you?"

At the first Kaze gives a nod but says nothing, at the second, the question? He hesitates then gives a shrug, "Honestly? Mizukage? I don't know. I only remember things after I washed up on the beach. Nothing from before. I suspect I'm some how related to the Shirayuki clan, and they agree based on the fact that I seem to have the ability to manipulate ice. But they have no records of any missing shinobi matching my description." He gives a rather helpless shrug, "I wish I could answer you better. I can say that some how being here feels right. I can say that I'm a man who is willing to serve the village and put my life on the line for both the village, it's citizens and my fellow shinobi. Other than that?" He trails off, giving a questioning look to Meruin, as if he's unsure if he's said enough, yet he still stands at attention.

Meruin answers the questioning look without hesitation, the words, "You may not know who you were," starting him off. "But you have learned some of who you are. And I have done the same. You say that you are a man willing to put your life on the line for Kirigakure. However, your complaint about the fairness Kaguya Kiku gave you in her testing gives me pause. I wonder if your resolve to serve will survive when things become difficult. Life, quite frequently, is unfair and unaccommodating."

There's a shrug and Kaze gives a bit of a grin, "Well, Mizukage, to be honest I had thought it was going to be a simple test of our skills, not a potential fight to the death. Given that, you have to put my comment in context I hope. Still, you're right, life is often not fair. I don't even know who I am, hardly call that fair I suppose."
Another shrug, "Still, if you want me, I'll help. If not? Well… I'll probably still help, just less formally, around the village as I can and such. If there's hesitation on your part I'd rather you wait until you feel you can trust me. I wouldn't want you to have someone you didn't feel you could trust serving under you after all." He sounds serious about that bit, it's not sarcastic although he is smiling as if he really means it but it doesn't bother him either way, or at least not that he'd show outwardly.
"I can understand not wanting someone on the rolls who doesn't even know who he is. A big question mark sitting right there in the middle of your ranks. Who am I? Am I a threat? A risk? A spy? Am I some kind of plant? Perhaps I'm just a lost soul looking for a home. I can't even answer those things. Would if I could."
He tilts his head to one side, considering Meruin, "Mizukage, it would be my honor to serve, but I fully understand if you have questions and don't want to allow me to join right now. If that's the case all I ask is you keep an open mind about me in the future." He finishes with that, his little defense, or rather statement as he doesn't really seem to be defending what he said more trying to place it in some kind of understandable context. He awaits Meruin's reply.

Wordless, the Mizukage watched the man on the other side of his desk, the silent sentinel listening to the many things that the stave wielder had to say without reaction. Not a blink, not a breath, not a single change, and the silence of both word and body lasted beyond the moment Kaze let silence settle into the room. For a time, Meruin simply examined him.
"You will be watched."
The Okumo's voice was effortlessly strong and polished, filling the air as thought it were its right to own the space. "Be aware of this. You may find yourself blocked in places that other genin are not, though it is currently unlikely. As it is, there is little damage you could do as a genin that you could not do as an unaffiliated shinobi within our village. In addition, your willingness to serve sounds sincere." He unsteepled his fingers, revealing a Kirigakure headband resting on his fingers. "Take this and wear it and your name shall be added to our records as one of our own. We will do for you as you do for us. Perhaps it shall lead to you regaining what you have lost."

Kaze re-straightens up at the Mizukage's words and nods as he bows rather deeply, "Thank you Mizukage." He straightens up and then gives the Kirigakure salute, "I hope I can do this the honor it deserves and will do my best to do so." He says as he reaches to take the headband.

Meruin's hands sat where they were until Kaze takes the offered headband from them, fingers sliding into their steepling once their light burden was lifted. He inclines his head to the man in acknowledgement, a certain gravity to the motion. "I expect that you will." His gaze remained settled on the other, chin lifting slightly. "After you don the forehead protector, you will have chosen your home. It is fitting, considering your circumstances, that you also choose your name. What would you have Kirigakure call you?"

There's some hesitation, as clearly the suggestion of a new name caught Kaze off guard. "Uh…" He starts to don the forehead protector but pauses, "I guess I think Kaze is fine. I can't think of any other name that seems more appropriate right now. I don't feel right taking the clan name until I'm sure I'm actually related to them. I mean, seems pretty sure but until I can really prove it…. Seems not right." He shrugs, "I think I will stay with Kaze if that's alright."
With that Kaze smiles and adjusts the headband, "Thank you, Mizukage. I look forward to serving the village." He gives another bow, "I do have one other request, if it is not too inappropriate to ask?" He hesitates, then finally just says, "I have heard of your great skill and know you are likely very busy, but… if perhaps at some time you had some free time and might be willing to… ah… give me some pointers? I know that is a lot to ask, but I would be very honored if you could find the time for me."

Meruin nods at the decision for the man to keep his name, having expected that outcome regardless. "Welcome to Kirigakure then, Suru Kaze. In the event that your lineage is proven and the Shirayuki clan accept you, we'll take note of the change in your surname." At the mention of another requestion and the hesitation that followed, the Mizukage made a small gesture to urge the man on.
And it was a slightly interesting request. "As the Mizukage, I prefer to take a somewhat hands on approach to the training of my troops. Eventually, you will find yourself under my instruction for the purposes of building upon your own skill in combat. That is likely to be the extent of the training you receive from me any time soon, however. Personal tutoring from me is given only to those who have earned it in one manner or another. Impress me and perhaps. Otherwise, you will simply have to wait and see."

Kaze nods and actually smiles. He starts to give a tip of his imaginary hat to the Mizukage but catches himself and instead gives the proper salute, "Thank you again, Mizukage. I appreciate your time and the trust you have placed in me." And with that assuming he is dismissed he'll back out. Impolite to turn your back to the Mizukage after all.

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